GC: Chapter 79

79. Need It Be So Severe?

The young men who came up to YiHan and TianYang were led by one called Li Sun. His name, “Sun”, was the character used for adaptability and easy-going, but his personality was the complete opposite to his name. Ever since he was a child, he’s been a demonic wild child. No, demon might be an overestimation. He’s the type to bully the weak and bow before the strong. He was very “flexible” in that aspect. When Feng Qun was around, he was the leading follower. Now that Feng Qun was a downtrodden dog, Li Sun was the “boss”.

He had followed his gang along to Hong Ming to play, and to show off his new lover. This girl was a diamond in the rough. She looks so innocent and proper, but she’s a wanton slut in bed. She had squeezed him dry in just a few days!

Never could Li Sun have imagined he would discover Little Master Bai here. Who-knows-what got to this fool. All of a sudden, he started ignoring them. What could they do? When one was born into the Bai family, it was their right to ignore anyone they liked whenever they liked. If they waved, you should hurry over. If they turn away, you must be smart enough to scram instantly. Nothing in life was fair.

Li Sun pushed down the indignant thoughts in his mind and hung a fawning smile on his lips. He swiftly walked over to YiHan with his gaggle of followers.

“Little Master, it’s been a long time. We’ve all missed you. Here to enjoy yourself? Join us?” Li Sun greeted.

The young men following him immediately rose in chorus, “Yes!”, “Little Master”, “What a coincidence”. All sorts of nonsensical greetings rang through the air.

YiHan just stared at them. He didn’t speak, he didn’t move. Soon, the rowdy bunch realised the awkwardness of the situation and slowly stopped speaking.

YiHan waited for them to quiet down before speaking. “When you see me from now on, no need to greet me. Just walk around me,” he said.

TianYang’s lashes lowered. His curled-up fingers relaxed and he took a slow sip of his tea.

Li Sun and the others were shocked.

“What are you saying, Master Bai? Had one of us upset you? Name him and we’ll make him apologise to you!”

A slender finger curled up and knocked the table. “Perhaps you don’t get my meaning,” YiHan calmly said. “In this city, I, Bai YiHan, don’t need a reason or have been offended to hate someone. Unless they’re part of a very small group. All of you are evidently not part of that group. So, whenever you see me from now on, avoid me. Move around me. Don’t let me notice you or I will make you regret it.”

All colour escaped Li Sun’s face. He was pale as can be.

“Master Bai, was there some misunderstanding between us? Is there need to be so severe?” Li Sun asked with a forced smile. He’s still young men. He was also a pampered “young master”. No matter how willing all of them are to bend over, there was a limit to it. While they usually fawned over YiHan, they had always thought he was inferior. They would call him “the fool” behind his back. Now, YiHan was stomping all over Li Sun’s dignity before his “bros” and his new lover. The anger usually simmering on low started to flare up.

TianYang put down his teacup.

“Your surname is Li?” he asked in a clear and cold tone. “I know Li ZiFa (Li Sun’s father). With your status, you’re not fit to have any ‘misunderstandings’ with YiHan at all. He told you to avoid him from now on. Didn’t you hear him?”

Li Sun’s face went stark white. He didn’t know whether to leave or to stay. His hands curled into fists as his nails dug into his palms.

YiHan leaned back on his chair. He was about to speak up when Li Sun’s and his gang’s expressions shifted.

Chen TianYang looked up and called out a greeting, “Mr Mu.”

YiHan’s head swivelled. JingYuan was striding over with a solemn face. Unwittingly, YiHan grinned. The depressing feelings weighing down his mind took flight.

“JingYuan, why are you here?” YiHan joyfully asked.

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LC: Chapter 80

80. Trouble on the Forums

After a long night’s chat, QiYao finally had a rough understanding of the story behind the animosity between XiaoYu and Snow. Who would’ve thought it’d be related to the scheming assassin Egg_Tart mentioned before?

If one boiled it down to the basics, it’s a series of unfortunate and unpleasant reactions born from the meeting between someone who’s used to just thinking of herself and someone who’d so introverted that he didn’t know how to explain things. Objectively none of them were in the wrong and none of them were right. It was a simple case of a clash of personalities that easily led to misunderstandings and grudges.

Most men wouldn’t think too much on what’s in the past. That’s why the two men put aside the PvP duel after a good night’s sleep. Just because they’ve put it aside, doesn’t mean everyone had, especially not the person who was outclassed and forced to leave in humiliation.

Unknown to QiYao and XiaoYu, a post on the forums was gaining popularity.

A large-scale game like AO would have countless of new posts appearing on its forums. They asked for help, for trade, to chat, to fight. If one wanted to stand out from the crowd, they would need an astonishing, eye-catching title. Like this one.

Bully of the weak, dogsbody of the strong! Who knew the Heretic Demons leader would be like this? [picture]

Gossip about famous people were topics the average player of the game preferred, especially if there were pictures. Quite a few of the readers only clicked into the topic because it had an image of the Heretic Demons Guild Leader.

Indeed, there was a picture attached to the post. In the image, QiYao had a blank face on and pointing his sharp sword at a weak female wizard with her head lowered. On the surface, it certainly did look like he was bullying a lower-levelled player.

Under the image was the post detailing how she, a low-level wizard, was scouting out the Pyramids when she accidentally hit the same monster as another healer. Some misunderstandings were born from that incident and the other player called his party member for help. To her surprise, it was the famous Guild Leader of the Heretic Demons. They forced her to apologise just because they were part of a major guild. If she didn’t apologise, they’d kill her. They were very mean and evil. She’s just a weak little wizard. She wasn’t looking for justice on how she was bullied by two men, she just wanted everyone to know the true character of these people.

Before Snow uploaded the photo, she’d erased her own nametag which would show that she was the one who attacked first. However, she left QiYao’s and XiaoYu’s nametags in the image as QiYao had decided to show their party name. The bright “(Black-White)” text clearly announced they belonged to the same party. It portrayed an image of the Heretic Demons Guild Leader threatening a wizard to apologise after a misunderstanding happened.

There’s an air of a culprit making a complaint before the victim in Snow’s post. That’s because the more she thought about it through the night, the angrier she got, the harder it was to calm down. But she can’t go against QiYao and XiaoYu head-on. None of her so-called best friends were useful. All she could do was vent out her anger on the forums.

Anyone who have spent some time on the forums would know how messy things were. There were all sorts of people on there. When a hot topic appeared, there were always those clicking in just because they were curious, just because they wanted to watch the fire burn, and just because they wanted to make sure justice was properly served. The replies started piling up until the conversation veered off into rather strange territories.

No. 1: First~ I’ll edit after reading.

No. 2: Second. Watching.

No. 3: Please give the truth. *roll around*

No. 9: Wow, who knew HereticKing would do this.

No. 10: So what if you’re from Heretic Demons?

No. 25: Is this just clickbait?

No. 26: HereticKing is so hot. He’s so handsome even when fighting!

No. 48: Is this image fake or real? Video, please!

No. 78: Sometimes, healers are just bad news.

No. 79: Healers only know to hide behind others. Hahaha!

No. 80: 78, 79, if you’ve got the balls to, then don’t beg us for help. I hate those who are biased against healers!

No. 85: Healers just love acting like fckbois.

No. 90: Scram. If you’ve got guts, post your IGN. Let the Healers Alliance hunt you down.

No. 125: Heretic Demons, come out and apologise. You think you’re all that just because you’re a big guild?

No. 131: OP, is this slander about our boss? Go home. It’s your bedtime already.

No. 132: 131, you think your leader really is a good man?

No. 133: You may know someone for years but you’ll never know who they truly are.

No. 134: 132, are you looking for a fight?

Verbal fights broke out regarding the Healers Alliance and the Heretic Demons. A cold smirk spread over Snow’s face as she read through the thread. The replies mocking and insulting the Healers Alliance and the Heretic Demons made her feel so very happy and satisfied. While some of them also directed hate at her, she ignored them. However, after she logged off for the night, the replies started swerving to another direction in a few pages.

No. 282: Why’s no one talking about the healer behind HereticKing? It doesn’t look like Mr Poor!

No. 283: It definitely isn’t him. Analysis complete!

No. 284: Does His Majesty not want the great Poor anymore? PS. The height difference is just beautiful!

No. 290: According to a little bird, that’s Heretic Demon’s Mrs Guild Leader.

No. 293: I told you HereticKing’s gay.

No. 285: Disgusting!

No. 298: 285 is the most disgusting one here.

No. 299: Bunch of ignorant women who only know to gossip.

No. 300: Requesting the healer’s information. I’m curious.

No. 311: I’ve seen them in Prole before. They looked so happy with each other!

Most of the replies after this shift then focused on gossiping about HereticKing and the new healer. Even if someone tried to bring the conversation back on topic about HereticKing’s character or tried to implicitly mock the Heretic Demons, it’d be drowned out by the gossiping replies. The more topics were introduced to the thread, the messier things became. There were those fighting with each other. There were those just there to gossip and fawn over the couple in the image. Kings of providing new information and confirming information began popping out of the woodworks. Simply put, the thread slowly began to get off-topic.

With everyone’s passionately replying, the post was “manually pinned” for the whole night. More people began to notice the post and participate in the discussions within. Heretic Demons guild members were a significant portion of them. Due to the real-life gathering they just had two days ago, anyone with eyes could tell something was going on between their Guild Leader and this young healer. A few of the higher-ups could feel their curiosity bursting out of their bodies. They had watched as their calm leader suddenly jump out of his seat halfway through the meeting and dashed out the door without a single word to them. What a thrilling story behind that mysterious act. Please, they need the truth!

When Snow woke up, she was hoping to see more and more players joining in the fight. No matter who won in the end, the insults thrown around would pacify her anger. To her astonishment, replies of that type started to peter out. Unfortunately, there was no way for her to create alternate accounts to poke the fire and start a fight all by herself. While forum usernames were different to the in-game names, the two accounts were linked when registering. She wouldn’t have taken the risk to pretend to be the feeble victim otherwise. She would’ve started up hundreds of alternate accounts to flood the forums with insults targeting the two men.

No. 3183: (OP)  Healers are so arrogant. How can a major guild’s leader intentionally spoil them? I don’t know why so many people are on their side! [cry] [cry]

No. 3184: Oh, OP’s finally popped out. Should you add another line about how tired you are and how you’ve lost all faith in love?

No. 3185: Don’t be so serious to a little girl. It’s true love~

No. 3186: You must have a sense of humour. Gossip is king.

No. 3187: I support OP. Bullies should all die!

No. 3190: Pictures aren’t the truth. If OP really wants our sympathy, post the video. PS. So was OP killed in the end?

No. 3193: Video please. I really want to see the mighty HereticKing unleashed! He’s a rare “Emperor”

Snow’s reply didn’t pull the thread back on topic. Instead, people started spamming her with replies requesting for a video of the incident. How could she have one? The image was taken after everything when QiYao made her pick between apologising and dying. In the few moments she had to think, her mind went blank. It was only a tiny urge that made her take a screenshot of the moment for her revenge in the future.

As the topic went off-topic again, a new problem started to present itself. The longer the thread was, the fewer players would have the patience to scroll through the replies in search of its highlights. New posts regarding this post appeared. Posts like “Let’s gossip about the thing between HereticKing and Healer”, “Caption this. Let’s write a novel”, “Heretic Demons bullying compilation post”, “All the ways the healers acted like arrogant bastards”, and so on.

Of course, the latter examples were started by people with ill-intent. They wanted to seize the chance to stomp on the people they always disliked. Usually, nothing would come of it. Now, they had this incident as their shield. To top it all off, one of the people involved was a famous player. With the truth being unknown to the public, it was fodder for arguments. The moderators could close off replies that personally attacked the other party, but they had no power to stop the people from discussing controversial issues.

Snow, as the first poster, gradually lost any offensive powers. Even so, new threads about the topic kept it viral, especially among those who didn’t have any good intents in mind. It became a place where they could gather and let their anger loose.

The main characters of this post rarely appeared on the forums. Thus, while the world outside burned, the two men went about their day as usual.

For some reason, XiaoYu mused, the female healers’ gazes were particularly heated when looking at him. He kept looking down at himself to make sure he had the correct equipment on today.

“Well, if it isn’t Lil Lucky,” someone called.

“Ah, Chrysanthemum. Hello,” XiaoYu replied.

“Come. I’ll grind with you today. Just the two of us. Let’s head to the Berserk Mummies downstairs.”

“Oh, okay.” After a word to his party leader, XiaoYu left the party he was in to join Chrysanthemum’s.

As the two players went through the first floor, Chrysanthemum nonchalantly asked, “Lil Lucky, did you and Chief come train at the Pyramids yesterday?”

“Yes. How did you know?”

“About half of all AO players know by now.”

“Huh? What?” XiaoYu shouted.

“Did you two get into a fight with a wizard?”


“Go take a look at the forums. I’ll keep guard.” She pulled XiaoYu over to a dead-end and buffed him up.

With question marks stamped all over his mind, XiaoYu “left his body” to browse the forums. He didn’t have to search for anything at all. All of the trending topics were posts about the incident. All of them made XiaoYu very uncomfortable, be they idle gossip or insults. It’s no wonder. He had always been a very private person who liked to keep a low profile. Now that he was forced into the limelight, and pulling QiYao, the Heretic Demons and the Healers Alliance in as targets too, it would be weird if he didn’t feel uneasy at all.

“Why did this blow up?” XiaoYu asked in confusion. He merely took a rough glance at a few of those threads. Of course, Snow’s post was included in his reading. Soon, his soul was pulled back into the game.

“Because Chief and the Heretic Demons are way too popular. Someone would always use the excuse to start a fight.” After all, the rumours didn’t come from nothing. That image was very real.

“What do we do?”

“The most direct way is to ignore them. After a few days, they should stop. But…” While Chrysanthemum had pulled her friends along to pull the thread off-topic, there would still be plenty of people who loved to see the world burn. They would keep starting negative threads. They couldn’t keep their facade of “unrelated personnel” forever.

“But what?”

“But with the truth unknown and that wizard embellishing the whole story, the two of you, the guild and the alliance would be affected one way or another.” After all, it was easier for a lot of people to accept the first story to be published.  While the source of all the discussion was just a picture, the story created was rather plausible.

“I didn’t think this would explode just because of me.” It was impossible for him to not feel guilty. XiaoYu was a very responsible man.

“Lil Lucky, I’m now asking you, seriously. Did it happen like how that wizard described?”

“We did hit the same mob, but what happened later is very different.”

“I believe you, but other people don’t know you. Ugh, if only we have something to prove your words. The worst part about this whole thing is that woman’s picture.” While the picture didn’t really prove anything, it was much more credible than a block of text.

“I’ve got a video.”

If Chrysanthemum wasn’t familiar with how slow-paced XiaoYu was, she would’ve slapped him at the back of his head. Why didn’t he say he had that?

One of the reasons XiaoYu would have a recording of the incident was because his past few PvP duels had taught him a grave lesson. Another reason was how Poor_Man and some of the other healers would chatter on at him about the ways a healer could protect themselves. They kept emphasising how important it was to have proof, to have a video of everything. With that, the Healers Alliance could publicly help him. Hence, when the two spells hit the Evil Santa Claus, XiaoYu instinctively started recording. The entire incident was recorded, from the moment the mob died to the end.

With a video on hand, everything was so much easier for Chrysanthemum. XiaoYu didn’t mind going public about it too. The default setting for recordings was the third-person point-of-view. If it wasn’t changed to the first, individual information would be kept private. XiaoYu didn’t have to worry about unintentionally exposing anything at all.

Chrysanthemum confidently assured XiaoYu she would handle the matter with a fist thump to her chest. She shamelessly begged him for the video. She had a selfish wish to be the first to witness QiYao heroically saving the cat. Luckily for her, XiaoYu had always been too lazy to create an account on the forums. He’d always been browsing as a guest. Now that he had the option to not register and verify an account just for this matter, he took it.

Never in all of Snow’s dreams would she have thought there would be a version of the incident that perfectly exposed all of her evil words and deeds. The easily swayed masses also began bombarding her with judgements. Comments like “You shrew!”, “Are you a kid?”, “How shameless of you to hide your name when you’re the one who actively attacked them!”, “Snow? Haha. This woman really overestimates herself!”, “What a loser! How can a magician not have Cough Drops?” filled her initial post. It made her so angry that she started smashing everything she could reached in her home. That was the truth though. There was no way she could argue and turn it to her favour. Furthermore, her forum account had been suspended for a day by the administrators due to spreading misinformation.

And so passed the incident, neither major nor trivial, with QiYao still ignorant to the fuss. Never could QiYao have imagined he would end up mesmerising players with the way he’d drawn his sword to protect his healer. His fanbase grew tremendously.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Fckbois: The more accurate translation for “装逼” would be “boasting/bragging/pretending to be more just to fulfil their own superficial pride”. However, it’s the forums and the term fits. It’ll date really fast though (as if my translation would stay up for more than a decade heh).
  2. How tired you are and how you’ve lost all faith in love: For those who don’t understand the reference/meme, it’s the common line spoken by “lotus” characters (characters who play the innocent saint but really create problems due to their naive [supposedly naive and evil if they’re “black”] actions). Another way to translate it would be “I’m tired. I won’t love anymore”.
  3. Easily swayed masses: “Water army” to be literal. It’s just people who have already have their mind set on a story, either because they’ve been paid to or because they share a common goal (like being fans of a certain celebrity). A more accurate translation would be “bots” or “paid commenters” but with obvious proof that those are not what’s going on, it’s been changed. I welcome any and all suggestions. I don’t dig into comment sections enough to know the proper accurate term.

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GC: Chapter 78

78. Feng Qun’s Followers

As TianYang anticipated, YiHan was both nervous and ecstatic at his win. He had done so much better than he usually did. In this race, he’d “barely won”. His breathing was slightly laboured. The red flush commonly associated with exercise filled his fair cheeks. Sweat beaded on his forehead. He was very happy, but TianYang stopped him from any more riding to avoid overexertion which would’ve made his muscles ache. TianYang helped him down his horse and over to the resting area. Their horses were then led over to some water by the staff.

TianYang handed some juice to YiHan, who then thanked him for it. Just as YiHan took a sip, someone nearby shouted, “Little Master Bai!”

The two looked up to be met with the sigh of a few men walking towards. The young men were the idyllic rich kind, dressed in punk clothing. Women hung off their arms in rather risqué clothing.

TianYang frowned.

It took YiHan a few good looks before he recognised who they were – the “friends” who were always rather close with Feng Qun. It was a group of second-generation rich kids. They were the classical entitled, lazy, rich brats. They excel in nothing but eating, drinking and playing. This gang used to be secretly led by Feng Qun. They would follow behind YiHan, and Feng Qun, and constantly call out, “Little Master, Little Master”. They were great at flattery and sucking up to people Many of YiHan’s “firsts” were led by them. He thought he’d made some friends. Never would he have imagined they merely thought of him as an idiotic ATM card on legs. A great tree was great for shade. They often committed a lot of nasty deeds “in his name”. Ever since he was introduced to them, his reputation had worsened drastically.

Then, the Bai family fell into hardship and all of them showed their true selves. They would frequently gang up in the cafe he was working in to make things hard for him. They’d request flirtatious, bawdy and erotic songs like the Eighteen Touches. They’d force him to do all sorts of humiliating things, as if they were retaliating all the “humiliation” they’d suffered when they bowed their head before him and acting like his errand boys. Did they forget? No one forced them to kowtow to him. They had caused the so-called “humiliation” onto themselves.

When YiHan saw the stud-covered men with those sly smiles, all warmth seeped out of him. He’s started over now. He felt guilty for how he’d treated his family, how he’d treated JingYuan. He wanted to give back and compensate for all the wrongs he’d done, but he owed nothing to these men! If they didn’t toe the line and just went on with their own lives, he’ll let things be. If they foolishly insisted on bothering him, he wouldn’t hold back.

And Feng Qun…His emotions were still unstable back when he’d just been reborn. Their first meeting since he came back was at the Yan family banquet. Like a useless coward, he was trapped by his fear. Then, somehow, he had a roll in the hay with JingYuan. Now, he had his sister’s marriage to handle. He didn’t have the time to do anything. Once XueQing’s business was done, it was time for YiHan and Feng Qun to settle his past life’s accounts.

He had once thought that he was done with his revenge for all those disgusting and filthy acts Feng Qun had done to him. YiHan had killed the other with his own hands. He’ll just stay far away from the other man in this life. But after he got together with JingYuan, every time he was reminded of what happened in his last life would make his throat close up. He would instinctively feel extremely uneasy and guilty when he had to face JingYuan. It happened so often that JingYuan frequently misunderstood it as YiHan being unwilling to date him. Every time YiHan saw JingYuan’s disappointed face, his heart ached hard. He would berate himself for his cowardice while feeling less and less at ease with life. As long as Feng Qun was living in the same planet as he was, he would always be afraid.

YiHan squinted his eyes at the group headed his way. These men can be considered Feng Qun’s followers. While he didn’t hate them, they were approaching him out of their own will. There’s no need to be polite with them, right?

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LC: Chapter 79

79. Apologise or Die

Stalemates would always end. While the two players are engrossed in their duel in the Pyramids, a shadow was flying through the land to them.

When Snow’s first fireball struck XiaoYu, QiYao in Prole received a notification:  (No Party) Player Snow has attacked your party member at Pyramids 1st Floor (112, 332). Hurry and help them.

This was a major benefit of being partied up. It was why XiaoYu would always be partied up with QiYao when he wasn’t with the grinding parties at the Pyramids. After the incident where XiaoYu was killed when not partied up, QiYao never wanted to witness the sight of his lover grieving all alone in a corner somewhere with all means of contacting XiaoYu closed off.

From the ID, this attacker should be a female player. However, QiYao didn’t recall anything about it at all. He might not know why she started a fight with XiaoYu, but AO’s healers can’t solo-PvP. Whether it was intentional or an accident, QiYao needed to assess the situation personally.

QiYao kept an eye on XiaoYu’s health during his dash through the countryside. It went up and down and up and down, but fortunately there were no signs of imminent danger.

Here was where his white Thousand-Li Horse shined. Its large galloping strides at up the distance much faster than the typical horse. And so, when QiYao arrived at the Pyramids and started to search for XiaoYu, the younger man had just Silenced Snow for the fifth time.

A duel between a magician who can’t finish a spell time after time and a healer with only one attack skill and long cast times was a very boring duel to those who knew how to PvP. What’s stranger was how Snow, a magician, became overwhelmed with rage after being Silenced multiple times in a row a began to act out in a very entitled, angry housewife fashion. “You won’t let me cast spells? Fine. I’ll hit you with my staff!” was the implied thought.

Thankfully, XiaoYu didn’t lose his calm too. The fight didn’t end up being two spellcasters hitting each other with their staffs. Every time Snow got close to him, he would pull back until he was a safe distance away. Then, he’d cast all sorts of debuffs on the woman. His skill proficiency bars were visibly increasing by the minute.

This bizarre sight was what QiYao saw when he finally charged into sight. XiaoYu should’ve been the weaker party. He looked like the bully instead while the magician who should be the stronger party was acting as the punching bag with a dark look on her face and ellipses filling the air above her. Ugh…okay. It seems like there was nothing he could do here.

By the time the current bout of Silence was ending, Snow was near insane. At first, she could still hit XiaoYu. Now, she could do nothing but take hits. She downed potion after potion. If this situation went on, she would die a shameful death in the hands of a healer. She was about to shout and yell at XiaoYu when she suddenly spotted a Knight standing in the shadows behind XiaoYu. She hurriedly swallowed back the curses about to escape her throat.

XiaoYu was prepared to continue casting Silence until it succeeded again, but then his opponent stopped moving and her gaze shifted to something behind him. He looked back. It’s QiYao. When did he arrive?

The two players had noticed QiYao’s presence. He couldn’t just stand by and watch the show now. He softly cleared his throat and walked over.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“He stole my kill!” shouted Snow.

QiYao ignored the rude display and looked at XiaoYu. His instincts told him he would get a clearer picture of the story from his lover. However, a certain someone didn’t know to read the room. While the bully voiced her complaint first, she was also arrogantly pointing her finger at XiaoYu.

Faced with QiYao’s questioning gaze, all XiaoYu did was shake his head and blandly replied, “It’s a long story.”

Indeed. The grudge between Snow and him was something that was hard to fully explain right now. Should he not have partied up with her way back then because he had the tiny little cat with him? Should he not have thrown that robe over to her? Should he not have saved that scheming assassin? Should he not have pointed an Evil Santa Claus out for her? Should he not have attacked that monster? There was so much miscommunication and lack of patience in their interactions that XiaoYu didn’t even know just how he had offended the other player.

“It’s not a long story. You stole what was mine back then and now you’re stealing my kill!” It was such a rough summary that excluded a lot of context.

“That’s curious. Just what monster was here that was worth stealing?” QiYao could tell just how much hate was behind that one sentence. QiYao can hear XiaoYu’s thorough explanation of the whole thing afterwards. Right now, he at the very least didn’t think XiaoYu was the kind to kill-steal, or that he was strong enough to steal a magician’s kill.

“Evil Santa Clauses! He stole two at once!” Snow was the best at exaggerating the truth.

Unfortunately for her, QiYao wasn’t as brainless as the assassin from Wings. Anyone with the slightest bit of logic would realise the hole in that accusation.

“Oh? How did he still your kill? Melee attack or magical?”

“Of course it’s through magic…”

“That’ll be Holy Light then? There’s a Poring over there. Try hitting it.” The latter half of QiYao’s words were directed to XiaoYu. A finger rose to point at the green Poring being all cute and bouncing around them, ignorant to its imminent death.

XiaoYu didn’t really get what QiYao was getting to, but he locked onto the Poring and started to cast Holy Light.

“Over two seconds. He stole your kill with that cast time?” Magicians could instantly cast a spell. How could a healer who needed over two seconds to attack kill-steal? How could he do it twice? Even a fool would know something was fishy.


“If you can’t explain why, then please apologise for this duel,” said QiYao.

“Why?” Snow screeched.

“Because you attacked first.” He glanced at the grey name above Snow. If it was a male player, QiYao would never have wasted his breath. He would slice the other down in one swift slash. However, as a gentleman, he had to be patient with ladies. That didn’t mean he could let the other bully her way around though. Because even if this was just a game, she should know basic gaming etiquette.

“…I won’t apologise. Especially not to healers.” Snow had hoped the famed guild leader would be leaning towards her side and snuff out the other player’s ego. To her surprise, everyone she met helped the healer. As if he’s all that great just because he had the Healers Alliance backing him up! As the two men selected to hide their party name, Snow still thought QiYao’s appearance was just a coincidence.

For the first time ever, QiYao could feel his patience hitting rock bottom. “Well, you should’ve been ready to die when you decided it was okay to have a grey name out in the wild,” he said, pulling out his sword.

“You…! You’re a major Guild Leader! How could you bully players at a lower level than you?” Snow had thought a famous man like Hei QiYao wouldn’t be so nosy, but the man had just displayed his desire to help the healer out. He had pulled out his sword. It would be a lie to say she wasn’t afraid of death.

“I’m just protecting my healer.”                QiYao switched their party settings to show their party name. The words “(Black-White)” appeared before their name tags.

“You two…!” It was only then did Snow understood why the over-Level 100 player would appear in the Pyramids. It’s because the two were in the same party all along.

“One last chance. Apologise or die.”

“…” Her fist curled into fists. Snow didn’t want to apologise at all, but she knew the Heretic Demons Guild Leader was very much stronger. It was impossible for her to escape either. She wavered between her life and her proud dignity for a moment. In the end, her jaws clenched tight.

“I’m…sorry,” she spat out between gritted teeth.


Once Snow hastily left in a dishevelled manner, QiYao languidly hid their party name once more. The name hovering before their individual names vanished.

“Yao, thank you,” said XiaoYu.

“If you really want to thank me, tell me everything about the grudge between you and her tonight,” QiYao said.

“Okay. Your meeting’s done?”



“Don’t be silly. I came because I wanted to protect you. Although, you didn’t seem to need my protection today.” It’s only natural to protect one’s beloved. Of course, QiYao understood he had to let go and stop when appropriate. That was why he didn’t instantly charge into the scene before. Watching XiaoYu grow and learn to PvP a magician on his own gave him a sense of satisfaction too.

“Hehe. Do you still need to go to your meeting?”

“No, it was about to end anyway. Let’s go grind.”

“Okay. Hm?”

“Mrrrrow~” The tiny cat clambered up XiaoYu’s leg. It wanted hugs. Today was so terrifying. It needed to pick up some gold to help it get over the shock. >w<

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GC: Chapter 77

77. Let’s Race

Throughout the whole incident, JingYuan had been following TianYang and YiHan. After watching YiHan walked into the Bai family home proper, he drove forward and turned around the corner. Chen TianYang’s car was parked by the side there. Its owner was leaning against its side with a cigarette in his hands. When TianYang saw JingYuan step out of his car, he stood up straight, extinguish the cigarette in his hands and threw it in a bin.

“Well? How did it go? YiHan looked like he was in a good mood,” JingYuan said before TianYang even had a chance to say anything.

The kind and gentle man YiHan saw in TianYang was nowhere to be seen. “It went well. We’re going horse riding at Hong Ming next Wednesday. You going?” TianYang blankly stated.

“Of course,” JingYuan said with a nod.

JingYuan then turned around back to his car when TianYang spoke up, “JingYuan, XueQing…”

“Relax. I love HanHan and only him,” JingYuan looked back at said.

“Then why did you get engaged with XueQing?” TianYang asked, squinting his eyes at the other ma. “Are you playing her for a fool? Using her?”

At that, JingYuan fully turned around to look at TianYang straight in the eyes. “That is just a misunderstanding. It’s been resolved. I would never play anyone for a fool for no reason, especially not the Bai family.

“If you really like XueQing, then seize this chance. From what I know, XueQing doesn’t like anyone yet. She doesn’t think badly of you either. You’ve got a great starting point. If you can’t even win her over with that advantage, no one can help you.”

“Of course,” TianYang said, a polite smile hanging on his lips. “I don’t need anyone’s help with what’s going on between XueQing and I. Through your fake engagement, I realised something. If I love someone, I have to protect them myself. Leaving them in anyone else’s hands is just too unstable. I believe I am the one who loves her the most in this entire world. No one else is a better match for her than I am.”

JingYuan paused. He lowered his gaze and pondered on TianYang’s words.

“You’re right,” JingYuan said. “If we love someone, we must protect them ourselves.”

He then got in his car and drove back to the Bai family home without another look at TianYang.


Located in the outskirts of the city, Hong Ming was a resort with great service and venues for all sorts of entertainment options. It had an equestrian centre, a golf course, a shooting range, swimming pools, snooker rooms, saunas and even karaoke lounges. They have anything and everything one could imagine. It was the best place to relax and enjoy life. Consequently, it was very expensive. Not everyone could afford to go there. However, those fees were just a drop in the bucket to those in the high society. Not only do the young men like to meetup in Hong Ming, plenty of the adults loved to discuss business there.

YiHan often hung out with Feng Qun and the others here. He even bought a horse and stabled it there. His riding skills were average and the horse he chose was also a calm and gentle one. It had a chestnut coat that was particularly reddish, so he named it “Jujube”. Hong Ming had treated it so well that it was strong and stocky with a glossy coat. It looked like a ripe and juicy jujube.

YiHan rode Jujube around the field to reacquaint himself with his horse once more. When he rode back to TianYang, he looked like he was in a much better mood. He even smiled at TianYang.

“TianYang, come on,” he said.

TianYang swung himself on his horse in one smooth and powerful motion.

“You ride well, YiHan. Your horse is also a good horse,” TianYang said with a warm smile.

YiHan let out a chuckle, revealing a pair of prominent dimples. “No, no. I don’t really know how to pick horses. I just thought it looked nice, so I bought it,” he said.

“A lot of things in this world happen because of destiny. It’s best to go with the decision your heart makes,” TianYang laughed.

“You’re right,” YiHan said with another loud chuckle. “Come, let’s ride!”

“Okay,” TianYang responded with a big, bright smile. “Let’s see who’s the fastest!”

The two charged ahead at the same time. TianYang was skilled enough to let YiHan get ahead without the other noticing it. TianYang’s horse never overtook YiHan’s, yet it always stayed close enough that YiHan could feel the thrilling rush of a race. Eventually, YiHan won in a manner that seemed natural enough.

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LC: Chapter 78

78. A Bloody Case Started by a Sock

The next day, QiYao and XiaoYu trained separately. QiYao couldn’t spend all his time by XiaoYu’s side after all, unless he didn’t want to level up. Also, with him around, XiaoYu wouldn’t have an easy time grinding as well.

It was just a piece of candy yesterday and it was enough for them to get lovestruck for half-a-day. Afterwards, QiYao still wasn’t satisfied. He commented how surprisingly delicious the candy would be when shared. He insisted on looking for another Santa Poring. XiaoYu was blushing so hard by the end of it and stomped his feet. He proactively objected and said he didn’t want another candy. He just wanted to head back to Prole to sleep. A rare sight indeed.

Thus, after a honey-sweet morning kiss, XiaoYu swiftly ran away, with the help of a Haste spell, to the Pyramids in search of the Healer Squad. QiYao was left behind on the comfortable bed in the inn, helpless to XiaoYu’s escape. Did he dote on XiaoYu so much that the other started to be a little spoiled? But that’s fine. He’s the one who spoiled XiaoYu. Anything the other did was okay. It might even add a little spice to their relationship.

The couple might fight their own battles apart during the day but they would always have dinner together. That was a habit they’ve developed ever since they started dating.

“Do you still want to go grind later?” QiYao asked.

“Mn. I want to sell off the stuff I got earlier first. If I have time afterwards, I’ll go train a little more,” XiaoYu replied.

“I’ll come look for you after my meeting. Be careful.”


“Right. These are for you.” As QiYao said so, he stuffed a few pieces of candy in XiaoYu’s hands.

When XiaoYu saw the candy, he felt his cheeks flushing. Weren’t these the culprits that ruined their grind session yesterday?

“You can have some when you’re training. It’ll be a minor insurance. But…” QiYao leaned in close to XiaoYu’s ear. “Leave one for us to share.”

Daily teasing of a blushing lover is so very fun. ╮(╯▽╰)╭


The two split up. QiYao gathered some of their guild’s researchers to sort through the information on the new updates. XiaoYu went around with the tiny cat and cleared their inventories of the day’s drops while replenishing their supplies.

Once everything was settled, it was only past eight. XiaoYu decided to train for two more hours and teleported straight to the Pyramids. His proficiency at Teleport was very high now. Not only can he maintain all the portals he needed for the Guild Wars, he could even save one slot for his own personal use.

The first floor of the Pyramids was a maze. However, after the players mapped out the whole dungeon, the maze lost its meaning. All it did now was act as a buffer floor between the mummies upstairs and the Berserk Mummies downstairs. The monsters on this level weren’t that strong, bats that die in a few hits and little Porings that only knew to be cute and pick up loot.

XiaoYu buffed himself up and hurried through the maze to the floor above. Along the way, he smacked away the few bats attracted by his presence.

“Hm?” Out of the corner of his eye, XiaoYu spotted a large shadow to his left. He turned to find an Evil Santa Claus standing not far away. It was looking around at a cross-junction with its back to XiaoYu. The maze seemed to have confused it.

He raised his hands and chanted Holy Light. Soon, a sock should be his.

All of a sudden, right before his spell hit the monster, a fireball came streaking from a hallway blocked from XiaoYu’s sight by the maze’s walls and struck the Evil Santa Claus too.

It would be hard to tell which spell hit the mob first, so they had to rely on the game’s judgement. The one who hit it first would have priority in collecting the EXP and loot dropped.

From the way the small cat went sprinting for the sock, XiaoYu knew the game decided his spell struck first. What a pity for this unknown other player.

“Where did this ratty cat come from? Die!” shouted a female voice. Another fireball was casted and headed straight for the little kitten.

Fortunately, the kitten was very fast at picking up loot. It was also very good at retreating fast. Therefore, the fireball didn’t hit it at all. It merely brushed by the cat’s tail and struck the floor. It did scare the unsuspecting little one. It immediately charged back to XiaoYu and hid behind his legs.

XiaoYu frowned. This voice…it reminded him of very unpleasant memories.

“Where are you running to…it’s you!” the other player yelled.

Frankly, XiaoYu didn’t want to see her either. The past two times they met, they’d parted on bad terms. The two seemed destined to be enemies.

“Hmph. I was wondering why that darned cat looked so familiar. So it’s you, you arrogant bastard.”

“Why did you hurt my cat?” XiaoYu didn’t care much for the verbal jabs aimed at him. He just didn’t like Snow’s attitude towards his precious cat.

“Did you need to ask? It stole my sock!”

“The game is the judge.”

“This…!” Snow was rendered speechless. When the kitten bounced out and grabbed the sock, it hadn’t click in her mind yet. She soon realised if the game hadn’t decided it was XiaoYu who hit the monster first, the cat couldn’t have grabbed the sock, not with the loot protection still active. But the words she had thrown out on impulse were already spoken. Even if she wanted to take it back, she couldn’t. She didn’t want to admit she was in the wrong before this hateful healer anyway.

When Snow didn’t reply, XiaoYu didn’t feel like saying anything anymore. He wasn’t the kind to force others to do something anyway. He was just a little angry at seeing his little cat being nearly hurt.

“There’s another behind you,” XiaoYu said. He had been about to turn and leave when he spotted an Evil Santa Claus spawn right behind Snow, so he pointed it out to her. Then, he turned to leave. He didn’t want it. Why not just let the other have it? They’ll be even then.

“Freeze! I don’t need your charity!” Unfortunately, some people loved to think badly of others, especially because Snow always had some biases against XiaoYu. No matter what he did, she would be upset.

XiaoYu, on the other hand, was unsurprised by Snow’s ridiculous tantrum. The consequences of acknowledging her back at the Zombie Cave was nearly being 3v1-ed. So, he ignored the frustrated and irritated shouts. He checked his position on the map and continued towards the staircase connecting this floor and the above.

However, Snow had always been the one ignoring others. Being ignored was a hard pill for her to swallow. In a fit of rage, she flung out a fireball. Of course, she didn’t aim for XiaoYu. She merely aimed for the spell to brush past him and hit the ground before him. That would be more threatening.

XiaoYu had to stop and turn around at that. He wasn’t afraid of being killed, but he didn’t want to turn his back on an attacker. That would only be bad for him.

“I’m warning you. Don’t think you’re all that just because you’re a healer,” Snow threatened.

XiaoYu had never thought he was superior in any way. The communication gap between them was way too big.

“Aren’t you going to hit it?” XiaoYu asked, pointing to the Evil Santa Claus behind Snow once more. The mob was about to leave the range for magic attacks.

“I don’t have to hit it just because you let me!” Snow snarled.

“…” If XiaoYu understood that correctly, that meant she didn’t want that monster. It’s not rational for him to ignore a present that’s inviting him to open it.

“!!!” Snow didn’t think XiaoYu would immediately start chanting Holy Light. While the chant took over two seconds (XiaoYu’s more proficient in the skill now), she didn’t react in time. All she could do was stare as the cross-shaped light flew past her and hit the Evil Santa Claus behind her. Then, a tiny black shadow dashed over before bouncing back to XiaoYu.

“W-Who said you could hit it?” Snow might’ve said she didn’t care about the mob, but it has been two days since the event started and Snow didn’t have a single sock. Today was the first time she’s seen an Evil Santa Claus. How could she not panic? But the more emotional one was, the harder it was for her to make the right decision. A tiny temper tantrum and she missed out on a sock.

At that, she lashed out on an impulse.

Suddenly, XiaoYu felt like this whole situation was rather laughable. If not for the fact this game was only open to adults, he would’ve thought Snow was a primary school student. He’d be insane to argue with such an illogical person.

“How dare you laugh at me!” Snow shouted.

Was XiaoYu really smiling? XiaoYu raised a hand and touched the corners of his mouth.

The meaning of a trivial, instinctive action would always change in the eyes of the petty. Snow was always bad-tempered. The only reason she didn’t attack XiaoYu the past two times was because there were more rational players by her side. Today, she had been made a fool of over and over again before the healer she hated. What little drops of patience she had were long since gone. When emotions overruled logic, she forgot all about the Healers Alliance. There was no way she could show her face in AO if she didn’t punish him!

The basic skill of a mage could be casted within milliseconds, but it wasn’t that powerful and there were no proficiency levels to upgrade it with. When faced against healers whose builds also relied heavily on Intelligence, this party trick did as much damage as a tickle. That’s why XiaoYu’s mind didn’t understand what the tiny sparks clashing into him were until he saw the familiar notification from the game. He was being pulled into a PvP fight.

“Player Snow has attacked you. PvP  mode activated. You can retaliate within the next 10 minutes and your nametag won’t change colours.”

Even instantaneous spells had cooldowns. Snow usually switched between the instant-cast spells and those that needed to be chanted. She was currently chanting Fire Arrow, a more threatening spell.

Did she think XiaoYu would just stand there like an idiot and let her cast her spell? That’s impossible. XiaoYu used the time Snow spent chanting to buff himself up. Against mages and wizards, the Acolyte tree had a skill that technically wasn’t an attack, but it would make the enemy grit their teeth in anger.

Silence: Inflicts Silence status on a target by chance. When Silenced, the enemy won’t be able to use their skills for a given period of time. Improved with Proficiency. (Ineffective against Boss monsters)

Of course, the Magician tree had an item to counter Silence – Cough Drops bought from the Item Shop. It could cure Silence and grants immunity to the status effect for five seconds.

XiaoYu had never used Silence before so the success rate was very low, but he patiently casted spell after spell as he dodged attacks. He did get stabbed by a Fire Arrow or two, but he could never be instantly killed. This PvP duel couldn’t really be called a fight. They were locked in a stalemate.

Snow didn’t dare use her high-level spells all willy-nilly. Without a tank, her chanting would be interrupted. She started to regret being greedy and just levelled up her attack spells. The Dark spells meant to protect her were very low-level. Otherwise, she could cast a high-level Dark Barrier and she could chant all the spells as she pleased to torture this damned healer to death.

“Ding. Spell successful. Proficiency +1.”

Accompanying the pleasant ding of a system notification, a series of ellipses appeared above Snow. It told everyone the Silence spell was a success. Snow was halfway through her chant for the next Fire Arrow spell when it fizzled out. Snow had the urge to yell and scream, but something seemed stuck in her throat and preventing her from saying anything, even if it wasn’t to chant a spell. What’s worse is that she didn’t have the habit of bringing Cough Drops with her everywhere she went, even though she was a wizard. There was no way she could cure herself of this status effect. She could only stand and stare at the fifteen-second timer.

By this time, XiaoYu too realised Snow didn’t have any Cough Drops on her. He could do a lot with these fifteen seconds. He could have hit Snow with five Holy Light spells. He could even replenish his health back to full, buff himself back up and ready himself for the next round of attacks. He could even leave Snow behind in the dust and continued with his grind session.

“I don’t know just what you misunderstood of me, but I don’t want to fight you. If possible, I hope we can each go our own way after the debuff ends,” said XiaoYu.

Snow’s unruly temper hadn’t given XiaoYu even a chance to speak up. This was a rare chance. He had to use this opportunity to communicate his thoughts to her. Of course, if she wasn’t willing to listen, he’ll continue with the fight. After all, he didn’t like to kill.

What Snow heard instead was a taunt. She clenched her teeth and waited out the timer. “Stop pretending,” she spat out. “One of us will die today!”

It seemed like there was no way for them to talk it out. XiaoYu internally sighed and continued tossing out Silences. His level was higher than Snow’s and his gear was better than hers. The walls of the maze meant he could avoid being locked on by her spells. Strictly speaking, this round of PvP was just a meaningless battle. There was no way of telling just how long it’ll last.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Silence spell: Likely referring to Lex Divina by Priests. However, this version of the skill can’t un-Silence targets.
  2. Dark Barrier: Mages in RO had a spell called Safety Wall that could stop a number of melee attacks. However, AO’s version of the spell is Dark-element and (implied) could stop magic attacks too.

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GC: Chapter 76

76. I Am a Scanner

As Chen TianYang expected, Bai YiHan stepped out of the car stopped by the side of the road. He was visibly frustrated and annoyed.

This was it! So TianYang thought.

He pushed down the nervousness bubbling up in him, slowly pulled over by the road and stepped out of his car.

YiHan was feeling restless and uneasy when he saw his target car stop behind his.

“The youngest son of the Bai family?” TianYang asked with a smile.

He’s hooked! His sister stood a chance! YiHan stamped down the excitement swelling in him. He pretended to not recognise who TianYang was and replied, “That’s me. You are…?”

“I’m Chen TianYang. I’m acquainted with your sister and I frequently her mention you. We met during the old Mr Yan’s birthday party,” he said. TianYang’s smile deepened into a warmer, friendlier smile.

The old Mr Yan’s birthday banquet? So much happened that day. Everything about that day was a mess. YiHan didn’t remember having seen TianYang there at all. Still, YiHan smiled and said,
 Ah, Mr Chen. My apologies for not recognising you just now.”

“It’s fine. Is there something troubling you?” TianYang knew why  but he still asked.

YiHan frowned (full marks for expressiveness) and replied, “Something’s wrong with my car. Looks like I’ll have to call for someone to fetch me.”

“No need to go through all that trouble. If you trust me, why don’t I be your driver for once? Where are you heading to? I’ll get you there,” TianYang said.

“You’re my sister’s friend. Why won’t I trust you? I just don’t want to bother you,” YiHan politely refused in pretence.

“You’re too polite. It wouldn’t be a bother. Get in,” TianYang replied.

YiHan then decisively looked over at his driver and said, “Uncle Xu, you head back in a cab.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll get someone to tow the car for repairs. You go,” said the driver with a smile.

YiHan nodded back and quickly jumped into TianYang’s car.

As the car slowly slid back into the flow of cars driving through, YiHan shoot a glance at the rear-view mirror to find the ever-honest Uncle Xu drive away in his car. He. Drove. The. Broken-Down. Car. Away…

YiHan felt like crying. Uncle Xu, can’t you wait until we’re out of sight first?

He hurriedly snuck a glance at TianYang only to find the other man’s gaze focused on the road ahead. It didn’t seem like he’d seen YiHan’s “broken-down” car smoothly driving away. YiHan let out a sigh of relief. Thank goodness!

TianYang pursed his lips and tried hard to hold his laughter back in. His future brother-in-law was so cute!

YiHan’s tense body relaxed slightly. TianYang didn’t see through his lie. He tilted his head and looked at the other man from the corner of his eye. Just like a scanner, his gaze swept up and down. Not a single hair on the other’s body was overlooked.

Some bored soul on the internet had created a “Hottest Man Among the Rich in the City” leaderboard. JingYuan and TianYang were very well-known there. They’re always part of the top three. While this leaderboard was rather nonsensical, it was rather accurate. It must’ve been created by someone among the upper-class society. They clearly were familiar with the people in their circle. The critique wasn’t exaggerated and it merely talked about the men’s looks, nothing about their families. The leaderboard went viral for a time. YiHan had even taken a look at it and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at it back then. Now that he’s had a good look at Chen TianYang, he definitely agreed with it. Chen TianYang was certainly a rare beauty. He was much more handsome in real life, especially when he smiled. His face would soften and it was very moving. Yes, this person was definitely a fit match for YiHan’s sister. TianYang also had a high nose bridge. They all said men with high nose bridges were all…ahem, that thing.

As for TianYang’s body, YiHan couldn’t really tell right then because the other man was sitting down. However, he remembered what TianYang looked like when he stepped out of the car. Wide shoulders, long and slender legs, a slim waist, vibrant and flushed cheeks, and a strong gaze. TianYang looked handsome and capable.

Okay. YiHan gave him nine out of ten for his looks. It’s not that the other was bad in any aspect, but JingYuan would always be the most handsome man alive to YiHan. No one else can beat JingYuan in that.

TianYang sat up straight and tried to portray the best side of himself while pretending to not know his future brother-in-law was evaluating him. When he saw YiHan reveal a look of satisfaction out of the corner of his eye, he secretly let out a sigh of relief. His looks had passed the test, it seemed.

Next up would be to engage in conversation. Despite the initial awkwardness born from making small talk, the two soon found themselves happily chatting away. While YiHan knew of Chen TianYang in his past life, he had never really talked to him. Who knew the heir to the Chen family, rumoured to be the most talented among the younger generation of the Chen family, would be so open-minded and funny (big misunderstanding)? TianYang was so friendly and kind that it was so nice just chatting with the other.

The drive went by pleasantly with plenty of laughter along the way. By the end, they both developed a good impression of the other and had started calling each other by first names. TianYang felt that his future brother-in-law wasn’t as immature, brash and selfish as the rumours made him out to be. YiHan was such a cute and obedient kid. As for YiHan, he concluded his future brother-in-law wasn’t as strict and conservative as the rumours made the other out to be. Yes, YiHan thought TianYang was a very friendly and open-hearted man.

The car finally arrived at the Bai family home. The two swapped contact information and agreed to go riding next Monday before going their own ways.

After testing the waters, YiHan decided Chen TianYang must really like XueQing. Every time her name was brought up, TianYang’s face would automatically soften. Every time he spoke XueQing’s name, his voice would be all warm and gentle. He most likely was in love with XueQing, but YiHan still had to confirm that. YiHan must continue testing.

Translator’s Note:

First names: The exact line read, “they had started calling each other ‘Chen-dage’ and ‘YiHan’”. Chen-dage meaning Big Brother Chen. However, that’ll introduce a suffix for no real reason to this story. Hence, it was changed to “first names”.

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