LC: Chapter 60

60. Unexpected Events

As all bosses had a certain type of terrifying aura, there shouldn’t be any monsters that’d dare to appear within a 10-plus metre radius. However, the ghosts of this place were once humans. They possess a certain intelligence. At the sight of such a dense rain of gold pieces in the far-off distance, there was no reason they who’d been peasants, beggars even, weren’t attracted to it. Currently, there was a ghost casually and slowly drifting over from behind XiaoYu. The Heretic Demons crowd actually never noticed it.

When it was within 5 metres of XiaoYu, the long-tongued ghost was forced by the game to switch its attentions from the original target, the gold raining down, to the players. It stretched out its two arms and revealed its 20-plus cm nails and pounced towards XiaoYu.

By the time the other sensed the presence of danger and turned around, the long nails were already within reach. He wanted to run but his low Agility meant his feet couldn’t catch up to his brain. Reflexively, he raised his arms in a block.


“Clink!” The nails didn’t hit XiaoYu, but was instead blocked by something mid-air, emitting a loud piercing shriek.

A figure gradually drifted into sight. It was a katar that blocked the ghost’s attack. While this katar-wielding assassin had a mask over his face, everyone recognised him – LittleZhuGe from Angel Wings.

XiaoYu’s cry just now had already drawn everyone’s gazes to him. Their hearts leapt at the sight of XiaoYu nearly being hit by the claws of a ghost. While they understood the protective buffs he had on should be able to withstand the attack, it was still a sign of their oversight.

Excluding Kathryne who was still suffering from dizziness, the two archers closes to XiaoYu disregarded the gold pieces falling from the sky and swerved their arrows over. Silver-Winged_Angel then let loose a few Penetrating Shots (Single-target skill. Deals 300% damage.)  and killed the mob. On the other hand, Below_The_Moon aimed at LittleZhuGe.

“Hey, hey. No need for that. I did save your lucky cat,” LittleZhuGe said with a smile. The moment he saw Below_The_Moon aiming his bow at him, he swiftly sheathed his katar and raised his hands. Imperceptibly, he took a few subtle steps backwards.

“Are the Wings grinding here too?” Below_The_Moon held his bow taut while his eyes darted around. ZhuGe was here. Perhaps there were a few more Wings’ members around too. Maybe even GloryOfTheWorld. They can’t have the boss stolen from them here.

“That’s right. But don’t worry. We’re not here to steal the boss from you.” Two figures walked out from behind a piece of the ruins. It was GloryOfTheWorld and a female player. Seemed like the three of them were training here.

“Since you’re not here for the boss, why is ZhuGe in stealth?” Poor_Man asked.

The close-ranged combatants were still fighting the boss and can’t extract themselves from the salesman for now. Because Sunshine was past the 10 minutes of double chant time debuff, he was left behind as support while Poor_Man snuck over.

“Hehe. I only planned on witnessing the Heretic Demons’ execution of a boos up close. But then I saw LuckyCat was in danger. As a friend, I can’t not help, right?” ZhuGe was smiling as brightly as ever.

“Alright. You guys keep going. We won’t do anything. We’ll just help you protect LuckyCat too.” This time, it was Glory who spoke. “But if the Heretic Demons die here, we’ll be taking over this boss.”

“Heh. No need for you to worry over that. Such a small boss is no threat,” Poor_Man said. Implicitly, he said, you three are the danger here.

“Believe it or not, it’s up to you. However, I think XiaoYu here won’t refuse his friends, right?” Glory replied.

“Um…no. Erm…thank you for just now.” XiaoYu was somewhat startled by the sudden mention of him. Anyways, his upbringing meant he must at least thank his saviours first.

No one noticed the light tremor in HereticKing’s sword when GloryOfTheWorld called XiaoYu by name. His hands clenched harder on it and he kept hacking away at this big, fat pig in front of his eyes. For some strange reason, he was rather angry right now. No, he was very angry. He wanted to get rid of this annoying fellow as fast as possible.

“See. XiaoYu didn’t say no. We’ll make ourselves at home,” said Glory as he called for the healer and ZhuGe to join him on the pile of rocks nearby. His face spoke clearly. He’s only here to watch the show.

“Since Mr Glory wants to observe, naturally, we won’t hide anything. Please do respect what you just said,” Poor_Man said. Ever since he spotted someone from Wings around, the experienced Poor_Man intentionally started recording. Either way things went, he should have recorded Glory’s promise to not interfere.

“Relax. I keep to my word,” Glory said.

“Exterminate this boss with the fastest possible speed!” HereticKing commanded over the Party chat.

The gold rain was already much weaker. Having received the order, the party stopped holding back to conserve their mana. They all unleashed their strongest attacks on the boss. In an instant, all sorts of kill effects appeared around the boss along with the glow that appeared every time MP was used. The air was filled with shimmering, blinding rainbow glares.

“XiaoYu, won’t you come sit with us? It looks like they’ll take a while still,” Glory called out to XiaoYu.

“No, it’s fine,” XiaoYu replied with a wave of his hand. He was still aware he’s part of the Heretic Demons.

“Ah, you’re always rejecting me. This is the fourth time.”

“Um…Sorry about that.” XiaoYu realised he’s always found it hard to think up a response to Glory’s words.

“LuckyCat, you don’t mind me calling you XiaoYu too, right?”

“No…” That’s not really something he could refuse.

“Your kitten’s so powerful. It actually picked up all those gold pieces before the game could sweep them away,” Glory said as he pointed to the tiny cat which was still pouncing at the ground full of gold. Quite a few teams had gone against this boss already and all of them were busy fighting the boss. No one had the time to pick up the coins falling from the sky. Finally, when they got rid of the boss, those gold were all swept away. It really made one’s heart throb at the wastage.

“Mn.” For some reason, XiaoYu was always very restrained when in front of his two “friends” from Angel Wings. While he didn’t talk much either with the Heretic Demons, the two don’t feel the same. As for what, he couldn’t name it too.

XiaoYu turned back to look at his teammates whaling on the boss. He really didn’t know how he should talk to Glory and ZhuGe or about what.

Once past this one wave of gold rain lasting over ten minutes, it was only a matter of time as long as the boss didn’t go berserk. The salesman had paid a huge price in health just to throw out so many gold pieces. He couldn’t bear using this skill to throw that many out again.

“Alright. Boss is done. Show’s over. Time to leave.” Below_The_Moon didn’t want to start an upfront conflict with the Wings, but the acknowledged, unspoken rule of boss-hunting was everyone not related to the hunt to stay far, far away. Otherwise, they deserved it if they were killed on suspicion of boss-stealing. However, the Wings used the excuse of being XiaoYu’s friends, so the Heretic Demons can’t do anything really. There’s some frustration being built up from that.

“Yes, yes. It was a truly spectacular performance. XiaoYu, your guild friends don’t welcome us. We can only chat another day.” With a wave, the three Wings members walked off.

“I think the time’s almost up. Let’s all head back to the city. Sunshine, does your team still want to keep grinding?” Poor_Man looked at the time. There were only a couple of minutes left. They wouldn’t be able to get more than a few monsters. Why not just pack it up now?

“No. We’re dead tired. We’ll head back too,” Sunshine replied.

It was just a portal trip back to the capital before HereticKing pulled XiaoYu away to walk down a desolated alley. At first, everyone was stunned.

Poor_Man immediately reacted and told everyone, “Let’s go rest first. I’ll mail everyone’s portion of the loot later.”

“Okay. I’ll be going off.”

“I’m heading off too.”


No matter what, loot was something that can’t be waived away. The others didn’t worry at all and logged off to stretch.

“Why do I feel like Chief’s angry?” Below_The_Moon asked Poor_Man.

“Mn. I think so too. I pray that Xiao-Yu’s not going to be torn limb from limb. That’s all. Amen.” Poor_Man can’t just interfere in the Chief’s matters as he pleased. All he could do was cross himself and pray for the distant XiaoYu.

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  1. What kind of “friends” would intentionally make you uncomfortable and ill at ease? And try to manipulate and twist things to use you for their own ends? XiaoYu may not be articulate, but he’s far from stupid.
    Thanks a lot for the chapter! ❤

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