Reborn as a Good Child

Original title: 重生之做个乖孩子
Author: 今生缘浅 (Current Life is Unlucky)


As a useless spoiled wild child, Bai YiHan finally brought about the end of his family, chased away the one he loved and caused his own death. After rebirth, he decides to cleanse himself and work hard at being a good child. But a lot of things don’t seem to be as he expected…

Bai Pa + Bai Ma: My son’s so obedient. Someone must be bullying him. This cannot be forgiven!

Bai Big Bro + Bai Big Sis: If my little brother’s sensibility comes from his suffering, then I’d rather he be a spoiled brat forever!

Mu JingYuan: If HanHan hits you, you must accept it. Yet you dodged…The wind’s changing. Someone should be bankrupt to make HanHan smile.

Bai YiHan: …I was so wild in my past life. Your involvement are undeniable!

This story is speculative, speculative, speculative. Important matters must be said thrice. Everything is about speculative time-travelling.


  1. Death and Rebirth
  2. Cute Mother and Sister
  3. Cannot be Seen
  4. Just a Nightmare
  5. Don’t Want to Wake Up
  6. Being Born is Also a Skill
  7. This Young Master Must be Fake!
  8. Cannot be Forced
  9. Mother, I Love You
  10. Our Son’s Matured

15 thoughts on “Reborn as a Good Child

  1. Hello, I’m a bambam from Indonesia. I am interested in this novel, and want to translate it into Indonesian. Can I use your translation as a source?
    And thank you for your hard work 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I read this from a different site and I enjoyed reading it very much, good thing they have this site’s link there. Thank you so much for the translations.. Will wait for the updates here from now on <3<3<3


  3. Hello!
    My name is Tassia and I’m from Brasileira, I would like to ask your permission to use your font and translate it into my language.
    Looking forward to more chapters.


    1. Hi there, anyone is welcome to translate the story as long as the proper credits are mentioned. As for the font, that’s a copyright issue I cannot chime in on.


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