GC: Chapter 221

221. Ending Chapter: We Will Be Alright

Bai YiHan sighed. “Because in my heart, I already have JingYuan. In this lifetime, I am determined on him and him alone. No matter what happens, be it in life or in death, that will not change. It’s not just you. It’s impossible for me to be with anyone but him. That’s why I say you should just give up.”

Qi MingYang reached out to smooth YiHan’s hair back. “No, no, no. YiHan, time will change everything. I believe faith will move mountains.”

“Think what you want,” YiHan said, turning his head away. “Just stay away from me.”

Surprisingly, MingYang actually retracted his hand and shuffled back to his original spot. “You’re sick,” MingYang said, still smiling. “You’ve gone through so much today and you’re even hurt. Does your body ache? I really don’t want to do anything while you’re sick, if possible. However, this will be the only time I’ll do this. Sleep. You will not suffer any pain in the future.”

Glancing down at the shackles, YiHan let out a cold chuckle and remained silent.

“I’m sorry,” MingYang apologised. “I know you don’t feel well but I can’t take them off yet. I don’t want to lock you up either. I will absolutely let you go when you agree to stay.”

“I’m afraid I’ll be wearing it forever then,” YiHan said, closing his eyes.

Holding back the urge to smooth out YiHan’s hair once more, MingYang whispered, “You won’t. Everything will get better. Sleep.”

In truth, YiHan didn’t feel well at all. He was already so sick in the first place that his head was heavy and he felt light on his feet. Now that his head was injured, it throbbed and spun. It was unbearable. Since he couldn’t escape anyway, he decided to just rest with his eyes closed. He now knew his grandfather was fine and the Qin brothers were still alive. All tension melted away and he soon fell asleep.

Seeing YiHan asleep, MingYang let out a soft chuckle and tucked him in. “I look forward to our future. YiHan, we’ll be alright.”


Some time later, YiHan was wakened up. Opening his eyes, he found his hands free of the shackles but tied together in a soft rope. His legs were unbound as well. MingYang helped him sit up before kneeling to slip shoes onto YiHan’s feet.

“I’m sorry, YiHan, for waking you up,” said MingYang. “There’s been a slight mishap. You can sleep in a few minutes, okay?”

It was chaos outside. YiHan could hear people running up and down, chattering and shouting. YiHan’s heart skipped.

“Has JingYuan found us?” YiHan asked.

MingYang froze. His face was unpleasant as he stood up to help YiHan to his feet. Even so, the way he spoke was still soft and warm.

“Yes,” said MingYang. “He truly cares a lot for you. He’s found us so quickly.”

“Since he’s here, it means you’re done for,” said YiHan. “Where are you going to take me to now?”

“He’s here, so I’ll give him this boat.” MingYang pulled YiHan out of the room. “We’ll leave in a raft.”

Still sick, YiHan couldn’t muster up any strength to struggle away. All he could do was be led along by MingYang. “I’m afraid it’s useless,” said YiHan. “You can’t run.”

“Only by running away can we know if escape is possible,” responded MingYang.

Once they were out on the deck, MingYang half-carried and half-dragged YiHan to the end of the boat where Li Guang was waiting by a lifeboat with a suitcase.

“Mr Qi, hurry!” Li Guang called out upon seeing them.

MingYang wanted to get YiHan into the boat first but how could YiHan be willing to do so after knowing JingYuan was nearby? YiHan pretended to cooperate and board the raft, but began to fight back as soon as he lifted his leg to take a step forward. With a hard push from his rope-bound arms, MingYang, who was focused on YiHan’s feet, was pushed to the ground. YiHan turned, thinking to run, but Li Guang panicked and swung his leg at YiHan. With a loud bang, YiHan crashed to the ground. Letting out a soft grown, he tried to get back to his feet but was instantly pinned back to the ground by a knee on his back.

“What are you doing?” MingYang roared, tearing Li Guang off YiHan’s back. “Who allowed you to kick him?”

“Mr Qi, he’s not cooperating and there’s not much time,” Li Guang responded, alarmed. “The people up ahead can’t hold on for long. We have to hurry up.”

Pursing his lips, MingYang lifted YiHan up to his feet and tried to get him to board the raft but YiHan adamantly refused to do so.

“Mr Qi, just knock him out.” Li Guang was panicking.

MingYang glanced at YiHan who glared back at him. His hands clenched into fists but he didn’t lash out in the end. Instead, he decided to just lift YiHan up and carry him to the lifeboat, ignoring the younger man’s kicks and wriggling. Li Guang swiftly followed them to the raft, but before he could move the raft away from the boat, their way out was blocked.

“Mr Qi,” said a languid voice, “where are you taking my friend?”

All blood fled MingYang’s face. Li Guang also went pale. YiHan was the only man happy to hear the voice.

“Qin Feng!” YiHan joyfully cried out.

With a grunt in response, Qin Feng slowly walked towards them. His eyes always appeared asleep but, in this very moment, they were wide open in a sharp, spine-chilling gaze.

MingYang pulled YiHan closer into his embrace and gradually stepped out of the raft. Suddenly, he pushed YiHan up onto the deck.

It was clear which side was winning from the sight on the deck. MingYang’s men were mostly subdued. JingYuan had been searching the boat and was walking out on the deck with nothing to show from his search. When he saw MingYang and YiHan, he was like an enraged lion. He strode towards the two men. His dark eyes looked like swirling black holes, trying to consume everything around it through its gaze.

MingYang looked around. They were surrounded by roughly forty boats. Loud rumbles echoed through the air as helicopters closed in. All his men had been subdued. Restrained by Qin Feng, Li Guang was slowly ascending the stairs. He didn’t know if Li Guang was still alive. The man’s head drooped low. MingYang knew that it’d be hard to escape now. He forced the uncooperative YiHan closer into his arms and retreated to the edge of the boat.

When YiHan saw JingYuan, he started struggling harder. “Mu-Mu, I’m here!” he shouted as loudly as he could, but he had been tormented by his illness and he had just been kicked. He didn’t have much strength left in him. That one shout was soon swept away by the salty sea winds.

JingYuan’s gaze darkened when he saw the bandage on YiHan’s forehead. “HanHan, don’t be scared.”

“You move fast, Mr Mu,” MingYang said.

“It’s all thanks to Qin Feng’s help,” JingYuan said, face stormy. “I wouldn’t have been so fast otherwise. Since I’m here, everything’s done. Let go of YiHan and I’ll let you live.”

“Live?” MingYang laughed. “Live in prison?”

Qin Feng threw Li Guang to the ground and let out a wicked laugh. “It’s good enough that you can live. Don’t be so picky.”

The boats around them were drawing closer. Yan Hui, Yan Yan, Bai FuRen, Bai Yan, Chen TianYang and Bai XueQing; they could be seen standing at the head of the boats. It was clear they wished they could jump over already.

MingYang glanced at the distant faces before looking back to JingYuan. “It’s all or nothing. One’s life is filled with countless bets. I’ve lost, so I’ll die. That’s what’s fair. You don’t need to let me live.”

JingYuan’s pupils shrank. “Return YiHan and I won’t do anything to the Qi Group.”

Looking down at YiHan, MingYang softly said, “YiHan, I’m so very close to the life I’ve longed for. I really can’t go back to how I was now. We made a deal to support each other. You’ll come with me, right?”

“Who promised you that?” YiHan was furious. “You can go wherever you want but don’t bring me along!”

“Qi MingYang, think carefully,” said Qin Feng, squinting his eyes. “Don’t you want your father?”

“Without me, his good days will come to an end,” said MingYang. “We can be reunited in hell. That’s good enough.”

“What do you want from us before you’ll let him go?” asked JingYuan, stepping forward.

“I want the Mu Group,” MingYang said with a cold laugh. “Will you give it to me?”

“I will!” JingYuan barked.

MingYang was stunned. “No wonder, YiHan,” he mumbled. “No wonder you only want him and no one else.”

YiHan didn’t say anything.

MingYang laughed and continued, “Unfortunately, I want you too. What do we do?” He looked up at JingYuan. “Even if you’re stronger than me in every way, so what? YiHan is now by my side. I’ve won this battle.”

JingYuan took another step forward. “I don’t gamble with YiHan. As long as you return him to me, I can give you anything you want.”

“Fool,” YiHan chuckled. “Who negotiates like you?”

 Leaning against the sidewall of the boat, MingYuan smiled as the sea wind blew into his face. “I already have what I want.”

Glancing down at the rolling waves beyond the wall before looking back at YiHan, MingYang abruptly leaned back, throwing himself and YiHan off the boat.

JingYuan was terrified. He dashed forward as well as Qin Feng who charged ahead at the same time. With all the might they could muster in themselves, their hands grabbed onto the front of YiHan’s shirt and stopped the fall. YiHan had only been wearing a thin sleep shirt the entire time. It was unable to bear the weight of two men anyway. However, for some reason, MingYang, who had wanted YiHan to be with him through this whole ordeal, decided to let go at the last minute. JingYuan and Qin Feng hurriedly pulled YiHan back from when he was half-hanging off the side of the ship.

Bai Yan silently retracted the foot that had been ready to launch himself off his boat and let out a long sigh of relief. He then reached out to support his father who had gone pale from fear.

XueQing’s legs gave out from beneath her. She nearly fell on her behind but was caught by TianYang who was soothingly patting her on the back with trembling hands.

Fang Yi dropped to sit on the floor of his boat with a loud bang, his forehead covered in sweat.

The Yan brothers glanced at each other where they could see the terror in each other’s eyes and sweat on each other’s forehead.

YiHan turned to look behind him to find waves crashing and splashing violently. MingYang was nowhere to be seen.

With a wave of Chen Jing’s hand, several scuba drivers immediately leapt into the sea. Even so, their search proved futile.

JingYuan didn’t have the time to care about the other aspects of the rescue. He held YiHan tightly in his arms. YiHan was held so tightly that the thumps of JingYuan’s heart loudly rang in his ears. Even though YiHan’s bones were protesting at the strong grip, he still wrapped his arms around JingYuan.

“It’s fine,” whispered YiHan, hand gently running up and down JingYuan’s back. “Don’t be scared. I won’t leave you.”

JingYuan remained silent as he buried his face into YiHan’s neck.

Qin Feng let out a heavy sigh before chuckling softly. He turned to wave at Fang Yi who was on the same boat as Captain Chen.

“Xiao-Fang, I’ve completed the mission you gave me!” called out Qin Feng.

In response, Fang Yi let out an exasperated sigh and, although he knew full well Qin Feng couldn’t hear him, he replied with a soft chuckle of his own.

Long moments later, everyone was finally reunited on the same boat. While JingYuan still insisted on keeping his arms wrapped tightly around YiHan, he wasn’t as emotional as before.

Recalling what MingYang said, YiHan asked, “Is Qi Kun onboard?”

Qin Feng slumped over Fang Yi’s shoulders like a boneless lump. Contrary to the previous times this happened, Fang Yi allowed the younger man to hang off him. Delighted at how Fang Yi showed no signs of wanting him off, Qin Feng lazily responded, “He is. Qi MingYang planned on running away. He wouldn’t have forgotten his father.”

Following the directions he was given, YiHan walked into one of the rooms where Qi Kun could be found surrounded by medical machinery. The old man’s hazy eyes stared at the door the entire time while two trembling nurses cowered in a corner of the room.

Looking at the bedridden man who couldn’t speak but could still affect the outside world, YiHan softly asked, “Do you want to know where your useless and disobedient son is?”

Qi Kun let out a series of unintelligible shouts.

“He’s dead.”

Qi Kun went silent.

“It happened just now. He jumped into the vast ocean. We couldn’t even find his corpse.”

Qi Kun began shouting once more.

“Do you think we forced him to die? You’re wrong. You are why he died.”

Qi Kun glared at YiHan.

Looking straight into Qi Kun’s eyes, YiHan continued, “You are ambitious but you are narrow-minded. A single loss in business is enough to give you a stroke. You blame everyone around you, but you never admitted your mistake. You pushed all the blame on my father and the stress on MingYang. You forced him to act out your unreasonable revenge, all so you can vent your anger. Your son has never known a day of peace because of that, did you know that? JingYuan offered to let him live and even do nothing to the Qi Group, but he was willing to die rather than go back to how things were. Look at how much pressure you’ve placed him under. Qi Kun, your pettiness harmed you yourself and pushed your son to his death. Are you happy now?”

Glaring back at YiHan, tears slowly streamed from Qi Kun’s hazy eyes and disappeared into his white hair. He remained still the entire time.

YiHan didn’t bother looking at the elderly man anymore. Just as he left the room, an inhuman roar rang out from within the room. He didn’t turn around. Instead, he walked back onto the deck, hand clenched around JingYuan’s hand. Then, they went boarded the Bai family’s boat.

Once they were back in their home city, JingYuan arranged a full body checkup for YiHan. Upon being informed YiHan was fine, he brought YiHan back to the Mu family home. On the way home, JingYuan received a call.

“Qi Kun is dead,” JingYuan said to YiHan after ending the call. “They say it was a sudden cardiac arrest. All resuscitation attempts failed.”

“Mn,” YiHan said and said no more.

Moments later, YiHan asked, “How are Qin Ying and Qin Jie?”

“Qin Ying had a hole in his head and a few of Qin Jie’s ribs were broken. They suffered some internal bleeding but they’re safe and will recover soon. Don’t worry.”

YiHan nodded. “Have we told Grandfather?”

“I’ve told him you’re safe. Relax.”

Then, clenching his hand around YiHan’s, JingYuan continued, “Do you have nothing to say to me?”

YiHan turned to look at JingYuan. “I’m sorry.”

“Little meanie,” JingYuan whispered, pulling YiHan into a hug, “I don’t want your apology. I only ask this of you — don’t ever frighten me like this again.”

YiHan inhaled in the scent of JingYuan and whispered back, “I won’t. We will be alright.”


Far off in the ocean floated a luxurious cruise ship. A tall and muscular man with golden eyes and hair looked down in curiosity at the man in the bed.

“Wow, it’s an Asian beauty,” sighed the golden-haired man. “I’m starting to think I’ve fished out a gorgeous merman.”

The man in the bed slowly opened his eyes. The hazy glaze swiftly vanished from the man’s eyes and was replaced by a sharp gaze.

“Who are you?” barked the man’s thin lips.

Translator’s Note

It’s done! The ending is finally here. The remaining 8 extras will be translated in January while I prep for my next project. Happy new year, everyone! Thank you for reading.

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