GC: Chapter 42

42. This Dream’s Wonderful

Once YiHan was done, JingYuan tidied him up. JingYuan was about to carry YiHan back to bed, but the little one started acting restless again. Twisting and turning in his arms, muttering and moaning, “Yuck. I wanna shower. Sticky. I don’t like it.”

JingYuan’s breath stuttered to a stop from YiHan’s wriggling. His lower half was eager to act. He hurriedly held YiHan close to prevent YiHan from slipping onto the floor. “Behave, HanHan. Sleep first. Shower after, okay?” he gently coaxed.

YiHan’s mood soured further, but he stopped struggling any more the moment he heard “behave”. He let out a soft “mn” in response. After a pause, he whispered, “I’m a good boy.”

JingYuan’s heart throbbed. Good boy? His little prince didn’t need to be a good boy! It’s just a shower. What does it matter? Let’s do it!

JingYuan tenderly turned to place YiHan back on the bed. As he walked out of the bathroom, he said, “We’ll take a bath. Wait here a while. I’ll fill the tub up.”

Once YiHan was settled down, JingYuan went back to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with hot water. The temporary steam sauna flushed the alcohol right up into his head. However, he still remembered the little guy who was waiting for his shower service. He stumbled back into the bedroom. Come, it’s time to test his will!

He stripped YiHan’s sleepwear from his body with quivering hands. When YiHan’s nude figure entered his sight, his mind exploded. Heat rushed through his nostrils. He really suspected he’d humiliate himself soon by bleeding through the nose.

JingYuan held himself tight. Slowly, motion by motion, he gathered YiHan into his arms again and swayed back to the bathroom. He looked straight ahead the entire time, using his remaining rationality to supress his desire.  Mentally, he chanted nonstop, “This is HanHan. My little one. Don’t make a single false move. Don’t lose control.”

Nevertheless, that’s just what he thought. When his hand caressed and glided over the bare skin of the one he loved dearly, the trembling coming from his soul was irresistible.

JingYuan’s heart raced. He didn’t know if it was because of the alcohol he had or because of the feast before his eyes. All he knew was he was going mad. This was the person he’d been craving for. This little guy who’s usually covered in thorns and quills was not laying before him with his guard down, without a single thread on him. Unless one’s body had health issues, who could resist that? But he kept repeating to himself: he absolutely cannot lose control. He cannot hurt Bai YiHan.

It was very humid in the bathroom. JingYuan’s clothes were drenched and clinging onto his body. It didn’t feel good, especially his lower body. His pants were achingly tight. Gods, what sweet torment.

YiHan was so comfortable. He was stretched out among hot water. His whole body was relaxed. Warm water flowed around and encompassed him. A familiar and safe presence by his side. Because of the alcohol, his mind and memories were slightly messed up. He did remember the dream he had. The dream where JingYuan came back to save him.

YiHan had that dream many times. He had so hoped that when Feng Qun and those two thugs crashed into “the secret base”, his JingYuan would drop in from the sky. He’d stop those scary men and take him away. But he did know that what’s in the past was the past. There were no what-ifs, no one to save him.

However, this was a dream. Dreams were always about what the dreamer craved the most. Just like now. Nothing’s happened. He was still clean. JingYuan was staying by his side. He really wished this dream could be longer. It’d be great if he never ever woke up from it.

He savoured JingYuan’s roaming palms on his body. A delighted and meek moan escaped his lips. He buried his head in JingYuan’s chest. This dream was wonderful.

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