GC: Chapter 43

43. Struck by Lightning

JingYuan was frozen. The tiny men representing his desire and his rationality had tumbled into a ball of punches and kicks long ago. In the end, rationality lost.

As if he was possessed, he lowered his head down and…

[500 words have been deemed unsafe for eyes.]

Who’s this? Who’s kissing him? The moment those questions popped up in YiHan’s dazed mind, he sobered up as if someone had just poked him with a whole bed of needles!

His mouth was blocked. He couldn’t speak. He began flailing his arms and feet in panic. Who’s this? Who’s doing this to him again? Is it Feng Qun? Those disgusting “friends” of his? Did they want to do that scary and vile thing to him again? No! No, he’d rather die!

YiHan struggled with all his might. His nails dug out several streams of blood along JingYuan’s neck. Finally, JingYuan snapped out of his fervour. Gods, what had he done? He’d actually taken advantage of the little one when he was drunk. He forced a kiss on YiHan when the other had placed his full trust in him!

JingYuan immediately felt as though he’d been struck by lightning. He hurriedly let go of the boy in his arms. His inebriated mind buzzed. How he wished he could kill himself right then and there! Why couldn’t he control himself? Why did he do something like this? How would his little man look at him now? YiHan must think of him a perverted maniac who takes advantage of others while they’re unable to say no! JingYuan was drowning in despair.

As for YiHan, he was originally sitting in the bathtub with his upper body supported by JingYuan. The moment JingYuan let go, YiHan was caught off guard. With how violently he’d struggled, YiHan’s entire body fell into the tub!

JingYuan didn’t have time to be depressed over self-loathing at such a sight. Panicked, he knelt down and fished YiHan back out of the water. A mouthful of water was spat out of YiHan’s mouth. Choking and coughing, a bright red blush adorned his face.

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13 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 43

  1. The mighty crab also crawls by this novel, hm
    Thank you for the fast updates!
    The main CP is a mess at the beginning, huh… Hope they’ll get better soon
    Take care~

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  2. “How would his little man look at him now?”
    I know he’s talking about HanHan… but in my mind it’s JY’s phallus lololol I think…. I need sleep .. maybe xD

    Thx for the ch \(≧▽≦)/

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhh JingYuan, if you can’t control yourself, get a gosh darned chaperone!!! Yihan’s trauma is heart wrenching 😦 AND he’s making his crush think he’s as straight as uncooked spaghetti. I just found this story, the fast updates are very exciting! Thank you!!!

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  4. …so is like the whole novel going to skip over the “good” stuff by omission.

    It’s kind of a let down. I really love Chinese danmei novela but it’s hard to find one that is not censored or just blatantly skips the fun. I mean they lead us to the climax and then denial play.

    Boo not cute


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