GC: Chapter 44

44. Seductive Nymph

JingYuan patted YiHan on the back to help him catch his breath. “How do you feel, HanHan? It’s all my fault. HanHan, does it hurt? Gods, what should I do?” JingYuan worriedly asked. He who’d always been so full of confidence had never felt so helpless before. It was as if anything he did was wrong.

After some more coughing, YiHan eventually recovered. He raised his head and saw JingYuan was there. Upset, he curled his arms around JingYuan’s neck. “Where did you go? Someone was here. They wanted…”

His little one was still willing to hug him! Even after he’d forced a kiss on him! What did that mean? But what was YiHan saying?

“I didn’t go anywhere. I’ve been with you the whole time. Don’t be scared,” said JingYuan.

No one else was in here? JingYuan didn’t leave? Then who was it just now who’d…kissed him…?


It was JingYuan! JingYuan kissed him? How could it be? YiHan licked his lips, numbed from the kiss. He stared at JingYuan with disbelieving eyes.

JingYuan didn’t dare to twitch or move. Just like a criminal waiting for judgement, he waited for the little one’s punishment.


A bare, dripping body was slowly walking towards him, like a seductive little nymph. Those long and perfect hands reached out for his face. The soft lips he’d tasted just moments before brushed against his. Then, as if shocked, withdrew swiftly.

JingYuan’s eyes bore into the little one timidly observing his reaction. His chest heaved with great might. “HanHan, do you know what you’re doing?” he asked in a coarse whisper. “Do you know who I am?”

When YiHan realised the one who’d kissed him before was JingYuan, he was even more certain this was just a dream. In his mind, the real Mu JingYuan would never have kissed him. YiHan’s heart galloped and pranced. Since it’s all a dream, then he could let himself go for once. Right?

YiHan’s hands stayed on JingYuan’s face. “Mu JingYuan. JingYuan,” he said in low but clear voice.

Having said so, YiHan dipped forward for another peck on JingYuan’s thin lips. He really liked being so intimate with JingYuan. He liked JingYuan’s scent. It’s so wonderful he could have this dream.

JingYuan: “…!”

JingYuan’s rationality which just logged back online was forced offline once more.

He wrapped his arms around the person before him and kissed those irresistible lips again.

YiHan didn’t fight at all this time. In fact, he even opened up his mouth to welcome JingYuan’s invasion, awkwardly but trying hard to reciprocate.

JingYuan’s heart felt as if it had been on a roller coaster the whole night. Up and down, up and down. Now, it was set on ecstasy. His little one didn’t reject his kiss at all when YiHan clearly knew who he was. YiHan was even kissing back. What did this mean?

JingYuan was still wearing the formal suit he wore to the birthday party. After a distressing evening, he didn’t have the brainpower to think about changing. His clothes were now sopping wet from all that scrambling just now. No matter how luxurious a fabric was, it’d turn scratchy once drenched. It’d feel extremely rough and uncomfortable. YiHan didn’t have a single thread on him. He strongly objected to JingYuan’s wet clothes. As they kissed, he kept trying to pull them off JingYuan.

JingYuan’s heart was shocked still. What was his little one doing? But no matter what it was, he should fulfil YiHan’s wishes.

Upon witnessing his boy getting frustrated over his inability to take off the clothes, JingYuan grabbed his shirt by the collar. With a hard yank, he split the shirt in half and tore the fabric sticking to his body away in the simplest and most brutish method available. Soon, his pants followed suit.

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