GC: Chapter 57

57. Don’t Ignore Me

However, the two light pecks were just to test out YiHan’s attitude. JingYuan hadn’t forgotten about his little one’s hurt neck and hand!

JingYuan resisted the desire to continue kissing the other. He gently pinched and swiped the tip of YiHan’s nose, then got off the bed to look for the first aid kit. But the moment his feet touched the floor…


He forgot. He’d just charged through a whole floor with bare feet and charged right back. There were still glass shards stabbing into the bottom of his feet. Now that they’re stepping on the ground, this intense feeling…

He froze. After a short pause, he steadily sat down, calmly lifted his legs to pull out all the glass shards in his feet, sedately went to grab the first aid kit and walked back.

Fortunately, YiHan was still lying on the spot, smoking embarrassment and didn’t notice it. Thankfully, he had an iron-strong will that kept him from making any noise. Otherwise, his image would be ruined.

Once he finished cleaning up YiHan’s wounds and his, JingYuan tenderly kissed the bandages on YiHan’s hand.

“Silly boy,” he gently said, “why won’t you take care of yourself? If you ever dare try to let yourself get hurt again, I’ll…” He’ll what? He didn’t know either. All he knew was he would definitely not be able to bear punishing YiHan at all. He can’t give YiHan a beating. He can’t scold him. It really seemed like JingYuan can’t do anything to YiHan.

“I’ll ignore you. Mn. One day–no–two days,” he said after a long moment of consideration. He nodded his head firmly and decisively as he said so.

JingYuan never imagined a decision made on the last minute would hit the nail on the head. YiHan wasn’t afraid of anything, but he was afraid of JingYuan ignoring him.

“I won’t ever. Don’t ignore me,” YiHan hurriedly said with a nervous nod.

JingYuan smiled. The face rendered cold and harsh by lines on his face smoothed out with a tinge of warmth, turning even more mesmerizingly handsome. It made one sink hopelessly in love with him. YiHan didn’t know if it was the same for other people, but he’s stuck forever.

JingYuan rose and curled his precious bearer of his heart in his arms. He lovingly planted a kiss on YiHan’s head and let out a satisfied sigh.


After a nap, Aunt Yang felt so much better. She was busy preparing lunch for the whole family when JingYuan snuck across the downstairs living room. He slipped into the tool storage room and took the broom and dustpan. But then he was red-handed by Aunt Yang who just so happened to turn around.

“Mr Mu? What are you doing with the broom?” she asked.

JingYuan halted. He turned around and replied in a composed tone, “I accidentally broke a bottle. I’m scared of HanHan stepping into it, so I’m going to sweep it up.”

Aunt Yang was alarmed at that. She hurriedly wiped her hands dry on the apron and walked out of the kitchen.

“Ah, we’ve got to clean that up fast,” she hastily said. “Give me the broom. I’ll do it.”

JingYuan didn’t let go. “It’s fine. I can clean it up. Is lunch ready soon? HanHan’s hungry. He said he wants some lamb ribs,” he solemnly said.

As expected, Aunt Yang’s attentions were shifted away. “Lamb ribs? Aah, I didn’t cook any today. I’ll go make some now! It should be done in time. Please tell the Little Master to wait a while longer,” she said as she swiftly marched back into the kitchen. “Mr Mu! Remember to clean all the shards up. Don’t let him step on any! He’s afraid of pain. When he was young, he’d be crying for the whole day just because of a jab!” shouted Aunt Yang as she popped her head back out.

Warmth flowed through JingYuan’s heart. “Don’t worry,” he replied with a smile. “I’ll be sure the room’s all clean.”

He returned to YiHan’s room and carefully swept up all the glass shards he could find. No corner was overlooked. After the nth thorough check to make sure nothing was left behind, he finally stood straight up and looked at YiHan who was ordered to not leave the bed.

“Done,” he said. “You can get off the bed now.” His eyes looked over every nook and cranny in the room. Very good. Very clean.

YiHan still hadn’t gotten used to his new status. He also didn’t know just what his and JingYuan’s relationship was right now. Uneasiness continued rolling through him. He didn’t dare disobey JingYuan in case that made the other angry, but he was also worried about JingYuan’s injured feet. The moment he heard he could get off the bed, he rushed over to the other man. He was going to look at the hurt feet, but his body had just tasted its first storm. His waist and legs were sore. The area back there hurt too. Every step felt like torture.

Translator’s Notes:

Beating: Aka corporal punishment like beating hands/bum with a cane/stick, spanking, and slapping. It was hard to decide which so literal translation it is.

Happy new year!

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  1. I somehow find this couple problematic. Both have serious brain damages. One is delirious, the other is possessive(another brain illness).


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