GC: Chapter 79

79. Need It Be So Severe?

The young men who came up to YiHan and TianYang were led by one called Li Sun. His name, “Sun”, was the character used for adaptability and easy-going, but his personality was the complete opposite to his name. Ever since he was a child, he’s been a demonic wild child. No, demon might be an overestimation. He’s the type to bully the weak and bow before the strong. He was very “flexible” in that aspect. When Feng Qun was around, he was the leading follower. Now that Feng Qun was a downtrodden dog, Li Sun was the “boss”.

He had followed his gang along to Hong Ming to play, and to show off his new lover. This girl was a diamond in the rough. She looks so innocent and proper, but she’s a wanton slut in bed. She had squeezed him dry in just a few days!

Never could Li Sun have imagined he would discover Little Master Bai here. Who-knows-what got to this fool. All of a sudden, he started ignoring them. What could they do? When one was born into the Bai family, it was their right to ignore anyone they liked whenever they liked. If they waved, you should hurry over. If they turn away, you must be smart enough to scram instantly. Nothing in life was fair.

Li Sun pushed down the indignant thoughts in his mind and hung a fawning smile on his lips. He swiftly walked over to YiHan with his gaggle of followers.

“Little Master, it’s been a long time. We’ve all missed you. Here to enjoy yourself? Join us?” Li Sun greeted.

The young men following him immediately rose in chorus, “Yes!”, “Little Master”, “What a coincidence”. All sorts of nonsensical greetings rang through the air.

YiHan just stared at them. He didn’t speak, he didn’t move. Soon, the rowdy bunch realised the awkwardness of the situation and slowly stopped speaking.

YiHan waited for them to quiet down before speaking. “When you see me from now on, no need to greet me. Just walk around me,” he said.

TianYang’s lashes lowered. His curled-up fingers relaxed and he took a slow sip of his tea.

Li Sun and the others were shocked.

“What are you saying, Master Bai? Had one of us upset you? Name him and we’ll make him apologise to you!”

A slender finger curled up and knocked the table. “Perhaps you don’t get my meaning,” YiHan calmly said. “In this city, I, Bai YiHan, don’t need a reason or have been offended to hate someone. Unless they’re part of a very small group. All of you are evidently not part of that group. So, whenever you see me from now on, avoid me. Move around me. Don’t let me notice you or I will make you regret it.”

All colour escaped Li Sun’s face. He was pale as can be.

“Master Bai, was there some misunderstanding between us? Is there need to be so severe?” Li Sun asked with a forced smile. He’s still young men. He was also a pampered “young master”. No matter how willing all of them are to bend over, there was a limit to it. While they usually fawned over YiHan, they had always thought he was inferior. They would call him “the fool” behind his back. Now, YiHan was stomping all over Li Sun’s dignity before his “bros” and his new lover. The anger usually simmering on low started to flare up.

TianYang put down his teacup.

“Your surname is Li?” he asked in a clear and cold tone. “I know Li ZiFa (Li Sun’s father). With your status, you’re not fit to have any ‘misunderstandings’ with YiHan at all. He told you to avoid him from now on. Didn’t you hear him?”

Li Sun’s face went stark white. He didn’t know whether to leave or to stay. His hands curled into fists as his nails dug into his palms.

YiHan leaned back on his chair. He was about to speak up when Li Sun’s and his gang’s expressions shifted.

Chen TianYang looked up and called out a greeting, “Mr Mu.”

YiHan’s head swivelled. JingYuan was striding over with a solemn face. Unwittingly, YiHan grinned. The depressing feelings weighing down his mind took flight.

“JingYuan, why are you here?” YiHan joyfully asked.

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GC: Chapter 78

78. Feng Qun’s Followers

As TianYang anticipated, YiHan was both nervous and ecstatic at his win. He had done so much better than he usually did. In this race, he’d “barely won”. His breathing was slightly laboured. The red flush commonly associated with exercise filled his fair cheeks. Sweat beaded on his forehead. He was very happy, but TianYang stopped him from any more riding to avoid overexertion which would’ve made his muscles ache. TianYang helped him down his horse and over to the resting area. Their horses were then led over to some water by the staff.

TianYang handed some juice to YiHan, who then thanked him for it. Just as YiHan took a sip, someone nearby shouted, “Little Master Bai!”

The two looked up to be met with the sigh of a few men walking towards. The young men were the idyllic rich kind, dressed in punk clothing. Women hung off their arms in rather risqué clothing.

TianYang frowned.

It took YiHan a few good looks before he recognised who they were – the “friends” who were always rather close with Feng Qun. It was a group of second-generation rich kids. They were the classical entitled, lazy, rich brats. They excel in nothing but eating, drinking and playing. This gang used to be secretly led by Feng Qun. They would follow behind YiHan, and Feng Qun, and constantly call out, “Little Master, Little Master”. They were great at flattery and sucking up to people Many of YiHan’s “firsts” were led by them. He thought he’d made some friends. Never would he have imagined they merely thought of him as an idiotic ATM card on legs. A great tree was great for shade. They often committed a lot of nasty deeds “in his name”. Ever since he was introduced to them, his reputation had worsened drastically.

Then, the Bai family fell into hardship and all of them showed their true selves. They would frequently gang up in the cafe he was working in to make things hard for him. They’d request flirtatious, bawdy and erotic songs like the Eighteen Touches. They’d force him to do all sorts of humiliating things, as if they were retaliating all the “humiliation” they’d suffered when they bowed their head before him and acting like his errand boys. Did they forget? No one forced them to kowtow to him. They had caused the so-called “humiliation” onto themselves.

When YiHan saw the stud-covered men with those sly smiles, all warmth seeped out of him. He’s started over now. He felt guilty for how he’d treated his family, how he’d treated JingYuan. He wanted to give back and compensate for all the wrongs he’d done, but he owed nothing to these men! If they didn’t toe the line and just went on with their own lives, he’ll let things be. If they foolishly insisted on bothering him, he wouldn’t hold back.

And Feng Qun…His emotions were still unstable back when he’d just been reborn. Their first meeting since he came back was at the Yan family banquet. Like a useless coward, he was trapped by his fear. Then, somehow, he had a roll in the hay with JingYuan. Now, he had his sister’s marriage to handle. He didn’t have the time to do anything. Once XueQing’s business was done, it was time for YiHan and Feng Qun to settle his past life’s accounts.

He had once thought that he was done with his revenge for all those disgusting and filthy acts Feng Qun had done to him. YiHan had killed the other with his own hands. He’ll just stay far away from the other man in this life. But after he got together with JingYuan, every time he was reminded of what happened in his last life would make his throat close up. He would instinctively feel extremely uneasy and guilty when he had to face JingYuan. It happened so often that JingYuan frequently misunderstood it as YiHan being unwilling to date him. Every time YiHan saw JingYuan’s disappointed face, his heart ached hard. He would berate himself for his cowardice while feeling less and less at ease with life. As long as Feng Qun was living in the same planet as he was, he would always be afraid.

YiHan squinted his eyes at the group headed his way. These men can be considered Feng Qun’s followers. While he didn’t hate them, they were approaching him out of their own will. There’s no need to be polite with them, right?

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GC: Chapter 77

77. Let’s Race

Throughout the whole incident, JingYuan had been following TianYang and YiHan. After watching YiHan walked into the Bai family home proper, he drove forward and turned around the corner. Chen TianYang’s car was parked by the side there. Its owner was leaning against its side with a cigarette in his hands. When TianYang saw JingYuan step out of his car, he stood up straight, extinguish the cigarette in his hands and threw it in a bin.

“Well? How did it go? YiHan looked like he was in a good mood,” JingYuan said before TianYang even had a chance to say anything.

The kind and gentle man YiHan saw in TianYang was nowhere to be seen. “It went well. We’re going horse riding at Hong Ming next Wednesday. You going?” TianYang blankly stated.

“Of course,” JingYuan said with a nod.

JingYuan then turned around back to his car when TianYang spoke up, “JingYuan, XueQing…”

“Relax. I love HanHan and only him,” JingYuan looked back at said.

“Then why did you get engaged with XueQing?” TianYang asked, squinting his eyes at the other ma. “Are you playing her for a fool? Using her?”

At that, JingYuan fully turned around to look at TianYang straight in the eyes. “That is just a misunderstanding. It’s been resolved. I would never play anyone for a fool for no reason, especially not the Bai family.

“If you really like XueQing, then seize this chance. From what I know, XueQing doesn’t like anyone yet. She doesn’t think badly of you either. You’ve got a great starting point. If you can’t even win her over with that advantage, no one can help you.”

“Of course,” TianYang said, a polite smile hanging on his lips. “I don’t need anyone’s help with what’s going on between XueQing and I. Through your fake engagement, I realised something. If I love someone, I have to protect them myself. Leaving them in anyone else’s hands is just too unstable. I believe I am the one who loves her the most in this entire world. No one else is a better match for her than I am.”

JingYuan paused. He lowered his gaze and pondered on TianYang’s words.

“You’re right,” JingYuan said. “If we love someone, we must protect them ourselves.”

He then got in his car and drove back to the Bai family home without another look at TianYang.


Located in the outskirts of the city, Hong Ming was a resort with great service and venues for all sorts of entertainment options. It had an equestrian centre, a golf course, a shooting range, swimming pools, snooker rooms, saunas and even karaoke lounges. They have anything and everything one could imagine. It was the best place to relax and enjoy life. Consequently, it was very expensive. Not everyone could afford to go there. However, those fees were just a drop in the bucket to those in the high society. Not only do the young men like to meetup in Hong Ming, plenty of the adults loved to discuss business there.

YiHan often hung out with Feng Qun and the others here. He even bought a horse and stabled it there. His riding skills were average and the horse he chose was also a calm and gentle one. It had a chestnut coat that was particularly reddish, so he named it “Jujube”. Hong Ming had treated it so well that it was strong and stocky with a glossy coat. It looked like a ripe and juicy jujube.

YiHan rode Jujube around the field to reacquaint himself with his horse once more. When he rode back to TianYang, he looked like he was in a much better mood. He even smiled at TianYang.

“TianYang, come on,” he said.

TianYang swung himself on his horse in one smooth and powerful motion.

“You ride well, YiHan. Your horse is also a good horse,” TianYang said with a warm smile.

YiHan let out a chuckle, revealing a pair of prominent dimples. “No, no. I don’t really know how to pick horses. I just thought it looked nice, so I bought it,” he said.

“A lot of things in this world happen because of destiny. It’s best to go with the decision your heart makes,” TianYang laughed.

“You’re right,” YiHan said with another loud chuckle. “Come, let’s ride!”

“Okay,” TianYang responded with a big, bright smile. “Let’s see who’s the fastest!”

The two charged ahead at the same time. TianYang was skilled enough to let YiHan get ahead without the other noticing it. TianYang’s horse never overtook YiHan’s, yet it always stayed close enough that YiHan could feel the thrilling rush of a race. Eventually, YiHan won in a manner that seemed natural enough.

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GC: Chapter 76

76. I Am a Scanner

As Chen TianYang expected, Bai YiHan stepped out of the car stopped by the side of the road. He was visibly frustrated and annoyed.

This was it! So TianYang thought.

He pushed down the nervousness bubbling up in him, slowly pulled over by the road and stepped out of his car.

YiHan was feeling restless and uneasy when he saw his target car stop behind his.

“The youngest son of the Bai family?” TianYang asked with a smile.

He’s hooked! His sister stood a chance! YiHan stamped down the excitement swelling in him. He pretended to not recognise who TianYang was and replied, “That’s me. You are…?”

“I’m Chen TianYang. I’m acquainted with your sister and I frequently her mention you. We met during the old Mr Yan’s birthday party,” he said. TianYang’s smile deepened into a warmer, friendlier smile.

The old Mr Yan’s birthday banquet? So much happened that day. Everything about that day was a mess. YiHan didn’t remember having seen TianYang there at all. Still, YiHan smiled and said,
 Ah, Mr Chen. My apologies for not recognising you just now.”

“It’s fine. Is there something troubling you?” TianYang knew why  but he still asked.

YiHan frowned (full marks for expressiveness) and replied, “Something’s wrong with my car. Looks like I’ll have to call for someone to fetch me.”

“No need to go through all that trouble. If you trust me, why don’t I be your driver for once? Where are you heading to? I’ll get you there,” TianYang said.

“You’re my sister’s friend. Why won’t I trust you? I just don’t want to bother you,” YiHan politely refused in pretence.

“You’re too polite. It wouldn’t be a bother. Get in,” TianYang replied.

YiHan then decisively looked over at his driver and said, “Uncle Xu, you head back in a cab.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll get someone to tow the car for repairs. You go,” said the driver with a smile.

YiHan nodded back and quickly jumped into TianYang’s car.

As the car slowly slid back into the flow of cars driving through, YiHan shoot a glance at the rear-view mirror to find the ever-honest Uncle Xu drive away in his car. He. Drove. The. Broken-Down. Car. Away…

YiHan felt like crying. Uncle Xu, can’t you wait until we’re out of sight first?

He hurriedly snuck a glance at TianYang only to find the other man’s gaze focused on the road ahead. It didn’t seem like he’d seen YiHan’s “broken-down” car smoothly driving away. YiHan let out a sigh of relief. Thank goodness!

TianYang pursed his lips and tried hard to hold his laughter back in. His future brother-in-law was so cute!

YiHan’s tense body relaxed slightly. TianYang didn’t see through his lie. He tilted his head and looked at the other man from the corner of his eye. Just like a scanner, his gaze swept up and down. Not a single hair on the other’s body was overlooked.

Some bored soul on the internet had created a “Hottest Man Among the Rich in the City” leaderboard. JingYuan and TianYang were very well-known there. They’re always part of the top three. While this leaderboard was rather nonsensical, it was rather accurate. It must’ve been created by someone among the upper-class society. They clearly were familiar with the people in their circle. The critique wasn’t exaggerated and it merely talked about the men’s looks, nothing about their families. The leaderboard went viral for a time. YiHan had even taken a look at it and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at it back then. Now that he’s had a good look at Chen TianYang, he definitely agreed with it. Chen TianYang was certainly a rare beauty. He was much more handsome in real life, especially when he smiled. His face would soften and it was very moving. Yes, this person was definitely a fit match for YiHan’s sister. TianYang also had a high nose bridge. They all said men with high nose bridges were all…ahem, that thing.

As for TianYang’s body, YiHan couldn’t really tell right then because the other man was sitting down. However, he remembered what TianYang looked like when he stepped out of the car. Wide shoulders, long and slender legs, a slim waist, vibrant and flushed cheeks, and a strong gaze. TianYang looked handsome and capable.

Okay. YiHan gave him nine out of ten for his looks. It’s not that the other was bad in any aspect, but JingYuan would always be the most handsome man alive to YiHan. No one else can beat JingYuan in that.

TianYang sat up straight and tried to portray the best side of himself while pretending to not know his future brother-in-law was evaluating him. When he saw YiHan reveal a look of satisfaction out of the corner of his eye, he secretly let out a sigh of relief. His looks had passed the test, it seemed.

Next up would be to engage in conversation. Despite the initial awkwardness born from making small talk, the two soon found themselves happily chatting away. While YiHan knew of Chen TianYang in his past life, he had never really talked to him. Who knew the heir to the Chen family, rumoured to be the most talented among the younger generation of the Chen family, would be so open-minded and funny (big misunderstanding)? TianYang was so friendly and kind that it was so nice just chatting with the other.

The drive went by pleasantly with plenty of laughter along the way. By the end, they both developed a good impression of the other and had started calling each other by first names. TianYang felt that his future brother-in-law wasn’t as immature, brash and selfish as the rumours made him out to be. YiHan was such a cute and obedient kid. As for YiHan, he concluded his future brother-in-law wasn’t as strict and conservative as the rumours made the other out to be. Yes, YiHan thought TianYang was a very friendly and open-hearted man.

The car finally arrived at the Bai family home. The two swapped contact information and agreed to go riding next Monday before going their own ways.

After testing the waters, YiHan decided Chen TianYang must really like XueQing. Every time her name was brought up, TianYang’s face would automatically soften. Every time he spoke XueQing’s name, his voice would be all warm and gentle. He most likely was in love with XueQing, but YiHan still had to confirm that. YiHan must continue testing.

Translator’s Note:

First names: The exact line read, “they had started calling each other ‘Chen-dage’ and ‘YiHan’”. Chen-dage meaning Big Brother Chen. However, that’ll introduce a suffix for no real reason to this story. Hence, it was changed to “first names”.

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GC: Chapter 75

75. Pay You Back With Another

YiHan was startled. “I…I didn’t say I want to but…my sister, she…”

JingYuan went silent. He stood up and turned away from YiHan. “XueQing and I have explained this to you,” he said sadly. “Our engagement is fake. It was all a bad plan, but I did all that for you! I thought we explained it clearly enough but the way you’re acting now…HanHan, are you regretting it? It’s fine. You know I love you. You hold all the authority to hurt me. No matter what you decide to do, I will accept it. No matter how you treat me, I’ll…accept it. As long as you’re happy.”

YiHan’s heart throbbed in pain. He hurriedly stood up. Before he even paused and thought about it, he wrapped his arms around JingYuan’s slim waist and panickily said, “JingYuan, I didn’t mean that. I-I like you too. I like you the most. How could I bear to hurt you? It’s just…my sister, I…I always feel like I’m the thief here. I don’t know what I should say.”

The edges of JingYuan’s lips twitched. He turned back around and used his height advantage to pull YiHan into his embrace. “I know. I shouldn’t push you. I’m the one in the wrong in the first place. I made a bad move first which made you upset. I’ll happily accept any punishment from you,” he sighed.

“No punishment,” YiHan quickly shot. “I just…I don’t know what we are right now.”

JingYuan sighed once more. “HanHan, I thought we were on the same page and again…After being so intimate, we’re lovers now. Am I wrong?”

YiHan felt his face flushing once more. “T-That’s right,” he whispered.

JingYuan let out a sigh of relief. “We’ll try to resolve the engagement issue as fast as possible. Your sister is in more of a hurry than us.”

“I want it settled soon too,” YiHan said with a frown. “But…I still don’t know how I should get close to Chen TianYang. This concerns my sister’s lifetime happiness. I’m afraid I’ll mess it up.”

JingYuan smiled and let go of YiHan. He pulled the younger man down on the couch and fed him another slice of peach. “HanHan, have you ever thought that if Chen TianYang really liked XueQing, you wouldn’t need to get close to him? That he’d use any chance to actively get close to you? You just need to create a ‘chance’ for him. If he comes, that means he really wants to be close to XueQing’s family. If he doesn’t get hooked, then XueQing probably stands no chance. This is also a test on what he thinks,” said JingYuan.

When YiHan heard that, his eyes started sparkling. He even forgot to chew the peach in his mouth. In his excitement, he pounced on JingYuan and eagerly said, “Right. Why did I never think of that before? You’re so smart!”

JingYuan steadily caught him. His smile widened and raised his hands to press on the back of YiHan’s head. He kissed the other on the lips. His tongue swept through YiHan’s mouth and stole the peach slice from the other with a curl of his tongue.

“Not bad,” he said as he chewed on his stolen peach slice. “It’s very sweet.”

YiHan hopped off. His face as red as a tomato. “We still have a lot more if you wanted some. Why did you have to steal mine?” he asked.

“Well, I’ll pay you back with another,” JingYuan lovingly said, spearing another slice with the fork.

YiHan: “…”


The next day, Chen TianYang spotted a familiar face pulled over by the road as he was driving home after work. He slowed down and took a thorough look at it. Didn’t it belong to the Bai family? That’s the car YiHan usually use when he gets out!

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GC: Chapter 74

74. Lovers

YiHan’s face went aflame. “N-No. I’m okay. Um…that…my eyes are feeling strained. I’ll take a break. Get some water,” he stuttered. Saying so, he threw the bunched-up wad of paper into the waste basket. In jittery, panicked motions, he stood up to pour a drink from the jug of water nearby.

JingYuan stared at YiHan’s Adam’s apple bobbled up and down as he gulped down water. It reminded him of that night when his little one also complained he was thirsty and wanted a drink. In the end, YiHan mistook liquor for water and…

Stop! Mu JingYuan, stop thinking! If Little JingYuan stood up and saluted YiHan now, his image in HanHan’s mind would be ruined!

JingYuan silently took a few deep breaths and shoved the desire swelling up in him deep down into the unknown bottom of his mind. Only then did he stand up and walked over to YiHan. Casually, as if he hadn’t been thinking very dirty thoughts about YiHan, he wiped away the water drops hanging on the edges of YiHan’s mouth.

When YiHan looked down and put a hand on his stomach, JingYuan gently asked, “Are you hungry? Lunch will be ready soon. Now’s not a good time for a proper snack. Why don’t I get you some fruit instead?”

Somewhat embarrassed and perplexed, YiHan hurriedly nodded. His eyes trailed after JingYuan who walked out the door through to the kitchen. He was feeling rather anxious. Just what is their relationship right now? He was so happy at how affectionate JingYuan was being, but that man was still his future brother-in-law. Every time JingYuan showed his affections, YiHan felt so ashamed. He felt like some mistress who’s having a scandalous affair with his brother-in-law. Perhaps it was because of the deep-seated belief he had from his last life, perhaps that was affecting his thoughts. No matter how much his sister and JingYuan emphasised their engagement was just a farce, he still felt very uneasy about it. It felt like he was a thief. This was so much different from the decision he made when he was reborn. This development that had strayed so far away from what he had predicted that he was trembling at the thought of everything.

With a plate of tiny cubes of honeydew and peaches, JingYuan pushed through the door and back into the room. YiHan might’ve instantly composed himself and smiled at JingYuan, the other man still caught a glimpse of YiHan’s panic flashing through his face. That made his heart clench hard with pain.

Without saying anything, JingYuan walked over to YiHan and placed the plate on the table. He speared a piece of honeydew with a tiny fork and raised it to YiHan’s lips.

“Aunt Yang said this honeydew’s very sweet. Try it,” JingYuan said with a smile.

YiHan’s mouth snatched the honeydew from the fork while it was still in JingYuan’s hand. Maybe it was because this honeydew came from JingYuan, YiHan felt as if the honeydew was so much sweeter than the fruits he usually ate. He couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

“It’s very sweet. You have some too,” YiHan said.

JingYuan smiled and used the same fork to grab a piece. He even licked the juices left on the fork after swallowing down the fruit cube.

“It’s extremely sweet,” JingYuan suggestively said.

YiHan nearly choked on his own breath at how seductive JingYuan was acting. His eyes were as wide as plates. He didn’t even know what to say. There were two forks that came with the plate of cut fruits. Why did JingYuan used the fork YiHan did? He even licked…

JingYuan glanced at YiHan. “What is it?” he asked, curious as to what the issue was.

“That fork…I, um, I…I just used that…” YiHan mumbled.

“I know,” JingYuan replied, more confused than before.

“Yet you still…”

All of a sudden, JingYuan leaned in close. “We’re lovers,” he interrupted. “Why can’t we share a fork? You don’t like me? Am I disgusting?”

YiHan’s heart thumped and raced. “L-Lovers…” he stammered.

“Of course we’re lovers,” JingYuan said with a pained look. “Unless you want to deny all responsibility?”

Translator’s Note:

Don’t like me? Am I disgusting: The Chinese text merely said, “Do you dislike me?” but the phrase used, 嫌弃, can be used to imply the speaker thinks the other disgusting or hateful for some unpleasant reason.

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GC: Chapter 73

73. Possessed

“What XueQing said isn’t without reason, Father,” Yan said, nodding. “They always say, lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas. Our little brother is still young. He’s not completely set in his ways. It’s not good for him to hang out with someone as unscrupulous as Feng Qun. He might have been led astray by that guy. He was temperamental and self-centred. He wouldn’t even listen to me, his elder brother. But now? He’s become mature and obedient; he’d even listen to my advice. Those superficial friends of his should be chased off as soon as possible.”

“You’re right,” FuRen agreed with a node. “HanHan is the youngest son of the Bai family. There are many who’d like to curry favour with him. He’s still young. Sometimes, he can’t tell whether someone really is kind and sincere or if they’re malicious. You’re his older siblings. You’ll have to help him filter out the scum, but you have to respect his wishes so he doesn’t get upset.

“As for this Feng Qun, the young Mr Chen has already acted. We don’t need to do anything else. Whether he actually befriended HanHan with evil intentions or not, it doesn’t matter. That’s all just our guess. If we do anything more, we’ll be seen as going overboard and cruel. Once he’s out of the hospital, we’ll just drive him away. As long as he never returns to this city, we’ll leave him be no matter what he does.”

Yan and XueQing nodded to that.


When JingYuan arrived back at the Bai family home, YiHan was currently hard at work writing something.

The first thing JingYuan saw when he stepped through the door was YiHan almost spread out all over the desk. He wrote and drew and wrote again on a piece of paper. His brows were locked in a tight frown. He was so serious and focused on his writings that he didn’t even notice JingYuan getting close to him.

JingYuan stood behind YiHan and stretched his neck to peek at what HanHan was writing. While everything was a little messy and all over the place, he could tell it was a plan for how to get close to Chen TianYang and suss out his attitude to XueQing.

JingYuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that. He couldn’t help but feel a little jealous at it. His little one really did care a lot for his sister.

He knew this wasn’t the right mindset to have. HanHan liked him. This was already the greatest gift the gods could ever bestow upon him. He shouldn’t get greedy. That’s just what humans do though. When they have a delicious cake they can look at but not taste, they would think that they’ll be satisfied as long as they can take one bite. Once he really did take one bite of that delectable cake, they would have the uncontrollable desire to have the entire cake to themselves. They wouldn’t even want others to glance at it to avoid anyone else wanting the cake.

JingYuan bitterly laughed on the inside. Everyone said he was a very promising young man who was mature and disciplined. No one would’ve thought that when it’s about the one he loved, he would act exactly like an immature brat, anxious and unruly. XueQing was HanHan’s sister. It’s normal for someone to care a lot about one’s sister’s marriage. He’s acting like he’s possessed. He must correct that.

He let out a long exhale and asked in a soft voice, “HanHan, what are you writing? You’re so serious.”

It was only then that YiHan realised JingYuan was in the room. “You’re back. I was wondering how to approach Chen TianYang in a natural manner that he wouldn’t see through. He’s so smart. I’m afraid of mucking it up.”

JingYuan casually leaned down and pecked YiHan on the cheek. “How’s your plan coming along?” he gently asked.

YiHan’s face immediately flushed red. He put his pen down and used his two fair, perfect, slender hands to cover up the messy writing on the paper. “I’m not done yet,” he muttered.

The smile on JingYuan’s lips deepened. He didn’t bother trying to take a peek at the paper again. He raised a hand to pat the back of YiHan’s head and warmly said, “Have you been planning for a long time? Just bashing your head against it won’t do. You’ve got to take a few breaks. Hm, you’ve been sitting here for a long time. This chair isn’t very soft. Aren’t you uncomfortable?”

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