LC: Chapter 65

65. Confession

The special chat channel for the Heretic Demons higher-ups and the public chat channels were dead silent. Everyone understood Egg_Tart must be under immense pressure right now, but this was the first time they’d been faced with such a shocking defeat. It had been smooth sailing for them since the Guild Wars first started. They didn’t even know how to quell the disappointment swelling in them, let alone how to comfort Egg_Tart.

QiYao didn’t say anything about the loss. The only thing on his mind was whether XiaoYu knew the way through Prole-3. The other probably didn’t, if he remembered correctly. Thus, just like last time, he sent Poor_Man to guide XiaoYu to him.

“Chief, no meeting today?” Poor_Man asked.

“No. Egg_Tart should have a moment to himself,” QiYao replied.

“True. Once I lead Xiao-Yu over, I’ll go comfort him. That kid always had a case of tunnel vision. Hopefully he won’t be too hard on himself.”

“I’ll leave him to you.”

Thus, Poor_Man headed over to Egg_Tart as soon as he led Xiao-Yu over to the Crystal Room. In that vast room, two pairs of eyes, black (Hei) and white (Bai), held a staring competition.

“Yao, did you need me for something?” Bai XiaoYu found it somewhat strange that Hei QiYao merely stared at him this whole time. However, compared to last time, QiYao didn’t seem angry today. Instead, his gaze was very gentle and warm.

He really wanted to hug this frail little guy! As he thought so, QiYao’s arms were stretched out to XiaoYu and locked the other into an embrace.

“???” No matter how dense he was, XiaoYu still realised QiYao loved hugging him more and more. Why? He didn’t look like a fuzzy little teddy bear. If question marks could materialise into the game world, the air above his head would be filled with big question marks.

“XiaoYu,” QiYao ducked his head and spoke into XiaoYu’s ear. “I like you.” He never liked beating around the bush. Once he understood what he wanted, he’d take the necessary action.

“Oh. I like you too.” XiaoYu didn’t think much of it. He just felt like he really liked his friend QiYao too.

QiYao knew the “like” XiaoYu referred to was merely the kind between friends. How else could this little guy whose cheeks flush red at the drop of a hat admit it so easily? Internally, he sighed. His hands landed on XiaoYu’s shoulders and pushed him slightly away so he could look at the other in the eye.

“The ‘like’ I’m referring to is the kind between lovers. Do you get me?” he asked.

“…>////<.” The sight of a red blush crawling its way up that catlike face told QiYao the healer understood his words now. That’s the normal reaction.

T-T-The “like” between lovers! Wasn’t that love? Was QiYao confessing to him? XiaoYu’s mind was in a daze. He had no experience in this at all. It’s his first time being confessed straight-up. He didn’t know how he should respond at all.

Ah, every thought of XiaoYu was written on his face. How could QiYao bear to hurt such a pure-hearted little guy? QiYao looked at the obviously petrified and befuddled XiaoYu. He was equally frazzled. He leaned his forehead on XiaoYu’s forehead in an attempt to ease the other’s nervousness and uneasiness.

“XiaoYu, do you feel distaste at it?” QiYao asked.

“No,” the other replied, shaking his head. While he felt a little shy and somewhat confused, perhaps even a tiny bit of happiness at being confessed to, XiaoYu didn’t feel any distaste or disgust at all.

People in this era were more open and accepting on this front. There might be a small minority of extremists who hated it, but the majority would treat it as usual. Therefore, XiaoYu didn’t hold any discrimination against homosexuality.

“That means I still stand a chance, right?”

“…Mn.” XiaoYu did feel hesitant, but he didn’t hate the other. In fact, he might feel something for the man too.

“Then, will you try dating me?” QiYao asked, gradually leading XiaoYu to the question he wanted to ask. He wasn’t in a rush to get the other to fully accept his confession right now. He’s patient. He was also confident he could make XiaoYu his.

“…Yes,” XiaoYu replied with a slight nod. Since he didn’t hate the other man, he shouldn’t shrink back and hide like a cowardly turtle. An attempt was good too. Perhaps it might make him make full sense of just what that vague feeling he felt for QiYao really was.

“That’s great.” QiYao locked XiaoYu into a tight hug again. He felt a heavy weight lift off his shoulders.

XiaoYu didn’t just let his hands hand like dead flesh during the hug this time. They slowly rose and wrapped around QiYao’s back to gently grab at the other’s cape. He still didn’t have the courage to hug back as tight as the man was, but this was the greatest response he could muster up the courage for.

When QiYao felt XiaoYu timidly responding to his hug, he didn’t push any further. This shy little guy needed time for feelings to develop. Not being kicked out of the ring from the start proved that XiaoYu felt something for him.

“Um…I don’t understand anything. I might be very boring,” XiaoYu whispered, his head buried in QiYao’s chest.

“Hehe. Me too. Let’s learn together.” That’s the truth. This was the first time QiYao was the proactive party in a relationship.


Just then, XiaoYu felt something brushing against his leg. However, he didn’t spare the strange sensation a single glance. On one hand, he needed to calm his thumping heart. On the other, there was some kind of magic in QiYao’s embrace. It was so warm and comfortable, and it made him feel so very safe. He couldn’t bear to leave it.

Thank goodness the couple didn’t look down or this romantic atmosphere might be broken by laughter. It was the tiny cat. After seeing the two humans clinging onto each other and ignoring it for so very long with no signs of ending, it was curious. Did its little master feel that comfortable to hug? Thus, it used its paws to hug onto XiaoYu’s leg, just like a koala bear. Then, it comfortably drifted off to dream of the god of Asgard Online.

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9 thoughts on “LC: Chapter 65

  1. It’s so damn REFRESHING when characters in novels behave like normal sensible people and not like some drama queens! The confession is sweet and the little kitty wanting to join in the fun is hilarious.
    Thank you for this wonderful heartwarming chapter! ❤

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  2. I knew that it was time for me to stop reading too much yaoi when i thought another thing brushed little yu and not the cat. Im embarrassed of my own brain. Its too dirty. _(:з」∠)_

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  3. “Then, will you try dating me?” QiYao asked, gradually leading XiaoYu to the question he wanted to ask. He wasn’t in a rush to get the other to fully accept his confession right now. He’s patient. He was also confident he could make XiaoYu his.

    [There should be a sentence about XiaoYu agreeing here]

    “That’s great.” QiYao locked XiaoYu into a tight hug again. He felt a heavy weight lift off his shoulders.

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  4. I thought mc would reject or need more time considering his personality and circumstances (didn’t Glory also confess straight outa nowhere but took it back?) 😅 At the same time though, I’m happy that mc chose to move forward and accept the possibility of being in a relationship and the light & exposure that comes with it. Quite the timing owo no natter rain or shine, ml confessed to mc.


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