GC: Chapter 10

10. Our Son’s Matured

After a long while, Ma finally began to twitch and move. She slowly walked over to the sofa and sat down. Tears of joy flowed down her cheeks.

Her youngest son. who’s always so heartless and inconsiderate, actually said he loved her! Was she dreaming? She just felt so moved and happy that she stayed in that state until Pa came home. Instead of dissipating, her feelings of joy just kept on growing!

As soon as Bai FuRen reached home, he saw his wife sitting in the living room with an indescribable expression on her face and tear stains at the corner of her eyes.


As a qualified slave of his wife, he immediately dropped his bag and hurriedly sat down by his wife. Carefully, he tucked his wife into his arms and softly asked, “Xiao Ran, what is it? You cried? Was YiHan being naughty again? Were you upset by him? I’ll go take care of him for you!”

In a set of ironed steel grey suit, FuRen might be getting on in age but his figure was very well maintained. Not an inch of his face showed his age and his hair was neatly combed. A pair of gold-trimmed glasses sat on his nose. Strikingly handsome with an extraordinary air around him. He looked nothing like a businessman, rather a bookworm or a scholar.

Ma wasn’t moved at all by his charms. When his words reached her ears, her fur immediately bristled. As a mother whose face muscles were cramping from smiling for a whole afternoon, she’s actually hearing someone badmouthing her precious and obedient little boy now? How can she possible allow that?

Ma jumped up. With furrowed brows, she spoke in rage, “Who said my HanHan is naughty? He is already the most obedient, quiet, good boy in the whole wide world, okay? How else would you have him behave? Also, you dare talk about your son? All day long, you only know about your office, your company, your work. You’re not even willing to spend time with your children. That’s called…called absent parenting! Do you know that he’s not been feeling well lately? It must be because of you that he doesn’t feel safe anymore! What kind of a father are you? And you dare say he’s not been a good boy? He’s the most obedient child, alright? He even told me that he loved me today!

As she said so, she tilted her head up high proudly. “Fewlish human, come and envy me!” was written all over her face. FuRen was stumped. How can he not know what that brat of his was like? Him, a good boy? Obedient? If that’s considered good behaviour, then there’s no such thing as a “wild child” in this world! But his wife was so proud and confident, it didn’t seem to be a lie. Could his youngest son have really grown up and matured? Not only did he learn to care for others but also to make his mother happy?

Hua XiaoRan proudly boasted for a while but when she saw her husband ignoring her, she flew into a rage again. “Don’t you believe me? If you don’t, then go ask Aunt Yang! HanHan hugged me today and told me, ‘Mom, I love you’ right here! This very spot! I remember it well! It was not a hallucination.” She walked over to where Bai YiHan had hugged her. She was eager to make her husband believe what she said was true, eager to share her joy. Her little son had always been happy and friendly. He’d frequently act cute and be lovey-dovey with her but he was always quite independent and spoilt. He’d never said anything like “I love you”. As soon as she heard those words, her kind motherly heart and melted into a puddle of water.

FuRen embraced his wife and comforted her, “Okay, okay. I get it. Our son’s all grown up. He’s matured, become considerate of others. He knows how to make his mother happy now. I’m happy too.”

XiaoRan was still not satisfied. “It wasn’t just to make me happy. He sincerely said he loved me. Mothers know their sons best. I could feel it.

FuRen smiled. “Yes, yes. Mothers know best. I know. No matter how or why, him making you so happy today means all your doting and love was not for nothing.”

In front of her husband, XiaoRan’s mental age severely dropped. Her lips formed an unhappy pout. “Watch how you say things. You make it sound like I’m only good to him because I want him to reciprocate and pay it back. As a mother, I am satisfied as long as he’s happy. I love him not because I want him to do anything, but because he is my son!”

FuRen amiably agreed, “You’re right. There’s nothing greater than a mother’s love. As parents, we would naturally not expect anything from our children.”

Only then did Hua XiaoRan nodded in satisfaction. At this moment, the front doors slam open once more and in walked Bai Yan and Bai XueQing.

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(꒪⌓꒪」∠) Scheduling post function bummed out.


GC: Chapter 9

9. Mother, I Love You

Bai YiHan didn’t really pay attention to what the driver said. He raised his sunburnt head up and nonchalantly said, “It’s fine. It wasn’t long. Let’s go.”

Having said so, he opened the backseat’s door and ducked in.

Zheng Xin was shocked. Just like that…he got away with it? With a head full of questions and doubts, he began driving and asked, “Where would you like to go now, sir?”

YiHan replied straightaway, “Home.”

Zheng Xin snuck a peek through the rear-view mirror at YiHan who had already closed his eyes and started resting. “Yes,” he replied. With a turn of the steering wheel, the car joined the stream of cars.

Bodyguard A, B, C: “…” What’s with Little Master today? Why’s he so tolerant today? That driver sneaking off caused him to wait by the road for over 10 minutes. Over! 10! Minutes! His face is all red! The little ancestor actually waited quietly! He didn’t even throw a tantrum! Did the sun rise from the west? Today felt so surreal. It seemed like they could only “…” the whole time.

But such a sweet and obedient Little Master seemed to be cuter than ever. He’s so fluffy, bouncy and full of moe/meng! It made all their hearts ache for him. This Zheng Xin! Once they’re back, they must tell Madam Bai! Scold him! No mercy!

The three looked at each other in the eye and decisively nodded.

The car arrived at the Bai home. When YiHan got out of the car, he was called out to by Zheng Xin, “Little Master, wait…”

YiHan looked back at the car.

Zheng Xin rubbed his hands and awkwardly continued, “That…Little Master, about today…can you not tell Madam? She’ll fire me. You know I’m just a poor man. I really need this job.”

Confused, YiHan replied, “What about today?”

Zheng Xin froze in an instant. He was wondering why YiHan was being so nice today. So, this was where the trap was. Humiliate Zheng Xin at the gates then dismiss him, was it?

Still, he really needed this job. Even if it was a 1 in a million chance, he had to seize it. He stubbornly went on, “It’s the part where I…came late and made you wait.”

YiHan said with a wave of his hand, “Oh, that. I said it’s fine.”

He then started walking into the house. Zheng Xin called out again from behind, “Little Master, about Madam…”

YiHan thought it over. If his mother knew the driver had made him wait for over 10 minutes, she might fire Zheng Xin. He’s also someone who had needed to beg everyone in the world just for a job. He didn’t plan to cause trouble for Lil Zheng for such a trivial issue. “Relax. I won’t tell her,” he said.

Zheng Xin immediately perked up in gratitude, “Thank you, Little Master! You’re so kind.” He didn’t think the Little Master would be so charitable.

As soon as YiHan walked through the door, Ma came and welcomed him home. “HanHan, where did you go to play today? You’re back so soon. Did you have fun?” she asked with a smile.

YiHan smiled back, “Mom, I just walked around. It was fun.”

At the sight of her youngest son’s smile, Ma’s heart nearly melted. The smile on her face deepened. She went on excitedly, “That’s good. As long as my HanHan’s happy. You’re tired, aren’t you? Go have a shower and rest. I’ll call you once dinner’s ready.”

YiHan looked at his mother whose smile blossomed just because he said he had “fun”. His eyes started stinging. He couldn’t resist walking up to her and giving her a hug. He whispered by her ear, “Mother, I love you.”

Ma: “…” Critical! Hit! Warning! Warning! Blood tank is empty!

Afraid that his mother would worry again at the sight of his red eyes, YiHan let go of her and rushed up the stairs. Ma was left shocked still and standing all alone on the spot…

Translator’s Note:

Fluffy, bouncy and full of moe/meng: Fluffy and bouncy were added to help explain moe/meng to those who don’t know what it means yet (cute). Moe/Meng were both put in even though the original was just meng because a) they’re used interchangeably but some tend to dislike the use of words that aren’t that common or using words that come from a different language. b) since we have 3 bodyguards here, just imagine that there’s that one traitor who’d use a different term.


GC: Chapter 8

8. Cannot be Forced

Bai YiHan, who was completely clueless about the stalkers behind him, leisurely walked along the street. Fed and watered, he watched as people of every kind walked by him.

Be they carefree and bored or bustling about in a hurry, every one of them had their own goals and lifestyles. And he? He seemed to be just a drop of water lost in this great ocean, tiny and unremarkable.

As he looked around and pondered, his mind began to slowly calm down. Whatever, one must always be flexible and adapt. Force never succeeds. He had already made up his mind to be a good, obedient and sensible child this time around, let his family and Mu JingYuan who had loved and protected him since he was a child attain happiness. These would be his life’s goals and the meaning to his rebirth. The gods gave him a second chance. He must pay back for all his crimes.

As for earning money, he’ll just go with the flow. He was reborn. His brain didn’t get changed out. Forcefully demanding things to go his way would only make things turn sour from sheer stupidity. In his last life, the Bai family’s downfall was all because of him. As long as he was good and not cause any trouble, the family won’t go down. Naturally, his family won’t suffer then.

As for Mu JingYuan, doesn’t he belong to Sister? If he doesn’t butt in and cause a ruckus, then JingYuan and Big Sis can smoothly marry each other. They’d be very happy then, right? They’ll give birth to a cute child who’d call him Uncle. Wasn’t that enough? YiHan just needed to quietly and calmly be the Little Master of the Bai family, play by his parents’ and grandfather’s side and occasionally play the fool to make them laugh. He’d try his best not to let his family be disappointed in him again. That’s all.

Everything he’s got now was given by the gods. His grandfather’s still healthy. He and his sister had not drifted apart yet. His family still loved him. Mu JingYuan…also whole-heartedly treated him as a younger brother. It’s really enough. These were all things he had never dared to dream of before his death. What more could he ask for?

Once his mind was set, his mind was finally not as gloomy as before and his footsteps became lighter and faster. He walked to the designated junction. Lil Zheng, the driver, was not there yet but he wasn’t annoyed in the least. His explosive temper had been tamed by the countless humiliations he had gone through in his last life. Upon noticing the person and car he was supposed to meet with weren’t present, he calmly waited on the spot.

Bodyguards A, B and C ground their teeth in secret. “Does this Zheng Xin not want his job anymore? He actually dares to make Little Master wait in the sun? It’s been so long. What lunch is he having? Why’s he not back yet? Is it the kind that needs to be grown on the spot?”

Over 10 minutes of waiting later, Lil Zheng finally appeared with the car. When he saw Bai YiHan standing by the road, his heart stopped. “I’m done for,” he thought.

He could see this job with extremely high and enviable salary sprout wings and fly off. He’d actually finished his lunch and arrived a long time ago. After waiting for a while with no one to be seen, he remembered his nephew’s birthday was in a few days. Since this precious baby would be shopping until who knows when, no one would know it if he snuck off for a while. Hence, he decided to drive off in search of a present for his little nephew. He didn’t dare to take long. In total, he spent approximately 20 minutes. But who could’ve known that that the other would get there just as he left?

As his thoughts went on down this path, he even started griping about YiHan. This second-generation rich kid who only dances through life, he couldn’t have come earlier or later. No, he had to arrive just as Lil Zheng snuck away. Did he think everyone was as carefree as he was? He can’t do anything, yet he always acts as if he’s the boss of the world after the sky and the earth. And yet the Bai family treats him like a precious treasure. Lil Zheng really didn’t know what was it about YiHan that’s worth being loved for, other than being attractive. If YiHan wasn’t born in the Bai family, he’d just be a beggar that no one would be willing to donate money to. Ah, no. With those looks, he’d be sold as some boy toy.

His mind tumbled through all sorts of complaints, yet a modest smile was hung on his face. He continuously apologised, “Little Master, I am so sorry for being late. Did you wait for long?”

Translator’s Note:

Precious baby: The actual words meant “little ancestor”. Because it’s not a very common slang, it’ll sometimes be swapped around with different slang that mean the same thing. For those who don’t quite get it, it’s slang for someone who is treated as if they’re precious – must be respected at all costs. Comes from how one should treat one’s elders/ancestors. But little because this is a young person and not some old dude.


GC: Chapter 7

7. This Young Master Must be Fake!

Bai YiHan blindly walked around with his head whirling through countless different things. From what his past life had taught him, his original mentality of being able to live a life without worry as long as the Bai family was behind him was naive to the extreme. A skyscraper’s fall takes but a mere second. One must be in control of something in their life. His ideal lifestyle might be as a happy idle loafer but in life, if there are no far-off worries trouble must be just around the corner. For the long-term, it’s best that he had some type of work or business. While this thinking may be jinxing himself and bring bad luck, if something actually happened to the Bai family, YiHan wouldn’t be completely at a loss and watch his family go bankrupt in an instant. If he had some investment which can help them and at least ensure the whole family can survive well, even though it might not fully help, it’d be better than nothing.

But what should he do? The initial capital’s not an issue. However, his past life had also taught him that he was not businessman material. Going into the industry was like going to war. Someone like him, even with money, would only be twisted around and schemed against until he was completely down.

Find a job? After the Bai family went bankrupt, he once pushed and strained hard to find a job to atone for his mistakes. Even so, he’d hit a wall everywhere. His entire student life was spent socialising and fooling around. His grades were low and unsteady. As a whole, it didn’t look good at all. No one would hire him, not even as a mere office admin member. Since he knew what would happen, there’s no need to go through it again.

YiHan had walked through all the shops by now but nothing seemed to suit him. What should he do? He squatted on the side of the road and scratched his head in frustration. His brain had not become smarter through reincarnation. Whatever he couldn’t do before, he couldn’t do now either. In the midst of all this frustration, his stomach growled loudly. His mind was in a mess that morning so he’d only eaten a bowl of congee. It’d been some time now and he was feeling hungry again.

Dejectedly, he walked into a small restaurant, ordered a bowl of beef noodles and wiped the slightly oily table down with a paper napkin. With his frowning face resting on one fist, he continued wrecking his brain for ideas as he waited for his noodles.

Noon was lunch time so voices rose and dipped inside the restaurant. They mixed and mashed as if it was a market instead of a restaurant. Still, YiHan was not affected in the least. He continued pondering about his own issues. Once his noodles arrived, he split open a pair of disposable chopsticks found in the chopstick holder on the table, poured some vinegar into the noodles then stirred it in, and began eating.

Bodyguards A, B and C who’d been sneakily following YiHan and had watched it all happen: “…”

They silently picked up the jaws they’d dropped in shock and wondered. Could Little Master Bai have been switched out by someone else? In the past, let’s not even mention bringing this precious ancestor-esque being to eat in a place like this, letting him glance at such a place from afar would cause him to throw a tantrum. To expect him to enter such an environment? Dream on! The table’s oily yet you expect him to sit down? Blasphemy! Disposable chopsticks? What are those? How would this precious being know? He’d only ever used ivory chopsticks which had been completely disinfected! And look at that dirty bottle of vinegar. How could the Little Master Bai touch that? But from his face, he’s…enjoying the food?

This Young Master must be fake! Appraisal complete!

Actually, YiHan only walked into this tiny restaurant out of sheer habit. His brain can only comprehend so much and he’d just been reborn. He had yet to be re-accustomed to a lot of things. He was also thinking hard just now so he’d naturally just went with his usual habit of eating at a cheap place.

It’s only after he’d finished his food that he’d realised it. Ah, the Bai Group was still standing healthily. He could totally eat something better, but whatever. The street food he once looked down on actually tasted quite delicious once he got used to it. As for the money? Well, every cent counts. With that in mind, he patted his belly and walked out in satisfaction. He continued wandering around aimlessly, to help digestion. He’d finished every bit of that bowl of noodle because of the “waste not, want not” habit he’d nurtured in his past life. As such, he’s a little stuffed.

The stalking bodyguards A, B and C: “…” This Young Master must be fake!

Translator’s Note:

Bodyguards A, B and C: Remember the bodyguards Ma asked to follow YiHan? These are them. Bit of untranslated wordplay can be found here. The characters used for sneaking/stalking/secretly doing something are 暗中, which can also be read as being in the dark (literal translation). So, intentionally or not, the author’s saying the bodyguards are both following behind in the dark (like ninjas and secret spies do) and being in the dark as to what YiHan’s motives are (again). It’s not that funny or important but it is something that didn’t make it into the translation.


GC: Chapter 6

6. Being Born is Also a Skill

Ma said, “You must eat the prawn congee while it’s hot or it’ll taste fishy. It’s already cold. I’ll go get you another bowl.”

YiHan smiled and replied, “It’s fine. It’s still warm. Don’t waste it. It’s delicious.” As he said so, he took another bite of it. The congee’s fragrance burst in his mouth. He happily closed his eyes. How long has it been since he had such tasty food?

When he was working at the cafe, he could only bear to eat the cheapest fast food boxed meal. He’d wolf it down so as to avoid delaying his work before running back to the shop.

When he first started out, he couldn’t even swallow the food down. He felt that it wasn’t something humans can eat. But what that proverb said was correct. All bad habits were created through overindulgence. When one is so hungry that they could faint, there’s no room for picky eating. Even food cooked with black, recycled oil tasted delicious. This bowl of porridge was only somewhat cold. It was still a thousand times better than all the stuff he’d eaten before.

Ma and Aunt Yang looked at each other and saw their surprise reflecting in the other’s eyes. Bai YiHan grew up being adored and doted on by everyone. He hated powdered stock in his food and food not being cooked thoroughly. He was the pickiest eater ever. Usually, he’d refuse any food that was lacking, even if it was the slightest of all issues. Just what was up with him today?

After brunch, YiHan was driven out of the mansion by Lil Zheng, the driver, under Ma’s worrying gaze. YiHan knew how to drive but he’d normally be driven around by the driver as his family insisted he was still too young. It’s extremely dangerous for him to drive alone. To this, the 24-years-old Bai YiHan could do nothing but be speechless.

As she watched the car YiHan was in drive out the gate, Ma thought through her youngest son’s unusual behaviour today and summoned a bodyguard. “Bring two other guards with you and follow him. Protect him but don’t let him discover you’re there.”

YiHan told Lil Zheng to just drive aimlessly around the city. As he gazed out at the speeding past skyscrapers, a hundred different things sped through his mind. This city was the place he grew up in and the place where he died in bitter pain. His past short lifespan was spent in this city. He knew this place. He loved this place. He will be buried here in this life. This was his home.

It soon became noon. As they passed by a suburb still under construction, YiHan spoke to Lil Zheng, “Let me out here. You go find somewhere to have lunch. I want to have a walk. Once you’re done, come back for me.”

Lil Zheng disagreed, “There’s quite a lot of construction going on here. It’ll be full of dust. Sir, if you wish to take a walk, why must it be here? I can’t just leave you alone and have lunch myself either. What would you like to eat?”

YiHan considered the other’s words for a moment. “Then drop me off somewhere in front. I ate quite late this morning. I’m not hungry yet. If I am, I’ll go find some food myself. Unless you think I’m a child who doesn’t know when to eat as well?”

Lil Zheng felt a chill rushing down his spine. Everyone knew that the Little Master of the Bai family was the family’s precious baby. He’s been spoilt to the core. If he expressed his discontent about Lil Zheng later on, this high-paying job would vanish. The Little Master was already an adult. Most young ones were capable of independence. Only the Bai family still treated him like a little baby who needed to be taken care of at all times.

Lil Zheng’s mind whirled round and round but his mouth merely replied, “Okay. Sir, there’s a street ahead you can explore ahead. I’ll come back for you in a while.”

YiHan nodded. As the car slowly stopped, he got out. Lil Zheng stared at his back and thought, “The saying was right. You can be in the same situation but your life can be totally different. Most people at this age would be working hard to forge their own way but this Little Master Bai was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Even if he lazed about his whole life, he’d live a carefree and lavish life. Just living off the dividends would guarantee a life of luxury. Even if the Bai family’s attitude to him was ignored, just a tiny bit of those dividends was enough to let him live his whole life without working. He was born in riches and could live a life without worry, yet he’s always throwing tantrums. Lil Zheng really didn’t understand what he could be unhappy about.

Lil Zheng shook his head and sighed. Just drive. Stop thinking about it. This birth was gotten through skill and not something that can be gotten through envy.


GC: Chapter 5

5. Don’t Want to Wake Up

Bai XueQing was known to be a strong, independent woman, Bai YiHan was her opposite. Because he wasn’t that healthy as a child, everyone in his family loved him to pieces. Ma in particular felt that she owed him and loathed that she couldn’t give him the stars when all he asked for was the moon. When he was in primary school, he’d be admitted into the hospital every few days, so his results weren’t that great. Later, when he grew up and didn’t fell sick that often, his results still floated about the average because his basics weren’t strong. His family didn’t force him to get better either, so he never once experienced the burden and pain of studying. He then played around until he graduated university. Ma doted her son, so she wasn’t willing to let him join the company and enter a lifestyle of working 9 to 5 so young. She wanted him to live a carefree life for several years before deciding what he wanted to do. After all, even if he did nothing, he could live a happy life as a rich child.

That’s why YiHan was now the textbook case of a NEET (Not in Employment, Education and Training). Having learned from his past life, he now understood no one in this world needed to treat him kindly. Before accepting the kindness others gave to him, he should feel grateful and pay it back. Only then would the relationship last.

It’s just a pity he understood it too late. His family’s and Mu JingYuan’s love for him had already been hulled out by his unruly actions. When he woke up to it all, there was no turning back. Now, a rare chance to be reborn was here. How could he selfishly let his family spoil him?

Ma saw how insistent he was on not letting his sister skip work for him and so let it go. XueQing carefully observed YiHan. It was only after confirming he wasn’t just bearing with it that she picked up her bag and rose, “Ma, Lil Bro, I’ll head off to work then. There’re still a few things to do today.”

YiHan hurriedly made a shooing gesture, “Then hurry and go. Drive safely.”

Ma nodded as well. XueQing however gave another questioning glance at YiHan. How weird it was that this brother who’d always acted selfishly to care about her. Even so, the feeling’s great! As she walked to the garage and drove to work, and even when she was there, her lips never dropped from the smile it formed.

At home, Mrs Zhang served up YiHan’s breakfast (lunch?) while Ma began pushing her youngest son to the table. She personally served YiHan a bowl of prawn congee and pushed over some Xiao Long Bao, crystal dumplings, and all sorts of delicious side dishes. She gently said, “HanHan, you woke up so late today. You must be starving. Eat some first. Wait until lunch, then you can have a good meal.” As she said so, she turned to look at Mrs Zhang. “Make tonight’s dinner more lavish with more meat and vegetables. It must be extremely nutritious, Mrs Zhang. HanHan’s too thin. His emotions have also been very unstable lately, so he needs to replenish.”

Mrs Zhang spoke up, “Yes.” Her gaze directed at YiHan was both doting and upset as well. This dainty young man was the Bai family’s heart and soul. She herself doted on him too.

YiHan stared at the delicate cutlery and tasty prawn congee before him, his mind a mess. Everything from before was still flashing through his mind and the pain of his bone shattering was still carved into his body. But after one night’s sleep, he’s now sitting in this warm and inviting home again, eating congee under his mother’s gentle gaze.

Everything felt like a dream. Was all that had happened just a cruel and painful nightmare or was this all a beautiful dream created because he couldn’t bear the pain anymore?

His emotions tumbled all over the place. No. What happened before was definitely not a dream. He could remember everything that had happened clearly. His broken leg, shattered fingers. Even the sounds of the gunshot which took away his life seemed to be ringing in his ears now. Everything was real. They could never be a dream!

But now…He froze up. He stretched out his hand and firmly pinched himself on the thigh. Pain pulsated through him. In an instant, his eyes reddened. It wasn’t out of pain but of happiness. Pain as sharp as this meant this was all real. He’d really been reborn. The gods had granted him another chance! If this was really just a dream, then let him drown in it and never to wake up.

Ma saw her own son doltishly daydreamed while staring his bowl of congee then fiercely pinched himself. She couldn’t stop him in time. She was so angry that she could beat this worrisome child, yet she couldn’t bear to be so. All she could do was go on muttering, “What’s wrong with you, child? Eat your breakfast. Why did you have to pinch yourself? And so strongly at that! It’s going to bruise! You’re really worrisome!”

YiHan listened on at what he once thought of as troublesome nagging. It now filled his whole body with warmth. At last he couldn’t hold it in anymore and raised his head, “Ma, you’re the best.”

Ma blushed. She could only retort, “Do you think I’d let you go with just a few compliments? Hmph.” Saying so, she reached out as if to snatch away the bowl of congee in front of him. YiHan stopped her, “Why?”


GC: Chapter 4

4. Just a Nightmare

Bai YiHan stood there, hidden, for a while. He took a deep breath, tucked his emotions neatly away, walked out from his corner and slowly descended.

Upon seeing her beloved little son coming down the stairs, YiHan’s mother hurriedly walked to him and asked, “HanHan, how come you’re up so late? Are you hungry? Aunt Yang? Aunt Yang! Quick, bring out HanHan’s breakfast!”

However, the moment Ma got near to YiHan, she immediately noticed YiHan’s red eyes. It was as if he’d been crying. Her tender mother’s heart throbbed in pain. Her whole body quivered. She stretched her hands out to his face in panic. “HanHan, what is it? Are you still unhappy? Is there anything you can’t tell me? Who upset you? Tell me. I’ll help you deal with them, okay?”

YiHan held tight to his mother’s outstretched hands. At the sight of his panicked mother, he couldn’t hold his tears in anymore. With tears rolling down his face, he held his mother close and muttered in a low voice, “Ma, I’m sorry…I’m sorry…Sis…I’m sorry…”

Ma went from panicked to flustered. Bai XueQing quickly walked over with a frosty face. “Han, tell it to me straight. Did someone bully you? Who? Tell me! Let him see how this woman will break his leg!” Her voice was imperious and fierce, but her hands were gentle as they patted YiHan’s back to comfort him.

At this point, Ma was too worried to bother arguing with her daughter over her crude way of speaking. “Yes, HanHan. Tell mother, what did you go through? Do you wish to kill your mother out of heartache?”

After some time, YiHan’s emotions finally calmed down again. To his mother’s and sister’s questions, he can only mutely shake his head. How would he even phrase what happened?

But how could Ma and XueQing be willing to let it go? Finally, YiHan gave into the persistent interrogation and replied, “I’m really fine. I just got frightened by a nightmare.”

Annoyed, Ma said, “Don’t you dare try and distract me. What kind of nightmare can scare you to such a state?” Even XueQing eyeballed him. Her face seemed to be saying, “You’re lying again.”

YiHan sighed and said in a gloomy voice, “It’s true. In my dream, I saw that I’d made our whole family bankrupt and all of us were squeezed into a tiny apartment, suffering.”

Ma burst out chuckling with an audible “pfft” and patted him on the shoulder, “Hahaha, oh my little baby, how could you be so cute? How would you make our whole family bankrupt? With what talent?”

YiHan’s face went blank.

XueQing lightly coughed. Ma instantly tucked away her smile, cleared her throat and said, “HanHan, it must be because you’re not feeling well these few days. That’s why you keep having such lucid dreams. Don’t think on it. If you’re bored, make your sister take you out to play.”

YiHan meekly replied, “Ma, Sis is very busy and I’m not a child anymore. Do I need an adult whenever I want to leave the house?”

His sister should be deeply in love with Mu JingYuan right now. It’s the time where they can’t bear to be apart at all, yet his sister didn’t go into the office or on a date and wait at home for him to wake up just because his feelings were all over the place. One can see how deep her love for YiHan was.

Why did he not know to treasure it before? Why did he push such a great sister further and further away? When he died, it had gone to the point where his sister wasn’t willing to talk to him at all.

“If you want me to accompany you, it’s no big deal if I delay things for a day,” said XueQing.

Ma nodded in agreement, “See, your sister says it’s fine.”

“There’s no need. I’ll go out for a walk later myself. If Sis has something on, you can go ahead,” insisted YiHan.

The elderly patriarch of the Bai family, Bai HaiMing, founded the company from nothing when he was young and created the Bai Group by himself. When Grandmother passed away, Grandfather was already quite old, so he threw the business at Pa, Bai FuRen, and bought a mansion in a quiet area to retire in. Bai FuRen did not disappoint. In the years since he’d taken over the Bai Group, the company was stable, and all their projects were well-managed and successful. Big Bro, Bai Yan, had even entered the company at a young age to help their father and prepare for his eventual succession.

XueQing also worked in the Bai Group. Don’t underestimate her just because she’s a girl. Most men aren’t even as talented and decisive as her. She’d climbed to the high ranks of the company with her own strength. Undoubtedly, she’s what they call a “New Woman”.

Translator’s Note:

New Woman: It should be translated to “a strong woman” but it doesn’t really have the impact as New Woman has. It’s a rather old term from the Victorian era but it fits very well, provided one knows what it means.

The term New Woman always referred to women who exercised control over their own lives be it personal, social, or economic.

Ruth Bordin