LC: Chapter 88

88. The End

The Guild Leader’s getting married!

In the middle of complaining and griping about the ugly bosses they’d faced last night and how insane their attacks were, the Heretic Demons guild members heard the news and exploded! What? Are we sure today is Christmas and not April Fool’s?

While everyone was busy confirming if the news was true, the couple in question were already back shopping in Prole.

AO’s wedding ceremonies weren’t complicated and same-sex marriages were allowed. The couple just needed to have two sets of formal wear and a pair of rings ready, make an appointment with one of the churches built in every single city, and pay. By the way, one needed to pay for divorces too. However, it can be done as long as one party paid. Both parties’ wedding outfits and rings would be destroyed.

There were many kinds of wedding outfits available for sale, especially for brides. There were enough wedding dresses to make one’s eyes swirl in confusion. But that wasn’t QiYao’s and XiaoYu’s concern. They just needed to pick out two sets of outfits from the groom’s section. In the end, they selected their wedding suits according to their surnames. Hei QiYao went with an all-black suit while Bai XiaoYu picked out an all-white outfit. Standing side-by-side before the mirror as they tried on their new outfits, the two burst out in chuckles. They were certainly buying fully into the matching black and white theme.

There were plenty of rings to choose from too. They were the most important of the vital parts of a wedding. Being able to experience doing this and that wasn’t the only benefit to being married in-game. The couple would also gain two new skills to be used only between themselves. These came with the rings, “I Love You” and “I Miss You”.

I Love You: Consumes half of the caster’s total MP to randomly replenish the partner’s HP or MP back to full. (Must have sufficient MP)

I Miss You: Consumes all of the caster’s total MP to summon the partner to the caster. (Must have sufficient MP)

Of course, these skills can’t be used over and over again without any limits. According to the price of the rings, chant times and daily cast limits vary. Even the most expensive rings would have some restrictions.

What kind of rings did QiYao and XiaoYu choose then? The most expensive type, without a single doubt. The game developers were quite evil. The more generous and elegant the design of the ring was, the more expensive. Thus, naturally, any designs that QiYao preferred would come from the most expensive shelf. The sight of those prices nearly made XiaoYu puke blood in shock. How many of him (as in all of his worldly possessions) must they sell off just to have enough for those rings?

“I don’t have that much money,” muttered the poor frustrated newbie. His wedding outfit had used up a rather sizeable chunk of his savings.

“I do,” shimmered the golden black-haired man. He wasn’t able to show off when they were purchasing their wedding outfits. Now, he was finally of use.


“You can gradually pay me back afterwards.” Another constant source of headache for QiYao was how stubborn XiaoYu could be. Thankfully after the wedding ceremony, he could push back saying it would be their shared property.  “This is our only chance in the game, XiaoYu. I want the best for you.”

“…okay.” XiaoYu couldn’t help wondering just why he could never win any debate with QiYao. Was this what they meant by one would always be vanquished by another? If that’s so, who should he vanquish? (Your brother-in-law, d’uh ╮(╯▽╰)╭)

Once they were done paying for their rings, it was time for their appointment at the cathedral. The biggest, most grand cathedral in the entire game was Prole’s Cathedral. It also had the most terrifying price among them all. Still, many players were still willing to part with their hard-earned gold for the chance to get married in Prole. That was because a citywide announcement was part of the wedding ceremony. Announcements like “Congratulations to the happy couple, XX and YY. Everyone is invited to come to the Cathedral and get your prosperous red packet” would be seen floating mid-air in the city the wedding was being held in until the ceremony was finished.

People would pay thousands of gold just for the chance to be in the spotlight. If a couple didn’t want others to know, they can get married in a little city somewhere else. For QiYao, however, it wasn’t that he wanted everyone to know of his marriage. Everyone knew how the rich were. They’re used to selecting the luxurious option. If one chased QiYao out of Prole and to a rundown little church in a minor town for his wedding, he would draw his sword on them.

Wedding ceremonies could not be held on the same day of walking in to make an appointment. The priests were the conservative type. They would insist the young couple be given a day to reconsider. That meant the earliest the ceremony could be held would be on the second day of talking to the priests. If another couple just so happened to have booked the cathedral on that specific time slot, their ceremony would take precedence and the newer couple’s ceremony would have to wait.

When making the appointment, both parties must have their outfit and ring in their inventories. Only then would the quest to get married be triggered. Otherwise, the nun would just chat with you. Making an appointment was simple. Trigger the quest to get married and fill in both parties’ usernames. Both players must fill in the same names. After the nun verified the applications, players would be shown a calendar with available appointment slots. All that’s left was for the couple to select their desired time slot and pay the fee.

The couple getting married and their guests would have half an hour prior to the appointment to arrive at the cathedral. After the ceremony, they would have another half-hour to clear the venue.

After a bit of discussion, QiYao and XiaoYu agreed to have the ceremony on the very last day of the year. It meant that they’ll be welcoming the new year with a new beginning.

When the two men stepped out of the cathedral, they found a few of their close acquaintances from the main Heretic Demons guild waiting for them. It was clear they’d heard their Chief was getting married and were here to take a look. The source of the news must’ve been Poor_Man as QiYao had messaged the man about it last night. QiYao had asked him to prepare some door gifts and red packets. Even Poor_Man, QiYao’s very best friend, was shocked at how fast their Chief acted. How could he not share it with the others? It was much healthier for everyone to be shocked together.

“Chief, you’re really going to get married?” someone asked.

“Yes,” QiYao replied.

“Can we come watch and grab some red packets?”

“Of course. You’re all invited.” QiYao didn’t mind how many people attended their wedding. The entire guild would know about it anyway.

“That’s great. Even if I have work on that day, I will postpone everything. Congratulations, Chief. And our future Madame Guild Master~”

“>////<” XiaoYu really did find that nickname to be quite embarrassing.

“I’ll announce it to the guild later.” QiYao then dragged XiaoYu off with a wave at the group. It was an obvious signal he wanted to be alone with his lover and no one else may disturb them. All because no one but he may tease his lover.

“Farewell, Chief. Farewell~” the group happily bowed and chimed. It was so nice to have a party.

In the few days between then and the actual wedding ceremony, every guild member of the Heretic Demons would find a mass notice from their guild leaders notifying them their great Guild Leader would be getting married in Prole’s Cathedral on the 31st at 8 in the evening. As a grand celebration happening so soon after the real-life gathering was held, everyone was looking forward to it. They began looking at their calendars to see if they could attend the wedding. Those that couldn’t all started bashing their heads against the walls right next to them.

During this period, XiaoYu received countless congratulatory messages. His inbox was stuffed to the brim. Everyone only sent them out of the kindness of their hearts. He didn’t want to turn off private messaging. Everyone say a couple about to be married would get cold feet right before the wedding, the pre-wedding jitters, but XiaoYu felt fine. He trained and opened up chests as he usually did. The only difference now was when QiYao went to work, XiaoYu would log off too to send him off. Something in XiaoYu felt an indescribably worry at the way he acted. After QiYao guffawed and embraced him, asking if he was rehearsing for how their future would be, the tiny shred of worry vanished into steam rising from his tomato-red face.

The wedding day everyone had been eagerly anticipating was finally here. It wasn’t time for the Heretic Demons to arrive at the cathedral, but the streets surrounding it were packed with players. The Heretic Demons weren’t waiting alone. Others who had heard the rumours also came to watch. This was the wedding of a very famous player after all. Most were actually there to see if the significant other was the little healer that they’d been gossiping about online. Unfortunately for them, they’d have to wait. The grooms had arrived way ahead of them and were currently waiting inside the cathedral.

Despite the event guests being limited to only the Heretic Demons members and the couple’s best friends outside of the guild, the so-called largest cathedral in the entire game was under immense pressure. There wasn’t enough space for everyone.

The NPC priest somehow even knew this would be the greatest crowd he would ever address in a wedding ceremony. He tried clearing his throat a few times to get everyone to quiet down, but it did nothing. What a headache. The moment QiYao and XiaoYu entered the hall though, one could hear a pin drop in the cathedral.

Because there was no need for the bride to be walked down the aisle to the groom, the entire aisle scene was skipped and QiYao just led XiaoYu straight before the priest. They were wearing the same style of tuxedos but of two different colours. The contrasting pair made them stand out amongst the crowd. Ah, and don’t forget about the lively tiny black cat following behind them. It also dressed up for today’s special occasion. A white lace veil laid demurely on its head. This was a pet headpiece they’d specifically ordered from an NPC for the wedding.

The priest had officiated plenty of weddings but the couple before him radiated such a peaceful aura that they looked like a perfect couple to him.

A happy smile filled his face as he began his sermon, “We are gathered here before god in this solemn moment to witness the beginning of a new couple…”

“…Lovers who look forward to the bright future, forever remember this moment, the beauty beside you. Remember the sincere love surrounding you. We pray that it will last until the end of the world.”

“Mr HereticKing, do you accept Mr LuckyCat to be your partner in the path ahead of you? Do you swear by your life to love him and to protect him as long as you may live?” Finally, after a long flowery speech praising the wonders of love, the priest approached the main segment of the ceremony.

“I do.”

“Mr LuckyCat, do you accept Mr HereticKing to be your partner in the path ahead of you? Do you swear by your life to love him and to protect him as long as you may live?”

“I do.”

“You may now exchange the rings and vows.”

They took out the rings and placed it on each other’s ring finger. The best thing about getting married in-game was that they didn’t have to bother about ring sizes. The rings would automatically resize themselves.

The vast hall was silent. Everyone was waiting for the kiss with bated breath. XiaoYu had never kissed QiYao before so many people before. By right, he should be so nervous that his ears were flushed red. But XiaoYu seemed to have forgotten about the hundreds of eyes staring at him due to the loving atmosphere the priest created via his speech. After he exchanged rings with QiYao, all he could see was the man standing before him and gently gazing down at him. It felt so natural for lips to meet lips, for bodies to meld perfectly together. Black and white entwined around each other and formed one of the most beautiful sights in the game for years to come.


On their wedding night, QiYao and XiaoYu didn’t return to the Lord Mayor’s suite. Newly wed couples have a free night in one of the couple suites in the game. Naturally, they chose the most expensive suite.

Even if the suite type was just a cheap hotel room, the lovebirds weren’t in the mood to admire the lavish decorations and striking night sky. After the ceremony ended, the couple, now husbands, can start experiencing the sexual side of the game. They could now take off each other’s gear and the underwear the game forcibly attached to them. They were also able to touch each other in the most intimate manner possible with no worry of being struck by lightning.

QiYao chose to have their first sexual experience in-game so XiaoYu could gradually adapt to being open to sexual encounters in reality. Never could he have imagined he would be nervous on the day. Perhaps his wish to give XiaoYu the most perfect first sexual experience ever was just too strong.

However, the most nervous person in the room would be XiaoYu who was currently spread out under QiYao on the bed. He had no knowledge of any sexual experiences. Fear rose in him at facing the unknown. Saliva kept pooling in his mouth. He kept swallowing them back down. His eyes were wide and stared straight into the eyes of his new husband.

“Don’t be nervous, XiaoYu. I’ll be very gentle.” A large hand cupped XiaoYu’s cheek in an attempt to calm him down.

“…mn.” He took a deep breath. Closed his eyes. XiaoYu knew this would happen one day. At least the other was QiYao. QiYao who loved him and whom he loved. No matter what difficulties faced them in the future, they would face them together.

QiYao leaned down and their lips melded together once more. The night was long. They would welcome the new year with a sweet and unforgettable celebration.


Far off at the corner of the gigantic bed laid a tiny black cat with its head tilted to the side. Its two owners were clinging onto each other. They seem to be unusually intimate today. Aah, they’re naked. Shame. Hurry up. Lie down and cover the eyes with the paws.

Although, the silly little cat forgot. Its eyes may be covered but its ears were not. They could still hear every tiny rustle and shift of the bedsheets. The one memory that would linger on strong in its mind was just how delightfully pleasant its small owner’s moans were (≧ω≦).

The End.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. I love you/I miss you: Amplified versions of Romantic Rendezvous, Loving Touch and Undying Love skills from iRO.
  2. Poor frustrated newbie vs golden black-haired man: Not only was this a pun on their surnames (Bai/Hei), but it’s also a reference to the holy black credit card, the ultimate symbol of wealth.


3 thoughts on “LC: Chapter 88

  1. The ending is wonderful. It’s humorous, and touching, and fluffy and above all sweet. We readers have accompanied XiaoYu and QiYao on their journey up to this point, now they’re embarking on a new grand adventure. It’s like standing on the shore, and looking at the boat that’s about to cast off, and waving at your friends on the deck…
    I think it’s the first time I’ve felt so happy and sad that the story is over.
    Thank you very much for the translation! ❤

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