GC: Chapter 58

58. The Engagement’s Fake

Despite the pain coursing through his body, YiHan didn’t mind them at all. To think, his first time in his last life…

He’d been drugged and so many men came at once. The sheer thought of any of them even being as loving as JingYuan to his body was ridiculous. How could they hold back their desire and gently go through thorough foreplay? When he woke up, he felt as if he’d been drawn and quartered before being put back together again. There wasn’t a single unmarred spot on his flesh. On the walk home, every step felt so painful he wanted to just collapse into unconsciousness. The only reason he bore through the pain and walked all the way home was the immense bitterness in his heart that stemmed from being wronged. Unfortunately, he got no comfort from home. Instead, he was forced to stare as his grandfather was angered to the point of passing away before his eyes.

And that time just before he died? That was torture, plain and simple. His whole being felt like it was being torn apart. It hurt so much his throat went hoarse with screams and black spots enveloped his vision. He hated how he couldn’t just die right then and there…He’d gone through every bit of suffering imaginable to mankind in his past life. Compared to those experiences, this mere bit of pain was just a light drizzling rain. It’s not worth mentioning at all.

However, to JingYuan who watched as YiHan ignored his body and the pain the other must be feeling just to rush over to him, who saw that stiff walk and posture, who could tell the other was in immense pain, who watched as YiHan’s flushed cheeks turn ghastly pale, his heart felt as if it was being tortured. JingYuan hurriedly walked over to meet YiHan midway and immediately lifted the other into a carry. He carried YiHan to the bed and softly placed him on it.

“You’re still hurt. Why did you walk so fast? You can just tell me if there’s something you want or need,” JingYuan said with a faint tinge of rage. Then, he recalled just why and how YiHan was hurt and his aching heart fluttered with sweet delight.

“I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt that much. Your feet are hurt. You need to rest. Don’t go walking around,” YiHan replied with a shake of his head.

JingYuan wiped away the sweat off YiHan’s clammy forehead with his hand and gently kissed those pale lips. He lightly nuzzled YiHan’s cheeks with his. His heart couldn’t bear the pain anymore. His little guy had always been rather delicate. A tiny cut on his hand would warrant a full day of shouting and moaning about the pain. Since when did YiHan learn to handle pain? His little prince should be protected and spoiled. He didn’t need the ability to endure pain!

“Silly billy, do you want to kill me with heartache? My feet are merely flesh wounds. I’m completely fine,” JingYuan murmured.

YiHan was savouring JingYuan’s affectionate gestures. His body was so light he’d drifted up high above the clouds. Everything felt so surreal. He couldn’t help himself. He turned and gave JingYuan’s cheek a light peck. Those pale smooth cheeks were flushed red once more. So this was how it felt to be affectionate with the one you loved. YiHan’s lips pursed in laughter like a little mouse that’d hoarded a whole mountain of food. His two dimples sunk in deep into his cheeks, just like a little hamster.

At the sight of YiHan secretly smiling to himself, JingYuan’s cold masculine heart melted into a puddle of water once more. Whoosh! It’s all over the floor now. There’s no getting it back.

For a long while, JingYuan snuggled with YiHan in bed. Then, with his remaining shreds of rational mind, he reminded himself he’d yet to talk to XueQing about the excuse he’d made about the engagement. If XueQing walked in before then, it’d be terrible. He turned and gave those soft lips a hard kiss.

“Are you still worried about XueQing? I’ll go ask her to come over to settle those worries. We can also take the chance to discuss with her about what’ll happen later before your parents wake up,” JingYuan softly said.

“Then…what about your engagement?” YiHan cautiously asked.

“This whole thing was fake in the first place. Of course, it’ll be cancelled,” JingYuan replied.

YiHan’s face curled up in a frown. “Must it? Won’t this be bad for her reputation?”

“HanHan, you must understand. XueQing likes Chen TianYang. If we don’t call off the marriage, how can they be together?” JingYuan said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Since she likes him, why would she still get into a fake engagement with you?” YiHan curiously asked.

JingYuan’s mind screeched to a halt. It quickly whirred and flew through a hundred ideas at once. “That? Didn’t I tell you? It’s all a collaboration. We announced the marriage to push you guys. Yes. It was to agitate you,” he calmly explained.

“You guys?” YiHan asked.

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9 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 58

  1. Hope they really havent announced the engagement yet!. I would like to know more about sister and Chen, too. :3


  2. Uhm… uno, deja de tratar a Han como una taza de cristal, dos… esa no te la comprará… ahora, ¿cómo o de qué manera expresó sus sentimientos HanHan en su otra vida?, porque él y su hermana no le creyeron o solo se puso histérico y nunca explicó hasta que fue tarde


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