LC: Chapter 29

29. Journey West 01

Tlot, tlot, tlot, tlot…the sounds of a wild herd of horses rang out in the wide open desert. If one listened closely, they would discover a different sound hiding among the racket – plap, plap, plap.

That’s right. That was the sound Bai XiaoYu’s silly Peco Peco made with its big claws.

Why not ride together with someone else on their horse? It’s possible for the occasional romantic streak, but if two adults were to really go galloping through the countryside together on the horse the game provided in stores, that horse would re-enter the reincarnation cycle within the hour. Unless it was HereticKing’s wild steed which was much bulkier than the in-store horse. However, it was already rare enough that such a wild horse would recognise an owner. If anyone else tried riding it, they’d risk being kicked to death.

Therefore, no matter how hard the Peco Peco pumped its two thick legs, it’s still slightly slower than a horse. Especially the white Thousand-Li Horse owned by HereticKing. But in reality, HereticKing didn’t ride at the head of the herd. He slowed his horse down and rode beside XiaoYu.

No one opposed to or gossiped about this action at all. Bai XiaoYu was a key part of this quest. Without the egg in his bag (After the quest was accepted, it became a quest item which was account-bound.), this bunch of high-level players would be doing all of this for nothing no matter how far west they went. Thus, it was most suitable for the Level 101 player, who was the highest-level player among them, to protect XiaoYu. Along with the best protective buffs from the healers, it made XiaoYu feel like he’d turn into a certain striped rare animal that also had the character for “cat” in its name.

The seven players paid attention to keep XiaoYu in the centre of their pack the whole time. Thus, they adapted to the Peco Peco’s speed and didn’t employ the full extent of their riding abilities.

If one were to say who was the most eye-catching of the group and if the tiny cat called itself number two, no one would dare to say they were the first. It must be said I_Am_A_Poor_Man really great taste in pranks. After the pot with a dent on its bottom was clipped onto the Peco Peco’s head, the small cat fit in it nicely. The kitten seemed to really like this VIP seat. Not only did it sit up straight the entire way, it would even look around it from time to time, just like a strict inspector.

The party was rushing through the Peco Peco region right now, but that didn’t mean there weren’t any other monsters in this stretch of the desert. For example, the green snake XiaoYu met earlier when on foot. They tried their best to avoid getting close to any mobs during the whole trip because most of their mounts didn’t have any attack or defence capabilities. The moment they were attacked, the mounts would return to the owner’s Mount Inventory. A serious injury could even result in a mount’s death on the spot and being recycled by the game.

All their eyes could see were yellow sand. Occasionally, they’d spot some greenery. Cacti. Nevertheless, they’d been listening to I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s explanations on how dangerous and strange their journey west would be. The monsters’ A.I. were vastly improved. Thus, these cacti might’ve even turned into cacti spirits. They could only be standing still and pretending to be actual greenery just so they can bluff passing players.

Reality proved that their guess was correct. Upon avoiding the third cactus, that huge cactus finally couldn’t resist quivering and shooting hundreds of tiny thin spikes at them.

As the needles needed to travel quite some distance before reaching any of them, most of them fell to the ground. A small number of them were shot straight into the party. Unfortunately, all of them were blocked off by HereticKing’s shield, who had reacted just in time. While those needles wouldn’t take off too much health, no one wished to turn into a porcupine.

It can only be said that this was an exceptionally idiotic cactus who tried challenging players of much higher level than itself. Not only was no one turned into a porcupine, its stomach was shot through by an arrow. With a loud cry, it spilled its juices all over the floor and died.

“Mrrow!” The moment the tiny cat saw the shiny coins spilling out, it swooped down from its VIP seat and pounced at it with a swift and ear-piercing “Swish”. Just like someone who’d been starving for over three days and had just spotted a bowl of delicious and savoury braised pork. It wasn’t even afraid of being stomped to death by an accidental hoof.

“Tsk. Tsk. Now I really know how addicted the kit is to money,” I_Am_A_Poor_Man sighed. With a wave of his hand, he threw a speed up buff at the little cat to make it pounce faster.

Almost everyone in the party had seen just how greedy the cat was before this. Hence, they decided to just stop and wait in silence.

“This…what kind of pet is it?” Below_The_Moon’s hand shook. It was lucky there weren’t any other monsters nearby. Otherwise, the next arrow might have stabbed straight into the little cat’s butt.

“This is the almighty lucky cat. Come and pray before it,” I_Am_A_Poor_Man replied.

“Who’re you trying to fool? A lucky cat is a chubby, fluffy calico cat. Something that has white, gold and black fur.” The two of them were always arguing with each other. So Below_The_Moon didn’t trust a single word out of I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s mouth.

“Tch. You’re so outdated. Nowadays, the trend is to keep things subtle and hidden. Who said a black cat can’t be a lucky cat? Come, Lucky, show him your Pet tab.”

“Okay,” XiaoYu said.

“Eh? It really is a lucky cat. We’re almost guaranteed to get 50% more gold this time,” Below_The_Moon said. Based on previous S-rank quest rewards, this quest’s reward would be phenomenal.

“Not only that. Lucky here is a lucky charm. Each strike would guarantee a quest item. If we encounter a Boss, it might even drop a rare item. Just like the crown from before.” With how friendly and easy-going CopperPlate was, he would never stop once he found something to talk about.

囧. XiaoYu had a feeling that CopperPlate was promoting or advertising him, and it even felt somewhat like false promotion too. It was just by coincidence that quest items dropped in the two times he was with CopperPlate. As for the crown from that time, it was only an unexpected miracle.

“Eh? Really? But it’s best we don’t encounter any Bosses this time. The desert is not a map that’s great for positioning and trapping monsters in,” Below_The_Moon replied.

“Hurry up. It’s going to be 4 pm soon,” interrupted Ice_For_Miles. The tiny cat had settled back into its perch. The moment the hurricanes started, the first to be doomed would be a fragile wizard like him.

“Ye-mmmh…Pfft.” CopperPlate initially responded out of sheer habit. By the time he realised who the voice belonged to, he couldn’t help but to laugh out loud.

“Go on. Laugh. Everyone who first hear him speak do the same,” Below_The_Moon kindly said, informing CopperPlate not to force it in.

One can’t blame CopperPlate for laughing. Ice_For_Miles had an ordinary man’s face, but his voice was as sharp and delicate as the voice of a boy whose voice hadn’t started breaking yet.

“…” Ice_For_Miles turned his head away. “I’m already used to this,” his face said.

After a brief interlude, the party was back on their journey west. They did need to leave the Peco Peco region and enter the Ant zone before 4. That’s because underneath the Ant region was a gigantic network of ant caves. If they can find an entrance and enter this underground network, they can safely hide from the rampaging sands. In the upcoming two hours of hurricane season, they could continue their journey using the underground tunnels.

The Ant Cave was one of the best grinding spots for classes with AoE skills. The monsters there were more tightly packed together and most of them were passive. The only issue would be the ants were monsters with a strong sense of unity. The moment any one of them go attacked by a player, the passive ants around them would all attack that player. If a player couldn’t clear monsters faster than the ants could start gathering, then they’d be better off not committing suicide by training here.

“Huff. Huff…” The Peco Peco was sprawled out on the ground, panting with its tongue out. They’d finally found the gigantic hole that was the entrance to the Ant Cave. It was exhausted.

“Meow…” The tiny cat patted the Peco Peco’s big beak in consolation.

“Thanks for your hard work.” XiaoYu knelt down and fed the Peco Peco a few bottles of water, then he retrieved it back into his Mount Inventory. It will be really crowded in the upcoming cave. If its big feet accidentally stepped on an ant, he’d be done for. Everyone else stored their mounts too.

If one had to name another disadvantage to the Ant Cave, it’d be that the few entrances nearest to the city were rather deep. Players would need to gather their courage and jump in before entering the Cave. However, it was quite impossible for anyone to die from the drop. At most, they’d lose a few dozen HP. The worst that can happen was they might hit an ant when they land. Then, they’d be attacked unprepared. On the contrary, the exit was a smooth and gradual slope upwards. Players just need to follow the trail and they’d reach the surface. It was a pity these exits were always deep in the desert. The game was that evil. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

The tanky knight CopperPlate was the first to jump down. Even if he bumped into a few ants, he wouldn’t immediately be bitten to death. Next, they jumped down one by one from the player with the most health to the player with the least. The last to jump was XiaoYu. He stared down at the deep dark abyss. He hugged the tiny cat tight to his body and jumped down, his heart feeling like it was about to stop at any second. It’s just some health. His 600-plus HP should be enough for this drop.

But before XiaoYu received the game’s notification of health lost, he felt the rush of gravity pulling him down suddenly slow down and stop. There was no sensation of his butt being cracked wide open by the ground. It was as if he was being protected by something.

When XiaoYu opened his eyes and registered what was going on around him, his face regrettably went tomato red. The great Guild Leader was calmly holding him in a princess carry away from the ground. Injury? Fall damage? He’d have to bash away at this knight’s insane 10,000-plus HP first.

“Ah~ Chief, you’re so biased. Why didn’t you carry anyone else? We all lost 30 HP from that fall,” I_Am_A_Poor_Man said.

“You want to be carried?” HereticKing raised an eyebrow. “Go kill yourself back to Level 33 first.”

“Forget it. I’d rather die than to grind back up again,” I_Am_A_Poor_Man replied.

“Poorie, even if Chief was willing to carry you now, would you dare? Moron.” Below_The_Moon ruthlessly jumped at the chance to complain about the other.

“True. I don’t want to head into Finance to close up my account tomorrow,” I_Am_A_Poor_Man said with a wave of his hand. “Ah, Lil Lucky, you’re so lucky.”

After a round of teasing by I_Am_A_Poor_Man, XiaoYu’s face went redder. He desperately wished he could just bury himself in his cape and pretend to be nothing but air.

Translator’s Notes:

Cactus monster = Muka, rather cute and moderate-sized monsters whose cries some may find annoying (as with most monsters from Ragnarok, if you were sensitive to harsh/electronic noises).

Boss = MVP. Something I forgot to tie-in before. So, most bosses mentioned in this story would be a direct copy (or a slight variation) of their in-game counterparts.

AoE = Area of Effect


GC: Chapter 22

22. Escaping One Last Time

With his back to the door, Bai YiHan slid down to the floor. He covered his head with his arms. He really didn’t know if his rebirth was because the gods pitied him or if it was his punishment. Hehe. It must be a punishment. They’re making him use this new life to pay for the sins in his last life, making him smile as he watched the one he loved become his brother-in-law, bless the new couple and be a good son, a good brother, while his emotions stay hidden forever.

A sudden surge of rage rose in his heart. Why? Yes, he did something wrong, but was the punishment he suffered in his last life not enough?

All the shame and pain he was forced to go through, were they not payment enough? He died in such a disgusting and messy way with not a single family member at his side. Only the corpses of those vile villains he killed himself accompanying him during his death.

His dying wish was a request for the police not to publicise his identity and bring shame to his family. He didn’t know where he’d buried. He didn’t know how many people would examine and look at his abused body. He wasn’t able to see the one he loved one last time. He wasn’t even able to die with his eyes closed!

Were all those not enough? Why? Why can’t he be free? Why can’t he forever sleep on in peace? Why must he come back and go through the pain of never having his love be accepted again?

At this moment, he really wanted to be selfish and do whatever he wanted. Everyone can just head down to hell. But he can’t. What wrongs has his family done? They loved him, indulged him. They did nothing wrong and should not be harmed.

YiHan gave a low chuckle. So be it. As the saying goes, sow the lands with evil and the fruits of it will be evil.

He’s a criminal. Dirty, disgusting and utterly rotten. He should accept the consequences of his mistake. This was his burden to bear, was it not?

Brother said he’d grown up. He’d matured. Yes. He’s grown up now. He should be responsible for his actions. If the gods thought his punishment wasn’t enough, then he should keep on living and act out the role assigned to him. He must use all he had to make the family who loved him happy. Just like the past 2 weeks since his rebirth. He did well, didn’t he?

It’s just a Mu JingYuan. Mu JingYuan never belonged to him anyway. What did he have to be upset or hurt about? He had no right to begin with.

If Mu JingYuan knew of his disgusting and twisted homosexual tendencies, would he leave without looking back? Never ever to return?

If that happened, what should his sister do? Would she live on alone for her whole life just like last time?

No. It can’t happen, Bai YiHan! Stay strong. Don’t expose yourself. Keep it in. He cannot use those disgusting feelings of his to harm JingYuan and Sis!

He raised his head. His eyes red, filled with blood. Like a trapped and desperate cub, filled with pain, but his red eyes were dry. Not a tear track to be seen.

He took a few deep breaths in panic, eventually letting out a slow exhale. He laid his head back against the door and closed his eyes in exhaustion. Let him escape one last time. Next time, he will use the most perfect smile to welcome JingYuan and bless his relationship with XueQing.


LC: Chapter 28

28. Big Gathering

“We’re here.”

“It’s so big!”

XiaoYu thought the oasis would just be a pond about the size of a basketball court with a few small trees growing around it. In reality, not only was the imagined pond bigger by several times, it wasn’t just surrounded by a few lonely trees. There were at least a hundred trees or bushes scattered around it. While it wasn’t as dense as a forest, it was filled with greenery.

This was one of the larger oases found to-date. The further into the desert one went, the smaller they were. However, it cannot be said for sure there weren’t any of these little spots of heaven in the deepest parts of the desert.

After finding a shady tree, the two sat down to cool themselves off.

The tiny cat could finally be free from the large cape. It stretched, jumped and frolicked to its heart’s content. But there was only so much shade under the tree. The little one was black enough as it is and it didn’t want to sunbathe, so its play area was often the space around XiaoYu’s knees and HereticKing’s lap which was just a jump away. After some rolling and squirming, it’d then climb onto HereticKing’s shoulder to pounce into XiaoYu’s lap and start begging and showed off its cuteness – water, please.

“If on the Peco Peco, head south from here for 30 minutes and you’ll be at the Pyramids.” What HereticKing meant was if XiaoYu went grinding in the Pyramids in the future, the nearest water source would be this oasis.

“Mn. Got it.” XiaoYu silently marked down the spot. Once he reached Level 60, it’d be about time for him to start camping here.

“Do you have any friends who want to join in the quest?” While HereticKing had a list of potential candidates, he didn’t forget this quest was found by LuckyCat. Out of respect, the other should have the first pick.

“Any level requirements?” At once, XiaoYu thought of CopperPlate and NonMeta. A glance at the Friends tab told him they were online.

“The higher the better.” Otherwise, his healer would suffer.

“I’ll ask.”

“CopperPlate, what’s your level?” XiaoYu asked.

“Huh? Lil Lucky? 85. What is it?” CopperPlate replied.

Since CopperPlate was Level 85, NonMeta should be about the same.

“Are Level 85 tank Knight and katar Assassin okay?” XiaoYu asked back in the normal chat channel.

“They’re good.” HereticKing didn’t think LuckyCat’s friends would have such high levels. It looked like I_Am_A_Poor_Man didn’t have to work his ass off.

“Achoo! Who’s talking about me behind my back?” I_Am_A_Poor_Man grumbled as he organised all the information found on the desert region.

“CopperPlate, are you and NonMeta free? I found an S-ranked quest in the desert,” XiaoYu messaged.

“S rank! Yes! Yes, of course!” CopperPlate was ecstatic. “Eh? You’re in the desert too?”

“I was Peco Peco hunting just now. You’re here too?”

“We’re grinding for mummy drops in the Pyramids with Chrysanthemum. Wait. Can you catch that bird alone?” CopperPlate asked.

“A friend’s helping. It’s caught,” XiaoYu replied.

“That’s good. Wait a moment. I’ll ask NonMeta,” said CopperPlate in the private chat.

“Hm-Hmph~ You found an S-rank, but you didn’t call for Chrysanthemum. Lil Lucky, I’m very angry. The consequences will be severe. Are you prepared to have your flower burst open?” A female voice creeped into XiaoYu’s ears, making him shiver in fright.

“What is it?” HereticKing who’d been paying attention to XiaoYu the whole time saw him suddenly shiver. Startled, he placed his hand on XiaoYu’s shoulder before HereticKing even realised what he’d done.

When XiaoYu felt the weight on his shoulder, his heart somehow calmed down. He turned and gave a smile telling HereticKing to not worry. “It’s fine. Perhaps a Level 98 healer lady might be joining. Is that okay?” he asked.

“Of course, it’s okay.” Now, not only was I_Am_A_Poor_Man not going to be exhausted, he’d be bored to tears. (Poor: Achoo~)

“Sorry, Chrysanthemum. I…didn’t mean to. Um…if you’re free, you’re welcome to join us,” XiaoYu messaged back.

“Hehe. That’s a good boy. I hear Lil CopperPlate said you were mount-hunting with your friend nearby?” Chrysanthemum asked.

“Mn. We’re resting at an oasis now. The one nearest to the Pyramids,” replied XiaoYu.

“Are we doing this quest now?” said she.

“We’re gathering information and helpers at the moment. Once we’re all gathered, it should be time to start,” he said.

“Oh~ Hee-hee. Is your friend a guy? A girl?” Chrysanthemum’s true motive was exposed. After all those questions, the thing she wanted to know the most about was this.

“Um…” XiaoYu was not used to Chrysanthemum’s evil laughter yet. His hair stood on ends and a chill went down his spine. “It’s HereticKing…”

“What? I’ll be there soon! Eep~” Chrysanthemum was very excited at that news.

“…” XiaoYu didn’t know what Chrysanthemum was excited for. Did they know each other? XiaoYu tilted his head and stared questioningly at HereticKing. It made HereticKing look back with a head full of question marks.

“My friends said they’ll be here soon. They were at the Pyramids,” XiaoYu said.

“Mn. That’s three. Any more?” HereticKing asked.

“None.” XiaoYu glanced at his friends list again. Shumai was not online.

“Then you don’t mind it if I bring three more, right?” They needed a wizard and an archer. Along with I_Am_A_Poor_Man, that was three.

“Mn. Is Big Brother Poor among them?” XiaoYu asked.

“Of course, he…He told you to call him that?” HereticKing will not admit that he was upset by that.

“Mn. His name is too long.” It’d also make others misunderstand if he said it out loud. (Crowd: Why is this child always saying he’s poor?)

“Really…My name is quite long too. You can call me Yao.” As HereticKing said so, he wrote the Yao character on the sands.

“Eh?” How can a name with only two words be called long?

“What? Can’t you?”

“No…” XiaoYu examined the Yao character and asked, “Is this your name?”

“Yes,” said HereticKing.

“Mn…” XiaoYu pondered with his hand on his chin. “My name is quite long too. If you don’t mind it, you can call me Yu.”

“XiaoYu? Got it.”

“Huh? How did you know my name is XiaoYu?” XiaoYu stared at HereticKing in shock before suddenly realising what the other really said. “Oh…you mean Xiao for small,” XiaoYu continued as he scratched his head.

HereticKing’s brows furrowed before relaxing in realisation. Was this buy one free one? He got the correct character by accident.

“This Xiao?” HereticKing chose to write down one of the commonly used Xiao characters and wrote the Xiao character for XiaoYu along with the Yu character.


“Looks like I’m quite lucky.” HereticKing smiled. It felt like the number of times he’d smiled today was almost equal to the number of times he smiled over the past 6 months.


Less than 30 minutes later, they could hear hoofbeats echoing from the distance. (Horses travel faster than Peco Pecos XD)

“Lil Lucky~ Your Big Brother CopperPlate is here.” Before he could even be seen, his voice could be heard ringing out.

“My friends are here.” XiaoYu stood up and stretched. He walked out of the shade and into an open area easy to be spotted so CopperPlate could see where he was.

“I told you Lil Lucky’s a lucky charm. No one stop me. This time, I must rub off all the luck I can get.”

As soon as CopperPlate got down from his horse, he tried tackling XiaoYu with his characteristic bear hug. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as fast as other people, nor was he as strong. Before he even touched a single hair on XiaoYu, he wound up dangling by his collar. He was picked up and away to one side by NonMeta like a little corgi.

“NonMeta, you bastard! Fight me!” CopperPlate shouted.

“The way your friend greets people is quite special,” HereticKing said solemnly from behind XiaoYu.

Actually, if NonMeta hadn’t made a move then, CopperPlate wouldn’t be able to touch XiaoYu either. The almighty Guild Leader had one arm stretched out ready to pull XiaoYu to a side and dodge the hug. Thus, the useless arm now laid itself over XiaoYu’s shoulder, making the eyes of Chrysanthemum, who’s just a few feet away, twinkle.

“Heh. Hehe…” XiaoYu didn’t know why CopperPlate insisted on pouncing on him every time they met either. Could it be due to trauma from when they first met outside the Zombie Cave where CopperPlate wasn’t able to tackle XiaoYu?

With three more added to the party, XiaoYu became the one to introduce everyone to each other. After HereticKing’s true age was revealed, Chrysanthemum was still the oldest in the party. Only, it caused a tiny wound in the childish heart of the 26-years-old “old hag” Chrysanthemum.

“Hahaha!” When XiaoYu shared the quest with the others and summarised what the situation was, CopperPlate rolled on the floor laughing.

“…” NonMeta didn’t laugh, but his twitching lips betrayed the face he was trying hard not to.

As for Chrysanthemum, she just stood there with a small smile on her face. If one ignored the way her gaze constantly drifted between HereticKing and XiaoYu.

“How much longer?” The five humans and one cat returned to the shade of the tree from before. CopperPlate was the first to speak up from impatience.

“15 minutes. We’re waiting on three more,” HereticKing nonchalantly replied as he focused on scratching the tiny cat under the chin.

“Meow~” Comfy. The little cat’s large eyes squinted into a line from enjoyment. Once in a while, it’d luck HereticKing’s fingers, encouraging him to keep scratching.

“Hey, hey. Lucky, did your cat turn traitor?” CopperPlate nudged XiaoYu. Why was his pet being so affectionate with another player?

“No…I think.” XiaoYu wanted to know too. Could this be what they call imprinting?

Chrysanthemum was sitting quietly to one side, pretending to be a gentle girl. However, her two eyes betrayed her gossiping heart. ‘Mn. Amazing. If you want to catch someone, you have to catch his pet first,’ they said. As such, whenever she looked at HereticKing, her eyes were full of respect. When she looked at the little cat, there would be a hint of disdain in her gaze.

“Ah!” XiaoYu was suddenly reminded of something.

“What is it?”

“I don’t have riding equipment for my bird yet.” Would everyone have to walk with him later?

“Don’t worry. I asked them to bring a set along,” HereticKing said.

“T-Thanks.” XiaoYu ruffled his hair. HereticKing was so thorough. He felt a little bad.

15 minutes flew by and hoofbeats could be heard once more.

The people HereticKing called over was, naturally, Heretic Demons members. As such, every one of them were skilled players over Level 95. I_Am_A_Poor_Man, Level 96. Shooting_Chang’E_From_Below_The_Moon, Level 100. Ice_For_Miles, Level 97.

Except for I_Am_A_Poor_Man, the other two players’ classes could be deduced from their names alone. Majority of the monsters in the desert were fire-type. Hence, an ice wizard would be most suitable for this quest.

“Ah, the Demoness!” As soon as I_Am_A_Poor_Man saw Chrysanthemum, he instantly jumped back half a step.

“Oho. It’s been a long time, Poorie dear.” When faced with “familiar” people who would expose her for what she was, Chrysanthemum would pretend to be polite. She immediately stepped up and had a little grope.

“Gods, Lil Lucky, how have you not been gobbled up by her?” I_Am_A_Poor_Man pulled XiaoYu to a side and did a hands-on check-up. It was only when he felt two beams of death rays that he reluctantly took his demonic claws away. He then pulled out a set of Peco Peco riding equipment from his inventory.


“Tee-hee. I also bought a Peco Peco helmet. That way, your little cat would have a VIP seat,” I_Am_A_Poor_Man smirked as he brought out an equipment which looked like an old warped pot. “Place this on its head and the kitty can sit on it.”

“= =|||”

“Alright. Everyone’s here. Prepare to depart.” The almighty Guild Leader spoke up, telling everyone to go do their jobs.

And so, the three new party members joined in, understood the mission and, once they listened to XiaoYu’s explanation, collectively fell down laughing on the floor once more.

Translator’s Note:

This chapter has been locked/made private (as were some of the previous chapters) on jjwxc. If there are any discrepancies from the translation to what you know, note that this is probably the reason why (aggregators are useful for something after all).


GC: Chapter 21

21. Changed Through Time

“Aunt, you said he matured because he was frightened by a nightmare. Did you ask him what kind of nightmare it was?” said Mu JingYuan.

“I did. He wasn’t willing to tell me at first. It’s only when I backed him into a corner did he tell me. That silly boy. He said he dreamed about our family going bankrupt. Our entire household was as poor as dirt, huddling together in a tiny apartment. He himself was also beaten up by people he offended in the past. He was scared silly. He still is a child. How could the Bai family fall so easily? That being said, even if we did, you’re here. How could you let him get beaten up?” said Ma with a hand covering her grinning mouth.

JingYuan tensed up. “Did you ask him who beat him up in his dreams?” he asked.

Ma laughed. “I told you he’s a silly child. Are you infected by him? It’s just a dream. It can’t be you want to beat that other person up over a dream, right?” she said.

“No, Aunt. Everyone says what one thinks about in the day, one will dream of at night. He dreamed about people beating him up after the family goes bankrupt. That must mean he subconsciously know that if he falls from grace, that person will show their true colours. If it’s someone who’s got a grudge against HanHan, that person is a hidden threat. It’s best to resolve it early. Otherwise, they might harm HanHan again someday when our hands are full.” JingYuan said.

Ma’s face darkened as well. “Now that you mention it, I get what you mean. I’ll ask him again later,” she said. After some thought, she smiled again. “Speaking of which, even I as his mother don’t take as great care of him as you do. HanHan really is lucky to have a friend like you. It’s a pity that brat doesn’t understand how fortunate he is. He’s always throwing temper tantrums because he knows you’ll spoil him!”

JingYuan gave a helpless smile. “You overexaggerate. As long as our precious baby can calm down, what’s wrong with spoiling him? Only, I still don’t know how I made him angry this time.”

“He’s got an explosive temper. He knows you’ll still dote on him, so he’ll just blow up at you. I’ll ask him again later. Don’t you worry,” said Ma.

“Thanks for your concern,” JingYuan thanked with a nod.

“What are you so polite for? I watched you grow up too. You’re always so mature and solemn. I can’t criticise the way you treat HanHan at all. If there’s any issues between the two of you, it must HanHan who’s being unreasonable. You’re the only one willing to indulge him,” Ma said with a smile.

“HanHan is pure and naive to the core. He’s the best. He’s worth being doted on by everyone,” JingYuan smiled.

Ma nodded with twinkling eyes.

Bai YiHan quickly ran back to his room and closed the door. He leaned on the door. His heart was about jump out of his throat. His scrambled mind would not calm down. JingYuan’s here. Was it for him? No. JingYuan should be here for his sister, right? Unfortunately, Sis had some urgent business and left for the company early. They missed each other.

It’s been over two years. To YiHan, they’ve all changed through time. He cannot face the only one man he loved, and still loved now, who was going to be his brother-in-law in the future.

To them, nothing has happened now. To him, everything from before was crystal clear in his memory. He can’t act as if nothing had happened.

He remembered JingYuan’s rejection. Remembered watching JingYuan’s back as he left the country without looking back at all. Moreover, he remembered those repulsive photos that were spread everywhere after he was set up. He even remembered, in JingYuan and his “secret base”, the gang rape that disgusted him so much he wanted to peel off a whole layer of his skin. Of course, everything was the result of his own actions. He can’t blame anyone else.

His family and JingYuan were still stuck in the past now, but he was already at the end of his trials. He was no longer that clean child they knew.


LC: Chapter 27

27. Search for the Oasis

“Let’s head to the oasis first.” Just standing around was a waste of water. Why not take a look at whether the oasis was still where HereticKing remembered it to be?

Players who’d been grinding in the desert all know it’s very important to know where the oasis was. It’s one way to be sure they had a steady supply of fresh water. Those who were lucky might even hunt some food.

“Okay.” XiaoYu’s eyes were already exhausted by the endless sea of yellow. It would be nice to freshen them up with the legendary desert’s oasis.

The location of the oasis closest to the city had already been charted out by other players. It’s now a secret everyone knows. It just so happened to be in the same direction as the area they were about to scout out.

Bai XiaoYu bent down to pick up the tiny cat and followed behind HereticKing towards the south-west. He’d learned not to walk around half-heartedly now. His two round eyes stared down at the ground as he walked. The tiny cat imitated its owner in staring at the floor as well. Anyone witnessing this sight might think gold and treasures would be popping out from beneath the sands.

HereticKing would occasionally look back at the two cats “hanging their hands in remorse”. While he admired how well XiaoYu was able to follow him with his head hung low, the mischievous side of him wondered – if he just stopped and turned around without notice, would XiaoYu just rush in and send himself into HereticKing’s arms?

The thought lingered in his mind, but HereticKing never acted on it. He knew LuckyCat didn’t have skin as thick as I_Am_A_Poor_Man. His face was as ripe as a tomato during the incident before. If he was teased again, he might faint from embarrassment and anger or even just stomp away and tear up a Return Scroll right then and there.

He’s got plenty of time. He’ll play with this little guy another day.

XiaoYu was oblivious to the fact he’d narrowly escaped from a “disaster”. Still, he could hide once but he can’t hide forever. He’ll be met with more “disasters”.

HereticKing always had I_Am_A_Poor_Man chattering on beside him. It felt rather strange to be walking on and on in silence. Furthermore, he didn’t have a tiny cat to play with now. Perhaps he could make the rare move to try and start a conversation.

However, HereticKing didn’t know what’s the trendy topic for boys these days. (There’s a reason why the little cat viewed him as an “uncle”.) I_Am_A_Poor_Man nattered on endlessly last time, but he never mentioned anything about LuckyCat’s interests or hobbies. LuckyCat looked like he should be around 20 years old, about the age of a university student.

“Are you studying in university?” HereticKing slowed down until he was walking beside XiaoYu. They should be walking side-by-side if they’re chatting. If they talk while one is at the front and the other behind, it’d feel like a leader questioning his subordinate.

“Um…no.” If all those events hadn’t happened, XiaoYu should be in his second year now.

“…” HereticKing didn’t think his eyes were fooled. XiaoYu’s awkward personality didn’t seem like he’s already struggling in society’s rat race. The only option left was he’s a university student. As for the miniscule chance of not being either… At the sight of XiaoYu’s dull eyes, HereticKing decided not to continue asking about this. Perhaps some unhappy memories were related.

“What kind of healer are you planning to be?” Since there’re some issues with his real-life situation, HereticKing thought they could talk about his in-game life.

“I’m thinking tank.”

“Oh…not many build tank healers.”

Other than the basic Intelligence for healers (to increase Magic Attack, Magic Defence and MP), the other stat points could be distributed as a player pleased. There were many builds for healers, like the violent build (Strength), the tank build (Vitality), Agility build (increases dodge chances, reduces cooldown and delays), speed build (upon reaching 200 in Intelligence, a new stat would be branched out – Wisdom. It increases casting speed and MP recovery speed), and even pure Intelligence builds.

 Based on the current meta for healers right now, a lot plan their builds towards the latter few. There weren’t many healers around. They’d usually train in parties and even then, it’d never be their turn to tank monsters. They do very much need their spells to be fast, so they can protect every party member, and effective, especially their healing spells.

“I grind solo.” So, to ensure he would not be smacked to death with just one blow, he needed to increase his Vitality!

“Not going to party up?”

“Too much trouble.” XiaoYu shook his head. When he saw doubt on HereticKing’s face, he lifted up the kitty in his arms. “It levels up according to the items it picks up, and it loves to pick up items. I won’t restrain it, nor would I put it away.”

“So that’s why. There’s already been trouble from it, right?” Otherwise, you wouldn’t look so helpless and crestfallen.


“Don’t be upset. They think everyone’s like them. Petty and selfish. I know you definitely won’t hoard everything.” You wouldn’t have chased after me just to return that one gold coin otherwise. HereticKing ruffled XiaoYu’s hair.

“Thanks.” It felt nice to be trusted. XiaoYu brushed away the clouds in his mind and smiled, revealing two cute little canine teeth.

As if he was infected by that smile, HereticKing smiled back. It sort of felt like they were smiling knowingly at each other.

“Once you reach your second Job Change, would you be willing to join the Heretic Demons?” The minimum requirement for entering the branch guilds of Heretic Demons was over Level 50 after the second Job Change. As the big Guild Leader, he can’t break the rules. Still, he really hoped XiaoYu could be part of them.

“Yes.” A guild must be lively. Perhaps he could experience the atmosphere of a classroom again.

“Remember to notify me as soon as you successfully get through your Job Change.”

“No problem.”

“Then, I eagerly await your application.”

“Mn. But, my level would be the lowest. Hehe.”

“It’s fine. Your level would be quickly trained up. Maybe you’ll level up five times or more once this S-rank quest is done.”

“That much experience?” Why not hunt for an egg to trip over every day?

“That’s a conservative guess. Quests ranked S and above aren’t easy to find.” Of course, the Level 100 was an exception to the rule. The game would love it if everyone rolled a quest ranked S or above, so they’d lose experience from being unable to complete the quest. In reality, over 90% of players would draw an S-ranked quest the first time they attempt the Level 100 quest.

“Then we must complete it.” XiaoYu clenched his hand into a fist. He could almost see the vast amount experience waving at him.

“Meow!” The little cat stretched out a paw and waved, as if it too was set on the mission. But it was most likely seeing a pile of gold coins waving at it instead.

“Hehe.” The big and tiny cats were so in synced with each other. It looked like his future won’t be boring at all.

“There’s a snake!” XiaoYu, who’d been staring down at the ground, suddenly noticed something wriggling in the sand before him. Upon a closer look, it was a small green snake about as wide as his wrist.

“Don’t panic. It’s a passive mob. It’s fine if you don’t step on it.”


XiaoYu carefully stepped around the little snake. It seemed to be able to detect when players were near it. It raised its round head and stared at XiaoYu. He somehow felt disdain coming from it. The snake then looked at HereticKing and quietly stretched back on the sand to continue its slow wriggling.

Did a snake just look down at him? =_=+

“Seems like the A.I. of the monsters around here were improved.” That meant their journey west might not be that peaceful. Thus, HereticKing started up a discussion with I_Am_A_Poor_Man via private messages again.

“Don’t be sad. Once your level is higher, we’ll come back. I guarantee it will be moving around you instead then.”

“Mn.” XiaoYu scrunched his nose and silently glared at that cowardly bully of a snake.

XiaoYu’s discreet actions did not escape HereticKing’s gaze. He was very satisfied to see LuckyCat being more relaxed around him. So much different to that respectful and formal yet detached attitude from the start.

Perhaps LuckyCat was just like some lonely little beastie (Not a typo! It’s not little bottom!). At the start, he’d treat anyone trying get close with hostility and indifference. Once they know each other more, he’d slowly let down his guard and reveal his original naive personality. He’d even throw a minor temper tantrum now and again.

HereticKing smiled. He affectionately looked at XiaoYu who kept his head down low in search of “treasures”. It’s sort of like how an older brother would look on at his pouting younger brother, yet not really.

Translator’s Note:

  1. Hide once but can’t hide forever: Twist to the Chinese saying, “One can hide on/from the first day, but they can’t hide from the fifteenth”. The reason the 15th is used is due to the lunar calendar. The first day is the new moon and the 15th is the full moon. Some interpret it as never being able to hide from justice or karma. Bad deeds are typically done during the night, so the moonlight is seen as a metaphor for justice.
  2. “Disasters”: More accurately, it’s the character used for trials and tribulations (more commonly found in cultivation stories).
  3. They think everyone’s like them. Petty and selfish: Rephrasing of a Chinese idiom (以小人之心度君子之腹). The proper translation is “assuming the noble heart with the mentality of a petty man”.
  4. Smiling knowingly at each other: Part of a meme/idiom (相视一笑). It simply translates to “Smile at each other” but there are some nuances in it that’ve been added in since the poem it first appeared in.
  5. Beastie/Bottom: There are many homonyms to “shou” (bottom/uke in Chinese). This is one pairing the author specifically pointed out.


GC: Chapter 20

20. Escaping in Panic

To the Bai family, it’s only been half a month. In reality, it’s been more than two years since YiHan last saw Mu JingYuan. Everyone says that a trip back to one’s hometown after a while would incite complicated feelings, but it’s the same when meeting someone again after a long time. While YiHan had already decided to treat JingYuan as his future brother-in-law, when it was time to come face-to-face with him again, it made YiHan remember the heartache from before. Thus, he could only ignore JingYuan for now. The longer he could avoid seeing JingYuan, the better.

Perhaps YiHan was truly weak and a coward. The arrogant and wild personality he had all came from being spoiled by his family. He’s really just pretending to be a tiger with a frail, paper-thin mask that’d crumble with a single poke at it.

However, he didn’t spend too long acting as a cowardly turtle shrinking into its shell. After two weeks or so, YiHan was caught off-guard by JingYuan’s return.

YiHan had just turned around the corner of the staircase when he heard the ever-familiar voice of Mu JingYuan sounding out from downstairs. He knew that voice as well as if it was carved into his bones, yet those deep smooth notes seemed to ring out from far off in the distance. His feet froze. As he died, his greatest wish then was to see JingYuan one last time. But now that he knew for sure JingYuan was just downstairs, he couldn’t move his feet at all. In the end, his cowardly mind decided to run in panic.

Mu JingYuan was paying attention to every creak and noise coming from above the whole time. He clearly heard those familiar footsteps. They walked down, paused before the stairway, then turned back. He heaved a sigh in his mind. It seemed like HanHan was still angry at him. His HanHan was just a tad selfish before, but his temper recently took a turn for the worse. It’d go from being happy to angry and back with no way of predicting it. No, that’s wrong. HanHan’s temper never improved. It’d stay gloomy and he’d always speak in a strange way that kept implying things. Mention it to him and he’d fly into a fury before continuing on with the cold war. It really exhausted JingYuan, mentally and physically.

Bai YiHan was like a child who never learned to grow up. His actions and words were all born from his current feelings. Only this time, no one knew what was making him so angry. He’s been fussing about it for so long and there wasn’t a single sign of his anger abating. In the past, he’d cause a ruckus and start a cold war, which would never last more than a week. Sooner or later, YiHan would not be able to resist from contacting JingYuan. However, JingYuan just so happened to be on a business trip this time. It’s been over half a month since they last saw each other with no contact at all. YiHan would ignore all of JingYuan’s calls. Now that JingYuan’s in YiHan’s home, YiHan still looked as if he was refusing to meet with JingYuan. JingYuan really didn’t know what he should do.

Ma looked on as Mu JingYuan’s brows furrowed further and further before she let out a faint sigh. “JingYuan, did you argue with HanHan? He was in a terrible mood some time ago and you never came over. Did his immaturity and selfish nature anger you? You too know HanHan’s personality is like a child. You’ve got to be more forgiving. He really, really respects you. He might be a bit too impulsive and hasty, but most people and issues can’t affect him at all. He’d usually just let it go and forget about them. It’s only when he argues with you would his mood drop that badly,” she said.

JingYuan gave a bitter smile. “Aunt Bai, how can I not understand HanHan’s personality? You know as well. Just trying to make him happy and soothing him is a task I can’t finish. How could I be angry at him? Perhaps I accidentally offended him or made him angry in some way. He got so very angry and fussed about it for a while. He’s still not willing to talk to me,” he said.

Ma glanced at the empty stairway and let out another sigh. “This child is just too wilful. We’ve spoiled him. We thought he’d matured quite a lot recently. We didn’t think he’d still be so obstinate when it relates to you.” Upon noticing JingYuan’s confused gaze, she continued in a somewhat bragging manner. “You must not know it yet due to your recent absenteeism. Ever since that day when HanHan woke up crying from a nightmare, he’d become much more considerate and mature. Not once has he thrown a temper tantrum since then. He’d also frequently show his care for me and his father, and his brother and sister. We’re all so happy and relieved.”

“He suddenly matured? Did something happen?” JingYuan asked with a deep frown.

“You went on the same train of thought as us,” she said with a smile. “We did wonder if he was bullied or traumatised during his time out of the house. His brother and father even sent bodyguards stalking after him. But during these weeks, he rarely left the house. Even if he did, it was for nothing and he did nothing. He didn’t even hang out with those drinking buddies of his. The men were just withdrawn a few days ago. Looks like he really did just grow up.”

Translator’s Notes

1. “Tiger with a frail, paper-thin mask that’d crumble with a single poke at it”: Literally translated, it means “Paper Tiger”. A slang/idiom/noun for people who pretend to be stronger and cooler than they actually are. An easier way to visualise it is imagining it’s referring to the paper dolls used in shadow puppetry. A tiger paper puppet’s shadow would look like a real tiger, but in the light, it’s just a fragile piece of paper on sticks.

2. “Drinking buddies”: Literal translation = “Meat and wine friends”. Synonymous with the term/idiom “fox and dog friends”. It refers to friends who love to drink, have sex, go clubbing/partying, and are generally viewed as the worst kind of influence ever because they’re only there for one’s money.


LC: Chapter 26

26. Mysterious Egg

The bird was caught, but XiaoYu needed to buy the appropriate riding equipment for it from the Mount shop before he could ride it properly. Thus, XiaoYu kept the Peco Peco in his Mount Inventory for the moment.

XiaoYu snuck a glance at HereticKing. He was standing some distance away with a compass and trying to get an accurate reading on where they were. It was likely they’d be heading to some other place in the desert next.

XiaoYu scratched the back of his head. The other didn’t display any distaste or dislike for their current situation. It wouldn’t be good if he tried to object and try to leave alone, so XiaoYu gently walked over, thinking to ask about where they’re going next or something.

“Ouch!” Crash!

When HereticKing heard XiaoYu’s startled cry coming from behind him and the sound of something heavy dropping onto the ground, he quickly turned around, thinking there was a monster nearby. All he saw was XiaoYu sprawled on the ground with his limbs thrown out and a bright red -1 floating above him.

“! What happened?” Strangely enough, there was not a monster’s shadow in sight. HereticKing bent down to help XiaoYu up. As he did so, he witnessed that cute cat-like face covered in sand. He was also pouting in dismay. “Pfft.” HereticKing was still unable to stop himself from laughing.

“Peh. Peh…” Bai XiaoYu spat out the sand in his mouth and looked back in search of the source of his misfortune.

On the flat desert plains, somehow, there was a white oblong object protruding out from the ground. It was as if a large egg was buried in the sands and only a tiny portion of it was being exposed.

The tiny cat was crouching next to the unknown pale object that was about the same size as it. It pawed at the sand covering the object, hoping to figure out just what kind of mystical being was it to make its owner collapse in a whirlwind.

“Hahahahaha!” HereticKing seemed to already know what it was. He laughed so hard that he had to bend over. The only thing he didn’t do was slam his fist on the ground in his laughter.

XiaoYu thought that laughter sounded oddly familiar, but now was not the time. He didn’t know what the object was yet. Hence, he knelt down beside that thing and started pawing sand away with the small cat.

It really was an egg, pale white and bulky. XiaoYu wondered if such a large egg could be a dinosaur’s egg.

“That’s the egg of a Peco Peco bird. It’s my first time seeing someone get injured by it. Hahaha…” HereticKing thought this trip was really worth his effort. As expected, the two cats would always bring him joy.

Egg-type monsters are the players’ most favourite monsters of all. They won’t attack and even when being attacked, they won’t attack back. So, it’d go on until the players kill it by cracking its shell. It could also act as a food source for players camping outside. With just a few minutes over the fire, it’d be edible. It’d also lower the Hunger meter rather substantially. The only issue was Egg monsters were too hard to find. They’d always be well-hidden by its fellow mature monsters.

A completely harmless bird’s egg actually tripped XiaoYu up. It was even such a hard fall the game decided XiaoYu was injured. It was probably the first time such a thing had happened in this game’s life. Whoever witnessing a scene like this would at least fall over laughing once.

Great. The tiny bit of courage XiaoYu spent so much effort gathering was instantly shattered. He hung his head low, blushing deep red. His finger would occasionally poke at the egg. The tiny cat mimicked its wonder. Left paw. Right paw. It’d scratch at the egg, as if the egg was a ball for it to play with.

“Alright. You can take your revenge on it however you like. Once this egg is deal with, I’ll take you to the desert’s oasis for some sightseeing.” HereticKing ruffled XiaoYu’s hair. At least, the other didn’t run away with the little one in his arms like last time. Otherwise, XiaoYu would likely never sneak out with him to play again.

“Oh…okay.” XiaoYu thought about it for a moment and decided to put the egg into his bag. There’d be more chances for revenge in the future. Once he became a chef, he’ll fry it up, steam it, mash it, boil it. He can do anything to it then.

“Ding. Players LuckyCat, HereticKing, do you accept the hidden S-rank quest: Escort the brave Peco Peco egg back to its village?”

“Hah?” The sudden notification sounding out in their ears stunned the both of them.

“Open your Inventory. Look at the egg’s description.”

“Oh…= =|||”

“What is it? Share it with me.” HereticKing couldn’t see the description of an item in XiaoYu’s bag. However, quest information could be shared within the party. He should be able to know what’s going on with the egg that’d made LuckyCat look so awkward and speechless.

XiaoYu was reluctant to let HereticKing read the egg’s description, but he still shared the tab to the other. This quest might be impossible to finish solo after all.

(Brave) Peco Peco Egg: A brave egg that could injure a player. It’s revered by the Peco Peco tribe and would become the next Peco Peco King.

“…” HereticKing had thought his luck in quests was already that, but he didn’t think this big cat would be quite a hard worker too. With just a simple trip, he found an S-ranked quest. Not only that, he didn’t smash the egg into smithereens in a fit of rage from all the embarrassment. Instead, he just kept the egg as if it was all normal.

“Should we accept this quest?” Even in death, XiaoYu would never have thought his impulse to seek revenge later would be the trigger for a secret quest. Still, he’d never accepted such a high-ranking quest. He’d decide after seeking the opinion of an experienced player.

“Accept.” The rewards for quests at ranked S and above were very generous. Quests like that could only be stumbled upon based on luck and not wishes. While quests above S-rank could be extremely hard to complete, it could also be ranked that highly because it had harsh trigger conditions even if it was rather easy to complete. This quest before them was very likely to be in the second category.

“Ding. Players LuckyCat, HereticKing, accepted the hidden S-ranked quest: Escort the brave Peco Peco egg back to its home. Please complete this quest within 10 days.”

But where was the Peco Peco’s village?

The Quest tab only indicated to walk west. How far west did they have to go? They’d only know once they start heading west. With such vague directions, they had to head back and review their plans.

The further one ventured into the desert, the more dangerous it was. Quicksand, unpredictable hurricanes, large venomous scorpions, etc. In such atrocious and deadly environment, a major accident could kill even a high-level player.

The time limit was ten days. Considering how humane the game was for taking into consideration the players’ real life, this quest should be completable within 48 hours if one didn’t eat or sleep. The quest could also be shared within the party, that meant the quest could be completed by up to ten players. (The party limit was capped at 10 players.)

“Ouch!” XiaoYu suddenly covered his ears with his hands.

“What is it now?” HereticKing thought he’d been 120% careful this time. How could LuckyCat get ambushed again? But he soon knew what happened in the next few seconds.

“Chief! How could you steal my lucky cat away?” I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s demonic voice rang out from afar. It made one cover their ears on impulse. However, that wouldn’t stop the spell from being heard.

“I_Am_A_Poor_Man roared at you?”

“Mn…” XiaoYu rubbed his temples and lowered the volume settings in the game. He’d just received I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s message about carrying him for some speed grinding in the Zombie Cave. (The truth was he’d promised HereticKing he’d personally gather materials himself yesterday, but it would be too lonely to do it alone. So, he was thinking of bringing LuckyCat along to grind while he acted as a bodyguard.)

In the end, when XiaoYu told I_Am_A_Poor_Man he was out in the desert with HereticKing, the other immediately roared, “What? You eloped with Chief?” The shockwaves made XiaoYu see stars.

“When did he become yours?” For some unknown reason, HereticKing didn’t like I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s tone yet he didn’t realise his own voice carried hints of the sour scent of jealousy.

“Huh? Chief, did you eat some vinegar? Are you jealous?”


“Tee-hee. Got it. I get it. But, why are you bringing LuckyCat to the desert for? You’re not holding onto a grudge about yesterday, right? He didn’t mean to…”

“To catch a bird.”

“W-We didn’t elope. We’re capturing Peco Peco.” When the spell died out, XiaoYu recalled the last line the other shouted at him and instantly attempted to clear up the relationship between him and HereticKing. They’re only mount-hunting…while a little accident happened. >///<

“Hee-hee.” Upon hearing the two replies coming in at the same time about bird-hunting, I_Am_A_Poor_Man thought that their minds were rather alike. They might as well just go elope.

Wait…” Chief? You’re online. Why are you hiding yourself?” It was only then that he realised Chief’s icon wasn’t lit up. If LuckyCat hadn’t told him they were together then, he wouldn’t have gone to shout at Chief.

“To avoid harassment.” Specifically, by you.

“That’s not fair! I’m working overtime every day to the point where I don’t even have time to go dating! But you’re sneaking off to a date with our little friend!” I_Am_A_Poor_Man was filled with rage at the injustice and stalked around the outer walls of the game-generated homes in the capital. It made any by-passers stay far away from him.

“Shush. There’s an S-rank.”

“Chief, did your RNG act up again? What kind of S-rank quest?”

“LuckyCat triggered it. Party-shared. Investigate the areas west of the Peco Peco region.”

“Roger.” Complaining was one thing, but he should still do his best to finish the work Chief assigned to him. What kind of quest did LuckyCat’s luck summon? Perhaps he could join in and gain some experience XDD.

Translator’s Note:

Vinegar = Jealousy: It’s a common saying in Chinese to mean one is jealous. Has some historical context, but whether it’s true is another story. Simplified retelling can be found here.