GC: Chapter 206

206. Hitting Walls

“He Yuan, you bastard!” Yan Miao screeched, still on the floor as her anger made her forget about standing up. “The words you said to me at the start of our relationship were sweeter than a song, but you only married me for my status! To think I’d given you two children, to think I’d come back to my family time and again to beg my father to help the He family. I see. All of my effort and love had been fed to a dog instead! Even a freaking dog is better than you! If I give a dog a bone, it would at least wag its tail. You are an utterly ungrateful bastard!”

“I’m a bastard?” He Yuan coldly smirked. “And how much better are you? With all of your bad habits, no one could’ve ever liked you! I do my best to sweetly coax you, to provide for you. All that I’ve done to give you years of a comfortable life is enough to pay you back! Frankly, I truly admire your father and brothers. They’ve only abandoned you now. If I had a daughter like you, I would’ve thrown you straight into the toilet bowl and let you drown to your death!”

Miao crawled to her feet and flung herself at the man, arms stretched out to attack him. “How dare you mention my father! Your intentions were never kind from the start. Now, you’ve hit me. If my father finds out, he’ll never forgive you!”

There was no way Yuan would allow her to hit him once more. He grabbed Miao’s arms and twisted them behind her. The pain was so great that Miao yelped.

“He Yuan, you will die a horrible death!” she shouted, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Yuan pressed her against the table. “Do you still not know what’s going on? Your brother has stepped back from power. The Yan Group is entirely in Yan Hui’s hands. You’ve foolishly oppressed your sister-in-law for years yet you’ve always been so proud of it. Why didn’t you think about how she is the mother of Yan Hui? The young man wouldn’t even want to look at you now. Do you think he’d buy your act?”

“He wouldn’t dare!” Miao shouted. “I am his aunt!”

“Ha,” Yuan scoffed. “You really think you’re all that. Aunt? The world of business is a cruel one. Even a father could turn into an enemy, let alone an aunt! Furthermore, Yan Hui’s hatred for you is carved deep into his bones. You’re lucky if he doesn’t do anything to you.”

“He Yuan, you bastard!” Miao loudly cried. Her arms were in a lot of pain. “How dare you do this to me! My father will never forgive you!”

Yuan flung her away. “Now you know how great your father is?” he said in disgust. “When I asked you to visit him and plead with him, you angered him so much that he was hospitalised. I begged you to visit him and apologise but you refused every time. You’re only afraid now? It’s too late! Your brother announced his retirement and your father didn’t object. In fact, he even expressed his support of Yan Hui. Don’t you know what this means? It means he doesn’t want you anymore! Are you dumb? You’re not dumb. You just think you’re God!”

Miao fell to the ground. Her arms were still throbbing in pain. She knew that He Yuan would never let her hit and shout at him again. It was impossible for her to win if she fought him once more. She didn’t have the courage to argue with him again. All she could do was shake her head over and over again.

“Impossible!” she said. “I don’t believe it. I am my father’s daughter, my brother’s sister. What right do they have to not help me? How can they? How dare you treat me like this. You’ll regret it. I’ll make you regret it!”

“You really think you’re God?” Yuan scoffed. “What right? No one in this world is bound by duty to be nice to another person at all times. It is only ever up to whether the person is willing to be nice or not. Your father brought you into this world. He doesn’t owe you anything. You nearly killed him by angering him but you wouldn’t even visit him. He’s already kind enough to stop at not helping you. If it were me, I wouldn’t have cared if you lived or died ages ago! Do you know why the three families stopped? It was because your father was hospitalised. Bai YiHan felt so guilty that he pleaded with his family and Mu JingYuan. That’s why they’ve spared me. This is the last time your father will help you.”

Upon hearing Bai YiHan’s name, Miao hurriedly said in a loud voice, “Yes, this entire incident started because of Bai YiHan. He egged the three families on to attack us. Why don’t you all hate him instead? Why blame me? Just because of a few kind words from him, you think he’s your saviour? He Yuan, you’re being quite ridiculous!”

“I really can’t get anything through to you at all,” said Yuan. “You don’t even know where you went wrong. You don’t even know why things have developed to what it is now. Yan Miao, I’m warning you. You’d best behave and go back home. Be a proper Madam He and don’t embarrass me by starting any troubles again. It’s up to you whether or not you’re willing to admit your faults but you must know that the Yan family no longer cares for you. You are no longer the high and mighty Third Miss Yan. Get a hold of that rotten temper and stay low. Not only are you useless to the He family now, but you are also a hot potato I can’t get rid of. I don’t need to tolerate you any longer. If you upset me again, I have plenty of ways to take care of you! Now, go back! I’m annoyed just by looking at you!”

Miao stood up, wiped away the tear streaks on her face. “He Yuan, who do you think you are?” she coldly laughed. “How dare you order me around. I’ve told you, you will regret what you’ve done to me today!”

Miao then strode out of the office with her head held high.

The employees eavesdropping outside the office swiftly hurried back to their seats, to their work, to their thoughts. No one dared to look up.

Even so, Miao still felt as though there were blades pricking at her back. It was as if she could hear everyone laughing at her. Her head was held high but she felt immensely humiliated. How could she listen to that scum, He Yuan, and head home to be a trophy wife? There was no way her father and brother would truly abandon her.

Yuan looked at Miao’s retreating figure with squinted eyes. He knew the woman would never obediently go home. She’d definitely head to the Yan family home and try to get an answer. That was good too. It’d make her lose hope. It’d humble her. Yan Miao, oh, Yan Miao, for years you have threatened and bossed me around. It was time for you to know the exact same brand of humiliation I did. Good times were just around the corner. Don’t worry.

Miao tidied herself up, covering up her red and swollen face with plenty of powder. She couldn’t let anyone see her in such a disgraceful state, not even if it was her own father.

She drove to the Yasn family home but was stopped at the gates. She couldn’t even get into the estate. The guard on duty kept telling her in a monotone voice that it was done under the family’s orders. He could not let her in without prior permission from his employers. 

However, after a brief phone call by the guard to the main home, the man then said that the orders actually came from the old Mr Yan himself. The elderly man had said that Miao was an adult now while he was an old man. He couldn’t help her much in the future and asked that she go home and take care.

Miao couldn’t believe it. She threw a great tantrum at the gates for a long while. Never could she have thought that the guard who never deserved a glance from her had the guts to stop her. She was steaming with anger but this nobody who she never once looked at before couldn’t be bribed or threatened. The man didn’t care at all.

Infuriated, Miao charged to the Yan Group office but was also stopped at the doors. Yan Hui had passed the order that she was not to enter the building without his permission. Miao knew Yan Hui didn’t care for her and she knew she had to improve her relationship with Yan Hui in the future. After all, the past governor isn’t as powerful as the current governor. She suppressed her anger and waited for the receptionist to inform Yan Hui of her arrival. To her surprise, Yan Hui only replied with one word: no.

When Miao heard the receptionist’s reply, combined with the walls she had hit that day, she finally knew that what He Yuan said was true. The Yan family had really abandoned her. She looked at the receptionist’s lowered head then at the other people in the lobby who had been paying attention to her while not looking at her. Even the security guard scanned her up and down from the corner of his eye. Miao felt as if her dignity, her face had been stripped away, blood dripping everywhere. She wanted to rage and shout but she didn’t have the protection of being the Third Miss of the Yan family anymore. Even He Yuan despised her. To put it bluntly, she was now just an ordinary woman. What could she do to anyone?

All Miao could do was hold her head high and walk out of the building under the crowd’s gaze. Her cheeks burned while her back was scorched by the eyes of the nobodies she usually looked down on. In that instant, she felt as if everyone in the world was filled with evil intentions. Everyone was laughing at her. Everyone was enjoying her suffering. Never in Miao’s life had she suffered humiliation like this. In the shadows of her proud figure was a hatred that stemmed from deep within her heart. It was aimed at He Yuan, at the Bai, Chen and Mu families. Most of all, she hated her own father and brother. They kept saying they loved her but they’d abandon her without warning, leaving her in her current situation. She hated them. She swore that she would make everyone pay the price for this!

Miao thought what she had suffered was the most she had to endure. She didn’t think there would be something even worse waiting for her, something that would make her go crazy. After leaving the Yan Group office, she had nowhere left to go but home. The mansion was empty with only a few servants who looked at her as if she was a tigress. She was already at her breaking point. The servants’ gazes felt even more unbearable to her. Miao charged at the servants, shouting insults and throwing whatever she could at them. Thinking Miao had gone mad, the servants ran out screeching. Miao ran after them and, with a loud bang, slammed the doors shut behind them. Finally, she was the only person remaining in the house. Sitting on the floor, she couldn’t help but cry. She sobbed hard. As she cried, she raged. She raged at her father and brother for their cold hearts. She raged at Yan Hui for being mean. She raged at Kong Wen for her schemes. She raged at Mu JingYuan for making a mountain out of a molehill. She raged at He Yuan for his beastly nature. 

When she was done crying and raging, she was hungry but she had chased off the servants. The people by her side had disappeared when she wasn’t looking. Who could arrange a meal for her? The house had plenty of rice and vegetables but they wouldn’t automatically turn into a feast just because she was Third Miss Yan. Cook? Was that a joke? There was no way in her life would she enter such a place. In the end, she had to order takeaway from a hotel. She forced herself to take a few bites of the food before throwing them to one side.

This was only the first day. The second day was the same. Without anyone to clean the place, and combined with the tantrum she had just thrown, the mansion had turned into a mess. There was no way she’d clean the house so she waited for the servants to return. However, they weren’t masochists. Who would be willing to come back?

Miao then thought of her two children. They were a good way of making He Yuan regret his actions but they’ve long since run off to He Yuan’s parents. Miao never thought anything of her in-laws before. She rarely even greeted them as “Father” or “Mother”. Every time they met, the old couple would be very cautious around her. When she went to their place for her children, she didn’t think she’d instead be chased out of the gates by the servants. She wasn’t even able to see her children. She was so angry that she started shouting. However, no one in the He family wanted to see her. Finally, she grew tired of shouting. All that she could do was leave.

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2 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 206

  1. Honestly, yan Miao reminds me of how bai yihan was in the past life. They both have doting families and loved ones that enabled their nasty behavior. I guess the difference is bai yihan was willing to change and become a better person, while it seems yan Miao may just continue lashing out and won’t do the necessary self reflection.

    Also thank you for translating!


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