GC: Chapter 63

63. Annoying

“I said it was your suggestion,” JingYuan guiltily admitted.

“Mu JingYuan!” shouted the frazzled XueQing. “You petty little man! You think you’re the only one who needs to maintain their image before my brother? Why would I even think of such a dumb idea?”

“You were the one who suggested this,” JingYuan said.

She froze. “Okay. I was the one who mentioned this rotten plan. I’ll take the blame,” she meekly replied.

Satisfied, JingYuan stood up and reminded, “Don’t ever let it slip. If he finds out, there will be severe consequences.”

“I understand,” XueQing solemnly replied. “Relax. Even if the act turns real and I marry TianYang, I’ll say nothing.”

He walked to the door, paused and turned back to say, “This is just the plan for now. Once HanHan is better, it’s your choice to marry whoever you like. But it’s not a loss for you to marry him either. He really likes you. Everyone knows that.”

XueQing waved her hand at him. “Hurry up and go,” she weakly shooed. “I get angry whenever I look at you.”

“Tidy yourself up a little. Look livelier. Later on, go explain to HanHan our relationship,” JingYuan stubbornly finished.

“Don’t worry,” she tiredly said.

Only then was JingYuan appeased. He opened the door and left.

XueQing: “…” Why had she never realised how annoying this person was?


By the time XueQing head over to YiHan’s room, a piercing pain shot through her serious bro-con heart at the sight of bandages around her cute little brother’s neck and hand and YiHan spacing out in confused daze. The thought that she nearly lost her precious little brother while she was off in dreamland caused cold sweat to soak through her shirt. That person had better pray she never ever finds out who they were or she would kill him, even if she had to do it with her own dull teeth!

When YiHan saw his sister, guilt ran through him. He closely examined her face. From his experience observing and acting upon the emotions of other people in his later years in his last life, it seemed…Mn. She didn’t look too good. Did JingYuan lie to him?

His heart thumped in nervousness. Unconsciously, his fingers curled and dug deep into the wound in his palm. This motion was instantly noticed by JingYuan who immediately grabbed his hand. Startled, YiHan snuck a peek at his sister and tried hard to tug his hand out of JingYuan’s.

JingYuan shot a glare at XueQing. Over and over, he used his gaze to push her to act. XueQing was stunned. Hurriedly, she composed herself and walked over to YiHan. She knelt down to his eye level and reached out to the bandages on his neck. In the softest voice possible, she asked, “HanHan, I heard from JingYuan you hurt yourself. Why were you so careless? Does it still hurt?”

The tiny wound on YiHan’s neck was completely negligible to the YiHan after rebirth. He cautiously scanned his sister’s face. Fear in his voice, he spoke up. “Sis, d-don’t be angry at me. I…I won’t…” Won’t break you two up.

When JingYuan realised YiHan’s mind was heading towards the wrong path, he pulled YiHan’s head in with a hand behind YiHan’s head and stopped his mouth with his own.

YiHan: “…” His sister was right there! What would she think?

XueQing: “…” JingYuan, you bastard! How dare you bully my brother right before my eyes!

No matter how much she wanted to beat JingYuan up right now, she had to admit he was better than she was at calming down her brother. She suppressed the impulse to throw something at JingYuan’s head and cleared her throat.

No matter how much JingYuan wanted to kiss YiHan until the end of time, XueQing, this third wheel, was still right beside them. Anyway, he still had something to do. JingYuan could only sigh regretfully inward and let go of YiHan.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” JingYuan said unhappily.

YiHan glared back, fuming in rage.

XueQing did her best to put on a teasing expression. “Little guy, aren’t you embarrassed doing that before your sister?” she light-heartedly commented. “I know you two are together now. Good for JingYuan. He’s got the ending he wished for. Me? Who knows when life would take pity on me and give me what I wish for.”

Translator’s Note:

Annoying: The proper translation was someone who’s “so easy to hate” aka “despicable” or “hateful”, but those don’t have the same implied meaning as the original text.

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