GC: Chapter 87

87. Little Master’s Missing

FuRen paused and considered. “What JingYuan said makes sense,” he said after a while. “We’ve all been trapped by the stubborn assumption it’s ‘useless’ land. Now that I’ve reconsidered it, it’s very likely the heart of the city would shift in the future.”

“In that case, we…” started Yan.

“Unfortunately, the Bai family isn’t into property investment,” FuRen interrupted.

“Truthfully, the southern suburbs are too big. The Mu Group can’t handle it all alone. If you have any intention on trying your hand, why don’t we work together and nab the land first? Even if it never comes to anything, we wouldn’t lose too much if we wash our hands of the land then. It’ll be a gamble that can also make HanHan smile,” JingYuan said.

XueQing: “…” Making HanHan smile would be the main point, wouldn’t it?

“Okay. You go get your team to prepare the documents,” FuRen eventually agreed with a nod.

JingYuan nodded. “Any development regarding HanHan’s matter?” he then asked.

“No,” FuRen replied with a frown. “We’ve only found out the Qi family had contacted Feng Qun once. In the end, that was all. Afterwards, they did nothing. We need to re-evaluate the Qi family son. He did something to HanHan without any of us noticing. We can’t find out what happened even now. He’s definitely a complicated guy.”

“Could it be we were wrong? Qi MingYang wasn’t the one behind this after all?” XueQing proposed.

“He’d been in contact with Feng Qun. Usually, someone like Feng Qun wouldn’t bother about some proud, egotistical man like Qi MingYang. The man specifically contacted Feng Qun. He must’ve been aiming for HanHan. Only, this pawn was rendered useless,” JingYuan said.

Then, JingYuan expanded into his guess of how not every single part of the mental manipulation could be controlled.

XueQing perked up. “That means as long as we protect Lil Bro well and make him comprehend the vast difference between reality and the ‘dream’, he can recover without us needing to capture the enemy?”

FuRen let out a sigh of relief. “I’ve been searching for an expert in hypnotism, but those are for too rare. I couldn’t find anyone. I was thinking if the only chance we have of healing HanHan would be to make the opponent act first. If it’s really as you guess, we can relax a little.”

“Father’s right,” Yan said. The cold hard lines on his  face softened. “As long as HanHan is okay, we won’t have to hold back.”

“So when HanHan wants me to buy the land and I’d buy it, he was so very happy,” JingYuan proudly stated.

The Bai trio: “…” So it was because of HanHan! That entire speech and debate was just so he could convince himself? But they had to admit. JingYuan doted on HanHan to the extreme. Not even his family could do any better than JingYuan.

FuRen patted JingYuan on the shoulder and said nothing. Thanks wasn’t enough for this. He can only hope that once his younger son recovered, the boy could understand just how much effort his brother-in-law put in for his sake, that the boy would be grateful to JingYuan.

Just then, JingYuan’s phone rang. The man glanced at it. It was the man he’d arranged to secretly follow YiHan as the younger man went about his day. JingYuan’s heart sank. He swiftly answered the call.

“What is it?” JingYuan barked.

“Mr Mu, Little Master’s missing.”

JingYuan instantly shot to his feet. “What did you say?” he roared.

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8 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 87

  1. MC *comes out of bathroom drying his hands*
    City *in flames and chaos because ML and family went crazy*
    MC (유.유)


  2. hey if you gotta do something that looks stupid coz of love, you have to come up with excuses to make it look less dumber lol we gotta make it sound professional


  3. Me da risa, como discuten que YH fue hipnotizado… voy a ser sincera, la familia Bai necesita también una lección, pues aun cuando todo fue malos entendidos y acciones de YH en la vida pasada, es consecuencia del mimo desmedido de la familia Bai.


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