LC: Chapter 85

85. Present

After the heart-to-heart talk, the mood in the party lightened. They began talking about work, about life in general, in the party chat. QiXuan knew his younger brother’s habits. He knew how the other was, but he never could’ve imagined the man would have already moved his lover into his own home. The plot seemed to be skipping ahead way too fast.

With Sacrifice in their disposal, QiYao no longer had to worry about risking XiaoYu’s life from the big level gap between him and the Berserk Mummies. The three swept through the Elite monsters. They were the unstoppable force. Soon, the last Essence dropped amidst the roaring cries of dying monsters.

Finally, QiYao and XiaoYu understood what this quest was about. QiXuan was working on the Paladin’s Level 100 Third Job Change quest. The original quest had automatically been deleted because QiXuan didn’t complete it in time. Thankfully for QiXuan, he’d gotten a gathering quest again. He just had to gather the Essences of all 10 Undead mobs within 5 days.

As the items were special quest items, they would never be found by other players. Only players with the quest active, and their party members, would stand a slim chance of finding them. The three players sighed. What ridiculously low chances. Even with XiaoYu – the silently acknowledged lucky charm of grinding for quest items – in the party, they had taken days to gather them all. Who knew how long it’d take QiXuan if he tackled it alone?

In return for helping out with grinding, QiYao and XiaoYu could follow QiXuan to the Job Change Hall and witness the moment he was promoted to a Templar. There were also two more Templar skills added to QiXuan’s skillset. However, these two new skills made QiXuan regret instead of rejoice having triggered this secret Job. These skills had nothing to do with his personal style at all. All they did were making him work for nothing.

As usual, one was a passive skill. It’s an upgrade to the skill that increased the damage dealt to Undead mobs, the player’s defence against all Undead and experience gained from the Undead. Now, anyone who was in the same party as QiXuan would benefit from the skill. The other Templar skill was an upgraded version of Sacrifice. Initially, the player could only cast it at one plater. If the Paladin tried to cast Sacrifice on another player while one was already in effect, the buff on the previous target would disappear. Now, QiXuan could cast the skill on multiple players. But for every additional player he targets, the damaged he’d receive would be increased by 1%.

From how the secret Jobs’ skills were progressing, QiYao was very much looking forward to when XiaoYu would go through his third Job Change. Perhaps Obsecro will turn into an AoE skill. It did take a little too much time right now with XiaoYu having to cast it on everyone one-by-one.

However, that moment was still rather far off in the future. His primary mission right now was to focus on grinding.

“Brother, will you be returning to the main guild?” QiXuan had been in the main guild before. When the subsidiary guilds started up, he ran off to help hold down the fort in those guilds.

“No. I’ll head back to the subsidiary guilds. I’ll help you take care of XiaoYu.” QiXuan and QiYao’s in-game names were part of a set. A lot of people back then were curious and kept throwing theories around. The two’s cold and aloof attitudes didn’t help the situation.  Of course, there were people who knew they were brothers in real life. There weren’t many though and they kept their mouth shuts, pretending to be as confused as the others.

“Oh.” QiYao really didn’t want his brother to take care of XiaoYu but it was the other man’s decision. He won’t nag and whine.

“XiaoYu, can you add players into the guild?” QiXuan turned to XiaoYu and asked.


“I’ll just ask Egg_Tart then. I’ll help you with grinding in the future.” While QiXuan had a lot to complain about his new skills, it had given him a good chance to bond with the his “brother-in-law”.

“Okay. Thanks, Brother.”

After the third-wheeling lightbulb went away, QiYao and XiaoYu only hung out for a few moments before splitting ways to grind on their own. QiYao had been very busy lately, in-game that is. XiaoYu still didn’t know just how busy the other was.

Nevertheless, no matter how busy QiYao was, he still remembered to check on the forums. He couldn’t have imagined the explosive impact of the PvP duel in the Pyramids. While he didn’t care much that other people get hurt from their own ill-intent, he was surprised that the ever low-key XiaoYu would offer up a video to protect him. More importantly, there was a video of the incident! It seemed like XiaoYu was getting smarter and smarter on ways to protect himself. To QiYao, this was the most satisfying conclusion he could’ve hoped for. As for the braindead woman, he didn’t care at all. By the time he got off the forums, he’d already forgotten what she looked like.

Days went by. The Christmas Socks began to pile up in XiaoYu’s storage. XiaoYu never turned in any more socks, except for those used for the first two presents. That’s because he had realised, he had no self-control regarding chests and boxes whatsoever. As soon as he got one, he would be overwhelmed by a strong desire to open it. Fortunately, he’d given one to QiYao in time. Of course, the other present was already cracked open by then. A tiny Christmas Confetti Popper was quietly hiding in his storage. To prevent his hands from itching to tear into all the presents he got, XiaoYu suppressed the urge to hand the socks in.

But on one fine day, he finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He handed in all his Christmas socks for presents. Of course, one of the main reasons that pushed him to do so was because Poor_Man had gotten his hands on another XP Penalty Waiver. He told XiaoYu to free up the afternoon to train with him.

It was still, roughly, the same party as the last time they’d done this, but when they gathered, everyone received a present. While presents were nothing new or rare to high-levelled players, they still understood XiaoYu wasn’t great with words and this was his way of thanking them. What an adorable and sweet child. No wonder Chief liked him.

“Aah, Xiao-Yu, I’m so touched.” If not for Chief’s presence, and the Chief’s boss’s presence, Poor_Man would’ve pounced on XiaoYu and hug the life out of this cute kid. Poor_Man had always been the one to offer up help to anyone. He had always been the proactive party in his relationships. It was very rare for anyone to give him a present with such sincere intentions. It’s just too touching.

That’s right. Chief’s boss meant QiXuan. Poor_Man knew their relationship. QiXuan had also been invited to train with them too. That skill, Sacrifice, was a hundred-times better than Safety Wall. Furthermore, QiXuan’s new skill could increase the entire party’s experience gains. Those skills made an already desirable player even more attractive to grinding parties. It was like they’d added wings to a ferocious tiger.

“Hehe. Ah, I’ve got an extra present here. Here, it’s yours.” After handing one out to everyone, there was one more left in XiaoYu’s inventory. He knew that if it was left in his hands, it would never live to see tomorrow. Thus, he stuffed it in Poor_Man’s hands.

A whimsical act immediately resulted in Poor_Man being stabbed by death glares. His hands stuttered and the present nearly fell to the ground.

“W-Why for me?” Poor_Man asked.

Receiving one meant a touching moment. Receiving another meant a burden. Just look at the Hei brothers’ expressions, especially the Chief’s. Poor_Man could feel holes being drilled into him.

“Because you passed your Job Change. It’s a congratulatory present.” Let no one say XiaoYu wasn’t a considerate and thorough man. Back when QiYao hit Level 100, the two weren’t even friends yet. Even so, XiaoYu had congratulated him over private messaging. I_Am_A_Poor_Man had dawdled and shuffled towards Level 100 for a long time. Finally, he had reached his goal. He had taken care of XiaoYu ever since they met. How could XiaoYu not have noticed Poor_Man’s achievement?

Aah, Poor_Man felt his heart bursting with joy. If the other wasn’t already taken, he might consider asking this cute kid out too.


Omake Theatre:

Xuan: XiaoYu, why didn’t I get a present when I passed my third Job Change a few days ago?

Yu: Erm…sorry. I didn’t have any back then.

Xuan: (Squint, smile) It seems a little unfair. I want a present too.

Yu: (Troubled) …I…

Xuan: (Sneaky smile) You don’t have anymore? I’m so hurt.

Yu: Ah, I have two more Christmas socks. (Take out, hand over, implying that QiXuan could get a present when he gathered five)

Xuan: …

Yao: (Smile, hugs XiaoYu tight)

Hei QiXuan VS Bai XiaoYu, Round Two: Bai XiaoYu, win.

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GC: Chapter 83

83. Is It Coincidence?

YiHan fainted from overexertion. He didn’t know how long JingYuan went on for. He wasn’t able to get out of bed at all the next morning. Thankfully, he had worse bouts of lazing in bed. He also had a really bad temper when woken up, so no one came to disturb him. Otherwise, his relationship with JingYuan could’ve been easily exposed.

JingYuan had grabbed a bowl of congee from the kitchen and fed it to YiHan by his bed for breakfast. Then, he soothed YiHan to sleep again before, finally, heading back to his own guest bedroom.

He took out his phone and called a number in his contacts. “Chen Hong, look into a woman for me. Tao Qi. I want all information on her within three days. Also, how’s the investigation into Feng Qun going?”

“There’s nothing special about Feng Qun. He’s not particularly good at anything, but he really did know how to have fun and enjoy himself. He would play anything, do anything. If I really have to pinpoint something suspicious about him, it would be the incident roughly a month ago when someone secretly contacted him,” Chen Hong responded from the other end of the phone call.

JingYuan’s gaze sharpened. “Who is it?”

“The person wasn’t familiar to me, but I followed the leads and found him to be someone from the Qi family’s branch family. However, nothing really came from that secret meetup as Feng Qun never did anything afterwards. Not long after, Little Master broke off all ties with Feng Qun and the Qi family withdrew,” Chen Hong replied.

“The Qi family…” JingYuan’s voice went low. “Just as I thought. It’s them. They bribed Feng Qun. They had schemes in place against HanHan, but then when they saw HanHan ignoring Feng Qun for good, they gave up on that path.”

“That should be it,” Hong said.

“Put the matter of Feng Qun aside for now. Investigate Tao Qi. I want to know every single thing about her. From her childhood to now, from her family’s situation and all the way to who she knows.”

“Yes, Mr Mu,” Chen Hong said in a very professional tone.

“Also, teach the group of rich kids led by Li Sun a lesson. Make them know their own limits so they won’t ever upset HanHan again.”

“Yes, Mr Mu,” Chen Hong repeated.

JingYuan hung up and a dark cloud overtook his face. It was the Qi family behind the scheme against his little one. However, they’ve already bought over Feng Qun. Why did they paint him as the villain while hypnotising HanHan then? Not only would it kill off one of their pawns, it’d tip the Bai family off. It made no sense. If it’s Qi MingYang behind it, why would such a minor mistake be made? The other man was a very careful and thorough man.

Could the mistake be caused by something out of the other’s control?

Perhaps the hypnotism could be completely controlled. There were many tiny details about it that could be emphasised by HanHan’s subconscious. HanHan was already cautious about Feng Qun. After that escalated, of course the younger man thought the other was a villain. This was the only explanation that made some sort of sense as of now.

If that was the case, that meant the hypnotism wasn’t invincible. Once real life turned out to be drastically different to what happened while HanHan was hypnotised, once HanHan felt cared for and safe, then he would be able to separate dream from reality!

As JingYuan pondered, he let out a soft sigh. While an obedient little HanHan was very cute, it made his heart ache so much. He would rather have his HanHan turn back into the sensitive, easily frazzled little porcupine from before than to see his lost gaze with tears streaking down his cheeks again.

JingYuan’s mind flashed back to YiHan on that morning. Hands dripping with blood. Glass shard raised. Tears rolling down his cheeks. Two soulless eyes blankly staring back at him. JingYuan’s heart throbbed. TianYang was correct. If he loved someone, he must protect them from a role as close to the other as possible. It would be extremely dangerous to let anyone else be in that role! (TianYang: That’s not what I meant!)

That Tao Qi…

JingYuan squinted his eyes. She’s not as simple and naive as she looked. She could keep a leash on a mean dog like Li Sun. How could she be simple? She acted so pure and naive that even he was nearly taken in. Was her appearance truly a coincidence?

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LC: Chapter 84

84. Test

When QiYao was informed XiaoYu would be grinding at the Pyramids with his brother again, he decided to go along with XiaoYu. It had been a very long time since he had seen his brother anyway, other than phone calls.

“Is Brother also a hidden job?” XiaoYu asked, recalling the unique skill, Sacrifice, he’d witnessed.

“He told you?”

“No…he used a skill.” XiaoYu thought back to yesterday. He hadn’t said anything in particular. All the other mentioned was that this skill could transfer damage between players.

“That’s the skill Sacrifice. Brother is a Paladin, the hidden job of knights.” QiYao instantly knew which skill was used from XiaoYu’s description.

After his brother became a Paladin, he also gained two more skills. They were similar to XiaoYu’s Bishop skills. One skill was for the caster themselves; one was for other players. The difference between a Paladin’s and a Bishop’s skills was in the skill for the caster. The Paladin’s skill was passive. It didn’t need to be casted. It just increased the damage dealt to Undead mobs, the player’s defence against all Undead and experience gained from the Undead. It was also why XiaoYu mistakenly thought the other’s Strength and Constitution was higher than QiYao’s.

The other skill from the Paladin class was Sacrifice. It allowed the caster to tank all damage for another player. However, to QiYao’s brother, it was quite useless. On the surface, it made it seem like he could protect other players, but when one really thought about it, it just meant he’d be like the target of a voodoo doll, a poor willing sod destined to die out of no fault of his own. That’s because this skill ignored all of the Paladin’s Defence and Agility. It mainly depended on the other player’s stats. If the other was weak, that meant the other player was more likely to be hurt and suffer more damage. The number generated would then be transferred to the Paladin’s health.

QiYao’s brother didn’t plan on training to be a tank in the first place. However, he might have to use the skill one day. So he intentionally started adding more points to his Constitution.

The game was very fair, to an extent. Even though hidden jobs were available in-game, the advantage gained wouldn’t be that overwhelming. Even XiaoYu’s Bishop skills required items to cast and were restricted to long chant times.

It was nearly noon when QiYao’s brother finally messaged XiaoYu to tell the other he was in the Pyramids. The couple who had their minds occupied by other tasks hurriedly headed for the portal.

“Looks like there’ll be one more person to help me grind today.” QiYao’s brother wasn’t shocked to see QiYao appear alongside XiaoYu. He had known the other would come along.

“Long time no see, Brother.”


“Okay. XiaoYu, you must’ve told him about everything, right? Let’s jump right into it,” QiXuan said. He skipped past all formalities, invited the other two to a party and continued slashing down Berserk Mummies.

For a while, all was silent. The only sounds heard were the sounds of mummies dying. However, the two brothers had been chatting away in a private channel.

“Brother, how did you meet XiaoYu?”

“So his name is XiaoYu.”

“Yeah. Bai XiaoYu.”

“Black and white? That’s nice.”

“Brother…don’t change the topic.”

“Relax. I didn’t hire anyone to investigate you guys.”

“I know.” While QiXuan was quite a schemer, QiYao still trusted him. After all, without his brother, QiYao wouldn’t be who he was now.

“It’s quite a coincidence. I was at the Market, thinking I should take a look at the latest prices, when I was eyed on by that little cat,” QiXuan said as he pointed to the tiny black cat circling them. He was very happy his younger brother hadn’t “abandoned his friends for a lover”. If the other really did suspect him of secretly investigating them, he would’ve failed in raising the other.

“As I thought, it’s the kitten.”

“Could it be the little one targeted you too?” QiXuan was shocked. Just how sophisticated was the cat’s A.I.?  QiXuan had felt a strong gaze boring into him the moment he’d entered the building. He’d follow it to find the small cat staring at him with an open mouth. No matter where he went, those eyes followed him, completely ignoring its owner behind it who’d been talking with an NPC. He’d only teased it on a whim born from curiosity.

“Not entirely, but sort of.” More accurately, QiYao was simultaneously attracted by both the cats. Whenever he recalled how foolish the two had looked, he still had the urge to laugh. Even now, his eyes were crinkling with mirth.

“I understand now why he thinks you’re gentle. Yao, have you noticed? You look more like a normal person now.”  The tiny change to QiYao’s expression didn’t escape QiXuan’s eyes. It seemed like his younger brother had fallen deep into it this time. The uncurable blank poker face was cured.

“Brother, I’ve always been a normal human.”

“Really? I’ve been afraid for nothing then. I’ve been so worried that there was something wrong with the muscles or nerves on your face.”

“=.=|||||| How did you find out about our relationship?” Time to change the topic. While the encounter was just a coincidence, there was no way his brother was that amazing. He couldn’t have realised just through observation because XiaoYu was never the kind of person to talk about it with a stranger unprompted.

“I kind of guessed it when I saw the video on the forums. I knew it to be through after talking to him.” QiXuan had wanted to read up on the recent updates on the forums. To his surprise, all he found were gossip threads about his younger brother and XiaoYu, especially about that video. In QiXuan’s mind, QiYao would never help just any healer. Combined with the memory of having talked about relationships and emotions the last time the two were on a call, QiXuan committed the healer’s looks into his memory. It just so happened that they bumped into each other as soon as QiXuan logged on.

The encounter might just be a coincidence, but QiXuan calling XiaoYu for help with a quest was definitely intentional. He just needed to sway the topic towards discussing QiYao and he could immediately tell just how much XiaoYu loved QiYao. On the call, QiXuan had told QiYao to confess as soon as possible. Based on his younger brother’s strait-laced personality, the two were probably in love with each other.

“Video?” QiYao didn’t even know about the latest development on the forums. His “followers” had never mentioned it because there were drastic consequences to teasing the Chief.

“You must’ve not been on the forums yet. He even offered up a video of the incident to protect your reputation.” The post it was uploaded in was by an anonymous account. The description said they were publicising the video so people wouldn’t be taken in by lies, the guild leader of Heretic Demons was a very responsible man with a logical mind, etc. Due to this case being one of possibly a strong player bullying a weaker player, everyone’s focus was on the popular Hei QiYao and the Heretic Demons. No one really cared who the healer was.

“I’ll go look it up.” While QiYao didn’t really know what was going on, his XiaoYu was involved. He had to take a look.

The Hei brothers were busy chattering at each other, the party chat was dead silent. Despite the awkward and strange atmosphere created, XiaoYu still did his best as the healer. He didn’t feel uneasy at all because he didn’t feel any ill-intent from QiYao’s brother.

The regulars of the Pyramids felt like their hearts were about to burst. They just fantasised stories and stories of love and hate yesterday. Now, all three of the main cast were here together and, for some reason, they were grinding together. Aah, must they direct the forums’ chatter towards a threesome? That would make them seem like they had no self-control or shame.

“Yao, XiaoYu’s not a bad kid but if you want me to acknowledge him as a future brother-in-law, I would need more time to consider it.” QiXuan might’ve spent some time with XiaoYu yesterday and his impression of the other was quite good – kind, polite, honest and even knew to be grateful – but he still needed to know a bit more, for his only little brother.

“Brother, remember not to go overboard.” While QiYao knew his brother wouldn’t be too rash, the two men he loved were clearly not on the same level in life. QiYao was also worried about unexpected outcomes.

“Don’t worry. I know my limits.” Having said that, QiXuan cut down the last monster nearby and switched to the party chat. “Can I call you XiaoYu too?”

“Huh? Sure.” XiaoYu was stunned at first at hearing a voice coming from the party chat, but he was able to respond back quickly enough.

“XiaoYu, did you know? Xiao-Yao here is quite popular.”

“Hm?” XiaoYu didn’t really get what the other meant by that.

“Ever since he was a child, there’d been plenty of girls after him. Of course, there were plenty of men.” QiXuan paused. “You’re currently dating, right? I want to know. What will you do if you encounter something like that?”

“…” Never could XiaoYu have imagined QiXuan would ask him that. To be honest, QiYao had been great to him ever since they started dating. He had never thought about such a situation.

“Your answer?”

“…” QiYao kept silence. He knew his brother had a reason why he asked that. He can’t answer it for XiaoYu.

“If Yao doesn’t give up, then no matter what happens, I’ll always be with him,” XiaoYu decisively replied after only a brief consideration. He really wasn’t one for musing about what-ifs. Who cared if there would be plenty of people who’d try and break up his relationship with QiYao? Perhaps they would go through some tough times because of it, but as long as QiYao didn’t let go, he wouldn’t either.

“Very good. Remember the determination you feel now. What the Hei family needs is a strong ‘wife’”. It’s fine to be kind, but he can’t be weak. What QiXuan despised was seeing lovers argue and cry over some trivial non-existent matter until they want to die or break up. While some might think he just didn’t understand what romance was, but such romance was much better stayed away from, in his opinion.

W-Wife? XiaoYu had never thought such a word would be used to refer to him. It’s a little strange =o=||||.

Before XiaoYu had time to blush in embarrassment, QiYao pulled XiaoYu into his embrace and lightly kissed the other on the forehead.

“I won’t let go, XiaoYu.” QiYao rarely had the chance to hear XiaoYu speak about how much he loved QiYao. But what XiaoYu had just said was enough for him. XiaoYu loved him in his own special way.


Aaaah…Suddenly, QiXuan felt like he’d just turned into a bright, shining, third-wheeling lightbulb.


Omake theatre:

Xuan: (Glance) Heehee. XiaoYu, did you know? Xiao-Yao’s first kiss was mine.

Yu: Hehe. My first kiss was given to my mother. ^-^

Xuan: …

Yao: (Smile. Hugs XiaoYu)

Hei QiXuan VS Bai XiaoYu, Round One: Bai XiaoYu, win.

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GC: Chapter 82

82. Female Lead of the World

Li Sun let out an evil chuckle. He twisted his fingers around the girl’s chin and raised her face to look up at him.

“Of course. As long as I still have money to my name, of course you’ll like me,” he said.

The girl blinked. Her eyes as innocent and pure as always.

Sun just loved the way she’d put on an act. The maniac fire burning in him slowly died down at  the look on her face. He can’t not calm down. Any one of the three men in the club could easily squash him to death. If they never fall from grace, he’d never have a chance to pay back for the slight.

At that thought, his arm roughly pinched at the girl’s waist. She let out a pained squeal. He let out a loud laugh.

That night, because Li Sun was still fuming inside, what happened in bed was very crass, rough and painful. It took every trick in her sleeves to finally satisfy him with her service.

Li Sun slept beside her like a dead pig. There was not a single inch on her that wasn’t burning with pain, especially that spot below. The girl shot him a venomous glare. This foolish pig who only dared to bully the weak and kowtow to the strong! Once the plot started developing and she grew stronger, he would be the first to die! His corpse would be left in pieces!

She then recalled the sight she saw today. A hint of unease stirring in her heart. Things didn’t seem to be developing as the novel said it would. Why were the three of them together? They seemed to be friends too. This was not how it went in the book! Also, there’s that mini-boss, Feng Qun. While he was already dead by the time the story started, but that was after he’d completed all the plot points and had been stabbed to death by Bai YiHan just before he died too! But now, Feng Qun’s already out of the game while Bai YiHan was still doing okay. Just what went wrong? Did her transmigration affect the storyline? It’s all the transmigration’s fault. She entered into the novel too early. The proper story had yet to start. The event happening now were just pre-novel setups. The part of the story that the author merely summarised in a few sentences with no specifics at all.

However, so what if the story’s been warped? What if her transmigration affected it? She was a reader who knew everything that would happen in this story. She was also this world’s female lead. Did the universe think she couldn’t pacify a group of ignorant natives acting out?

Her mind flashed to the male lead, Mu JingYuan. His gentlemanly manners. His strong aura. Her heart raced in delight. Mu JingYuan. The male protagonist of this world. This man who was so strong that he could easily make anyone and everyone bow to him. He could only be hers!


Bai Family.

The male protagonist of the world, who was so strong he could make anyone and everyone bow to him, was currently sneaking into YiHan’s bedroom in the middle of the night from the guest bedroom next door. He kissed YiHan awake and the couple did some shameful things.

This time, YiHan was completely sober. It had a great impact on him mentally. He had never ever felt as close to JingYuan as he did then. While life had turned on its head after his rebirth, and his relationship with JingYuan had changed drastically, plus JingYuan had also properly confessed his love to him, YiHan’s past life still had a tight hold on him. JingYuan’s past rejection and departure had been something bothering him the whole time. It was why he was unable to fully accept what was happening. Nothing felt like it was real. Everything was so perfect that it all felt like a one-sided fantasy of his. He was always afraid he’d wake up one day and find out everything was just a dream. All of that dreamlike quality dissipated with JingYuan’s tight embrace, with how close they were to each other, the negative distance between them. Under the dim light of his wall lamp, he could clearly see every inch of the passionate gaze rushing at him and washing away his fears. The thrilling sensation of his body being taken was unmistakable. JingYuan’s heavy pants. His blazing lips. They made his entire body tremble. He watched as JingYuan lost control. Love took over YiHan. He couldn’t resist it anymore. He leaned up to kiss the other and embraced JingYuan’s neck. His legs lifted and wrapped around the other’s waist. YiHan’s spirited response pushed JingYuan over the edge and his body went berserk…

Translator’s Note:

Welp, this story had definitely slipped past the censors. Fun!

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LC: Chapter 83

83. Honest Kid

The Pyramids was not like the past two dungeons. There was an elite for Berserk Mummies. However, the Berserk Mummies could be considered a type of elite by themselves. They were already hard to defeat. Half of the time the two players spent grinding in the Pyramids was sacrificed in tribute to the Berserk Mummy’s elite. It simply wouldn’t drop its essence.

“Forget it. I’ll come back tomorrow,” said the knight. He’d watch XiaoYu yawn again and again. It’s time to wrap things up.

“Mn. I can help you tomorrow too.” XiaoYu had been pondering how best to mention his nearing bedtime when the knight spoke up first.

“Then, I’ll message you tomorrow. Thanks for today.”

“No problem.” XiaoYu was tired, but it was all worth it to see the tiny cat prancing around in joy.

“Mrrow~” The small cat patted the knight’s boots with its paw. It was so very happy with its collecting spree today. This was a good man. Print a paw and the analysis was complete.

“Hehe. Can’t bear to leave me, little one?” The knight bent down and scooped up the cat rubbing itself against him. He then handed it over to XiaoYu. “Say hi to HereticKing for me.”

“Hm? Okay.” XiaoYu accepted the armful of purring kitten, his mind blanking out a little from confusion. Did the knight and QiYao know each other?

It had been a tough day battling monsters. XiaoYu didn’t head back to clear out his inventory as he usually did. While a player wouldn’t feel physical exhaustion as long as their HP and MP were full, mental exhaustion was still a thing. Thus, XiaoYu decided to just leave it for tomorrow morning. He was so tired that he just wanted to get in his bed and sleep.

Back at the Lord Mayor’s Suite, QiYao had been waiting for XiaoYu for a while now.

“I was just about to message you,” QiYao said as XiaoYu walked into the room. “You’ve gotten a little too engrossed today.”

“Yes. There’s a quest item that simply won’t drop,” XiaoYu sulkily replied as he took off his equipment and climbed into the bed to curl into QiYao. The difficulty in finding a drop had left XiaoYu in a rather despondent mood. He’d always had great luck when in a party.

“What quest is it?” QiYao wasn’t superstitious, but he had great faith in XiaoYu’s luck. It’s rare for the other to be this badly troubled by a quest.

“I don’t know. He didn’t share it with me…I…just helped…a friend….” XiaoYu’s voice slowly drifted off. His eyelids hung lower and lower. QiYao was so warm. He wanted to sleep so badly.

“Sleep. You must’ve been exhausted from today,” QiYao said, wrapping his arms around the younger man and gently patting the other on the back. He could tell the other was dead tired.

“Mn…right. He told me…to tell you…hi. He was…part of Heretic Demons…before.” Just then, XiaoYu remembered the last words the knight said to him before they split up. He forced his eyes open and pushed the last message through his heavy tongue.

“Do I know him? What’s his name?”

“It’s…Demonic…Emperor…zzz.” XiaoYu was finally knocked out.

HereticKing, DemonicEmperor. Combine the characters and they spell out “the Heretic Demon Emperor”. That’s his brother! QiYao’s sleep-addled mind snapped wide awake at that name.

“He didn’t do anything to you, right?” QiYao yelped in worry.


“…” Alright. QiYao wouldn’t be sleeping well tonight for sure.


XiaoYu had a wonderful night of sleep. He subconsciously rubbed his cheek against his human pillow, QiYao. He slowly opened his eyes and stared blankly into the air as his mind gradually started to clear up from the haziness of sleep.

“You awake?”

“Yeah. Morning~” XiaoYu lazily replied. A little voice in his mind wondered why QiYao was up so much earlier than him.

“Let’s continue last night’s topic. Did he do anything to you?” QiYao had woken up long ago. Never could he have imagined his brother would come in contact with XiaoYu first. It also seemed like his brother had figured out his relationship with XiaoYu. Why else would he tell the younger man to say hi for him? What QiYao wanted to know was just how his brother befriended XiaoYu and what else the other might’ve said.

“He?” XiaoYu’s brain was still working at half-capacity.

“DemonicEmperor who asked you to say hi for him.”

“Oh. He’s quite nice. You know each other?”

“…” Not only did they know each other, that man was the bane of QiYao’s life. “I planned on introducing the two of you in a few days.”


“He’s my older brother.”

“!!” Any hint of sleep lingering in XiaoYu’s instantly vanished. DemonicEmperor was QiYao’s brother? HereticKing. DemonicEmperor. They were quite similar. Why hadn’t he noticed before? However, now that he thought of it…

“No wonder I keep blanking out while staring at his face,” XiaoYu commented.

“Why?” QiYao wasn’t jealous of his brother. Not at all. The first time XiaoYu met him, the other didn’t even think of him as human. How could XiaoYu stare at his brother’s face for so long he blanked out?

“I didn’t really know why at first, but now I do. It’s because you two look alike.” While the brothers had both tweaked their appearances in-game, they were brothers. There were a lot of minute similarities that not even the game could cover up. When XiaoYu looked at QiYao’s brother, his subconscious thought he was staring at how QiYao would look like in the future. That’s why he’d blank out while staring at the other man.

“How did you two meet?” The spilled pot of vinegar was straightened up. QiYao was very satisfied with XiaoYu’s answer. Implicitly, XiaoYu said he was seeing through QiYao’s brother. What he was really looking at was QiYao. Also, while QiYao didn’t think his brother would hire an investigator to look into him after the conversation they had last time, nothing could be so coincidental in real life.

“The other evening when I was selling off my items at the Market. He, um, your brother was playing with the cat.” XiaoYu didn’t know what about him caught QiYao’s brother’s eye. All he knew was that he just turned around and there QiYao’s brother was, playing with the little one.

“You can just call him ‘Brother’ like I do. We’ll be family after all.” Playing with the kitten too? Did the tiny cat exist just to attract the Hei family members? Or was it because the small cat also sniffed out his brother was a potential investor?

“Mn.” Family…warmth filled XiaoYu’s heart at the word. It even did a little skip and hop.

“What did Brother say to you?” That’s the most important part.

“Nothing much. He just asked about the guild and the Guild Wars event.”

“That’s it?” QiYao would never believe his brother could be so pure.


“And what?” Something told QiYao what XiaoYu was about to say would be important.

“He asked what…I thought of you.”

“How did you reply?” If QiYao hadn’t known just how big of a schemer his brother was, he would be praising that question to the heavens. It was very hard to hear any type of sweet-talk from his easily embarrassed lover. It was even harder to find out what the other really thought of him.

“I said…you were a very gentle man. >\\\\<” It felt okay saying that to Brother, but it felt a little awkward saying that to the man himself.

XiaoYu did his best at burying his head. QiYao watched in amusement as his lover gradually curled and shrank into the blankets like a little prawn. What a cute and honest guy. How could QiYao not love him?

“Honest kids will be rewarded,” QiYao said as he pulled XiaoYu out from the bundle of blankets the other was hiding in. He pounced on XiaoYu and peppered kisses all over the blushing face.

What a beautiful morning.

Translator’s Note:

Potential investor: The exact phrasing here is “gold master” aka sugar daddy.

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GC: Chapter 81

81. Preening Peacock

YiHan looked at JingYuan strangely. If they didn’t like sweet stuff, they could order something else. This place didn’t just serve cakes!

However, YiHan didn’t voice his thoughts. Instead, he asked, “Are you finished with your meetings? Leaving soon?”

“I’m done with business,” JingYuan replied. “The other party has left. Let’s go home together later.”

“Is it really okay to let them leave alone?” YiHan mumbled.

“It’s fine,” JingYuan said with a smile.

TianYang: …where did this other party come from? This shameless fool secretly followed us on his own accord!

With JingYuan around, YiHan didn’t feel okay to keep asking TianYang personal questions in case the other man felt uneasy, which would then make things awkward again (TianYang: Huh?). The three men went on a ride around the area. JingYuan had changed into his riding clothes. On horseback, he looked so confident and handsome that YiHan’s eyes turned into two thumping hearts. The thought that they were lovers now made joy, pride, love, and some terror, rise in YiHan’s heart. All he could do was pray to the Gods to not take it all away from him. He was willing to pay any price to keep this.

JingYuan smiled. He was very satisfied with the younger man’s mesmerised gaze.

TianYang stared at JingYuan who was acting like a preening peacock. He silently raised a hand and covered his eyes. This wasn’t the Mu JingYuan he knew.

Once Li Sun and the others escaped, they weren’t in any mood to fool around anymore. As the group slowly walked out of the venue, Li Sun suddenly started gritting his teeth in anger.

“Fuck! What’s with that fool? He just got born lucky, now he’s acting like he’s God! Life is always changing. I will punish him when he falls from grace!” Sun burst out.

Wang QiYang who’d been following behind Li Sun softly said, “Enough. Stop it. He’s like the Chosen One. How could he fall from grace so easily? Be careful. If someone hears it, it might cause a fuss. While we have it great now, people like them aren’t people we can offend!”

Sun glared at QiYang. “You useless coward. You kept quiet back then. Now you’re shooting your mouth off. If you love kissing someone else’s stinking feet, why did you follow me?” he spat out.

QiYang bit the insides of his cheek and kept quiet.

Sun was still fuming. He grabbed the girl trailing behind him and dragged her forward.

“And you!” he shouted. “Don’t think I don’t know how you kept staring at Little Master Bai the whole time just now. When that Mu guy came, you then stared at him. Your eyeballs nearly flew from your head to plaster themselves on him! Well? Do you feel humiliated to be with me now that you’ve seen what the truly rich and powerful look like? Do you want to crawl into their beds? Look at yourself in the mirror first! Men like them don’t lack women. Someone like you, especially one as slutty and ruined as you, would be too dirty for them to even look at!”

The way the girl held herself and her looks had made her appear very pure and innocent. After being yelled at by Li Sun, tears rolled down her cheeks. Her innocent eyes went wide. Teardrops welling up on her eyelashes made anyone and everyone around her feel great sympathy for her. Poor girl, some thought. It was plain vile for Li Sun to take his anger out on his own woman just because he can’t afford to anger Little Master Bai.

At the sight of her tearful face, Sun’s anger dimmed. His grip on her arm loosened.

“I didn’t. I was hiding behind you the whole time. I only looked at Little Master Bai because I was curious what your friend looked like. Sun, you’re the only one in my heart,” the girl gently said.

Sun let out a snort of laughter. Only one in her heart? He didn’t believe that at all. A very large portion of the girls these days only care for money. They don’t care about other people. The girl before his eyes was clearly that kind of girl. If he was a poor beggar with nothing to his name, she wouldn’t even look at him. They were together only to get what they wanted from each other. One wanted money, the other wanted sex. If anyone ever believed the love she spoke of, he would be robbed blind.

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LC: Chapter 82

82. Knight

Not long after the treasure chest was opened, and under the pressuring aura radiating from QiYao,  the crowd finally, unwillingly, filed out of the Lord Mayor’s Office. QiYao had also decided to just kick everyone out from the list of allowed players, all except for XiaoYu.

How could rooms set aside for the Lord Mayor of the city not have a bed? This bed was even more lavish than the grand bed found in the most expensive hotel in-game. It would be waste to not use it. With the Lord Mayor’s room available, XiaoYu could wave goodbye to staying at hotels forever. Well, almost.

Due to the extraordinary performance of XiaoYu at the midnight meeting, the main guild’s treasure chest will be opened by him from then on. However, he didn’t have to stay up until midnight every day. He could open the chest during the day. The first time they did it at midnight just to test out the new shiny thing. Of course, even if no good loot was found, QiYao wouldn’t blame XiaoYu. However, from how XiaoYu would give him a Christmas present weeks before the actual holiday,  QiYao deduced his XiaoYu might be a bit obsessed with boxes. Why not just give the other a big treasure chest for them to open together?

Team training was scheduled for the day, but because of the new maps, all guilds with a fortress to their name were looking through their team training arrangements and doing some reorganisation. Thus, Egg_Tart announced last night that training for today would be cancelled. Guild members were free to party up and train together, but anyone who were heading to the underground maps should pay attention to their behaviour and safety while down there. Just to avoid unnecessary confrontations with other guilds.

The levels of the new maps’ monsters were way beyond XiaoYu’s consideration for now. It just so happened some of his team’s members were away on business trips. As such, XiaoYu had nothing to do. And so, he went back to the Pyramids and began training his day away.

“Hey, LuckyCat, are you free?” It was nearly noon when a somewhat unfamiliar voice rang out beside XiaoYu’s ears. It took him a few seconds of blankly staring at nothing before he realised it was the new friend he’d made yesterday.

“I am. What do you need?” The Healers’ Squad Pyramids training parties were very lax with their members. People who needed to leave just had to mention it to the party leader before they left.

“I’ve accepted a quest that needs me to grind for quest items in the Undead caves. Want to come with?” the other asked.

“Okay. Which cave?”

“I’m all done at the Zombie Cave. Next is the Jiangshi Cave. Let’s meet at the East Gate of Serica.”

“…Okay. I’ll be there soon.” It had been quite some time since XiaoYu had last been to Serica.

Nevertheless, XiaoYu still remembered the way to the Jiangshi Cave. He teleported to Serica, partied up with his Knight friend, and raced for the cave. They then began grinding from the lowest level monsters up.

“What item do you need?” The other man didn’t share his quest with XiaoYu, so all the items the tiny lucky cat could gather would just be normal items. It was best to get clear information beforehand.

“All sorts of essences, like the essences of the lower-levelled Jiangshi, the mid-tier Jiangshi and so on. I just need one of each.”

“Okay, got it.”

The monsters in this Cave were already no threat to XiaoYu at his level. The knight tanked all damage heading their way. He carved out a path through the horde and looped back and around. Meanwhile, XiaoYu would check in on the little cat’s inventory. However, there was no sign of an essence. It seemed like this quest item’s drop rate was exceptionally low.

“So you’re already grinding above your level at the Pyramids? Sorry about this. I thought we could grind together or something.” Just killing monster after monster in silence was a very excruciating experience. That’s why the two players would sometimes engage in small talk.

“It’s fine.”

“But you’ve been so very helpful. I couldn’t have imagined just how quick the kitten would be at picking up loot.”

“Mn. I’ll hand you everything it collected later.” Loot-splitting was always the greatest headache of partying up, especially with a random group one wasn’t familiar with.

“I don’t need them. You have them.”


“I can’t share this quest. You’re already losing out. It’s fine. I’ll have my quest reward.”

“Oh.” XiaoYu paused and thought about it. That made sense too. However, if anything rare dropped, they can discuss about it then.

“You’ve got a guild?”

“Yes. Suicide Squad of Heretic Demons.”

“A subsidiary guild of the Heretic Demons?”


“Speaking of which, I was in a guild of theirs too. But then life got very busy so I left the guild.”

“What a coincidence. Are you re-joining?”

“I’m only back to take a look around. If I’m interested, I’ll continue playing.”

“Ah. We were so busy talking that the essence has already been picked up.” XiaoYu had just opened up the small cat’s inventory tab by habit. It didn’t occur to him he’d find an essence silently shining back at him.

“That’s fast. Let’s head to the next floor.” The three Zombie essences had taken him the entire night. He had been stuck in that cave until early morning.

Now that they both know they belonged to the same guild, or used to, there was so much more they could talk about now. Their conversation went from the subsidiary guilds in Heretic Demons, to the Guild Wars, then to the main guild. As long as XiaoYu knew anything regarding the knight’s question, he would do his best to answer it. XiaoYu didn’t know of any secret, higher-ups-only information anyway.

“The main Guild Leader is still HereticKing?” the knight asked.


“You’ve seen him?”

“Yes…” We see each other every day.

“What do you think?”

“…” This particular question seemed rather broad. If it was asking if XiaoYu liked QiYao, he would naturally reply he did. If he didn’t like QiYao, he wouldn’t be dating the other. However, the question was about what he thought of QiYao. He can’t just reply he liked the other, right? That wasn’t really answering the question.

“Can’t think of a description?”

“Yes. Not right now.”

“From what I know, I think he’s got issues with expressing his emotions.”

“Pfft. Haha.” It wasn’t the first time XiaoYu heard someone say that of QiYao. His fellow guildmates would often chat in the guild channel. Whenever they talked about QiYao, they would always mention something along that line. XiaoYu, on the other hand, didn’t agree with them. After all, QiYao had always been very expressive and kind to him.

“You don’t think so?”

“No. He’s a very gentle man.” XiaoYu didn’t realise it, but when he spoke, his eyes and mouth was full of mirth. Tiny flowers of joy nearly bloomed in the air around him.

“Looks like you two are very close.”


The knight then took it as an appropriate time to end the topic and moved on. He didn’t keep asking because he’d already gotten the answer he wanted.

With XiaoYu’s help and the tiny cat’s agile and cheat-code-esque movements, the three essences they needed from the Jiangshi Cave didn’t take as long to collect as they’d anticipated. There was still quite some time left before dinner.

They decided to continue onto the Pyramids and stepped through the portal XiaoYu placed. Unlike the Jiangshi Cave where players were rarely ever seen, the Pyramids were filled with players. This was the holy land for the large batches of healers preparing for their Third Job Change but had to grind themselves because they had no one to pull them up. XiaoYu had also been around for some days now. Most of the healers there recognise him by now.

The crowd was already used to XiaoYu and QiYao occasionally appearing at the Pyramids for some post-dinner exercise. They also took the chance to sneak a few glances at the wholesome couple. However, XiaoYu’s companion today was very obviously not the great guild leader himself. This man was just as handsome as QiYao though. Who was this knight? Why were they together? Was XiaoYu cheating? Did they break up? Instantly, dozens of varied heart-wrenching tales were thought up. How they wished they could instantly post them on the forums for a satisfying session of gossip and swooning.

XiaoYu didn’t understand the twists and turns imaginative minds can conjure up. Therefore, while some people were crafting up entire worlds out of nothing, he acted as he usually did. Kill some monsters, buff both players up, chat, check in on the cat’s inventory. Not a single hitch in his actions.

“XiaoYu, are you still training?” It was past dinner time. QiYao was wondering why XiaoYu would suddenly forget about food for AO.

“I’m helping a friend with his quest. Ah, it’s so late.”

“Since it’s for a quest, then you keep going. Remember to come back to Prole-3 to sleep tonight.” QiYao wasn’t one to force XiaoYu to be by his side all the time. A certain someone couldn’t run away when it came to bedtime anyway. Since XiaoYu was busy with a quest, QiYao would take this time to seek out Poor_Man for some discussion about business.


Mummies were generally more powerful than the Jiangshi, so the rate of monsters killed were visibly lower. The main attacking power came from the knight while XiaoYu followed along, leeching some experience with a few hits from time to time. XiaoYu and QiYao often trained in the Pyramids together. A simple comparison and XiaoYu was shocked to discover that while this knight was only at Level 99 at his Second Job, his attacks were much more powerful than QiYao’s. Was it a Strength-heavy build? But the other’s Constitution should be quite high too because the monsters’ hits took away less health from the knight than they did from QiYao. The only stat that the other seemed to have lower than QiYao would be Agility, but it shouldn’t be that much different. The knight’s attacks and dodges were rather swift. Perhaps this was a skilled player keeping it low.

“Is there something on my face?” the knight asked, turning around to look at XiaoYu with an amused face.

“Ah, no. Your attacks are really strong.” XiaoYu didn’t realise he had been staring at the somewhat familiar face again while he analysed the other’s stats.

“If I tell you I’ve got a special skill, will you believe me?”

“Hm? I would.” XiaoYu himself had special skills too. What surprised XiaoYu was just how straightforward the other man was. Did that mean the other trusted him?

“Aren’t you curious?”

“Yes…a little.”

“Hehe.” The knight didn’t say anything more. He just reached out and placed his hand on XiaoYu’s shoulder.

Soon, that hand went away. Mysteriously, a white light appeared between the two of them. It was as if they were being linked together by the light.

“What’s this?” Even if XiaoYu wasn’t a curious cat who’d never proactively suss out other people’s secrets, one of the white light’s ends was connected to him. While he didn’t feel any change and his Character tab showed no changes, it’d still be abnormal for him not to wonder.

“It’s protection for you. Any and all damage you receive would be transferred to me.” This was one of a Knight’s skills – Sacrifice.

“!!” XiaoYu had never heard of a skill like that before. His belief that this knight was a skilled player was even stronger now. He was also a little moved by how much this skilled player was trusting him. “Thanks,” he said.

“You’re welcome,” the knight said with a wave. He turned around and continue slashing down Mummies around them.

XiaoYu rummaged through his Inventory. Thankfully, he hadn’t buried the Bible in his bag in his Storage. He glanced around. They were in a rather empty part of the floor. There was not a single player in sight.

“Wait,” XiaoYu called out.

“Hm?” This time, it was the knight’s turn to be the curious cat. XiaoYu seemed to be softly chanting at him. The chant kept going on and on. It had been over thirty seconds and it was still not stopping. That was when he realised this might be the healer’s special skill.

Finally, the minute-long chant was over. A beam of white light shone down on the knight and his immediate surroundings. After a brief wash from head to toe, it vanished. Even without an explanation the knight understood what went on, because there was an obvious jump in all of his stats.

“So we’re the same.”

“Hehe.” The two looked at each other in the eye and laughed. There was no need to say anymore.

That’s just XiaoYu’s character. If someone sincerely treated him well, he would do the same.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Sacrifice: The skill in RO uses the same name and has the same function. It’s also known as Devotion.

Sorry for the late update! Real life got away from me again. This will be the last of that though. Take that, pesky real life!

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GC: Chapter 80

80. That Girl

JingYuan sat down by YiHan’s side. He lifted his hand up and helped smooth down the hair hanging down over YiHan’s forehead.

“I was here for some business meetings when I saw you,” JingYuan said with endless warmth in his deep voice.

TianYang’s mouth secretly twitched upwards. JingYuan ignored him, then gestured at the group standing in front of them with a jerk of his head.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

YiHan turned and glanced at the group. He frowned.

“Just a few people who don’t know when they’re not welcome. It’s nothing. We’ll just shoo them away,” he replied.

JingYuan looked up and stared down Li Sun and the others. His dark gaze made them feel as if they were being stared at by a wolf. Chills ran down their spines. Cold sweat began beading on their foreheads. They didn’t dare dally anymore with JingYuan around. With fawning smiles, they stammered out a greeting before they ran away with their tails between their legs.

“Looks like Mr Mu is more respected. I told them to scram, but they wouldn’t go. With just one look, you’ve got them running scared,” TianYang said with a smile.

“I just wanted to remember what they look like,” JingYuan blandly stated.

Unwittingly, TianYang shivered from the implication behind the other’s words. Mu JingYuan was going crazy. He must never ever make Bai YiHan upset. Not only would that make XueQing hate him forever, a crazy JingYuan would also give him migraines.

YiHan didn’t feel the chilly terror that was radiating off JingYuan at all. He was just overwhelmed by the comforting feelings washing over him at encountering JingYuan at such a trying time.

“Are you done with your meetings?” YiHan happily asked. “Are you thirsty? Do you want a drink?”

“I was getting rather thirsty,” JingYuan said with a nod and took a sip from YiHan’s glass without a single hitch.

YiHan felt a little bit uncomfortable with the public display. While JingYuan frequently shared his glass, they were in public right now and TianYang was still sitting with them. He snuck a glance at TianYang and uneasily shuffled in his seat.

TianYang was currently admiring the far-off scenery and wasn’t looking at their direction. YiHan let out a secret sigh of relief. His hand under the table reached over to JingYuan’s thigh and pinched it, reminding the other man to be more aware of his surroundings. Immediately after that, he felt guilty about the pinch and started rubbing at the spot in soothing motions.

JingYuan nearly burst out laughing. He threw a lovingly exasperated look at YiHan and couldn’t keep his hand from ruffling the other’s hair, which then garnered a glare from YiHan. JingYuan’s mood instantly improved.

TianYang: “…” Can you two keep it down? Can he look back ever?

When YiHan left for the toilets, TianYang seized the chance to talk to JingYuan.

“Why are you out here? Didn’t you plan to secretly follow behind?” TianYang asked with a raised eyebrow.

The other man merely glanced at him. He didn’t speak.

“Because of those guys just now?” TianYang continued. “Are you afraid I can’t chase them off? When did you become so impatient?”

“It’s not that I’m afraid you can’t chase them off, but that you’ll do it so slowly that it’ll start affecting YiHan’s mood,” JingYuan replied.

JingYuan’s brows locked together. He thought back to the girl who was hiding behind Li Sun the whole time. He would never forget that face. After all, he had once envied her to death.

“What are you thinking about?” TianYang asked. “Why so serious?”

“I’m thinking about the girl from just now,” JingYuan answered.

TianYang: “…” You, a homosexual, thinking about a girl? Are you pulling my leg?

Before TianYang could ask for clarification, YiHan returned. JingYuan pushed the cake from before over to YiHan.

“Eat something. Horse-riding takes a lot of energy,” JingYuan softly said.

Chills ran down TianYang’s spine and he silently shivered once more. Was JingYuan trying to be an angel? He actually spoke in a sweet and soft voice! Did XueQing know of this? No way. He had to go. If he kept hanging out with this gay couple, his skin would turn into a chicken’s skin and peel off with how badly he’d be shivering!

YiHan meanwhile found nothing wrong with JingYuan’s tone. After all, the other man would often to speak  to him in the exact same voice. He was used to it already. When he saw that only he had cake, he felt rather bad about it.

“Why am I the only one with cake? Don’t you guys want some?” YiHan asked.

“You have it,” JingYuan said. “We don’t like sweets.”

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LC: Chapter 81

81. A New Beginning

Everyone was happily chattering away on the forums. It was as if they had all forgotten it was the first day the updated Guild Wars would be held.

The event had now gone through a major patch. The largest change was to the players’ damage. It wouldn’t be limited to just the enemy units now. It would follow the usual rules. That meant when a huge skill was casted, everyone within range would be hurt. This also meant players must have great teamwork and bond with their own parties.

Another eye-catching update to the game were the four new monster maps. Every day, a new type of monster would be randomly spawned on them. That meant today’s mobs might all be Animal types. The next, Undead. The day after, Human…All monsters spawned were above Level 90, and there’s a chance a Boss mob might spawn.

These maps were great, but they were located under the four maps used for Guild Wars. It meant it was harder to enter these maps. A player’s guild needed to be the master of one of the five fortresses above the underground monster map for them to enter. That’s because the map’s entrances were located in the fortresses, guarded by an NPC that’ll only let in members of the fortress’s guild. That meant the underground maps would be the conquering guild’s personal training grounds.

There was also another update to the fortresses, just for the Guild Leaders. Each fortress now had a special room called the Lord Mayor’s Office. The focus of this room was the large treasure chest held within. It can be opened for all sorts of treasures and new items will appear every day at midnight. However, its items won’t accumulate if left inside. If the Guild Leader didn’t log in and open it that day, they would’ve missed out on that day’s treasures. In consideration for Guild Leaders who might not be able to log in every single day, the Lord Mayor’s Office can be opened up to other players if so desired.

There were a few more minor notes to the patch, like how the “Build City Order” item won’t be released just yet. Overall, quite a lot had changed but everyone, particularly the powerful guilds, were itching to try out the new maps and treasure chests.

The Heretic Demons’ flight network didn’t need to be tweaked so XiaoYu didn’t bother reading up on the above updates. He went on with life as usual. Head in early to his post. Have his dinner. Play with his cat. All around him, his guildmates would pretend to glance in his direction. They wanted to see for themselves just what kind of magic the personal healer to their Guild Healer had to have made their Chief run over to protect XiaoYu himself. While there were some jealous people, at least none of them were dumb enough to start causing trouble.

Tonight’s battle would be a messy one. Initially, none of the players had to worry about harming their own teammates. Now, before any skills were let loose, they had to keep an eye on the icons above everyone’s heads and confirm if the players within range were part of their own alliances or not. It caused great headaches to the many who had gotten use to just throwing out spells and skills as they pleased. If they accidentally killed any of their own teammates, they had to make sure to apologise in the appropriate chat channels too.

Thankfully, all subsidiaries of the Heretic Demons use the same logo as the main guild. All leaders had been emphasising on the importance of team formations and working with each other when using skills. With a tiny bit of effort, none of the Heretic Demons fighters had issues adapting to the new update. Despite the hiccups caused by the new patch, their enemies had seemingly multiplied overnight. Every guild wanted to try their hands at the new maps and treasure chest. Just what kind of monsters would spawn there? What kind of treasures would these chests reveal? There were no clear answers by the game developers. The players had to seek out the information themselves. Thus, for the right to scout out new information, the players had to take over a city first.

By the time the event ended, the Heretic Demons had just two fortresses left to their names. Prole-3 from the main guild and Prole-4 from a subsidiary guild. While they had been prepared for strong guilds to start their ambush late in the battle, no one could’ve imagined losing Prole-5 to the guild I Die For Riches again. If the game publisher could show the official number of players participating in a Guild Wars event, it would announce that today’s was the highest ever. Hence, it was rather difficult for the Main Guild to defend two cities at the same time.

QiYao still had some work left to do after the battle was over, so XiaoYu returned to Prole alone with his tiny luck cat. When it came to selling off his items, XiaoYu preferred going to the Market more than to setting up a stall. The Market didn’t disappoint this time either. No matter how lively and crowded it was outside, the Market hall would always have more NPC than players.

As XiaoYu was intently looking up the prices with an NPC and making his transactions, the bored and restless little cat started prowling around him. What’s this? What’s that? Hm? A knight smelling very strongly of gold just walked in. Let’s stare at him for a little while~ (*@○@*)

By the time XiaoYu was finally snapped back from staring at the NPC and turned around to call for his kitten, what he saw surprised him. A knight was squatting down before his little cat and playing with it. XiaoYu had to admit it. His cat was really eye-catching. It’s a genius at looking cute.

Then, as if the other man felt his gaze, the knight looked up.

“???” XiaoYu’s mind went blank at first. He wasn’t sure why the knight’s face had that effect on him.

“Your kitten is very cute. Here, all yours again,” the knight said. He scooped up the little cat, stood up and handed it over to XiaoYu.

“…Oh, thanks.” XiaoYu was still staring at the knight. His arms instinctively reached out and accepted his small cat back into his embrace.

“Is there something on my face?”

“Ah, no. I’m sorry.” XiaoYu too wondered just why he would stare at a stranger so hard that he blanked out. While the other man was very handsome, almost as handsome as QiYao, XiaoYu didn’t react this badly when he first met QiYao. By that logic, he shouldn’t have blanked out just because of the other’s beauty. Yet there was an inexplicable familiarity to the other man. That was why his gaze was locked onto the other’s face from the very first moment he saw the other.

“It seems like fate for your little cat and I to meet. Let’s be friends,” the knight friendly said, ignoring XiaoYu’s rather rude gaze. He handed over his name card.

“Okay.” XiaoYu was never one who liked rejecting others, so he approved of the friend request. Anyway, he didn’t feel any bad intentions coming from the other.

After the two parted ways, XiaoYu received a message from QiYao asking him to head to Prole-3’s Lord Mayor Office. While they had never been in the same guild system before, QiYao had used his right as the Lord Mayor to add in XiaoYu’s in-game name to the new list of players allowed in the city.

It wasn’t XiaoYu’s first time in Prole-3 plus QiYao’s directions, XiaoYu soon found the new Lord Mayor’s Office. He politely knocked on the door before entering.

To his surprise, it wasn’t just QiYao in the room. There were a few familiar faces too.

“Hi, Xiao-Yu,” greeted Poor_Man, the almighty and forever follower. The other players in the room were various team leaders with great sway in the main guild.

“??” XiaoYu was starting to suspect it wasn’t the Lord Mayor’s Office he’d entered but a meeting room.

“Wait a second. I’ll chase them out now,” QiYao said as he pulled XiaoYu up against his side.

“Relax, Chief. We’ll definitely disappear when the clock strikes twelve,” Poor_Man vowed with his right hand held up.

“Are you guys still in a meeting?” XiaoYu asked.

“No. They just want to take a peek at what the treasure chest holds,” QiYao said, pointing out the large chest hidden in a corner of the room. “Let’s go to bed a little later tonight, okay?”

“Mn.” XiaoYu might be a good kid who slept and woke up early, but he had no issues with occasionally staying up past midnight.

There was still some time left to kill before it was midnight. None of them would be a fool to just stand around waiting, so they started talking about the new map.

Don’t be mistaken by them just sitting there and chatting. All of them had been down there at least once. Today’s mobs were Animal types, specifically berserk elites. It was much more suitable to explore it fully in a party.

Still, they didn’t linger down there for long. While the map was huge, they still met a few other players. Some were from their own guilds; some were from the others. Everyone was there to take a peek at the brand new thing. With how crowded it was going to get, they’d quickly left. They had plenty of time in the future to slowly explore. After all, it would require the other top ten guilds of the server working together to pull the Heretic Demons down from their fortresses forever.

The only remaining curiosity left to explore was this big chest and the secret wonders it may hold. Naturally, Prole-4’s chest was Egg_Tart’s to open, as was his right as the subsidiary guild’s leader. They would communicate with him later in chat anyway. As for Prole-3’s chest, who would it be? Who would open the chest? Everyone turned their gazes to QiYao only to see him affectionately look at XiaoYu.

“You open it,” QiYao dotingly said.

At that very moment, everyone’s mind thought of the same thing – this would be a leader drowning in lust.

With how lively it was in the room, midnight soon arrived. The air around the treasure chest began to gleam and glow in rainbow light. It was as if the chest was calling out to them.

“Come open me,” it seemingly sang. “Come open me.”

With everyone’s eyes stuck on him, XiaoYu walked over to the chest. The tiny cat was mesmerised by the light too. It reached out its paws. It swiped. It pounced. All it touched was air, but it didn’t care. It kept on trying, deliriously happy in its efforts.

When XiaoYu’s hand touched the chest, he received a reminder from the game. Please ensure you have enough space in your inventory, it said. This was not a problem at all to XiaoYu, who’d just cleared his inventory of junk. In one sharp move, he flipped the chest wide open.

Despite the room being fully lit, everyone still felt as if they could visibly see a blinding amount of light jumping forth from the chest. They were nearly, very literally, blinded. When their eyes finally adjusted to the light and were finally able to look into the chest, all they could see was the bottom of an empty treasure chest.

“Where are the items?” everyone asked.

“In my inventory,” XiaoYu answered.

“Oh. So what are they?” They were all vibrating in excitement. They hated how they can’t look into XiaoYu’s own inventory themselves.

XiaoYu opened his inventory and took out everything, one by one, he had gotten from the chest.

A bundle of tree sticks, one of which had some blood on it. Everyone in the room instantly recognised them for what they were – Dead Branches. Break them and a random monster would be summoned. The ones without any blood on them could summon normal monsters with a small chance of summoning an elite and no chance of summoning a boss. Dead Branches were considered a rather common item. On the other hand, branches with blood on it were called Bloody Branches. It could summon elites at worst, bosses at best. It was very precious.

A bag of rocks used to refinement. There was at least thirty to forty of them from the looks of it.

A few heavy bars of gold. These were required for crafting equipment.

A large chest of medicine containing hundreds of XL potion bottles of both red and blue varieties.

The remaining items were equipment. A knight’s cape, shimmering blue, and a pair of leather boots. They weren’t especially rare, but they were at least above average.

Also, ten Crystal Coins.

By the time everything was placed down, a large portion of floorspace had been taken up by the chest’s contents. Overall, it was great loot. It seemed like the game was rather kind to them. With a few clicks on their internal calculators everyone in the room could tell just how astonishing the treasure pile would become with time.

“Erm…Egg_Tart’s chest only gave him a medicine chest, a pair of boots and…one normal Dead Branch,” a squad leader said as he looked at the items laid out before him. He was starting to suspect his ears and eyes. It’s rather hard to mess up one stick with one bundle.

Even if that was a mistake, just the number of items outside of the branches was way too different to what they had before their eyes. Silence reigned the room.

Who was it? Who commented the game was being kind? That it was generous? Drag them over to Egg_Tart for some stress relief!

Translator’s Note:

  1. Dead Branch/Bloody Branch: Also exist in RO under the same names.

Sorry for being late! Had some cross-state driving to do and got exhausted from it.

Also, since I know that the majority of my readers are from the US (unless you’re using a VPN), take care. No matter what time it is or where you’re from, take care.

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GC: Chapter 79

79. Need It Be So Severe?

The young men who came up to YiHan and TianYang were led by one called Li Sun. His name, “Sun”, was the character used for adaptability and easy-going, but his personality was the complete opposite to his name. Ever since he was a child, he’s been a demonic wild child. No, demon might be an overestimation. He’s the type to bully the weak and bow before the strong. He was very “flexible” in that aspect. When Feng Qun was around, he was the leading follower. Now that Feng Qun was a downtrodden dog, Li Sun was the “boss”.

He had followed his gang along to Hong Ming to play, and to show off his new lover. This girl was a diamond in the rough. She looks so innocent and proper, but she’s a wanton slut in bed. She had squeezed him dry in just a few days!

Never could Li Sun have imagined he would discover Little Master Bai here. Who-knows-what got to this fool. All of a sudden, he started ignoring them. What could they do? When one was born into the Bai family, it was their right to ignore anyone they liked whenever they liked. If they waved, you should hurry over. If they turn away, you must be smart enough to scram instantly. Nothing in life was fair.

Li Sun pushed down the indignant thoughts in his mind and hung a fawning smile on his lips. He swiftly walked over to YiHan with his gaggle of followers.

“Little Master, it’s been a long time. We’ve all missed you. Here to enjoy yourself? Join us?” Li Sun greeted.

The young men following him immediately rose in chorus, “Yes!”, “Little Master”, “What a coincidence”. All sorts of nonsensical greetings rang through the air.

YiHan just stared at them. He didn’t speak, he didn’t move. Soon, the rowdy bunch realised the awkwardness of the situation and slowly stopped speaking.

YiHan waited for them to quiet down before speaking. “When you see me from now on, no need to greet me. Just walk around me,” he said.

TianYang’s lashes lowered. His curled-up fingers relaxed and he took a slow sip of his tea.

Li Sun and the others were shocked.

“What are you saying, Master Bai? Had one of us upset you? Name him and we’ll make him apologise to you!”

A slender finger curled up and knocked the table. “Perhaps you don’t get my meaning,” YiHan calmly said. “In this city, I, Bai YiHan, don’t need a reason or have been offended to hate someone. Unless they’re part of a very small group. All of you are evidently not part of that group. So, whenever you see me from now on, avoid me. Move around me. Don’t let me notice you or I will make you regret it.”

All colour escaped Li Sun’s face. He was pale as can be.

“Master Bai, was there some misunderstanding between us? Is there need to be so severe?” Li Sun asked with a forced smile. He’s still young men. He was also a pampered “young master”. No matter how willing all of them are to bend over, there was a limit to it. While they usually fawned over YiHan, they had always thought he was inferior. They would call him “the fool” behind his back. Now, YiHan was stomping all over Li Sun’s dignity before his “bros” and his new lover. The anger usually simmering on low started to flare up.

TianYang put down his teacup.

“Your surname is Li?” he asked in a clear and cold tone. “I know Li ZiFa (Li Sun’s father). With your status, you’re not fit to have any ‘misunderstandings’ with YiHan at all. He told you to avoid him from now on. Didn’t you hear him?”

Li Sun’s face went stark white. He didn’t know whether to leave or to stay. His hands curled into fists as his nails dug into his palms.

YiHan leaned back on his chair. He was about to speak up when Li Sun’s and his gang’s expressions shifted.

Chen TianYang looked up and called out a greeting, “Mr Mu.”

YiHan’s head swivelled. JingYuan was striding over with a solemn face. Unwittingly, YiHan grinned. The depressing feelings weighing down his mind took flight.

“JingYuan, why are you here?” YiHan joyfully asked.

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