GC: Chapter 210

210. Yan Miao’s Escape

“The Lu family has grown because of the hard work of its family members,” Mu JingYuan said. “No need to thank me.”

“No, no, no,” said Lu FengYu, shaking his head. “Mr Mu, you gave us the opportunity. That’s why we have the space to work hard. To us, saying thanks now is still a little too late.”


Later that night, the following voices could be heard in FengYu’s home.

“That’s enough!” said Zhu Xun. “Don’t go overboard!”

“Well, I am. What can you do?” said FengYu.

There was a moment of silence before Xun was heard saying, “Oh, go overboard. What can I do about you? Aahn! You fool! When will you stop? Again… Uhn, slow down…”

“Why do you think it’s okay to tell me to slow down?” FengYu’s words came out in harsh pants. “Remember how you tormented me last night? You insisted I beg you. I’ll make you regret it!”

“I shouldn’t have caved in and let you do it today!” said Xun.

“It’s too late for regrets!”



Not long after the engagement party, when everyone was still talking about it, another explosive news popped up in the city.

During one of Yan Cheng’s trips out of his home, when the car was still crawling its way past the front gates, a woman popped out of the greenery near the gates and slammed herself against Cheng’s car. With hair as messy as hair could ever be, the woman began crazily banging her hands against the car window.

At first, Cheng was frightened. Just as his bodyguard was about to get out of the car to chase the woman away, Cheng realised the woman who looked like a crazed maniac was actually his younger sister, the woman who was always as proud as a peacock!

Cheng was shocked. When the car door opened, Yan Miao threw herself into his embrace and began sobbing hard. Cheng couldn’t care about anything else then. He decided to bring her back home first. The old Mr Yan was also shocked by Miao’s appearance. When the woman cleaned herself up and told her tragic tale, the old Mr Yan was so furious that he flipped the table over and nearly had a heart attack.

No matter how disappointed he was in Yan Miao, she was still his daughter in the end. If she lived a good life, the old Mr Yan wouldn’t have cared much. To suffer a little is to learn a few life lessons. But to watch her be humiliated and insulted to this extreme? As her father, how could his heart not ache?

Cheng wrapped his arms around Miao. His face was also pale in anger.

Miao kept crying. She repeated over and over again about how He Yuan was a beast and how she was sorry. She shouldn’t have ignored her father and brother’s advice and misplaced her trust in that bastard, leading her to be treated like a dancing monkey for years. In the end, she was beaten up and imprisoned for a few months. She was only able to escape because the guards were distracted. She had to sneak out from the second-floor window. When she leapt out of the window, her legs hurt so much but she didn’t dare make a single sound. She had to go through so much torture just to escape, and even then she was able to do so because she was familiar with the lay of the land.

Miao kept apologising, for not knowing right from wrong back then, for thinking a beast was family while hurting her true family. Her weakened body knelt down on the floor. As tears and snot streamed down her face, Miao begged her father for forgiveness.

The old Mr Yan sighed. He pulled Miao up to her feet. Whatever. No parent in the world would start off with bad intentions. This was the daughter he had loved for over half of his life. In the end, he couldn’t bear to throw her away. All he could do was hope that she was truly reflecting on her actions, realising just who truly loved her.

He didn’t expect this daughter to be as filial as his two sons. All he hoped was for her to straighten up her attitude towards life and learn to be grateful, for her to remember the moments when other people were kind to her.

When Yan Hui received a call from the old Mr Yan about how He Yuan had lied in his marriage, the man jumped in fright. He thought He Yuan’s affair with Nan Shan had been exposed. Thankfully, he was able to keep a hold of his emotions and didn’t react outwardly. When he heard the full story, he let out a sigh of relief. It was because He Yuan was caught red-handed by Yan Miao as he was starting another affair. Hui couldn’t help but admire the other man’s courage. He actually had the guts to treat the Yan family like fools.

Now that He Yuan’s actions were known to the Yan family, this was no longer Yan Miao’s private affairs. Even if it was for the sake of the Yan family’s reputation, Hui could never do nothing. Furthermore, he had disliked He Yuan for a very long time.

However, when the Yan family began investigating, they found out most of the He family’s assets had been transferred overseas. All that was left of the company was a shell that couldn’t even last more than one hit. He Yuan and the rest of his family had vanished.

The old Mr Yan was outraged. He demanded Yan Hui to find He Yuan. Hui followed the trail He Yuan had yet to cover up. As he hunted the man down, he called Mu JingYuan for help to speed the process up. JingYuan arranged for Pan Wen and Wei Wu, two of his bodyguards, to help Hui. These two men might not look all that reliable but they were extremely dependable when it came to work. They were outstanding at detective work and one-on-one combat. Every one of their subordinates was an elite in their own right. With the two men joining in, they soon captured He Yuan who had planned on running away when he realised Yan Miao had escaped, even though he wasn’t done weaselling away all of his family’s assets.

His parents and children had been sent away a few days ago. When He Yuan was found, his face was grey with defeat but hatred filled his eyes. Even when he was brought before Miao, he no longer grovelled like he used to. Instead, he smirked at her with frosty eyes.

Miao, who was already traumatised by the man, let out a shriek of fear then. He Yuan laughed at her reaction. He didn’t stop laughing, even when he was pushed down to the floor and beaten up. The crazed look on his face made everyone’s hair stand on end.

From then on, the He family ceased to exist in the city. While the Yan family showcased their overwhelming might, they had also been turned into a joke everyone gossiped about. Everyone in the Yan family hated He Yuan from the bottom of their hearts. The He family was exterminated. He Yuan’s parents and children were already sent away to safety. The man might be bankrupt but he was as free and alone as one can be. The mere sight of his arrogant and unconcerned attitude made everyone’s blood boil with anger.

Miao demanded He Yuan’s missing assets, parents and children to be hunted down as well. Let’s see how the man could laugh while everything he had was gone!

The old Mr Yan, however, thought Miao wasn’t thinking straight. He couldn’t say much about hunting down the parents. After all, it was very hard for them to not know about He Yuan cheating and lying his way to marrying Miao. But those two children had done nothing wrong and they were also her children. Even if they were to be hunted down, the children should be brought back into the Yan family to be properly raised with care. The blood of the Yan family still flowed in them.

Miao adamantly objected to the idea. She didn’t want to lay her eyes on the children at all. They were related to He Yuan. That alone disgusted her!

The old Mr Yan couldn’t understand why Miao thought so but the woman was so agitated that there was no way he could reason with her. He was also still upset at how his daughter had been tormented. No matter how unsatisfied he was at her demand, he remained silent.

He Yuan had lost everything. He was all alone now. The other members of the He family were also affected. They had all gone bankrupt overnight. How they wished he would die. As for the Yan family, no matter how much they hated the man, they couldn’t just kill him off as Miao suggested. Instead of being dejected, He Yuan acted so carefree and happy that it was as if he had been released from a great burden. His reaction made one felt as if their punches were aimed at balls of cotton instead. It was so infuriating.

Miao swiftly divorced the man and formally returned to the Yan family. Because of her sincere apologies and the pain the old Mr Yan felt at what she had to go through, the old Mr Yan planned on transferring the last of his company shares to her. It would at least give her something to be happy about, something she can use to have a brand new start.

When Hui called JingYuan, he grumbled about how Miao’s misfortunes were a blessing in disguise. Not only did she rid herself of scum, but she was now the Third Miss of the Yan family once more. Now that she had the old Mr Yan’s shares, she might be starting up trouble soon.

Contrary to Hui’s expectations, JingYuan told him to calm down. The man made a copy of the flash drive Jiang Hua gave him a while back and sent it to Hui via Pan Wen.

Not long after the delivery was made, JingYuan received the call he had been expecting.

“JingYuan, tell me! Where did you get this thing from?” Hui roared into the phone. “What the heck is this?”

“It is as you see,” JingYuan calmly replied, holding the phone slightly further away from his ear. “Make good use of it and Yan Miao can never bother you again.”

For the sake of the old Mr Yan’s health, Hui didn’t dare directly bring the flash drive home. Instead, he handed it over to his father.

There was a long moment of silence after Cheng was done watching the contents of the flash drive. He was in shock.

The flash drive’s contents could be roughly divided into two sections. The first held files related to He Yuan. The man once swore that he wasn’t having an affair with anyone but Xu YouRan. Of course, that was not the truth. When YouRan was still dating He Yuan, YouRan himself disliked doing anything sexual. When He Yuan needed an outlet for his lust, he had to go to someone else. However, he was afraid of being discovered back then so he kept it a well-hidden secret. The files related to He Yuan were all pictures and videos of the man being intimate with different men. When JingYuan found those files, he had planned on using them if the man’s affair with Nan Shan was ever exposed.

The other folder in the flash drive contained records of a den of darkness. On the surface, it was a club. In reality, it dealt with shady business. Through various means, they’d purchase various men and women to be kept in a secret part of the club where they’d go through inhumane “training”. Once they were “trained”, they’d be sent to all sorts of locations to be trafficked. This club provided these places with “stock” where some “members” could come and purchase “gifts” as bribes for important people.

While such acts were despicable, there was nothing to be done about the club. After all, this was a get-rich-quick scheme. Many people would put themselves at risk for the sake of money. The key information about this club was Yan Miao’s secret participation in the organisation. In fact, her involvement was major compared to the rest.

Cheng laid his head in his hands. After a few minutes of silence, he abruptly let out a roar of anger.

Frightened by the sudden roar, Hui cautiously asked, “Father, are you okay?”

“Where did you get this from?” Cheng didn’t look up.

Hui clenched his jaw. In the end, he decided to be honest. “JingYuan passed it to me.”

“Mu JingYuan?” Cheng asked, looking up. His eyes were bloodshot. “Yes, he’s always been a protective man. I was wondering why the man let Miao go so easily after the outrageous things she’d said. I see. It’s because he found this.”

“Father, Aunt–”

“Don’t call her your aunt!” Cheng loudly interrupted. “Remember. From today on, she is not your aunt.”

Hui pursed his lips. “If Grandfather knows about this, he might fall sick from anger. But if we don’t tell him, he’d be lied to by my a-…by Yan Miao. If Grandfather transfers his shares to her, this club’s ‘backing’ will grow stronger.”

Cheng stood up. He paced around the room in frustration. “Yan Miao, oh, Yan Miao,” he angrily said. “What a waste of Father’s hopes and teachings. You’ve actually done something like this! You’re always saying this is disgusting and that is revolting. I see now. You’re the vilest one of them all! I thought you were only cold-hearted. I didn’t think you could do something so sickening! You don’t listen to Father’s teachings. Just where did you learn something so frightening? Is the Yan family too poor for your expenditures? Why must you be involved with this?”

Translator’s Note: 

No parent in the world would start off with bad intentions: The proper translation of this idiom is “no parent in the world is wrong”. However, the exact translation of this phrase can be debated about. In the original text, the author intended to say that parents aren’t always the ones at fault. Some people also suggest that the author meant to say that no parent wanted to be wrong from the get-go. Either way, the core interpretation is that people must be responsible for their own lives; children have to learn and grow to be independent.

Pan Wen and Wei Wu: These are the guards who keep flirting while on duty.

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