GC: Chapter 71

71. Thin-skinned

Yan couldn’t help but pull JingYuan into a firm sideways hug by the shoulders. FuRen too felt guilty. He owed JingYuan a lot. This man had done far too much for his youngest son.

“JingYuan, I’m so sorry about this,” FuRen sighed.

“It’s what I should do. Don’t apologise,” JingYuan hurriedly said, his face blushing like a tomato from embarrassment.

“Okay,” FuRen agreed, nodding his head. “You’re a good kid. I wasn’t wrong to trust in you.” At this, he turned his attentions to his daughter. “XueQing, if you don’t cherish a man as fine as JingYuan, you’ll forever regret it,” he said.

XueQing gave her father a solemn nod. “Relax, Father,” she replied. “I will properly ‘treasure’ him.”

JingYuan swiftly stood up. His face was burning. “I’ll head back to the Bai family home first,” he said. “I’ll go sit with YiHan. It’s been too long since I left his side. That’s very dangerous.” His feet hastily walked out of the room, nearly bumping into the door. He opened the door and left (escaped) without looking back at the other three.

FuRen finally relaxed. “He’s embarrassed by that. How thin-skinned,” he commented with a smile.

“That’s right,” XueQing agreed seriously. “He’s very thin-skinned.” So much so that he can just continue the topic by himself and convince everyone to let him gobble up her little brother! If YiHan didn’t like him, she would’ve knocked all his teeth out by now. Bastard!

“Right. One more thing. Someone took care of Feng Qun,” said Yan.

“Who?” XueQing asked, curiosity strong in her voice. “I wanted to do it myself but I’ve been busy these few days. I didn’t have the time.”

Yan looked at her long and hard with a weird sort of gaze. “Chen TianYang,” he said.

“Chen TianYang?” XueQing was shocked. “Why did he do that? Did Feng Qun do something to him?”

Yan cleared his throat. “It should be for you,” he said to his dense little sister. “Everyone in the world knows what he thinks of you.”

She scratched her face in an unladylike manner. “What does it have to do with me?” she asked with a dry, awkward smile. “Perhaps Feng Qun made him angry or upset some time ago?”

Honestly, TianYang had made a pretty good impression on her. He was exceedingly attractive, moral and capable. Only, she grew up with JingYuan. Of course, the first burst of emotions would be targeted at JingYuan. Now that everything’s out in the open, she realised what she felt for him wasn’t love at all. Just what was love then?

JingYuan said TianYang would refuse to wash his hands for weeks if he shook hands with her. While that’s sounds like an exaggeration, but she had paid special heed to TianYang’s hands the past two times they’d met. Every time after they shook hands, he would hide that hand behind him and clench it tight into a fist. He would never release it from the fist until way after, as if he was trying keep something. She had never felt that type of feeling before. Just what kind of emotions would make someone at the top of the world do that subconsciously?

She didn’t get it.

“The heir of the Chen family isn’t bad, in terms of family background and character,” FuRen commented. “But you must know, XueQing, that there are countless of handsome and capable men in the world. There are plenty just in this city. However, monogamy is the most ethical choice. You must not sway in your affections. Since you’ve chosen JingYuan, you must be responsible. To your choice, to HanHan, to your engagement. We owe JingYuan too much.”

Internally, XueQing rolled her eyes over and over. Owe him? My dear father, you’ll soon know just how much he’d taken advantage of us.

She stiffly nodded before changing the topic. “How did TianYang take care of Feng Qun?” she asked. “Tell me.”

Translator’s Note:

No, there’s no April Fool’s thing. Inconceivable

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GC: Chapter 70

70. Engagement on Pause

“That’s right,” XueQing solemnly agreed. “For eons, intelligence is the most important factor when two armies clash. Before we know for certain everything that went on and who are involved in this, we must tread lightly. Lil Bro’s safety is of utmost importance. He’s suicidal. Someone must be by his side at all times and it must be someone who can sway him emotionally. JingYuan, you handle this. You’ve always been the best at handling him. You’ve also got fast reflexes. If not for you this time, who knows what we’d be met with? You’re the most suitable protector for him. As for the investigation, leave it to us. This matter is urgent. Our enemy’s blade is at our throats. We must act swiftly!”

Initially, FuRen and Yan didn’t think JingYuan was the best candidate to protect YiHan. This was a smart man, decisive and observant. He’d be a great help in dealing with the masterminds of this scheme. However, after they heard XueQing’s reasons and were reminded of YiHan’s nearly successful suicide attempt a few days ago, they both instantly felt it must be JingYuan. After all, YiHan’s life was the very most important thing at risk here. Everything else was second to it. What if YiHan really did succeed in taking his life one day? What would be the meaning in all their work? What use would there be in catching the mastermind of this plot?

Everything was for YiHan’s frail life!

FuRen patted JingYuan on the shoulder once more. “HanHan’s safety is in your hands. You’ve always doted on him the most out of all of us. It was all thanks to you last time. Even if I was in the room then, I wouldn’t have reacted as fast as you did. I won’t keep repeating how thankful I am to you for that. We have always thought of you as part of the family. Now that you’re marrying XueQing, you will be part of this family by law as well,” he said.

Yan nodded in agreement.

JingYuan shot XueQing a look of gratitude, before focusing back on FuRen. “I will definitely fulfil my duty in protecting HanHan,” he stated. “Even if you didn’t ask me to stay by his side, I would’ve stayed over at your place.”

“Let’s put my engagement with JingYuan on a hold for now,” XueQing blurted.

FuRen was shocked. He hurriedly glanced at JingYuan whose body had gone stiff (from excitement). “What are you saying?” he asked XueQing in an unhappy tone. “Marriage is a big step in your life. How can you treat it like a game? There’s no conflict between resolving your brother’s issue and your marriage!”

XueQing shot a look at JingYuan who stiffened up his body even further. “That’s not it, Father,” XueQing replied in a show of seriousness. “Perhaps it’s just women’s intuition. I always felt like HanHan was somewhat against JingYuan’s and my engagement. While he said nothing, every time the topic is mentioned, his mood would dip very low. He’s in a dangerous spot now. Anything that would upset him should be stopped immediately. Once this wave has passed, it’s not too late to continue. After all, we’re still young. No need to rush.”

JingYuan instantly got her angle. “Yes,” he solemnly agreed. “I felt so too. It’s only after XueQing brought it up that I knew I wasn’t alone in that feeling. He certainly had a major reaction to our engagement. We must understand that he’s so much more “mature” now. He won’t just show on his face everything that’s making him upset now. He’ll brood over them alone. That’s very risky. I think no matter if our guesses are correct or not, we should at least not leave it to what-ifs. We must nip every danger in the bud.

“XueQing’s right to say we’re young. It’s only a minor dely. That’s worth nothing for the sake of HanHan’s safety.”

Yan’s respect for his future brother-in-law rose greatly at that. What great sacrifice! JingYuan would delay the wedding just for his little brother’s safety. Not only that, JingYuan was willing to put his company aside to be his little brother’s bodyguard. The Bai family owed him much for this!

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GC: Chapter 69

69. Hypothesis

“A normal human being wouldn’t use such a sinister plot. Only an evil mind would do something so extreme,” JingYuan said. “Rich, powerful, scheming, impulsive with a grudge against the Bai family. There aren’t many who can tick off all these boxes.”

Immediately, FuRen, Yan and XueQing spoke up, “The Qi family.” The three looked at each other, their faces as black as a pot’s.

“The Qi family?” JingYuan asked.

“You might not know about this,” Yan said. “The current head of the Qi family is Qi MingYang. His father, Qi Kun, is in the same generation as Father. When they were young, they were rivals.  Fierce competitors. No one really had a firm upper hand. Until they reached their thirties and forties. Father mellowed out. He stopped fighting with Qi Kun. That made the other think Father was afraid of him. He grew arrogant. It made him think he was so much stronger than Father.

“Then, about seven or eight years ago, in a business stand-off, Father didn’t hold back. He put in his all for the company. Qi Kun was defeated. The Qi Group suffered a tremendous loss.

“This man was a capable man, but he was proud. He could only accept victory. He always thought he was the smartest man in the world. His life had been mostly smooth sailing. The many years Father spent ignoring him made him let his guard down. It made him look down on others. He couldn’t deal with the mental blow reality dealt. His body had some issues in the first place. Usually, they’re not worth mentioning but he was so angry, so aggravated, that he had a stroke.

“He thought of himself as a genius in business. With a single heart stroke, he was bedridden and dependant on other people to survive. One can imagine just how much hate was boiling in him. As for his son, Qi MingYang, not only did he inherit his father’s brains, he perfectly inherited his father’s arrogance and narrow-mindedness. Most of all, he has always worshipped his father. He thinks the misfortune that befell on the Qi family was all our father’s fault. He’s very hostile to the Bai family.

After MingYang took over the company, he went after us a few times, but he never benefited much. He even suffered some losses. Perhaps because he knew he was no match for us, he’s been quiet for the past two years.”

“I didn’t think he’d be lying in wait for us here! He’s really gotten shadier. His schemes so much more unscrupulous now!” XueQing growled.

(Qi MingYang: I’m innocent! It’s really not me this time!)

JingYuan’s lashes lowered. There was no way to tell what he was feeling from his voice. “Qi MingYang? He did get in contact with me a few times just to test out what I thought of the Bai family, explicitly and implicitly. I should’ve been more on alert,” he said.

FuRen turned around and walked over to JingYuan. “No one can predict the future. He was just testing the waters. Who would’ve thought he’d do something like this? As for HanHan, you’ve done your very best,” he said with a pat on JingYuan’s shoulder.

JingYuan pursed his lips. “No,” he said in a low tone. “It’s still far from my best. If I really did my best, HanHan wouldn’t have suffered!”

There was nothing FuRen can say to that. “Actually, if you have to blame someone, only I, HanHan’s father, is to blame here. This whole grudge started because of me. If I had dealt with it properly, HanHan wouldn’t be dragged into this,” he said as he sat down across from JingYuan.

“Who would’ve thought he’d use such a despicable method?” Yan spat through gritted teeth. “Even black-market dealers would refrain from harming the other’s wife and children. He’s gone too far. If this was a proper challenge to our face, none of us would be afraid to hit back!”

“It’s because there’s no way he’d win if it was a head-on challenge,” XueQing said, a frosty look on her elegant face. “That’s why he targeted our little brother. But I will make him regret it!”

“That’s all just a hypothesis for now,” JingYuan calmly said. “While it is the most possible option, we have no proof. We can’t act on it. We’ve got to clarify things. See if our enemy has any other plans. What if we’re mistaken? What if there’s some other mastermind? HanHan would be in even more danger then.”

Translator’s Note:

FuRen: This was something asked in a comment some time ago, but since I have never really stated it before, I’ll state it here (because the father’s been popping up a lot lately).

Bai FuRen’s name will sometimes pop up as BoRen in certain chapters. There are 2 possiblities:

  1. It’s a typo. (傅 vs 博)
  2. Somewhere along the way, his name got changed (along with Yan’s) but it was never mentioned unlike the brother’s name.

Either way, FuRen is what this translation will be using.

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GC: Chapter 68

68. Win Him Over

XueQing scribbled and drew on a piece of paper. Finally, her overall plan was all written down. Then, she snuck over to JingYuan. After they did some minor adjustments and filled in a few tiny details, the two selected a time to sneakily meet up with TianYang. It was just like briefing him on a secret mission. After informing him on the gist of the situation, the plan was triplicated while they discussed it in detail. Before XueQing and JingYuan parted with TianYang, they asked him to play along with YiHan who would try and “get close” to “test the waters” on this matter.

TianYang was rather upset that XueQing and JingYuan were once engaged, even though he knew JingYuan only loved YiHan.

Hmph. JingYuan was so boring and out of touch with the world. He’s not a good fit for TianYang’s cute little brother-in-law, let alone TianYang’s idol! (Oh, how TianYang blushed at his new status.)

As for the upcoming test from his new “brother-in-law”, TianYang would face it with 120% of his abilities. He will win over the most precious person in his goddess’s life – his future brother-in-law, YiHan!

With TianYang dealt with, JingYuan and XueQing used “work” to get Bai Yan in FuRen’s office. They then locked the door and told him all about their suspicions on YiHan’s recent behaviour. Of course, they didn’t mention the night of excitement to him. They merely told Yan that YiHan mistakenly thought something happened because he woke up early and saw JingYuan in the sleeping bed as him.

FuRen’s computer, his documents, everything on FuRen’s desk was swept off the desk as the ever-composed FuRen erupted. Even Yan turned ghastly pale.

“I’ve consulted several well-known psychiatrists,” JingYuan calmly stated. “They think he most likely has depression and extremely suicidal. They even told me my hypothesis isn’t impossible either. For someone to be so affected by a deliberate suggestion, it can be labelled under hypnosis instead of mere suggestion. The ability to push a healthy person to the brink of suicide in such a short amount of time is not something an ordinary psychiatrist can do. At least, none of the doctors I consulted is capable of that. After all, if all psychiatrists can do that, wouldn’t we have a lot of invisible killers roaming among us by now?”

“But it’s still possible,” Yan gloomily said. “Perhaps only a few are capable of it, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, right? The change in HanHan is drastic. He even wants to kill himself now. I can think of no other possibility.”

XueQing nodded in agreement.

FuRen stared out of the floor-to-ceiling windows with his back to the room. It seemed like he’d calmed down after the outburst of rage before. However, the two hands crossed behind him spoke of his inner turmoil. They were clenched so hard his knuckles turned white.

“The Bai family has never offended anyone that powerful. While HanHan is rash and reckless, he can’t have established such a grudge so deep the other would want him dead. With no sensible reason why we’d be targeted, it must be money that can make a hypnotist this powerful to strike so hard from the start,” said FuRen.

“Perhaps we’ve interacted with the mastermind behind it all,” he continued. “Perhaps there’s a grudge between us. They understand our family. At least, they know HanHan is our entire family’s weakness. If anything happens to him, the Bai family, even JingYuan, would panic. Someone rich enough to hire a hypnotist this strong and powerful enough to cover everything up, never allowing anyone of us to notice anything wrong…There aren’t many who can fit all of these criteria.”

XueQing collapsed onto the couch in the room. Her back stiff as a board, she softly stated, “This person did this to HanHan while JingYuan was away. Perhaps they have access to JingYuan’s movements. Perhaps shaking up our family could benefit them in some way.”

“If they wish to harm our family and use that chance to take a bite out of us, then this person’s status won’t be too far below our family’s, they might even be higher up in status,” Yan added.

Translator’s Note:

Win him over/Win over: The more literal translation reads “take him down”/“take down”. For some reason, winning people over isn’t seen as swaying people to your side but conquering/defeating the other. There’s a tiny streak of superiority complex when you look at the phrasing in English, hence the change to a phrase that’s more accurate in tone.

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GC: Chapter 67

67. Pleasure Working With You

TianYang was so thrilled that his heart felt like it was going through a seizure! The first man XueQing thought of when encountering a time in need was him! What did this mean? It must mean she very  much approved of him! This was undoubtedly a major chance for him. As long as he was smart enough to make full use of it, getting closer to his goddess would be more than just a daydream! It’d be a historic leap in his relationship with XueQing!

He supressed the fluttering eagerness within him and “calmly” said, “Of course I can help you out. You don’t need to do anything in return. Our families are friends and you’ve always been the most admirable woman I’ve known. I’ll do my best to help you with anything you’d need. It’d also be an honour to pretend to be your boyfriend.”

Finally, a smile graced XueQing’s face.

“Then, I’ll be relying on you. Thank you so much for your help. I left the house in a rush today and didn’t have time to make the sufficient preparations. I’ll draft up a contract as soon as I get back. It’ll be sent to you along with the overall plan. It’d be a pleasure working with you,” she said as she stood up and held out a fair, slender hand.

Ah, she still wanted to draft up a contract. She really was treating this like it’s just business. TianYang was a little disappointed. However, he soon pulled himself together. It was already great that she’d come to him first. If she had gone to someone else for help…

Damn it! He really would be banging his head on the wall!

That train of thought made everything seemed okay. He’ll show everyone how capable he was. He’ll use this chance to properly get close to XueQing and show her the best side of him. He’ll let her know he was someone she could place her trust in, someone she could entrust her married life to! He’s the one in this whole wide world who loved her the most!

That’s it. Cheer up, TianYang! You can do it!

While the entire motivational speech seemed to take a long time, it was actually done in the blink of an eye in real time. TianYang shook XueQing’s hand.

“I’m very much honoured to be so trusted by you, XueQing. It’ll be a pleasure working with you,” he replied with the most perfect smile he could muster.

Their hands parted in cordial formality. He didn’t try to hold on any longer. He was afraid the slightest hint of impropriety would make her dislike him. After letting go, he clenched his hand in a fist behind his back. An attempt to make the presence and scent XueQing left behind last longer, just like he always did.

It’s fine, TianYang. Once you’re her boyfriend, even if it’s just a pretend boyfriend, you’ll have plenty more chances to interact with her!

There were thousands of horses galloping through his mind. He looked calm on the outside, acting precisely like a proper gentleman would. He walked out behind XueQing and opened her car door for her. He only entered his car after watching her car leave his sight. In the driver’s seat, his hands curled up in excitement. Today was to be an important moment in his life. Everything was about to change. He can do it!

XueQing felt much more relaxed after ticking this agenda off her list of to-dos. When she arrived home, she immediately wrote up a draft of the contract and sent it to TianYang. The other replied fast. She was very satisfied with how prudent the man was being.

She soon busied herself writing up a plan for their relationship. When should TianYang show up, how he should show up, how her “affections” would be “shifted” logically and appear entirely natural and not out of the blue.

Chen TianYang was an important member of this operation. If he were to perform his part well, she must let him in on some of the reasons. Thankfully, JingYuan said this man was reliable. She also trusted in his character. With this non-disclosure agreement signed, he’s one of her trusted friends now.

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GC: Chapter 66

66. Gap in Love

YiHan didn’t understand why Aunt Yang wanted him to taste this specific dish. However, he took a bite without hesitation.

“It’s delicious,” he praised. “Your lamb ribs taste the best.”

Aunt Yang’s eyes crinkled with joy. Her day felt complete. “That’s good,” she commented before drifting back to the kitchen. Of course, what she was saying internally was different: Of course, it’s the best to my Little Master! I’ve been working in this family for so many years. I don’t know about anyone else, but I know your tastes the best. I’ve done the most research on it! No matter what you want to eat, I can uphold the standard! Bwakaka.


It was teatime. At the cafe, pairs and trios relaxed and sipped their coffee as they enjoyed their romantic, carefree time. In one of its lavishly designed private rooms, a young man and woman sat, face to face. A solemn air about them.

Chen TianYang was panicking. He was alone with the girl he admired in an enclosed space. The air was stifling. It was hard to breathe. Still, he persisted. On the outside, he looked very calm.

XueQing stared at the man. After a moment of silence, she opened up, “Mr Chen, what do you think of me?”

TianYang felt his heart skip. It was thumping wildly, yet it was a little disappointed. He already pushed past the formal boundaries on his own accord to call her XueQing, yet she was still calling him Mr Chen. That’s the difference between one who’s in love and one who’s not.

He really couldn’t help but be down from it, but he was used to it. It was already a pleasant surprise to be able to be alone with XueQing. She was even the one who called him out this time.

“XueQing, you are the most beautiful and capable woman I know,” TianYang replied without hesitation. “No one else can compare.” When the last word left his lifts, he instantly regretted it and started berating himself. How can he say that? He sounded like a fanatic. It sounded so very fake. Oh, TianYang, where have your skills from the negotiating table gone? This was a rare chance. You can’t mess it up!

XueQing nodded. Sternly, she said, “Mr Chen, let’s not beat about the bush. I asked you out today because I would like your help with something. Of course, you have the right to refuse to help me in anything.”

“Please, ask away. I’ll do my best as long as I can help,” he said. When he saw how serious she was taking this, he stopped his thoughts from derailing further and put on a serious face too. Did the Bai family encounter some difficulty? Or did she know he’d secretly taken care of Feng Qun?

“It’s…Because of some reasons, I need someone to pretend to be my boyfriend for a while. It must be a secret and it needs to look real. We even have to fool our parents and relatives. Of course, I won’t make you help for free. Even if this fails, as long as you do your best, I’ll do anything for you. Of course, only if I can. What do you think?” she asked.

TianYang was shocked. Never would he imagine this going that way! He wasn’t prepared at all!

“Why ask me?” he asked in a daze.

XueQing crossed her fingers and placed her hands on the table. “I just told you. This must be a secret. We can’t even tell our family and friends. If I want it to look real, he must be a suitable man in all aspects. Even though my family’s not one of the big families in this city, we are somewhat rich. There aren’t a lot of men who can make Bai XueQing fall in love. You were the first man that came to my mind. I trust in your character and morals. I believe you. Even if you say no today, you won’t tell anyone else about this.”

Translator’s Note:

Gap in love/difference between…one who’s not: This is meant to be a little pun/smart language with double meaning. It translates to “the difference between one who cares and one who doesn’t”, but there’s two ways to go about it. The “care” could mean love, actual concern or just whether someone paid attention to what they’re doing at all.

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GC: Chapter 65

65. Urgent

XueQing continued chatting with YiHan as if nothing was wrong. Soon, Aunt Yang knocked on the door and told them lunch was ready. The three then headed down for their meal.

The Bai parents were already seated when the three reached the dining room. At the sight of their youngest son in a good mood, their hearts lightened. They’d yet to see YiHan in person since the whole mess yesterday. They were so uneasy. Now that they finally saw him, the weight on their shoulders were lifted. Only…

Ma instantly spotted the bandages on her little son’s neck and hand. She burst into worry once more.

“HanHan, what happened to your hand and neck?” she asked in a whisper. “Are you hurt? Aunt Yang! Aunt Yang! Is Dr Chen still here? HanHan, show them to me. How are the wounds? You were just in your own room. How did you get hurt?”

She tenderly pulled YiHan over to her. Her hands hovered over the bandages. She wanted to check his injuries, yet she didn’t dare to. She looked up at the more reliable JingYuan with a questioning glance.

JingYuan: “…” Crap. He totally forgot about that! How should he explain this?

XueQing: “…” Shoot. We’re doomed. We haven’t talked about an excuse yet!

“Aah, why is the Little Master hurt too? Is it serious? Dr Chen’s left already. What do we do now?” gasped Aunt Yang who popped into the room out of nowhere.

As expected, Ma’s attention immediately switched to her.

“What happened?” Ma asked. “You knew, Aunt Yang?”

In a flash, Aunt Yang found the first-aid kit. As she looked through it for the appropriate items, she answered, “The Little Master accidentally smashed a bottle before. Mr Mu even came down for a broom and dustpan. Why is he hurt still?”

“Ah, yes. He was so reckless,” JingYuan hurriedly answered as if the question was meant for him. “When I came down for the broom, he went and picked the glass shards up from the floor. He got a cut in his hand because of that. Aunt Yang, you can stop looking. HanHan’s room has a first-aid kit. I’ve already helped him clean it up.”

Ma believed it. It certainly was something her naughty little boy would do. But…“Then, what’s with his neck?”

JingYuan could feel a drop of cold sweat sliding down the back of his head and to his neck.

“He got that from when the bottle smashed. It only scraped his skin, but JingYuan didn’t realise back then. He was so worried that he insisted on wrapping it up at once. The sight of it is just so scary,” XueQing replied in a brilliant move.

Ma let out a sigh of relief. She then said to her daughter, “Of course a wound needs to be wrapped up. JingYuan did nothing wrong. You’re just as careless as ever. So unladylike. Thank goodness we have JingYuan! Who else would dare to marry you?”

YiHan felt pain pierce through his heart. He pursed his lips and silently sat down at the table. XueQing could feel her heart drumming in fear. Oh great mother, for your beloved little son’s life, please stop talking.

No way. This had to be resolved fast and soon. Tomorrow…no! This afternoon, she’ll go to TianYang and asked him to sign the contract with her immediately! The faster she “shifted her affections”, the better!

JingYuan walked over to the chair next to YiHan and sat down. Under the tablecloth, he placed his hand on YiHan’s thigh. The heat of his palm radiated through the thin fabric. YiHan’s fingers on the table curled inwards. His long eyelashes lowered. The tips of his ears silently flushed red.

XueQing had been sneakily keeping an eye on her brother’s face. When she witnessed YiHan’s change, she couldn’t help but internally gave JingYuan a big thumbs-up. He really was the best at this. Look at those red ears. There’s no way YiHan’s mind could think about anything else now. How had she never realised the peculiarity of their relationship?

If she knew beforehand there was something weird between them, she’d never have interfered. Great. Now, she’s the villain of this whole story. She nearly turned into the great big baddie who split the lovebirds apart. She nearly hurt her own younger brother.

Oh, my adorable little brother, I’m so sorry!

She was sure, once more, this whole switching affections thing was. Extremely. Urgent!

When Aunt Yang placed the food down on the table, she specifically placed the plate of lamb ribs right in front of YiHan.

“Little Master, this was a little rushed today. The marinate might not have really seeped it. Have a taste. What do you think?” she lovingly said.

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