LC: Chapter 66

66. Sweet as Honey

Every time XiaoYu and QiYao hugged, the final ending would be XiaoYu abandoning the other man to meet with the Sandman. When QiYao felt the hand clutching at his cape drop, he knew XiaoYu had drifted off to sleep again. He felt slightly dejected at that. Were his hugs lullabies?

Was this a sign of something wrong with XiaoYu mentally? Sure, he fell asleep the past few times too, but that was before their relationship changed. They had just confirmed they were dating, and he immediately fell asleep once more without a single care. Was this a type of seduction? Wasn’t XiaoYu afraid of being swallowed whole by QiYao? Fine, yes. In the game, it’s impossible to do so without going through marriage first.

QiYao was about to lift XiaoYu up in a carry when his lowered gaze saw the tiny cat clinging tight on the big cat pants. It too was sleeping soundly. He was rendered completely speechless. Just how many more big surprises did these two cats have in store for him?

Once more, QiYao carried the two cats back to the hotel. Unlike last time, QiYao didn’t leave gap as wide as the Milky Way between them on the bed. He held XiaoYu close in his arms. The dreaming XiaoYu snuggled in, as if to find a comfortable spot. His hands grabbed at the shirt on QiYao’s chest.

Staring down at the blissfully sleeping XiaoYu, a smile slow spread across QiYao face and he gently kissed the other on the forehead. Goodnight, my XiaoYu.

All of a sudden, he recalled the fumbling act XiaoYu performed the last time he woke up. The smile turned into a grin. He was quite eager to see just how the other would react when he woke up the next morning. With that evil little thought in mind, QiYao drifted off to sleep.


It was a good night’s sleep. XiaoYu felt as if he was laying on a large fluffy cloud of feathers. It was so warm and comfy that he snuggled in more. Strangely enough, he could hear the rhythmic thumping of a heartbeat. Ba-thump. Ba-thump. Strong and steady.

Curious, XiaoYu languidly turned his focus from his dreams and opened his eyes. Initially, he had to squint from the sudden sunlight. His hand raised to block it. Once his eyes got used to the light, he started looking about. What was he sleeping on last night?

If only he hadn’t been curious. What he saw petrified him.

This was clearly a man’s chest. No wonder it’s warm and had a heartbeat. XiaoYu knew whose chest this was without even looking up at the man’s face. From the current position, he must have been clinging onto QiYao like an octopus last night. Just look at the man’s shirt. The entire front was all wrinkled and creased up from XiaoYu’s grasp. While their lower bodies were hiding beneath a blanket, XiaoYu could feel one of his legs thrown across the other.

Embarrassed, XiaoYu gently withdrew the leg in question. Then, he gradually inched backwards in an attempt to leave QiYao’s embrace. The entire process was done in tiny cautious, deliberate steps so as to not wake the man up. However, one of QiYao’s arms was wrapped around him. If XiaoYu didn’t use force, there was no way he’d get out of this pose soon.

The whole time, XiaoYu never lifted his head. He just looked down at the tangled limbs. In truth, when he first woke up and instinctively snugged into his comfortable “pillow”, QiYao woke up. Afterwards, he silently watched as the little guy in his arms went still before attempting a stealthy escape. Yet, XiaoYu never dared to use any force to pry QiYao’s arm away. QiYao’s face grew wider and wider. Finally, he found it in his heart to be kind and not pretend he was sleeping.

“Attempting an escape as soon as you wake up, XiaoYu?”

XiaoYu whose mind was twisting into a knot from thinking of a safe way to move the other man’s arm away suddenly heard a teasing voice ring out from above him. He went stock-still, like he had been cursed with a petrification spell. QiYao seized the chance to pull XiaoYu back into his embrace.

“Did I wake you up?” XiaoYu cautiously asked.

“Yes. I was going to sleep a while longer,” came the reply.

“I’m sorry. I’ll get up right now. You can keep sleeping,” as he said so, XiaoYu tried pushing himself up and off the bed.

But the next instant saw a whirlwind pass before XiaoYu’s eyes. The next thing he knew, he had actually switched positions with QiYao. Now, the other man was on top of him. His whole body was pressed into the mattress by the man’s body. What a tantalising position.

“XiaoYu, don’t move. You know men are the worst at resisting temptations in the morning, especially when it’s the one they like.”

XiaoYu’s face instantly flushed red at that. He didn’t dare shirk or squirm anymore. He just laid there unmoving.

“Pffft.” At the sight of such a cute reaction from XiaoYu, QiYao couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore.

“I’m just teasing you, silly billy. Before marriage in the game, nothing can be done. Even if we could…” QiYao paused. He looked down at XiaoYu with an unusual warmth. “If you say no, I won’t force you. Okay?”

“Mn,” XiaoYu replied, nodding. He believed in QiYao.

But it would be a disservice to QiYao himself if he didn’t do anything while they’re in this perfect situation. Hence, his lips kissed XiaoYu on the forehead as a morning kiss. When XiaoYu didn’t seem repulsed by it, he gradually shifted down and to the other’s lips. It was just a simple peck. QiYao didn’t delve deeper. He knew going overboard would scare this shy guy away. He could already feel faint quivering from the man under him.

“I didn’t lie,” XiaoYu said out of the blue. They had just ended their shallow kiss and QiYao was pulling back from the other.

“Huh?” QiYao was confused.

“You said…if I lie, you’ll…” kiss me. XiaoYu’s voice went softer and softer until the words disappeared. He wasn’t used to being so direct.

“Haha! You really are a silly little thing.” QiYao, who now understood what was being referenced, tapped XiaoYu on the nose. “I kissed you because I like you. Understand?”


“Do you hate it?”

“No.” XiaoYu shook his head. He was only a little nervous. QiYao had always been kind and gentle to him. No matter what, he could never despise QiYao when he’s like this.

“That’s good. That’s a good sign. It says we’ll have a successful relationship, so don’t run away.”

“Mn.” It wasn’t only QiYao’s hugs that were magical. His voice was too. It made XiaoYu want to just follow along with what the other said.

“Let’s sleep a while longer. Look at your tiny cat. It’s still snoring,” QiYao said. XiaoYu followed the man’s finger to the tiny tuff of black fur peeking out from a bundle of blankets next to the bed. It moved up and down to its own rhythm. They were so loud, yet they didn’t wake it up at all. It was still sound asleep.

“Oh.” XiaoYu glanced at the time. It was just six o’clock. They did have time to take a nap, but XiaoYu didn’t dare move from where he was on the bed right now. His two wide eyes merely stared back at QiYao. Blink. Another blink.

“Hehe. XiaoYu, if you keep looking at me like that, I’ll be unable to hold myself back.” XiaoYu’s innocent and pitiful gaze was devastatingly cute up-close. To avoid actually biting into the little white rabbit, QiYao had to lay back down beside the other.

“Sleep,” QiYao said, pulling the other back into his arms.

At first, XiaoYu was worried he’d be too nervous to sleep. Who knew being nervous was the easiest way to tire one out? Especially since QiYao’s hand was gently patting him on the back at a consistent tempo. Slowly, his muscles relaxed and his mind was clouded with sleep.

Sunday, early morning. In a high-class hotel room in the capital of Asgard Online, the family of black (Hei) and white (Bai) was happily sleeping in.

Translator’s Note:

Sweet as honey: The original text “甜蜜蜜 (Tian Mi Mi)” is likely a reference to the famous 1979 song by Teresa Teng. There was also a movie using the song as a title and as the theme song called “Comrades: Almost a Love Story”.

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  1. Usually it’s the child who wakes up at an ungodly hour and doesn’t let the parents sleep any longer. But the tiny cat is pretty considerate 😉
    Thank you for the chapter! ❤
    P.S. I wanted to have a lie-in too this morning…

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  2. This chapter was super sweet, but it made me miss my tuft of grey-and-white fur. Three more months until I can go home and squeeze my fluffy baby…

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