GC: Chapter 64

64. I’ll Scout It Out

“What wish?” YiHan asked tentatively.

“You didn’t know?” XueQing asked in a shocked tone.  “I thought JingYuan told you already. Whatever. He knows it anyway, so I’ll tell you straight up. I…” she continued in the most “embarrassed and shy” way possible. “I like Chen TianYang. But I’m not too sure on his feelings. Aah, it’s so frustrating.”

“It’s really just an agreement between you and JingYuan?” YiHan asked.

“Of course,” XueQing stated. “Who’d like him? TianYang is so much better than him!” she continued with real distaste in her voice.

“Then the whole marriage thing is really your idea?” YiHan pressed on. He didn’t know if he was going to burst in tears or laughter.

XueQing glared hard at the expressionless JingYuan. “Yes,” she said. “It’s my idea. I know now that it’s a rotten idea, but I didn’t have any choice. Right? So I looked online and read something about using jealousy as a push. I thought I should try it out.”

Finally, YiHan bought their explanation. He let out a soft sigh of relief. A hint of smile bloomed in his eyes.

“Then what do you plan to do now?” he asked.

JingYuan gave XueQing a big thumbs-up from YiHan’s blind spot. You’re so much better at making things up than I am!

XueQing ignored him. When she saw her younger brother’s face looking less pale and harrowed, she let out a big sigh of relief too.

“I don’t know either,” she said with a smile. “Why don’t my smart little brother help me out?”

YiHan really did try to think up of a solution right then and there. After a lot of serious musing, he finally shook his head and gave up.

“You’re so smart,” he said, “Yet even you can’t find a plan for this. I’m the dumbest in this family. How could I think up of a good plan?”

XueQing smoothed her younger brother’s soft hair back. “How are you dumb?” she asked with a smile. “My brother’s the smartest of all. I’m counting on you for ensuring my future prosperity.”

YiHan instantly felt a heavy weight falling on his shoulders. “Why don’t I go test the waters out one day?” he asked after a pause.

“Okay,” XueQing happily replied. “Why didn’t I think of getting you to scope it out first? My brother really is the smartest of all.”

JingYuan looked at XueQing in admiration. This was a good plan. Find something “proper” for the little one to do so he didn’t have time to brood and worry. It’d also give JingYuan more time to find out just what was wrong with YiHan.

YiHan was at a loss. This concerned his sister’s happiness for the rest of her days. He can’t take it lightly. Just what, and how, should he do so he could “naturally” get close to Chen TianYang and encourage the other man to be brave and confess to his sister?

After witnessing what happened in his last life, YiHan had no doubts that the man loved his sister. He just needed to think up of a plan to get the man to say it out loud. Then, everything would be resolved. The more YiHan thought about it, the more he worried for TianYang. XueQing clearly loved him. As long as those feelings were voiced, they can be together. But TianYang had to be even more of a coward than YiHan was in his last life. That man couldn’t say the word “like”, even until his death.

Wait, no. From this fake engagement between JingYuan and XueQing, YiHan could conclude: What he thought happened in his last life might not be accurate. There were plenty of things he where he merely saw the surface. What he saw was far from the truth. What If the whole “TianYang loving his sister so much that he’d die for her” thing was just a misunderstanding?

No way. YiHan had to proceed this with caution. First, get close to him. Scout out what the man thinks and says first. He can’t have his mistake hurting his sister.

JingYuan watched the emotions changing in YiHan. He and XueQing exchanged glances. They both let out a sigh of relief. It looked like YiHan bought their lie completely. This lie JingYuan made up…if XueQing kept going on about it, even she would start to believe in it.

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  1. “This lie JingYuan made up…if XueQing kept going on about it, even she would start to believe in it.”
    Yeah, who needs true feelings? Pfft ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

    Thx for the ch :3

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