GC: Chapter 59

59. Rotten Plan

“Yes. You guys. You and Chen TianYang,” JingYuan said with a nod. “I like you. Your sister likes TianYang, but that guy’s like a block of wood. You know that right While he appears to be quite into your sister, he’d never confessed. If he doesn’t confess, is he waiting for your sister, a girl, to confess then? So we came up with a plan. First, spread some fake news. If he really likes your sister, he’d start panicking. As for you, I didn’t know what you thought of me. I wanted to use this chance to test the waters. See if you cared for me in that way. In the end, you didn’t really seem to. I was so depressed these few days. Never would I have thought you were bluffing, I was dejected for so long over nothing.”

YiHan still found it strange. “From what I understand of my sister, she’s a girl who dares to love and to hate. If she really did love someone, she wouldn’t mind being the proactive one.”

“You don’t understand.” JingYuan cleared his throat. “Girls. No matter how strong and tough they usually are, when before someone they like, it’s almost certain they’ll change a little. Turn into someone they’re not.”

“That’s true,” YiHan said, nodding.

JingYuan secretly let out a sigh of relief.

“But then,” YiHan continued, still as curious and feeling slightly flabbergasted as ever. “Who thought of this plan? This is certainly a most rotten plan. If TianYang truly loved my sister, he’d think you two really do liked each other. He wouldn’t want to ruin it and would sadly give up. What will you do then? As for me…I too thought you were truly into each other. If I tried to make a move on you, I’d turn into that hated third-party, some mistress…”

JingYuan unhesitatingly flung the blame away from him. “Yes, you’re absolutely right. I was in such a hurry that I would do anything back then. That’s why I agreed to your sister’s rotten idea. Thank goodness for yesterday. Otherwise, the ending would be something none of us wanted. Come to think of it, I’m really afraid of what might happen now.”

Isn’t it so? YiHan thought with a pained smile. He thought back to the ending of this plan in his last life. This whole marriage was the source of his personality shift into a reckless, troublemaking idiot. One could say it was the spark that engulfed the Bai family’s business in flames. He’d turned into a gloomy and rash mess. He was acted in such an illogical manner that he offended a petty person. That resulted into him dying a horrible death. JingYuan left and never returned to the country. TianYang suffered a bad ending too. His sister ended up being an old spinster forever.

YiHan thought that was all his doing. Never would he have imagined the source for this tragedy being a weird laughable stinking plan.

JingYuan carefully observed the boy’s each and every reaction. YiHan must believe him now. “I’ll go see if your sister’s up yet. If she is, I’ll get her to come upstairs. In case you don’t believe me,” JingYuan said as he rose from the bed.

YiHan nodded in agreement while his mind wondered if he should be laughing or crying at that statement. Since when did the ever-stern Mu JingYuan turn into such a child who needed to prove himself right at every turn? However, this made him very mesmerising. That was for sure.

Still, Chen TianYang’s death was a serious issue. If he can’t live to a ripe old age, wouldn’t his sister end up on the same path as before then?

Just how did he die?

Right. He was hit by a car when saving his sister. He died a painful death. One of the most handsome men in the entire city was turned into a bundle of blood and flesh. No longer could his beauty be seen. His mother had fainted on the spot. She kept fainting throughout the funeral too. In just a few days, a proud and elegant mother had turned into a crazed, spacing out mess of a woman. The Chen family bore a major grudge against the Bai family because of this. They felt his sister killed their exceptional heir.

Translator’s Note:

Sorry for the late chapter! Was busy with real life. Who knew that a single bad dinner could ruin one’s whole day this much.

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LC: Chapter 60

60. Unexpected Events

As all bosses had a certain type of terrifying aura, there shouldn’t be any monsters that’d dare to appear within a 10-plus metre radius. However, the ghosts of this place were once humans. They possess a certain intelligence. At the sight of such a dense rain of gold pieces in the far-off distance, there was no reason they who’d been peasants, beggars even, weren’t attracted to it. Currently, there was a ghost casually and slowly drifting over from behind XiaoYu. The Heretic Demons crowd actually never noticed it.

When it was within 5 metres of XiaoYu, the long-tongued ghost was forced by the game to switch its attentions from the original target, the gold raining down, to the players. It stretched out its two arms and revealed its 20-plus cm nails and pounced towards XiaoYu.

By the time the other sensed the presence of danger and turned around, the long nails were already within reach. He wanted to run but his low Agility meant his feet couldn’t catch up to his brain. Reflexively, he raised his arms in a block.


“Clink!” The nails didn’t hit XiaoYu, but was instead blocked by something mid-air, emitting a loud piercing shriek.

A figure gradually drifted into sight. It was a katar that blocked the ghost’s attack. While this katar-wielding assassin had a mask over his face, everyone recognised him – LittleZhuGe from Angel Wings.

XiaoYu’s cry just now had already drawn everyone’s gazes to him. Their hearts leapt at the sight of XiaoYu nearly being hit by the claws of a ghost. While they understood the protective buffs he had on should be able to withstand the attack, it was still a sign of their oversight.

Excluding Kathryne who was still suffering from dizziness, the two archers closes to XiaoYu disregarded the gold pieces falling from the sky and swerved their arrows over. Silver-Winged_Angel then let loose a few Penetrating Shots (Single-target skill. Deals 300% damage.)  and killed the mob. On the other hand, Below_The_Moon aimed at LittleZhuGe.

“Hey, hey. No need for that. I did save your lucky cat,” LittleZhuGe said with a smile. The moment he saw Below_The_Moon aiming his bow at him, he swiftly sheathed his katar and raised his hands. Imperceptibly, he took a few subtle steps backwards.

“Are the Wings grinding here too?” Below_The_Moon held his bow taut while his eyes darted around. ZhuGe was here. Perhaps there were a few more Wings’ members around too. Maybe even GloryOfTheWorld. They can’t have the boss stolen from them here.

“That’s right. But don’t worry. We’re not here to steal the boss from you.” Two figures walked out from behind a piece of the ruins. It was GloryOfTheWorld and a female player. Seemed like the three of them were training here.

“Since you’re not here for the boss, why is ZhuGe in stealth?” Poor_Man asked.

The close-ranged combatants were still fighting the boss and can’t extract themselves from the salesman for now. Because Sunshine was past the 10 minutes of double chant time debuff, he was left behind as support while Poor_Man snuck over.

“Hehe. I only planned on witnessing the Heretic Demons’ execution of a boos up close. But then I saw LuckyCat was in danger. As a friend, I can’t not help, right?” ZhuGe was smiling as brightly as ever.

“Alright. You guys keep going. We won’t do anything. We’ll just help you protect LuckyCat too.” This time, it was Glory who spoke. “But if the Heretic Demons die here, we’ll be taking over this boss.”

“Heh. No need for you to worry over that. Such a small boss is no threat,” Poor_Man said. Implicitly, he said, you three are the danger here.

“Believe it or not, it’s up to you. However, I think XiaoYu here won’t refuse his friends, right?” Glory replied.

“Um…no. Erm…thank you for just now.” XiaoYu was somewhat startled by the sudden mention of him. Anyways, his upbringing meant he must at least thank his saviours first.

No one noticed the light tremor in HereticKing’s sword when GloryOfTheWorld called XiaoYu by name. His hands clenched harder on it and he kept hacking away at this big, fat pig in front of his eyes. For some strange reason, he was rather angry right now. No, he was very angry. He wanted to get rid of this annoying fellow as fast as possible.

“See. XiaoYu didn’t say no. We’ll make ourselves at home,” said Glory as he called for the healer and ZhuGe to join him on the pile of rocks nearby. His face spoke clearly. He’s only here to watch the show.

“Since Mr Glory wants to observe, naturally, we won’t hide anything. Please do respect what you just said,” Poor_Man said. Ever since he spotted someone from Wings around, the experienced Poor_Man intentionally started recording. Either way things went, he should have recorded Glory’s promise to not interfere.

“Relax. I keep to my word,” Glory said.

“Exterminate this boss with the fastest possible speed!” HereticKing commanded over the Party chat.

The gold rain was already much weaker. Having received the order, the party stopped holding back to conserve their mana. They all unleashed their strongest attacks on the boss. In an instant, all sorts of kill effects appeared around the boss along with the glow that appeared every time MP was used. The air was filled with shimmering, blinding rainbow glares.

“XiaoYu, won’t you come sit with us? It looks like they’ll take a while still,” Glory called out to XiaoYu.

“No, it’s fine,” XiaoYu replied with a wave of his hand. He was still aware he’s part of the Heretic Demons.

“Ah, you’re always rejecting me. This is the fourth time.”

“Um…Sorry about that.” XiaoYu realised he’s always found it hard to think up a response to Glory’s words.

“LuckyCat, you don’t mind me calling you XiaoYu too, right?”

“No…” That’s not really something he could refuse.

“Your kitten’s so powerful. It actually picked up all those gold pieces before the game could sweep them away,” Glory said as he pointed to the tiny cat which was still pouncing at the ground full of gold. Quite a few teams had gone against this boss already and all of them were busy fighting the boss. No one had the time to pick up the coins falling from the sky. Finally, when they got rid of the boss, those gold were all swept away. It really made one’s heart throb at the wastage.

“Mn.” For some reason, XiaoYu was always very restrained when in front of his two “friends” from Angel Wings. While he didn’t talk much either with the Heretic Demons, the two don’t feel the same. As for what, he couldn’t name it too.

XiaoYu turned back to look at his teammates whaling on the boss. He really didn’t know how he should talk to Glory and ZhuGe or about what.

Once past this one wave of gold rain lasting over ten minutes, it was only a matter of time as long as the boss didn’t go berserk. The salesman had paid a huge price in health just to throw out so many gold pieces. He couldn’t bear using this skill to throw that many out again.

“Alright. Boss is done. Show’s over. Time to leave.” Below_The_Moon didn’t want to start an upfront conflict with the Wings, but the acknowledged, unspoken rule of boss-hunting was everyone not related to the hunt to stay far, far away. Otherwise, they deserved it if they were killed on suspicion of boss-stealing. However, the Wings used the excuse of being XiaoYu’s friends, so the Heretic Demons can’t do anything really. There’s some frustration being built up from that.

“Yes, yes. It was a truly spectacular performance. XiaoYu, your guild friends don’t welcome us. We can only chat another day.” With a wave, the three Wings members walked off.

“I think the time’s almost up. Let’s all head back to the city. Sunshine, does your team still want to keep grinding?” Poor_Man looked at the time. There were only a couple of minutes left. They wouldn’t be able to get more than a few monsters. Why not just pack it up now?

“No. We’re dead tired. We’ll head back too,” Sunshine replied.

It was just a portal trip back to the capital before HereticKing pulled XiaoYu away to walk down a desolated alley. At first, everyone was stunned.

Poor_Man immediately reacted and told everyone, “Let’s go rest first. I’ll mail everyone’s portion of the loot later.”

“Okay. I’ll be going off.”

“I’m heading off too.”


No matter what, loot was something that can’t be waived away. The others didn’t worry at all and logged off to stretch.

“Why do I feel like Chief’s angry?” Below_The_Moon asked Poor_Man.

“Mn. I think so too. I pray that Xiao-Yu’s not going to be torn limb from limb. That’s all. Amen.” Poor_Man can’t just interfere in the Chief’s matters as he pleased. All he could do was cross himself and pray for the distant XiaoYu.

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GC: Chapter 58

58. The Engagement’s Fake

Despite the pain coursing through his body, YiHan didn’t mind them at all. To think, his first time in his last life…

He’d been drugged and so many men came at once. The sheer thought of any of them even being as loving as JingYuan to his body was ridiculous. How could they hold back their desire and gently go through thorough foreplay? When he woke up, he felt as if he’d been drawn and quartered before being put back together again. There wasn’t a single unmarred spot on his flesh. On the walk home, every step felt so painful he wanted to just collapse into unconsciousness. The only reason he bore through the pain and walked all the way home was the immense bitterness in his heart that stemmed from being wronged. Unfortunately, he got no comfort from home. Instead, he was forced to stare as his grandfather was angered to the point of passing away before his eyes.

And that time just before he died? That was torture, plain and simple. His whole being felt like it was being torn apart. It hurt so much his throat went hoarse with screams and black spots enveloped his vision. He hated how he couldn’t just die right then and there…He’d gone through every bit of suffering imaginable to mankind in his past life. Compared to those experiences, this mere bit of pain was just a light drizzling rain. It’s not worth mentioning at all.

However, to JingYuan who watched as YiHan ignored his body and the pain the other must be feeling just to rush over to him, who saw that stiff walk and posture, who could tell the other was in immense pain, who watched as YiHan’s flushed cheeks turn ghastly pale, his heart felt as if it was being tortured. JingYuan hurriedly walked over to meet YiHan midway and immediately lifted the other into a carry. He carried YiHan to the bed and softly placed him on it.

“You’re still hurt. Why did you walk so fast? You can just tell me if there’s something you want or need,” JingYuan said with a faint tinge of rage. Then, he recalled just why and how YiHan was hurt and his aching heart fluttered with sweet delight.

“I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt that much. Your feet are hurt. You need to rest. Don’t go walking around,” YiHan replied with a shake of his head.

JingYuan wiped away the sweat off YiHan’s clammy forehead with his hand and gently kissed those pale lips. He lightly nuzzled YiHan’s cheeks with his. His heart couldn’t bear the pain anymore. His little guy had always been rather delicate. A tiny cut on his hand would warrant a full day of shouting and moaning about the pain. Since when did YiHan learn to handle pain? His little prince should be protected and spoiled. He didn’t need the ability to endure pain!

“Silly billy, do you want to kill me with heartache? My feet are merely flesh wounds. I’m completely fine,” JingYuan murmured.

YiHan was savouring JingYuan’s affectionate gestures. His body was so light he’d drifted up high above the clouds. Everything felt so surreal. He couldn’t help himself. He turned and gave JingYuan’s cheek a light peck. Those pale smooth cheeks were flushed red once more. So this was how it felt to be affectionate with the one you loved. YiHan’s lips pursed in laughter like a little mouse that’d hoarded a whole mountain of food. His two dimples sunk in deep into his cheeks, just like a little hamster.

At the sight of YiHan secretly smiling to himself, JingYuan’s cold masculine heart melted into a puddle of water once more. Whoosh! It’s all over the floor now. There’s no getting it back.

For a long while, JingYuan snuggled with YiHan in bed. Then, with his remaining shreds of rational mind, he reminded himself he’d yet to talk to XueQing about the excuse he’d made about the engagement. If XueQing walked in before then, it’d be terrible. He turned and gave those soft lips a hard kiss.

“Are you still worried about XueQing? I’ll go ask her to come over to settle those worries. We can also take the chance to discuss with her about what’ll happen later before your parents wake up,” JingYuan softly said.

“Then…what about your engagement?” YiHan cautiously asked.

“This whole thing was fake in the first place. Of course, it’ll be cancelled,” JingYuan replied.

YiHan’s face curled up in a frown. “Must it? Won’t this be bad for her reputation?”

“HanHan, you must understand. XueQing likes Chen TianYang. If we don’t call off the marriage, how can they be together?” JingYuan said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Since she likes him, why would she still get into a fake engagement with you?” YiHan curiously asked.

JingYuan’s mind screeched to a halt. It quickly whirred and flew through a hundred ideas at once. “That? Didn’t I tell you? It’s all a collaboration. We announced the marriage to push you guys. Yes. It was to agitate you,” he calmly explained.

“You guys?” YiHan asked.

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LC: Chapter 59

59. Attack of the Gold Coins

The knights were buffed with Obsecro. The party slowly moved forward to where Below_The_Moon found the boss.

Because of the minor boss’s frightful presence, the party didn’t encounter any normal mobs near it at all. As they walked closer, the giant half-translucent ghost with a bulging belly drifted into their sight. A group of souls dressed as servants trailed behind him.

Around 100 metres away from it, Sunshine and XiaoYu halted. The two knights split up and flanked the rich salesman. Eremes went into stealth mode. The ranged DPS slowed down and waited until the closed-ranged players had secured the boss.

The rich salesman sensed the presence of living humans and thought they were there to steal his treasures. With a loud roar, he ordered his servants to prepare to attack. When he smelled players coming from several directions, he hesitated. Which should he attack?

When he sensed more and more strangers appearing, the boss began to panic. He randomly picked a player, the one on his right, and began attacking. When Poor_Man saw the salesman being attracted to Terminator, he changed his focus and was ready to support Terminator. Meanwhile, the three ranged DPS were ready to unleash their attacks.

The rich salesman was a huge ghost, so his fist was as big as a man’s head. With a shout, he threw a punch at Terminator. It just so happened that HereticKing handed his boss-specific shield to Terminator. Thus, all that can be heard was a thunk. The fist bashed on the shield, but the huge impact still made Terminator take two steps back to steady himself.

HereticKing and Eremes took advantage of this opportunity to attack both the salesman and his retinue with their AoE skills. The majority of the minions aggroed on the two. With the battlefield stabilising into formation, the ranged DPS rained their attacks down on the monsters. The archers used Arrow Rain to clear off the minions while Kathryne chanted one of the largest spells of fire magic – Meteor.

XiaoYu and Sunshine stood in an open area roughly 20 metres away to avoid the salesman’s AoE ability. Sunshine carefully scanned their surroundings. There were no other monsters in sight. This house was essentially a wasted ruin too. There was no place for a monster to hide. Overall, it’s quite a safe spot. Sunshine ordered XiaoYu to not wander around, they’ll try their best not to let the boss come near him, before heading off to join Poor_Man in healing and buffing the other party members.

The two healers split the work between them swiftly without any need to communicate. None of the buffs or heals overrode each other and every party member was covered. It was clear the two had worked together plenty before. Hence, the scene of Poor_Man trying his best and more to support their party turned on its head. The Heretic Demons team began to systematically vanquish the ghosts around them.

“Meteor!” At Kathryne’s cry, all close-combat players rushed backwards. Are you trying to pull their legs? Anyone hit by Meteor would be affected by dizziness.

A vast, 7-by-7 magic array materialised on the ground with the boss as its centre. Somewhere up in the air, large flaming balls roughly 3 metres in diameter began forming. Soon, the formed balls of flame came bashing down to the ground. In the blink of an eye, the magic array was filled with endless fires and cries of pain.

The fireballs hurled down by Meteor were randomly aimed. So, pit after pit was dug into the earth being set aflame. The ground was also charred black through and through. Tiny stars began spinning around some of the ghosts’ heads. That was the visual effect for dizziness caused by Meteor. More accurately, that’s due to being bashed into a whirl. Unfortunately, the boss was resistant to dizziness. He merely suffered damage from being burned.

Once Meteor was done, the minions were mostly gone. The close-ranged DPS resumed their tango with the rich salesman. One by one, the archers killed off the remaining minions. Except for the last one.

When the rich salesman realised most of his men were dead, he was so angry he stomped his feet, stretched his fists out and roared up into the sky.

“It’s his gold coin attack. Be careful of the dizzy effects.”

Just like Meteor from before, the 20-by-20 space, with the boss at the centre, was filled with numerous tiny, shiny and heavy gold pieces. The closer to the salesman, the larger the gold pieces and the more packed together they were.

At the sight, XiaoYu couldn’t resist from sighing at how extravagant this boss was. Just how much money would he lose through a single attack?

“Meow!” They’re doomed. The tiny cat’s eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets with how wide they were. If it wasn’t for the fact it didn’t have wings, it’d be pouncing on them right now.

Wave after wave of gold coins came raining down. Even the most agile players would have a rough time dodging the boss’s attacks and the gold rain. Therefore, the most pitiful and miserable of the party was Terminator whose stats mainly went into Constitution instead of Agility. Nearly all gold pieces aimed near him would smack him head-on.

It was only due to the two healers’ AoE heals acting as the baseline that allowed them to catch up to the speed health was being lost with their single-target heals. The healers were in range of the golden rain too, so they also had to heal themselves up before they died. This meant there were times when no one was being healed. Thankfully, Terminator had a lot of health and XiaoYu’s skill allowed his tankiness to rise to a much higher level. So his health could be maintained at around a third instead of risking depletion.

“So dizzy…” The lower their Constitution, the more susceptible one was to the rain’s dizzy effect. While Kathryne was standing near the edge and the number of times she was hit by a gold piece was less than any other close-combat DPS, she would gain a dizzy debuff every time she was struck. That was enough to make her exhausted of it all.

XiaoYu was standing not far behind Kathryne, so he could heal Kathryne’s constantly decreasing health. At the same time, he would use Dispel (dispels the majority of debuffs but has a far lower chance than curing poison) in an attempt to ease her suffering.

If one had to name just who was the happiest about the situation, one must mention the tiny cat. . The gold pieces clinking on the floor wouldn’t be immediately cleared away by the game. The small cat had pounced on one. Upon realising it could store the gold piece in its Inventory, its happiness level shot through the roof. Left! Right! Here! There! It wanted them all!

Especially since the coins in the air can’t hit it no matter how hard they tried. If anyone had a moment to spare and glanced over, they’d probably die of frustration.

While the kitten was very fast, it still wasn’t fast enough to sweep a whole floor of shimmering gold. Moreover, while everyone was fumbling in panic, no one noticed danger was slowly creeping close to XiaoYu.

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GC: Chapter 57

57. Don’t Ignore Me

However, the two light pecks were just to test out YiHan’s attitude. JingYuan hadn’t forgotten about his little one’s hurt neck and hand!

JingYuan resisted the desire to continue kissing the other. He gently pinched and swiped the tip of YiHan’s nose, then got off the bed to look for the first aid kit. But the moment his feet touched the floor…


He forgot. He’d just charged through a whole floor with bare feet and charged right back. There were still glass shards stabbing into the bottom of his feet. Now that they’re stepping on the ground, this intense feeling…

He froze. After a short pause, he steadily sat down, calmly lifted his legs to pull out all the glass shards in his feet, sedately went to grab the first aid kit and walked back.

Fortunately, YiHan was still lying on the spot, smoking embarrassment and didn’t notice it. Thankfully, he had an iron-strong will that kept him from making any noise. Otherwise, his image would be ruined.

Once he finished cleaning up YiHan’s wounds and his, JingYuan tenderly kissed the bandages on YiHan’s hand.

“Silly boy,” he gently said, “why won’t you take care of yourself? If you ever dare try to let yourself get hurt again, I’ll…” He’ll what? He didn’t know either. All he knew was he would definitely not be able to bear punishing YiHan at all. He can’t give YiHan a beating. He can’t scold him. It really seemed like JingYuan can’t do anything to YiHan.

“I’ll ignore you. Mn. One day–no–two days,” he said after a long moment of consideration. He nodded his head firmly and decisively as he said so.

JingYuan never imagined a decision made on the last minute would hit the nail on the head. YiHan wasn’t afraid of anything, but he was afraid of JingYuan ignoring him.

“I won’t ever. Don’t ignore me,” YiHan hurriedly said with a nervous nod.

JingYuan smiled. The face rendered cold and harsh by lines on his face smoothed out with a tinge of warmth, turning even more mesmerizingly handsome. It made one sink hopelessly in love with him. YiHan didn’t know if it was the same for other people, but he’s stuck forever.

JingYuan rose and curled his precious bearer of his heart in his arms. He lovingly planted a kiss on YiHan’s head and let out a satisfied sigh.


After a nap, Aunt Yang felt so much better. She was busy preparing lunch for the whole family when JingYuan snuck across the downstairs living room. He slipped into the tool storage room and took the broom and dustpan. But then he was red-handed by Aunt Yang who just so happened to turn around.

“Mr Mu? What are you doing with the broom?” she asked.

JingYuan halted. He turned around and replied in a composed tone, “I accidentally broke a bottle. I’m scared of HanHan stepping into it, so I’m going to sweep it up.”

Aunt Yang was alarmed at that. She hurriedly wiped her hands dry on the apron and walked out of the kitchen.

“Ah, we’ve got to clean that up fast,” she hastily said. “Give me the broom. I’ll do it.”

JingYuan didn’t let go. “It’s fine. I can clean it up. Is lunch ready soon? HanHan’s hungry. He said he wants some lamb ribs,” he solemnly said.

As expected, Aunt Yang’s attentions were shifted away. “Lamb ribs? Aah, I didn’t cook any today. I’ll go make some now! It should be done in time. Please tell the Little Master to wait a while longer,” she said as she swiftly marched back into the kitchen. “Mr Mu! Remember to clean all the shards up. Don’t let him step on any! He’s afraid of pain. When he was young, he’d be crying for the whole day just because of a jab!” shouted Aunt Yang as she popped her head back out.

Warmth flowed through JingYuan’s heart. “Don’t worry,” he replied with a smile. “I’ll be sure the room’s all clean.”

He returned to YiHan’s room and carefully swept up all the glass shards he could find. No corner was overlooked. After the nth thorough check to make sure nothing was left behind, he finally stood straight up and looked at YiHan who was ordered to not leave the bed.

“Done,” he said. “You can get off the bed now.” His eyes looked over every nook and cranny in the room. Very good. Very clean.

YiHan still hadn’t gotten used to his new status. He also didn’t know just what his and JingYuan’s relationship was right now. Uneasiness continued rolling through him. He didn’t dare disobey JingYuan in case that made the other angry, but he was also worried about JingYuan’s injured feet. The moment he heard he could get off the bed, he rushed over to the other man. He was going to look at the hurt feet, but his body had just tasted its first storm. His waist and legs were sore. The area back there hurt too. Every step felt like torture.

Translator’s Notes:

Beating: Aka corporal punishment like beating hands/bum with a cane/stick, spanking, and slapping. It was hard to decide which so literal translation it is.

Happy new year!

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LC: Chapter 58

58. Luck at Full Force

Unfortunately, the higher the hope, the bigger the disappointment. Nothing valuable was found in the second hour except for a thing they could’ve bought in a store. After repeatedly hacking and slashing for so long, they were getting tired. At the 1-hour-and-50-minute mark, the party decided to rest for 10 minutes in a sparse corner.

“There’s 3 more hours left. Looks like I can level up once today,” Sunshine_Illumination said as he admired how much experience he’d gained.

“How many levels have you gained, Xiao-Yu?”


“Not bad. Let’s try and get you past Level 60 today.”

“Mn.” Ever since XiaoYu passed his Second Job Change, it’s been a long time since he’d seen his experience bar fly so fast. That’s because the game’s stingy. The journey between the Second and Third Job Changes was a long and painful process. An accidental death meant a level lost. That would be so excruciating.

“Hopefully we can drop a dagger later. My dagger was destroyed in an attempt to get to +10 a few days ago. This one’s attack isn’t that good,” Eremes commented as he swayed the tiny dagger in his left hand. Compared to the knife in his right, there was a very noticeable difference.

“We already have 2 different types of weapons. Don’t get too greedy.” Kathryne knocked Eremes on the head with her staff. It looked so affectionate. That’s because they’re a couple in real life and they’re married in-game. Upon closer inspection, one could spot the same diamond ring on both their left ring fingers.

“Yes, oh great wife.”

To avoid wasting the XP Penalty Waiver, they only rested for 10 brief minutes. The following 3 hours were to be filled with just grinding. As the party got up, patted the dust from their clothes and the healers buffed everyone up, an idea popped into XiaoYu’s mind. After some consideration, he dug into his bag and took out a bottle of rainbow potion. With a slight frown, he tilted his head back and chugged it down.

“Argh. Ack. Hack. Ack…” Just as the item description said. It wasn’t merely bitter. It was extra, extra bitter. XiaoYu accidentally choked on it and coughed so badly his vision started going faint.

HereticKing patted XiaoYu on the back in hopes the other could feel better. He pondered. Then, he took out a bottle of milk from his inventory and handed it to XiaoYu who drank it up.


“Ahem…Yes. Thanks.” The mild sweetness from the milk washed away the bitter taste in his mouth. XiaoYu finally caught his breath. It’d be a huge joke if he died choking on a potion.

The other players stared at them in confusion. They were also surprised their Chief’s inventory actually had a low-grade drink like milk. Truthfully, HereticKing prepared it for the tiny cat. It somehow ended up in the big cat’s stomach, but that doesn’t matter. He had more.

“Lil Lucky, if I’m not wrong, that’s the Lucky Potion.” Below_The_Moon’s eyes were very sharp. That potion’s colours looked strangled like the Lucky Potion XiaoYu received from his chest during the loot-splitting meeting last time. If his memory served him right, it increased treasure drop rates by 5%.

“Mn. It was going to last 3 hours too.” XiaoYu never had the chance to use it before.

“What’s a Lucky Potion?” Naturally, the other party members who weren’t there didn’t know of the new and fascinating items found in the loot-splitting meeting.

“It’s from a System Reward Chest. It’ll increase the chances of treasures dropping by 5%. The problem is it’s very, very bitter,” Below_The_Moon explained.

“Huh. It’s that good? I wonder if the 5% is directly applied to the original drop rate or if it’s 5% of the drop rate.” (E.g. If an item’s drop rate is 30%, adding 5% directly meant 35% after consuming the Lucky Potion. If it’s 5% of the 30%, it’ll be a total of 31.5% [30% + 1.5%].)

“We’ll know once we test it out. Is this your first time drinking it, Xiao-Yu?” Poor_Man asked.

“Yes. I didn’t think it’d be so bitter,” replied XiaoYu, spitting his tongue out as he did so. It was so bad that tears started swelling in his eyes.

“There, there. I’ll buy you some lollipops once we get back. Alright. Everyone, let’s work hard in the next 3 hours. Don’t waste that 5%,” Poor_Man said as he comforted the frowning XiaoYu.

“Roger!” Once everyone knew of the potion’s effects, their deflating spirits rose up once more. It’s like they could see a huge number of equipment, and even cards, beckoning them. They were also much more respectful of XiaoYu and the tiny lucky cat now. This might be the true fortune deity.

Actually, the drop rate of good items had always been low. Even if the 5% was added directly to the drop rate, there wouldn’t be any obvious effects. However, from the significant increase in trash equipment being dropped, the crowd’s morale remained high. The party chat would occasionally be filled with chatter, but it would also be dead silent. Then, all that can be heard would be the sounds of swords slashing, spells casting and arrows swooshing past.

The party grinded hard for 2 hours. They found a silk magic robe and a triangle headband. The sight of an ultra-rare headdress dropping made the party strive even harder.

“Card!” All heads turned to where the gasp came from. What a pity they’d forgotten that they’d be lucky enough if the person who killed the mob could even spot what it’d dropped. The most anyone else who turned their heads at the sound could see was a flash of black. Any slower and they wouldn’t even see a ball of black shadow.

“Tsk, tsk. The kitten’s getting faster and faster. I suspect it’s got outside – ah, no. I mean inside – help.” All 3 major jobs that mainly dealt in Agility were all gathered in this party. Yet, the sight of this precious cat still made them sigh in how lacking they were.

“Can you see what card it is, Xiao-Yu?”

“Human-type White Ghost Card. +10 complete evasion against attacks by Human-types, but +50% damage received by Undead attacks. Shoulder slot,” XiaoYu read out.

“That’s good for the fortresses.” High agility builds had higher evasion but that’s only against attacks from the front. They’d still be grazed for up to 10-plus HP by the leftover attack shockwaves. Complete evasion meant they wouldn’t be hurt at all. 10 points of complete evasion was equal to 20 to 30 Agility points. That card’s really worth it.

“Ooh. There’s still an hour left. Charge! Have them hand up all their supplies!” Eremes cried.

“Hey, don’t you think there are fewer mobs now?” Compared to the ecstatic Eremes, Kathryne who’s a glass-cannon wizard was much more sensitive to the surrounding mob situation.

“No way. Are we going to hit the jackpot? Below_The_Moon!” As the party leader, Sunshine could not let anything happen to their party. Especially since they had a boss and a tiny luck deity here.

Below_The_Moon scaled to the top of an abandoned house and looked around. “Behind the broken-down house bout 200 metres to 10 o’clock, there’s a boss. From its outfit, it’s a rich salesman,” he said.

“Shall we go for it, Chief?” Everyone stared at their Chief with starry eyes the moment they heard it was a minor boss they could defeat. It was the juicy, rich flesh they’d been discussing a few hours ago too.

“Does anyone roughly understand this monster’s skills?” The unspoken rule of Heretic Demons was: how could they not make out like a bandit when they encounter a boss? However, they had XiaoYu in their party. HereticKing hoped to be informed of this monster’s skillset in detail so XiaoYu wouldn’t be caught in the crossfire.

“According to the forums, it only has a 20 by 20 AoE attack via gold coins. That is, it’ll rain coins down at you.”

“Mn. Sunshine, you’re in charge of XiaoYu’s safety. Everyone else, go according to our usual formation against bosses,” HereticKing ordered.

“Huh? Why aren’t I protecting Xiao-Yu?” Poor_Man found it strange. Sunshine thought it was strange too. After all, he had never worked with XiaoYu before.

“Because Sunshine is going to use Sacrificial Chant on XiaoYu. His casting time will be doubled. You’ll be the main healer,” HereticKing explained.

“I see. Xiao-Yu, did you bring the Bibles?” Poor_Man asked.

“I did,” replied XiaoYu.

“Then, please start from the two tanking knights,” Poor_Man said.


They didn’t intend for XiaoYu to waste the Bibles on this grind session, but they didn’t think they’d accidentally bump into a minor boss. With Sunshine’s speedy casting out of the equation, it was safer if the tanks didn’t falter at all.

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GC: Chapter 56

56. She Loves You Very Much

YiHan stared at JingYuan in disbelief. He faltered. His face turned ghastly pale once more. “My sister likes you. She must be so sad the moment she knew of what happened yesterday. She won’t talk to me again. As expected…I…” He was going to say he shouldn’t exist, but he remembered how JingYuan’s face twisted when he last said that. It was clear the other didn’t want to hear him say that, so he held it in.

JingYuan carefully coaxed, “Don’t worry, HanHan. Why would she refuse to talk to you? She was so very worried about you. Afraid I bullied you. Afraid you were upset. She loves you very much, and she doesn’t really like me. She…she likes Chen TianYang.” He wanted to explain to YiHan the liking XueQing felt for him wasn’t really love, but one look at YiHan and it was obvious the other was fixated on the matter. After some thought, JingYuan decided to go with a more stable excuse. He just needed to talk to XueQing later about their alibi later.

“How can it be?” YiHan gasped in shock. He clearly remembered his sister liking JingYuan the whole time in his last life.

JingYuan had already started lying. Even if he had to do it on his knees, he had to finish the lie. “It’s absolutely true. She told me that herself. If you don’t believe me, I’ll call her over in a minute. You can ask her yourself,” he confidently said.

YiHan was confuzzled by JingYuan’s assured tone. Was he really mistaken? Chen TianYang. Chen TianYang. He remembered this person. YiHan’s eyes went wide. In his last life, Chen TianYang would die in a car crash over a year from now because he was protecting his sister! Thus, the Chen family hated the Bai family. The Chen family were very much involved in the incidents surrounding the Bai business. That meant the combined attack later on was mainly carried by the Chen and Qi families.

Could his sister be forever alone because of Chen TianYang’s death? That suddenly cut through the fog in his mind (Big mistake). She didn’t react that badly when JingYuan left (because she wasn’t as into JingYuan as she’d thought). After Chen TianYang’s death, she’d been so morose. (That’s because she felt guilty of TianYang’s death. The Chen family began hating the Bai family and constantly caused trouble for them. She’d have to go resolve the issue time after time. Migraines build up in her mind. Then, the Bai family fell into troubling times. As a confident and strong woman, she felt so dejected that she couldn’t save her family business. She began doubting herself.) She resolutely refused all suitors. (An insane suitor nearly killed her.) So it’s because she was in a different plane to her loved one (No, she wasn’t). How could she be happy? No wonder she slowly stopped talking. It’s because of the bitter pain in her heart. (That’s true, but it’s not because she’s separated from her beloved.) And he, her younger brother, never knew what was bothering her. He never tried to comfort her, yet he kept bothering and frustrating her! But…

“Then why are you two getting married?” YiHan asked.

JingYuan: “…About that, it’s complicated. I’ll get your sister to explain it to you later. Anyway, we’re just business partners and we never planned on really marrying each other. It’s just for show.”

They never planned to get married! So that’s what it was! So, he wasn’t the reason their engagement got cancelled! He felt so much less guilty now!

YiHan let out a long breath. The depressing restraints in his chest ever since his rebirth loosened slightly.

JingYuan had been carefully observing YiHan’s face as his expressions changed. At the sight of the other’s face calming down, he felt much more relaxed.

“HanHan, about last night, do you…do you hate it?” JingYuan cautiously asked.

YiHan’s face instantly went red. His heart started thumping wildly. He bit his lip and turned his head away. A beat later, he shook his head slightly.

Rainbows and fireworks exploded in JingYuan’s heart because of that minute action. He felt like he was going to have a heart attack. He slowly inhaled and exhaled. He tentatively shuffled forward and kissed the corner of YiHan’s lips. YiHan didn’t move. His face merely flushed harder. It was as if he’d start bleeding any moment now.

JingYuan slowly released the arms and legs holding YiHan down. He tilted his head and pecked YiHan right on the lips.

YiHan still didn’t move, but it looked like smoke was going to start puffing out of him.

JingYuan’s heart felt like it was melting. Oh, his little one. How can he be so cute!

Translator’s Note:

Merry Christmas!

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