LC: Chapter 89

89. Afterword


First, let me laugh out loud as I’m finished! Hahaha!

Thank you, everyone, for your years of dedication. I know I wrote very slowly.

Because I never planned out the things I do, the story progressed very haphazardly according to what I felt like. I did mention before this story had no draft. I myself didn’t even know what to write about later in the story or how I’d end it.

Every time a hiatus happened, it was because I’d reached a writer’s block. Plus a lot had happened in real life, so I’d put it down for a while to freshen up my mind.

Every year I write, my mind was in a different place. I can’t say I matured or grew. It sort of feels like I was being bipolar instead. As such, there were plenty of newbie mistakes, cringe and idiocy rolled into the story. Dear readers who can completely accept it, I can only say you’re way too kind. Your generosity makes me cry.

However, because this is the first long story I’d ever written, I wanted to complete it. Even if the story ends up dragging its feet into a long, stinking plot, I still had to finish it.

Some people might think there’s a lot of things yet to be tied up. Did XiaoYu overcome his mental issues? Could his real life be as perfect as his in-game life? After such a high-profile wedding, did anyone cause trouble for the couple?…

To be honest, an important reason why I wanted to end it is because the main plotline was so tiring to write out chronologically. The level gap between XiaoYu and the rest is just too big. While I have a few extra snippets in my mind, I don’t know where to fit them in. Thus, I want to end the story first. All that’s left would be adding in the extra stories as inspiration hits.

Of course, don’t expect too much from how often those will be updated. You know, yeah?

I might make a few small edits later on as I’ve realised quite a lot of my words got eaten up by the censorship crab. So you don’t need to reread it. The story won’t change all that much.

Lastly, the game this story is set in was inspired by Ragnarok Online. It encompasses all of my past experiences with the game. It’s really all jumbled up. Dear RO fans, please be gentle while smacking me for the mess.

That’s all. Thank you for reading to the end. Bow. Bury self deep.


Thank you all for reading! The story’s not perfect and the translation definitely had room to improve, but it was amazing to be able share an old favourite with the English novel readers.

Also, thank you all for the comments! I do read every single one of the comments and I greatly enjoy how much everyone loved the light imperfect fluff piece this is. And I love how you guys catch onto my mistakes that quickly.

Also also, thanks for all the donations. It’s a little embarrassing to put it out so publicly, but I can’t just ignore how all of you have helped me keep going through caffeine and the cute messages you guys send over!

Lastly, criticism time! Send in all your gripes with the story and the translation. I know I probably messed up a few RO facts. I did only play for 1 month via the free trial as a kid. There were probably a few phrases that could’ve been translated differently. The story is very much a mindless fluff piece most of the time. It didn’t represent trauma properly (but if I go anymore, I’ll end up ranting about Hong Kong and Singaporean drama shows I’m subjected to because my relatives watch them while we eat).

There’re 7 extra side stories coming up within the next weeks, including the tiny cat’s origin story (ish). So stay tuned! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


14 thoughts on “LC: Chapter 89

  1. I don’t think my thanks can reach the author, so I guess I should offer them to the translator again! 🙂
    Thank you very much for sharing this lovely story with the English-speaking crowd. Flawed as it may be (in the author’s opinion, I don’t want to think about its shortcomings), I really enjoyed it. It wouldn’t be possible without you pouring your time and energy into the project. Thank you, I really appreciate it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately the author got distracted by real life and never logged back on. All their works had been chomped up by the increasingly strict censorship rulings.


  2. The book is lovely. I think you translate it quite well but since I can’t read the untranslated copy I don’t know for sure. But I love the book it’s sweet and it’s the head of sugar I needed. Started ended because I loved it.

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  3. They never addressed the other team targeting XiaoYu for his suspected high luck score. It seems like that plot point got left by the wayside entirely. They also never took all of Prole, addressed XiaoYu’s mental health issues, or even had him meet Yao’s brother IRL. It definitely feels incomplete.
    But, for what it was, it was an alright story.
    The translations were very well done. I never felt like I was reading something not written in English originally. Kudos to you translator and thank you for all your work. 🙂


  4. Ahhh it’s the end ;v; thank you very much for your translations! You only played RO for a short while but you got the information pretty accurate! 😀 that last chapter of the wedding night…wow m-maybe one day RO would let us strip down too hehehe >////>

    I really enjoyed this story for the lighthearted casual tone. Amidst other story updates with a lot of drama, this gives me a little break to just consume fluff~ ahhh I’ll miss seeing new updates for this QuQ

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  5. OMG I couldn’t believe that was the end, I could read this novel forever
    Thank you sooo much for this translation 💙💙💙💙


  6. i m late to the party but i give my thanks anyway.
    thank you shibb for bringing us this cute story, it was a pleasure to read! thank you for allowing me to enjoy the sweetness and healing fluff i would not have been able to otherwise ❤


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