LC: Chapter 59

59. Attack of the Gold Coins

The knights were buffed with Obsecro. The party slowly moved forward to where Below_The_Moon found the boss.

Because of the minor boss’s frightful presence, the party didn’t encounter any normal mobs near it at all. As they walked closer, the giant half-translucent ghost with a bulging belly drifted into their sight. A group of souls dressed as servants trailed behind him.

Around 100 metres away from it, Sunshine and XiaoYu halted. The two knights split up and flanked the rich salesman. Eremes went into stealth mode. The ranged DPS slowed down and waited until the closed-ranged players had secured the boss.

The rich salesman sensed the presence of living humans and thought they were there to steal his treasures. With a loud roar, he ordered his servants to prepare to attack. When he smelled players coming from several directions, he hesitated. Which should he attack?

When he sensed more and more strangers appearing, the boss began to panic. He randomly picked a player, the one on his right, and began attacking. When Poor_Man saw the salesman being attracted to Terminator, he changed his focus and was ready to support Terminator. Meanwhile, the three ranged DPS were ready to unleash their attacks.

The rich salesman was a huge ghost, so his fist was as big as a man’s head. With a shout, he threw a punch at Terminator. It just so happened that HereticKing handed his boss-specific shield to Terminator. Thus, all that can be heard was a thunk. The fist bashed on the shield, but the huge impact still made Terminator take two steps back to steady himself.

HereticKing and Eremes took advantage of this opportunity to attack both the salesman and his retinue with their AoE skills. The majority of the minions aggroed on the two. With the battlefield stabilising into formation, the ranged DPS rained their attacks down on the monsters. The archers used Arrow Rain to clear off the minions while Kathryne chanted one of the largest spells of fire magic – Meteor.

XiaoYu and Sunshine stood in an open area roughly 20 metres away to avoid the salesman’s AoE ability. Sunshine carefully scanned their surroundings. There were no other monsters in sight. This house was essentially a wasted ruin too. There was no place for a monster to hide. Overall, it’s quite a safe spot. Sunshine ordered XiaoYu to not wander around, they’ll try their best not to let the boss come near him, before heading off to join Poor_Man in healing and buffing the other party members.

The two healers split the work between them swiftly without any need to communicate. None of the buffs or heals overrode each other and every party member was covered. It was clear the two had worked together plenty before. Hence, the scene of Poor_Man trying his best and more to support their party turned on its head. The Heretic Demons team began to systematically vanquish the ghosts around them.

“Meteor!” At Kathryne’s cry, all close-combat players rushed backwards. Are you trying to pull their legs? Anyone hit by Meteor would be affected by dizziness.

A vast, 7-by-7 magic array materialised on the ground with the boss as its centre. Somewhere up in the air, large flaming balls roughly 3 metres in diameter began forming. Soon, the formed balls of flame came bashing down to the ground. In the blink of an eye, the magic array was filled with endless fires and cries of pain.

The fireballs hurled down by Meteor were randomly aimed. So, pit after pit was dug into the earth being set aflame. The ground was also charred black through and through. Tiny stars began spinning around some of the ghosts’ heads. That was the visual effect for dizziness caused by Meteor. More accurately, that’s due to being bashed into a whirl. Unfortunately, the boss was resistant to dizziness. He merely suffered damage from being burned.

Once Meteor was done, the minions were mostly gone. The close-ranged DPS resumed their tango with the rich salesman. One by one, the archers killed off the remaining minions. Except for the last one.

When the rich salesman realised most of his men were dead, he was so angry he stomped his feet, stretched his fists out and roared up into the sky.

“It’s his gold coin attack. Be careful of the dizzy effects.”

Just like Meteor from before, the 20-by-20 space, with the boss at the centre, was filled with numerous tiny, shiny and heavy gold pieces. The closer to the salesman, the larger the gold pieces and the more packed together they were.

At the sight, XiaoYu couldn’t resist from sighing at how extravagant this boss was. Just how much money would he lose through a single attack?

“Meow!” They’re doomed. The tiny cat’s eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets with how wide they were. If it wasn’t for the fact it didn’t have wings, it’d be pouncing on them right now.

Wave after wave of gold coins came raining down. Even the most agile players would have a rough time dodging the boss’s attacks and the gold rain. Therefore, the most pitiful and miserable of the party was Terminator whose stats mainly went into Constitution instead of Agility. Nearly all gold pieces aimed near him would smack him head-on.

It was only due to the two healers’ AoE heals acting as the baseline that allowed them to catch up to the speed health was being lost with their single-target heals. The healers were in range of the golden rain too, so they also had to heal themselves up before they died. This meant there were times when no one was being healed. Thankfully, Terminator had a lot of health and XiaoYu’s skill allowed his tankiness to rise to a much higher level. So his health could be maintained at around a third instead of risking depletion.

“So dizzy…” The lower their Constitution, the more susceptible one was to the rain’s dizzy effect. While Kathryne was standing near the edge and the number of times she was hit by a gold piece was less than any other close-combat DPS, she would gain a dizzy debuff every time she was struck. That was enough to make her exhausted of it all.

XiaoYu was standing not far behind Kathryne, so he could heal Kathryne’s constantly decreasing health. At the same time, he would use Dispel (dispels the majority of debuffs but has a far lower chance than curing poison) in an attempt to ease her suffering.

If one had to name just who was the happiest about the situation, one must mention the tiny cat. . The gold pieces clinking on the floor wouldn’t be immediately cleared away by the game. The small cat had pounced on one. Upon realising it could store the gold piece in its Inventory, its happiness level shot through the roof. Left! Right! Here! There! It wanted them all!

Especially since the coins in the air can’t hit it no matter how hard they tried. If anyone had a moment to spare and glanced over, they’d probably die of frustration.

While the kitten was very fast, it still wasn’t fast enough to sweep a whole floor of shimmering gold. Moreover, while everyone was fumbling in panic, no one noticed danger was slowly creeping close to XiaoYu.

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