LC: Chapter 47

47. Rejection

The next day, XiaoYu who had no party to grind with was back at the lowest levels of the Jiangshi Cave alone, grinding. The monsters with ranged attacks were the most troublesome. While his necklace increased his poison resistance, that didn’t mean he couldn’t get poisoned. It just lowered the unsavoury effects of being poisoned.

24 hours after increasing others’ strength came the 24 hours of magical backlash. Increasing one’s stats by 5% didn’t feel much at the moment. Naturally, decreasing them by 3% felt like nothing too.

In the evening, XiaoYu returned to Serica. After the peak dinner rush, the restaurants weren’t crowded by packs of human bodies. Perhaps it was the cheap and delicious home-cooking which made such a great impression on XiaoYu. He chose to dine at Yang Yue’s once more.

He didn’t have to sit in a remote corner anymore. This time, the server led XiaoYu to sit by the fence with a view opening up to the streets. But after a day of constantly being poisoned, he wasn’t interested in the night view at all. He ordered, then immediately sprawled down on the table to relax. No one knew him anyway. He didn’t mind being seen in such a mildly disgraceful posture.

“It really is LuckyCat.” XiaoYu raised his head and saw GloryOfTheWorld standing beside his table with a jug of alcohol.

“Hello,” XiaoYu replied.

“Do you mind if I sit?”

“No. Please.”

“You’ve joined the Heretic Demons?”


“I recall the main Heretic Demons guild’s entry requirement being Level 85.”

“Really? I joined a subsidiary guild.” XiaoYu had yet to take a close look at the guild rules. He only heard about the important ones from HereticKing on their holiday.

“What a pity. I was going to invite you to join Angel Wings’ main guild. How about it?”

“No. I’m sorry. Everyone in Heretic Demons has been great to me.” XiaoYu wasn’t used to rejecting others, so he hid his awkwardness by sipping tea.

“But why didn’t HereticKing let you enter the main guild? Aren’t you lovers?”

“Pffft-!” Right. This cup of tea’s wasted. “N-No. Yao and I are only friends.”



“That’s his name?”


“Hehe. I thought you were calling my name. Yao’s in my name too. My real name, that is.”

“Ah. What a coincidence.”

“Since you’re not lovers, does that mean I stand a chance?”

“Hah?” XiaoYu must’ve overworked himself today. His brain was on strike. Why else could he not understand what GloryOfTheWorld was saying?

“Don’t get what I mean?”

“Are you…drunk?” XiaoYu timidly asked. His eyes sneakily darting to the jug Glory had absentmindedly placed on the table.

“Hahaha…” XiaoYu’s bumbling and skittish act didn’t escape Glory’s eyes. “You’ve got a very special way of rejecting others.”

XiaoYu felt so awkward he wished he could just burrow himself under the table. The scene felt as if the one who was rejected wasn’t the guffawing GloryOfTheWorld but him.

“It’s a joke. Looks like I really am tipsy. You don’t mind chatting with a drunkard like me, do you?” GloryOfTheWorld laughed.

“Oh. Okay.” The Bai family wasn’t much for liquor. In XiaoYu’s memories, if alcohol wasn’t used for cooking, it was used for brooding and sulking. Instinctively, he thought the other might’ve encountered something troubling. ZhuGe who was always by GloryOfTheWorld’s side was missing. The other just so happened to spot him and so wandered over for a chat. What XiaoYu wasn’t able to rationalise was why do the two big Guild Leaders love to vent to him. The only difference between the two was their methods. Yao would silently hug him, and GloryOfTheWorld would chatter on about strange topics.

“Do you know HereticKing in real life?” the other man asked.

“No, just in the game,” XiaoYu replied.

“Ah. And he actually told you his name.”

“I only know one character. I don’t know his full name.”

“I see. Since we’re friends, why don’t we exchange names?”

“Of course.”

“But I won’t be that petty as to just tell you one character. My name is Lan MinYao.” GloryOfTheWorld dripped some alcohol on the table and wrote his name out with the liquid.

“I’m Bai XiaoYu.” In a polite exchange, XiaoYu wrote his name out on the table too with tea.

“XiaoYu? It’s really such a shame you’re not in Angel Wings. It’s the same character. You can be our mascot.”

“Hehe…” He nearly accepted the title of “Lucky Charm of the Guild” last time. Now, he nearly became a guild’s mascot. Just when was he so popular?

“And we are rather bound by destiny, aren’t we? We belong to the families of colours.”

Colours…Something popped up in XiaoYu’s head which made his eyes squint with glee. He remembered a period of time in high school when his classmates loved to joke around with that punchline.

“What is it?” XiaoYu started grinning and beaming out of the blue. GloryOfTheWorld was curious just which part of his comment tickled XiaoYu’s funny bone. Even so, that smile was feeling as if it was tickling his instinct to call the other cute.

“Nothing.” That story was quite complicated. It’d take some effort to explain it all.

“To avoid getting mixed up with HereticKing, you can call me Min. Can I call you XiaoYu?”


“Well, XiaoYu, if the Heretic Demons ever treat you badly, you’re welcome to throw yourself into my embrace.”

“Heh…heh…” XiaoYu really thought the alcohol was getting to GloryOfTheWorld. The only reaction he could think of was a goofy smile.

“Mrrow!” The tiny cat that was playing dead on the table suddenly leaped up. Its gleaming eyes stared right behind the two men. The server was finally here with the food. It was about to starve to death. Of course, its beloved owner was starving too. It couldn’t bear the thought of lowering its Intimacy.

“Your kitten’s A.I. is very sophisticated.” GloryOfTheWorld had thought it strange since the last time they’d eaten together. From the moment he sat down, he’d been observing this small cat. It was actually sprawled out on the table into a kitten pancake as if it was dead tired. The pets he had seen all sat obediently by their owners’ feet. No matter how high the Intimacy levels were, the most the animals would do was perform a few simple actions according to the owner’s orders. It was impossible for them to have such high intelligence.

“Mn.” XiaoYu had never had a pet before. He had nothing to compare the little cat to. However, Glory wasn’t the first to say it had sophisticated A.I. It was highly likely it’s extremely sophisticated. Sometimes, he himself would be astonished at the tiny one’s intelligence.

“This would be very dangerous.” Glory wanted XiaoYu to understand the danger of harbouring treasures.

“I know.” He’d paid for it already.

“You can put it away in areas where there are many eyes and mouths around,” Glory suggested.

“No need. I don’t want to lock it up in the Pet Space.” XiaoYu stroked the tiny cat as he watched its cute face chow down on delicious food. How could he bear to lock it up in some unknown dimension called Pet Space?

“Ugh. You’re always saying no to me.” Glory had been rejected three times in the past few minutes. It seemed like he’s not as charming as he used to be.

“I…I didn’t mean that. I understand your kind intentions. But it is my first friend. I can’t bear to put it away.” At GloryOfTheWorld’s heavy sigh, XiaoYu rushed to explain. His hands dancing about in panic. He didn’t want an unintentional act to be harmful.

“You place so much importance on even a mere kitten. You must really cherish every one of your friends.” Even a pet can be his friend. Needless to say, someone with a large social circle like GloryOfTheWorld could never comprehend that mindset.

“Yes.” That statement hit the nail on the head. As long as the other person treated XiaoYu with even the tiniest kindness in the world, he’d treasure that friend.

“Then, I am honoured to be your friend. Ah, I wonder if there’s anyone in the world who’s had it worse than I have? I was rejected to so many times in a single day.”

“Um…I…I’m sorry.”

“Haha. I’m joking. I’m not that small-minded.” It was the sight of XiaoYu’s indecisive and upset face that made GloryOfTheWorld realise just how interesting it can be to tease this naive little guy. It can’t be HereticKing noticed this too, right?

“Eat up. The food will get cold.” Glory knew when to hold himself back. He knew that even the gentlest of cats would bite if the teasing stepped over the boundaries.

It wasn’t convenient or polite to talk to XiaoYu as the other was eating. GloryOfTheWorld who only came to the table with liquor was bored. When he saw the tiny cat had already licked clean its portion of the food, he thought of playing with the small cat.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know of the little cat’s weakness. Be it fingers or an unknown blade of grass from his pockets, the kitten only looked at them. After a long while, it let out a burp, signifying it was not interested in GloryOfTheWorld.

“I still overestimated a pet’s intelligence,” GloryOfTheWorld mockingly thought to himself. After numerous rejections from XaioYu and failing again at getting what he wanted, he was feeling rather down.

Thankfully, he’d never seen the tiny cat’s playful side as it meowed, twined and rolled around HereticKing. If he’d seen how the little one actively be all cutesy to the other man, Glory might just puke blood.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Yao: It’s a homonym reference. One of the characters for GloryOfTheWorld’s in-game name is pronounced “yao”. This is not the same “yao” as HereticKing’s. However, they are very similar. The only difference is in the radical. Glory’s uses the “light” radical. HereticKing uses the “sun” radical (same as XiaoYu’s “xiao”).
  2. Lan MinYao: Lan = blue (蓝); Min = sky/autumn sky (旻); Yao = glory/pride/shimmering (耀). It’s too bad the other characters aren’t named after colours or we’ll have a rainbow by now.
  3. Wings/Yu: XiaoYu’s “yu” is the same as the character for “wings”. This “yu” can also mean feather.

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LC: Chapter 46

46. Team Training

“Ahem.” One of the laws of stories: a perfect moment will always be interrupted.

However, it wasn’t I_Am_A_Poor_Man this time. He was busy sighing over the innocent little white rabbit that’s about to be gobbled up by the evil big black wolf.

HereticKing let go of XiaoYu and unhappily looked over to where the sound came from. The sight made his mood worse. Well, if it wasn’t GloryOfTheWorld who’d been poking at him before? And his forever follower, LittleZhuGe.

“Is there something you need?”

“I’m here to say hi. We won’t come for Prole-3 next time.”

“Hehe. Are you afraid we’ll go for Serica next time?” I_Am_A_Poor_Man replied for HereticKing. He knew Chief wasn’t in the mood for it then.

“Well, Mr Glory, what did you learn from your grand tour to Prole-3?”

“It’s easy to defend but hard to attack. If the Heretic Demons conquered it, we’ll have no chance at it. But since Prole-3 is so important to you guys, we won’t come barging in.”

“The great Glory giving up so easily? We are so honoured.”

“Serica is the Wings’ main battlefield. We only went to look at all the number 3 fortresses. It wasn’t a wasted trip. We were able to go toe-to-toe with the great Heretic chief himself. However, it still doesn’t feel enough. Why don’t we go for a spar at the PvP Arena someday?”

“Sure.” This time, HereticKing replied. He’d welcome anyone who wished to be beaten up. His poison wasn’t on his weapon that time. He could tell that GloryOfTheWorld also held himself back. He was somewhat looking forward to the match.

“Hey, LuckyCat. I didn’t realise you succeeded your job change. Congratulations,” LittleZhuGe greeted XiaoYu.

“Thanks,” XiaoYu politely responded with the tiny cat in his arms. The moment HereticKing released XiaoYu, the small cat had taken advantage of the situation to cling onto the XiaoYu’s pants and ask for hugs. Just as it thought, its owner’s hugs are the best.

“Congratulations, LuckyCat. Pardon us.” GloryOfTheWorld left with a wave, along with LittleZhuGe.

“You know them?”

“Mn. I bumped into them the time I was going to become a Chef.” XiaoYu retold a brief summary of eating at the same table at the restaurant.

“I see.”

“It’s getting late. Sleep early,” HereticKing said.

“Mn. Goodnight.” XiaoYu walked off yawning in search of the Portal back to the capital. Which free hotel should he sleep in tonight?

When XiaoYu was some distance away, I_Am_A_Poor_Man let out a cold chuckle. “Would they ever be that desperate as to sit with another party? Looks like the Wings are eyeing up Xiao-Yu, Chief.”

“Tell Egg_Tart to keep an eye on it.” The higher-ups of the major guilds rarely interact and what the other people said about the Wings’ higher ranks differ so much. HereticKing wasn’t completely sure why Glory and ZhuGe struck up a competition with XiaoYu. If it’s for a good motive, then that’s great. If there’s a chance XiaoYu could be hurt, he won’t just stand by and watch.


Under the bright and dazzling midday sun of Sunday, Hei QiYao and Lin Qiong was on the land of another country. Meanwhile, XiaoYu was looking for the party he’d be training with under the directions of Egg_Tart.

“This is the new guy, LuckyCat. Take good care of him.”

“Yes, boss.”

“Just let his pet collect the loot.”

“Oh.” The unspoken rule in Heretic Demons’ parties had always been letting the healer pick up most of the loot. The others would use this time to continue grinding. Another mob killed was more experience gained. A pet picking up the drops would be even better. The healer could focus on their health and buffs at all times.

“LuckyCat, once group training sessions are over, you can just hand everything to the party leader, Desireless. He’ll split them,” Egg_Tart directed to XiaoYu.

“Okay. I look forward to training with you,” XiaoYu said.

This was a very normal grinding party. The only difference between them and XiaoYu’s former party was his party consisted of players within the same 10 levels of each other. Every job was basically there. If they worked together, they’d have no trouble clearing up all monsters below Level 65.

For the whole afternoon, XiaoYu followed them around in the Maze Forest. As the name stated, the moment one entered this forest, there was no way for them to differentiate north from south, east or west. The mini-map was shrouded in fog. The game had been out for a long time, yet no a single player could confidently say they could walk out of this forest. The way out was either to tear up a Return Scroll, through a Portal or through death.

Honestly, the Maze Forest was very much like a large-scale dungeon. Parties of different levels would encounter different monsters. The mobs would never be over 10 levels higher than the highest party member, they would also never be over 10 levels lower than the weakest party member. For example, XiaoYu’s party. The monsters they encountered in the Maze Forest ranged from Level 41 (XiaoYu was now Level 51) to Level 70 (Desireless was Level 60).

While it seemed like a great grinding zone, not a lot of parties truly went there to train. That’s because even though the mobs were within a safe level range, that didn’t mean the game won’t spawn a frightening number of mobs at them. If the party didn’t have all the basic jobs, good equipment and coordination, the moment they flashed into a group of mobs so packed together they seemed like a dense, buzzing flock of locusts, their only choice was to wait for death.

However, as one of the training grounds of Heretic Demons, everyone other than XiaoYu had been here before. As long as their Sir Healer didn’t fool around, the chances of getting wiped were extremely low. Fortunately, XiaoYu was very patient. He wouldn’t zone out just because of the dry, repetitive motion of buffing his teammates. He kept a close eye on every member’s buff timer the whole time. He even listened to the party leader’s orders and suggestions.

A serious child would always be easily accepted by everyone. No one wished to work with a layabout. Therefore, while the other party members might’ve been rather distant at the start, they were now acting like his best buddies. They’d even chat while looking for more mobs.

“Lucky, where did you catch your kitten?”  When the monsters crowd around, the ground would be covered in random items when they die. If they were to pick all of that up, bending over every time would be so very troublesome. If they didn’t, there might be a chance they’ll miss something rare. Pets that pick up loot were common, but their speed would sometimes be so much slower than the player picking the drops up themselves. For example, the slime pet. Just watching it slowly inch and slop around like a ball of playdough towards items on the ground…It really made one’s skin itch.

In comparison, look at how the tiny cat moved. In the beginning, everyone in the party was worried they might accidentally hit it. After observing it a few times, they realised its speed was godlike. It’s likely not even the big Guild Leader himself had such high agility. So, everyone just let this ball of black shadow dance around them without worry. With their time freed from picking up loot, their efficiency skyrocketed.

“It’s a gift from a chest,” XiaoYu said.

“You’re so lucky. No wonder you’re called LuckyCat. Beckon some luck for us.”

“Okay. I’ll try.” Every time XiaoYu encountered a question about the small cat, he would always be worried. But when he saw that everyone was just asking and didn’t really care, he couldn’t help but berate himself for being slightly too petty.

Suddenly, the ground shook as if something gigantic was walking somewhere close.

“A boss.” An archer’s sharp vision is a necessity in the thick woods. “It’s a black bear. FaHai’s Monster Records.”

“Ding. Big Black Bear (Boss), Lv 55, HP: 82745, EXP: ???”

“Its health isn’t high. It probably has a HP recovery skill. Be careful. Lucky, fire buff.” Desireless quickly arranged the battle formation and also reminded XiaoYu for additional buffs.

Elemental buffs were a skill healers obtained when becoming a Priest. They could add some magic elemental damage to other player’s attacks for a short amount of time. If the monster just happened to be weak to that element, the damage would be increased. Of course, if it was the wrong element, there would be a damage penalty. However, XiaoYu wasn’t that proficient at that skill yet. So, the additional damage wasn’t that obvious. However, any additional damage was better than nothing. One cannot let down their guard when going against a boss monster.

In the Maze Forest where roads twist and turn and merge, no one knew just where and when the boss would spawn. Hence, a boss encounter required plenty of luck. At the sight of his happy teammates, XiaoYu began to get excited. His voice quivered as he chanted his buffs. This can be considered his first time challenging a boss in its range with everyone else in his party. He must calm down. He can’t make a mistake.

Fire elemental buff. AoE heal (for 60 seconds, 1% HP is recovered every 5 seconds); ah, got to cast Slow (reduces its movement speed) and Leaden (reduces its attack speed) on the bear; have to check on the Blessing for close-combat members (additional physical damage), keep an eye on the archer’s Saint’s Seal (increase critical rate)…While the others were gathered up, clashing and bashing against the Big Black Bear and its minion bears, XiaoYu was kept busy at the back throwing out all sorts of support spells he could think of. Obsecro’s chant took too long. He couldn’t just use it willy-nilly. There was only one Bible left anyway. He couldn’t use it. He hadn’t used Incremento before. Let’s try it out.

Without anyone paying heed to XiaoYu, he cast one of his special skills. XiaoYu’s stats weren’t high in the first place, so a mere 5% didn’t feel that obvious.

Just as Desireless predicted, the Big Black Bear had a self-healing skill – drinking honey. Afterwards, it seemed to have raised its Attack.

“Shoot his honey pot.” Lord only knew how much honey the bear had on it. If it kept downing honey, this would never end.

“The leader is the leader,” said the archer, Robin, as realisation dawned on him. He changed his aim to the tiny pot in the bear’s claws.

In a blink, the Big Black Bear was robbed of its replenishment. The small bears standing guard by his side were nearly gone. It was furious! It bellowed and waved its huge paws high in the air. It wanted to swipe away these annoying flies right now.

“Lucky, keep healing us up. All of you, be ready to down a potion at any moment.” They only had one healer with them – XiaoYu. He’s also the one with the lowest level in the party. Desireless didn’t know if he could place all his hopes for keeping the party’s health up on XiaoYu.

As if to prove Desireless’s words correct, the bear slammed its paws down on the ground. With a rumble, the fragile earth let out a moaning shriek and violently trembled. Near or far, every player’s health was dropped by at least a third. Those who stood closest to the bear were down to half-health immediately.

Thank goodness for Desireless’s reminder beforehand. After the shockwaves, the party quickly chugged on their health potions. XiaoYu didn’t have time to heal himself. He threw spell after spell at his teammates the moment they went off cooldown. In what little time he could spare, he’d take a swig of his potions.

Single-targe healing spells, an AoE healing spell that slowly healed everyone plus potions meant the health shaken away by the bear was quickly filled up once more. This enraged and depressed the boss even further. These weren’t flies. They’re a freaking bunch of cockroaches!

Thus, the little cockroaches exhibited their excellence at being immortal to the max. The Big Black Bear was slowly, unwillingly, tormented to death and into a mountain of loot.

By the time the party killed off the bear, it was already past 5 pm. Desireless made the decision to end their training there and returned back to the city.

The party sat down by an isolated little corner and XiaoYu poured everything from the tiny cat’s pockets before Desireless to be split up.

“We’re quite lucky today. We actually bumped into the boss.” As everyone watched their leader separate the mountain of junk as he always did, they chatted.

“Some of the mobs before that dropped gear too. Did the game suddenly found its kindness today or what?”

“It can’t be because we have a lucky cat? Let’s train together next time, Lucky.”

“Okay.” It looked like XiaoYu really had the ability to beckon luck for his party. At the thought of him, the lowest levelled player of the group, being able to contribute something, XiaoYu gleefully smiled. His cute little canine tooth glinting.

“We’re finally free of the awkwardness that is no healer.”

“?” XiaoYu didn’t really get what they were sighing in relief about.

“We were all busy with work before. Although we were in the guild way before the limit of Second Job Change, we could only watch as the kids who came after us speed past. Especially the healers who were near our levels. They always had someone to carry them. Soon, we weren’t able to grind in the same party. So, our grinding sessions would include a healer one day, then none on the next, and so on.”

“You’re co-workers?”

“Yes. We opened up a company with Desireless here. The company’s not big, but it’s slowly getting there.” This was why they didn’t have time to log on and train before. It was a surprise Egg_Tart didn’t kick them out. But upon consideration, they didn’t go against any of Heretic Demons’ rules. They just didn’t log on frequently due to work. If they were kicked out, that would be indicate a problem.

“We can at least guarantee attendance to the weekly group training sessions now, and we can take turns working and logging on to grind. Finally, we don’t need to live in the topsy-turvy days from before. How wonderful.” Robin stretched himself out and sprawled out on the ground, happy as can be.

“Oh dear. Thank you for your hard work.” The sentence drifted over from Desireless who was still sorting.

“Ah, no. No, you’re the one who worked hardest.” Robin hurriedly sat up, the image of a good student waiting to be taught.

Before long, Desireless was done and handed a neat pile over to each member. No one cared who had what and no one argued. They just dumped the items into their Inventory.

“You had decent technique. You were also very logical in your skill usage. But the next time you’re hurt, remember to heal yourself first,” Desireless said to XiaoYu. During the boss fight, he’d noticed XiaoYu’s health being the last to be filled up the entire time.

“Yes. What will we do if you’re hurt, Lucky?”

“I know. I’m sorry. My AoE heal is still too weak.” XiaoYu never used it before because he was mostly alone.

“Silly boy, that can be slowly trained up. We all have potions.”

“Our buffs never ran out the entire day. You did your best.”

As the crowd chattered on, XiaoYu suddenly felt that it was a good choice to join the Heretic Demons. From the main guild, Yao, Big Brother Poor and Below_The_Moon; from the subsidiary guild, the leader Egg_Tart, guildies who discussed lucky charms with him and the teammates who grinded with him – they were all so nice to him.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. White Rabbit vs Black Wolf: Yes. It’s a pun/play on their surnames. It might just be because “big bad wolf” just translates to “big grey wolf” in Chinese. Since black > grey, the author might’ve gone for the more logical (Chinese-wise).
  2. Desireless: The proper translation is an idiom for “fulfilled, no wants or desires”.
  3. Slime pet: Technically, jelly pet. Aka Poring (and its numerous recolours) from Ragnarok Online.
  4. FaHai’s Monster Records: The sorcerer from Madame White Snake, inspired by a real-life monk from the Tang dynasty who’s born to a scholarly/aristocratic family.
  5. Elemental buff: Also known as the alternate version of Bendedicto Sanctissimi Sacramenti, a buff only for players standing near the caster.
  6. AoE heal: Likely referring to Sanctuary which healed all in an area, monsters and players alike.
  7. Blessing: Blessing. It’s sort of a copy-paste from RO. The RO version increases STR, DEX and INT. This version merely adds damage to each attack. For those who know Tree of Savior, just like the Blessing from that game instead of the RO version.
  8. Saint’s Seal: Aka just the DEX portion of Blessing from RO. As critical rates were determined by DEX along with hit rate etc, there wasn’t a spell from the healer’s section that just raised the critical rate.
  9. Commas and semi-colons in the spell dump: Punctuation from original text kept as it might help show just what XiaoYu was thinking in sequence and what might’ve been going through his mind minutes after the last “sequence”.
  10. Cockroaches: The Chinese slang/common word for cockroach is the most apt name you’d ever find – “Little Strong (One)”.

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GC: Chapter 45

45. Saviour

Click. Darkness.

Once it was over, JingYuan carried YiHan into the bathroom for a thorough washing, changed the bedsheets, carried YiHan back to bed, went for a shower himself and cleaned the bathroom. Once he was done tidying, the sky to the east was already a pale white.

JingYuan was still very much wide awake. He carefully crawled into bed and laid down next to YiHan. He gently pulled YiHan into his arms and let out a satisfied sigh.

He couldn’t bear falling asleep. He just stared down at YiHan’s sleeping form with a tender gaze.

YiHan was dead asleep.

JingYuan lovingly tapped the tip of YiHan’s nose. This little one was so loud. If it wasn’t because he’s always been a child who woke up easily to noises and had a bad temper when he did, the Bai parents wouldn’t have specifically reinforced the soundproofing of this room. Then, the racket that was in this room would’ve shocked the Bai family.

Traces of joy hung on JingYuan’s face. His lips kissed YiHan’s forehead. This day had been more thrilling than a roller coaster ride. His little one fished him out of his suffering with his own two hands, then placed him on the sweetest clouds at the top of the world. YiHan was his saviour.

Translator’s Note:

Next week is the Lucky Cat’s turn.

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LC: Chapter 45

45. Hug

On that night, not even an hour into the event, a completely unforeseen server-wide announcement rang out.

“Congratulations, Guild I Die For Riches, on conquering Sakura-3.”

“Guild I Die For Riches has been awarded an additional reward: Guild Reputation +5,000.”

“One of the Four Great Seals of the battlefield has been unsealed. Keep it up, brave players!”

I Die For Riches was one of the rising stars among the many guilds in Asgard Online. One look at their name would tell all they’re related to money. Thus, most of the players within that guild were paying players, especially since there were no conversion restrictions after Level 100. The amount of cash they sunk into the game per month was a very substantial number.

The medium- and small-sized guilds instantly turned their attentions to the remaining “3” fortresses. The reward for participating in Guild Wars was 100 Reputation per event. The reward to having a fortress to the end of the event was 1,000 Reputation. The additional reward announced was so much more enticing. It’d dramatically reduce the gap between them and the big guilds. The battlefield was also a large-scale battle. They could throw out their skills and attacks however they pleased and their guildmates won’t be hurt. It wasn’t completely impossible for them to sneakily conquer a fortress among the confusion. Otherwise, just being able to cause more trouble for the big guilds was better than anything else.

The guild chat of Suicide Squad, a subsidiary of the Heretic Demons, was silent. During the event, only the guild leaders and urgent messages could go through the guild chat. No one was allowed to just chat on it. Each party had their own party chat anyway. There was also a special channel between the party leaders that they had applied for in the game. Any orders could be swiftly sent and received. (It’s akin to a temporary party. Anyone could join, enabling communication between different parties and guilds. The game would charge the players according to the amount of time the channel was used and the number of members in it.)

As the piloting healers were only responsible for opening portals to their destinations at their designated spots, a major Teleport shift notice was done through the Acolyte Squad Leader’s private messages. Hence, they didn’t need to take up a spot in a party. There were only so many that could fit in one party. And so, XiaoYu was unable to know the details of the battlefield even after officially joining Heretic Demons. However, he could still feel that their plan for conquering Prole-3 wasn’t going as smoothly as they wished.

Because XiaoYu had just joined the guild during the day, a lot of Suicide Squad members still remembered him. At the start of the event, they would wave at him and said hi before running through his Portal. A few of the female players even blew kisses at him. XiaoYu felt so awkward. But ever since the announcement about the fall of Sakura-3, all of them would rush into his Portal with serious faces. They had no mood to even say hi. (A black triangle would float above the heads of guildmates. A red triangle above fellow party members. Gold triangles for friends. It was so players could easily find their own people in a crowd. Players could also choose to hide them.)

All XiaoYu could do was pray for everyone in his heart.

“Xiao-Yu, open up 30 Portals now and hurry over through the back door of the NPC Item Shop.” Out of the blue, XiaoYu heard I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s voice. He didn’t ask any questions. Soon, a series of portals were opened up and squished together in a tiny space. Then, XiaoYu ran straight into the back of the Item Shop as ordered. The NPC shopkeeper who was sleeping on the counter was frightened out of his wits.

Through the back door was a dark, dank alley. This time, XiaoYu was the one being scared out of his wits. HereticKing, Poor_Man, Below_The_Moon and Egg_Tart were all there.

“Here.” I_Am_A_Poor_Man was too lazy to bother with the transaction interface. He dropped five dictionary-thick books into XiaoYu’s arms. Those were the Bibles he’d found in an entire afternoon. For now, this little thing was seriously hard to get.

“Use them now?” asked XiaoYu.

“Yes, for all four of us. Eggy is one of us. He won’t spill. Don’t worry.” It wasn’t in the plan to get XiaoYu to use the special Bishop skills, but there were nearly double the number of players in Prole-3 after that public announcement. The rather messy battlefield had turned into a free-for-all.

No matter what, the Heretic Demons can’t let any other guilds, much less some unknown little guild, take down Prole-3 before they could. Thus, they decided the Guild Leader would head into the battle with a few elites. The elites HereticKing was bringing along weren’t just the people in here, but there weren’t enough Bibles. So, he only chose four to go with him to be buffed up. One was left behind for emergencies.

As for why they were in such an eerie corner, XiaoYu’s level was so low that he had no way to protect himself at the moment. Because of that, HereticKing requested Poor_Man to ensure XiaoYu’s safety at all times. They must not risk exposing him. If not, HereticKing would rather go without those buffs.

“Come, eat this pill.” Below_The_Moon shoved a blue pill into XiaoYu’s mouth. This was a rare recipe he got during a special mission. This pill would grant a buff that’ll decrease chant times by 5% for 5 minutes. It’s not very useful and he didn’t make a lot. But when faced against Obsecro that had require a whole minute of chanting, it’s kind of helpful.

The pill didn’t taste like anything. XiaoYu swallowed it down, opened up a Bible from the pile in his arms and began chanting. One after another, he chanted nonstop. Four players, four minutes. Minus 5%, it was twelve seconds less. Just the three-plus minutes of chanting had him panting in exhaustion. Admiration rose for the wizards who had to chant for those top-tier spells. Chanting for over ten minutes would be enough to split one’s mouth sideways.

“Be careful.” Before stepping into the portal I_Am_A_Poor_Man opened up for him, HereticKing patted XiaoYu’s head. Then, as if he suddenly realised that there was no one safer in the event than a piloting healer, his hand froze.

“Good luck.” XiaoYu didn’t notice the frozen hand. The only thing that filled his mind was hoping everyone would be safe and that the Heretic Demons would win. Also known as he was filled to the brim with team spirit.

“Mn.” HereticKing felt so honoured by XiaoYu’s words. He could tell that XiaoYu was sincerely wishing them luck from the bottom of his heart. As he vanished into the light of the portal, he was determined to work harder. He didn’t want to let the boy worry.

“Relax. Chief’s current motivation level is at 200%.” Last to disappear into the portal, I_Am_A_Poor_Man flashed a wink at XiaoYu.

XiaoYu didn’t really get what the other meant. All he could think of was how he must hurry back to maintain his Portals. If the flight he was in charge of stopped, he’d be committing a major offence.

A rush of wind blast past the store counter and the NPC shopkeeper was once again stunned awake. He really felt like flipping a table then. Will these players just let a guy nap?

XiaoYu was back at his position the instant he left the shop. No one really paid attention to XiaoYu’s disappearance for five minutes. All they cared about was whether there were enough portals left behind.

XiaoYu really hoped the Heretic Demons could conquer Prole-3, but the gods can’t always be on his side. All the way through to the end of the announcement, he never heard any indications of their victory.

He was rather disappointed. His fellow guild members around him looked disappointed too. Still, he knew the most disappointed of them all would be HereticKing and the gang. Fortunately, Prole-3 didn’t fall into the hands of other guilds either. They could continue the fight next week.

“Xiao-Yu, come to the Storage in the North-West District of the Town of QingHe.” A message from I_Am_A_Poor_Man reached XiaoYu, who was packed up and ready to head back to the capital. Wasn’t it time for the higher-ups’ meeting? Why was he being called over? Despite the strangeness he felt, his feet had already begun their trek to his new destination.

“Is there something you need, Big Brother Poor?” he asked.

“These are for you. I’ll be on a four-days trip to Japan tomorrow. I’m scared I’d forget about it all due to all that work.” As I_Am_A_Poor_Man said so, he transferred an array of flowery items to XiaoYu: Teleport Vouchers, Tasting Coupons, Tier-1 Fire Arrow Scrolls, Tier-1 Ice Arrow Scrolls, etc. XiaoYu was shocked at the sight of the Transfer tab. (Magic Scrolls: The player could use the spell engraved once. The attack power will vary according to the user’s stats.)

“T-There’s so many.”

“They’re just some toys. Once my Storage Box is full, I’ll be throwing them out anyway. Might as well let you use them,” came the reply.

“Thank you. Don’t you need to go for a meeting?”

“No. Chief’s going off on the trip tomorrow too. We’ll do a debrief after we’re back from Japan.”

“The battle just now…Is Yao okay?”

“You’re so biased, Xiao-Yu. You’re not even worried about weak little me. I’m of a lower level.”

“My bad. I’m sorry.” A sweat drop formed on XiaoYu’s forehead.

“Chief didn’t die, but he was stabbed a few times by GloryOfTheWorld.”

“The Wings?” XiaoYu was shocked. Yao got hurt?

“Yup. Who knows what’s wrong with them? They actually came over to Prole-3 to cause trouble. Looks like they think the Serica region’s too boring for them.” They were finally able to take control of the situation. They were slowly making their way to the Crystal Room. In the end, they bumped into the elite team from the Angel Wings led by GloryOfTheWorld. Thus, a grand battle was had between the two troupes of top-tier players.

Glory must’ve had some special buff or equipment. In the duel between the two leaders, I_Am_A_Poor_Man only saw sparks of metal clashing and debuff after debuff on HereticKing. While they didn’t affect HereticKing much, randomly getting slowed down and silenced time after time would’ve thrown anyone off their beat. Hence, an accidental step meant he was stabbed by GloryOfTheWorld’s spear. Of course, HereticKing’s stats were rather insane. Glory was slashed a couple of times. No one had the clear upper hand.

After such a long struggle, all the way until just before they were all ejected from Prole-3 at the end of the event, the two parties were duking it out. Slashing, stabbing, dodging. All tangled together and unwilling to stop.

I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s description was enough to fuel XiaoYu’s imagination. He could see the chaos that happened. If he had been there, he might be panicking and lost.

“XiaoYu?” When HereticKing reunited with I_Am_A_Poor_Man after repairing his equipment, he saw a familiar figure. It was getting dark though, so he wasn’t certain.

As soon as XiaoYu turned around, he spotted HereticKing walking over. It was probably due to the chilling and chaotic description before; XiaoYu sprinted over to HereticKing and inspected the other from head to toe. Occasionally, he brushed his hands against the other man’s chest and shoulders as if trying to confirm any injuries.

HereticKing was stiff with shock at XiaoYu’s actions. Then, he saw I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s goofy smile and the hand guiltily scratching at his cheek. A blabbermouth had told XiaoYu about what happened in the battlefield.

He looked down at XiaoYu’s worried face. Suddenly, he felt a strong urge to hug this silly billy. Could the other have forgotten this was all a game? Once his health recovered and his armour repaired, he’d be all fine?

HereticKing had always been more about actions than talking. The moment he pondered about all that, his arms were in the middle of circling around that lanky body and pulling it against his. He leaned low and whispered into XiaoYu’s ear, “I’m fine. I’m all healed up.”

XiaoYu stood there and allowed HereticKing to embrace him for as long as the other wanted to. He wasn’t scared or shocked. He just thought the other might need some comfort after all that disappointment. He closed his eyes. Just fill in as a plush toy for now.

Down by the feet of the two men was a tiny cat, circling round and round. Despicable humans. It wants a hug too >o<.

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GC: Chapter 44

44. Seductive Nymph

JingYuan patted YiHan on the back to help him catch his breath. “How do you feel, HanHan? It’s all my fault. HanHan, does it hurt? Gods, what should I do?” JingYuan worriedly asked. He who’d always been so full of confidence had never felt so helpless before. It was as if anything he did was wrong.

After some more coughing, YiHan eventually recovered. He raised his head and saw JingYuan was there. Upset, he curled his arms around JingYuan’s neck. “Where did you go? Someone was here. They wanted…”

His little one was still willing to hug him! Even after he’d forced a kiss on him! What did that mean? But what was YiHan saying?

“I didn’t go anywhere. I’ve been with you the whole time. Don’t be scared,” said JingYuan.

No one else was in here? JingYuan didn’t leave? Then who was it just now who’d…kissed him…?


It was JingYuan! JingYuan kissed him? How could it be? YiHan licked his lips, numbed from the kiss. He stared at JingYuan with disbelieving eyes.

JingYuan didn’t dare to twitch or move. Just like a criminal waiting for judgement, he waited for the little one’s punishment.


A bare, dripping body was slowly walking towards him, like a seductive little nymph. Those long and perfect hands reached out for his face. The soft lips he’d tasted just moments before brushed against his. Then, as if shocked, withdrew swiftly.

JingYuan’s eyes bore into the little one timidly observing his reaction. His chest heaved with great might. “HanHan, do you know what you’re doing?” he asked in a coarse whisper. “Do you know who I am?”

When YiHan realised the one who’d kissed him before was JingYuan, he was even more certain this was just a dream. In his mind, the real Mu JingYuan would never have kissed him. YiHan’s heart galloped and pranced. Since it’s all a dream, then he could let himself go for once. Right?

YiHan’s hands stayed on JingYuan’s face. “Mu JingYuan. JingYuan,” he said in low but clear voice.

Having said so, YiHan dipped forward for another peck on JingYuan’s thin lips. He really liked being so intimate with JingYuan. He liked JingYuan’s scent. It’s so wonderful he could have this dream.

JingYuan: “…!”

JingYuan’s rationality which just logged back online was forced offline once more.

He wrapped his arms around the person before him and kissed those irresistible lips again.

YiHan didn’t fight at all this time. In fact, he even opened up his mouth to welcome JingYuan’s invasion, awkwardly but trying hard to reciprocate.

JingYuan’s heart felt as if it had been on a roller coaster the whole night. Up and down, up and down. Now, it was set on ecstasy. His little one didn’t reject his kiss at all when YiHan clearly knew who he was. YiHan was even kissing back. What did this mean?

JingYuan was still wearing the formal suit he wore to the birthday party. After a distressing evening, he didn’t have the brainpower to think about changing. His clothes were now sopping wet from all that scrambling just now. No matter how luxurious a fabric was, it’d turn scratchy once drenched. It’d feel extremely rough and uncomfortable. YiHan didn’t have a single thread on him. He strongly objected to JingYuan’s wet clothes. As they kissed, he kept trying to pull them off JingYuan.

JingYuan’s heart was shocked still. What was his little one doing? But no matter what it was, he should fulfil YiHan’s wishes.

Upon witnessing his boy getting frustrated over his inability to take off the clothes, JingYuan grabbed his shirt by the collar. With a hard yank, he split the shirt in half and tore the fabric sticking to his body away in the simplest and most brutish method available. Soon, his pants followed suit.

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GC: Chapter 43

43. Struck by Lightning

JingYuan was frozen. The tiny men representing his desire and his rationality had tumbled into a ball of punches and kicks long ago. In the end, rationality lost.

As if he was possessed, he lowered his head down and…

[500 words have been deemed unsafe for eyes.]

Who’s this? Who’s kissing him? The moment those questions popped up in YiHan’s dazed mind, he sobered up as if someone had just poked him with a whole bed of needles!

His mouth was blocked. He couldn’t speak. He began flailing his arms and feet in panic. Who’s this? Who’s doing this to him again? Is it Feng Qun? Those disgusting “friends” of his? Did they want to do that scary and vile thing to him again? No! No, he’d rather die!

YiHan struggled with all his might. His nails dug out several streams of blood along JingYuan’s neck. Finally, JingYuan snapped out of his fervour. Gods, what had he done? He’d actually taken advantage of the little one when he was drunk. He forced a kiss on YiHan when the other had placed his full trust in him!

JingYuan immediately felt as though he’d been struck by lightning. He hurriedly let go of the boy in his arms. His inebriated mind buzzed. How he wished he could kill himself right then and there! Why couldn’t he control himself? Why did he do something like this? How would his little man look at him now? YiHan must think of him a perverted maniac who takes advantage of others while they’re unable to say no! JingYuan was drowning in despair.

As for YiHan, he was originally sitting in the bathtub with his upper body supported by JingYuan. The moment JingYuan let go, YiHan was caught off guard. With how violently he’d struggled, YiHan’s entire body fell into the tub!

JingYuan didn’t have time to be depressed over self-loathing at such a sight. Panicked, he knelt down and fished YiHan back out of the water. A mouthful of water was spat out of YiHan’s mouth. Choking and coughing, a bright red blush adorned his face.

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GC: Chapter 42

42. This Dream’s Wonderful

Once YiHan was done, JingYuan tidied him up. JingYuan was about to carry YiHan back to bed, but the little one started acting restless again. Twisting and turning in his arms, muttering and moaning, “Yuck. I wanna shower. Sticky. I don’t like it.”

JingYuan’s breath stuttered to a stop from YiHan’s wriggling. His lower half was eager to act. He hurriedly held YiHan close to prevent YiHan from slipping onto the floor. “Behave, HanHan. Sleep first. Shower after, okay?” he gently coaxed.

YiHan’s mood soured further, but he stopped struggling any more the moment he heard “behave”. He let out a soft “mn” in response. After a pause, he whispered, “I’m a good boy.”

JingYuan’s heart throbbed. Good boy? His little prince didn’t need to be a good boy! It’s just a shower. What does it matter? Let’s do it!

JingYuan tenderly turned to place YiHan back on the bed. As he walked out of the bathroom, he said, “We’ll take a bath. Wait here a while. I’ll fill the tub up.”

Once YiHan was settled down, JingYuan went back to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with hot water. The temporary steam sauna flushed the alcohol right up into his head. However, he still remembered the little guy who was waiting for his shower service. He stumbled back into the bedroom. Come, it’s time to test his will!

He stripped YiHan’s sleepwear from his body with quivering hands. When YiHan’s nude figure entered his sight, his mind exploded. Heat rushed through his nostrils. He really suspected he’d humiliate himself soon by bleeding through the nose.

JingYuan held himself tight. Slowly, motion by motion, he gathered YiHan into his arms again and swayed back to the bathroom. He looked straight ahead the entire time, using his remaining rationality to supress his desire.  Mentally, he chanted nonstop, “This is HanHan. My little one. Don’t make a single false move. Don’t lose control.”

Nevertheless, that’s just what he thought. When his hand caressed and glided over the bare skin of the one he loved dearly, the trembling coming from his soul was irresistible.

JingYuan’s heart raced. He didn’t know if it was because of the alcohol he had or because of the feast before his eyes. All he knew was he was going mad. This was the person he’d been craving for. This little guy who’s usually covered in thorns and quills was not laying before him with his guard down, without a single thread on him. Unless one’s body had health issues, who could resist that? But he kept repeating to himself: he absolutely cannot lose control. He cannot hurt Bai YiHan.

It was very humid in the bathroom. JingYuan’s clothes were drenched and clinging onto his body. It didn’t feel good, especially his lower body. His pants were achingly tight. Gods, what sweet torment.

YiHan was so comfortable. He was stretched out among hot water. His whole body was relaxed. Warm water flowed around and encompassed him. A familiar and safe presence by his side. Because of the alcohol, his mind and memories were slightly messed up. He did remember the dream he had. The dream where JingYuan came back to save him.

YiHan had that dream many times. He had so hoped that when Feng Qun and those two thugs crashed into “the secret base”, his JingYuan would drop in from the sky. He’d stop those scary men and take him away. But he did know that what’s in the past was the past. There were no what-ifs, no one to save him.

However, this was a dream. Dreams were always about what the dreamer craved the most. Just like now. Nothing’s happened. He was still clean. JingYuan was staying by his side. He really wished this dream could be longer. It’d be great if he never ever woke up from it.

He savoured JingYuan’s roaming palms on his body. A delighted and meek moan escaped his lips. He buried his head in JingYuan’s chest. This dream was wonderful.

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