GC: Chapter 86

86. Love Makes One Blind

YiHan’s hands shot up to cover his mouth. Love really made one blind. Even the ever logical and calm JingYuan couldn’t resist it. He would actually make that kind of decision just because YiHan said so. He was exactly like the foolish and lustful emperors of old!

And he, Bai YiHan, was the demonic concubine, no, man who seduced the emperor to misdeed.

Over the phone, Chen Hong placed down the phone blaring out the bland tone of an unavailable number.

“Love. It really makes one blind. Thank goodness the boss had already made the company a vessel of his will. Otherwise, this proposal would never pass. Really, it’s just like how King You of Zhou made fools of his ministers just for Baosi’s smile,” Chen Hong bitterly chuckled.

Hopefully this Little Master Bai wouldn’t disappoint his boss. He wouldn’t know just what JingYuan would resort to if that really happened.

Chen Hong looked up only to find the secretary, young Gao Zheng, staring at him in confusion. Hong patted the other on the should.

“Little Gao,” he sighed heavily. “You must be prudent with love. Loving someone meant you’ve placed the knife capable to killing you in their hands. It won’t be up to you whether you live or die anymore.”

Gorgeous lady Little Gao who changed boyfriends as fast as one changed clothes: “…” Was he sick?


After that day out riding with Chen TianYang, YiHan had hung out with the other a few more times. The more they spent time together, the more YiHan liked the man. With his buff of being loved just because of the other’s beloved, YiHan already thought of the other man as his brother-in-law. After repeated testings, he was sure of it. Chen TianYang had fallen head over heels for XueQing.

Just as someone once said, the two things hardest to hide in the world were coughs and love. Every time the man talked about XueQing, his voice left no one questioning just what TianYang thought of her. YiHan’s doubts were soothed. From the looks of it, there was only one last step to the plan. He just had to encourage TianYang to push past the thin boundary separating the two and XueQing’s love would be realised.

Bai Group Tower.

FuRen, Yan, XueQing and JingYuan were all sitting in a meeting room.

XueQing spoke up first. “JingYuan, is our brother okay with you out here?”

“He’s home,” JingYuan replied. “I said I had some work to deal with at the office. Before I left, I told him not to leave the house until I return. Aunt Bai is also home.” He paused. “She still doesn’t know about HanHan, right?”

“My wife has a weak body and loved her son as if he was her life,” FuRen said with a nod. “I didn’t tell her so she wouldn’t worry too much. Right. I heard the real estate company under you has been low-key purchasing land in the southern suburbs. Is that true?”

“Yes,” JingYuan replied.

“What made you think of doing that?” Yan asked. “Did you hear of something?”

“No. HanHan told me it would become a land worth its weight in gold,” JingYuan said.

The three Bai family members: “…”

JingYuan glanced at the same blank face dominating the Bai family’s faces.

“HanHan was so very serious when he talked about it, and he was so frustrated about it,” JingYuan said with smile. “That wasn’t good. Once I made the decision to purchase the land, he visibly brightened up. It was clear he was very confident of the worth of the place.”

XueQing couldn’t hold back anymore. “JingYuan, you should know this might also be part of the “future” he dreamed of. He might feel it’s real, but that might not happen in reality.”

“It’s fine,” JingYuan said. “Actually, I’ve got some plans for the area. I was just being conservative and didn’t make a move first. Every inch of this city is worth its weight in gold. How could there be a ‘useless’ part of town? Especially such large suburbs. It’d be an insult to even say it’s an ownerless land up for grabs. It must be the opposite. Such a huge land must have its uses. I’m purchasing it at a low price now. Perhaps a surprise will really be waiting for me in the future.”

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