GC: Chapter 40

40. Are You Back to Save Me?

JingYuan’s pupils shrank. Blood streaked through his eyes. His entire being shivered at the soft “bang” that left YiHan’s lips. His blood froze.

Why? Why would his little one curse himself with such unprosperous statements? Why would he say he was already dead? That’s akin to stabbing JingYuan in the heart with a sharp knife!

YiHan was clearly the apple of everyone’s eyes. Why would he describe himself as a pitiful and lonely little stray? Just what was going on? Who bullied him? When did Uncle and Aunt get angry at him? Just when did Yan and XueQing start refusing to care about him? Just who made him feel that JingYuan would let him be insulted, jeered at and attacked without doing anything? Just what was YiHan talking about? When did all of that happen? In those 2 weeks JingYuan away on his business trip? Just what happened?

JingYuan’s face clenched and furrowed. A typhoon building beneath his eyes. His grip on YiHan’s arm started to tighten unwittingly.

YiHan flinched. His shoulders shrank inwardly. “It hurts…” he sobbed, but he never did struggle.

As if he had just been woken up from a dream, JingYuan blinked and hurriedly loosened his hand on YiHan. It was clear the little one was drunk. They all say that drunks speak the truth. Aunt Bai did say HanHan suddenly matured after a nightmare. Perhaps everything he mentioned just happened in his dream? Darn it. His HanHan was well-loved. Just why would he have that kind of nightmare?

JingYuan was starting to regret going on a business trip at such a crucial period. It was obvious something significant happened to his little one. Now, he’s as oblivious as an ignorant fool!

Was his departure after their cold war which made YiHan feel unsafe? But that’s no reason YiHan would think the family who adored him to the core would abandon him. Or…did someone imply something which sowed the seed of doubt in YiHan’s mind?

JingYuan looked at the YiHan standing before his eyes, sweet and obedient to the point of just whispering how much his arm hurt instead of shouting and yelling it out. He could feel his heart bleeding. Just what kind of emotional attack did his proud and roaring little tiger suffer to turn it into a cute little rabbit? This was simply unforgiveable!

Raging bloodlust flashed through JingYuan’s eyes, yet his hands gently unravelled YiHan from his jacket. “I’m sorry, HanHan. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Let me see your arm? Is it swollen?” JingYuan softly apologised.

However, just as JingYuan finished unbuttoning YiHan’s shirt, YiHan screeched and rapidly backpedalled. He frantically burrowed under the table, curled himself into a tiny call and gripped tight at his clothes.

“Don’t do this. Please. I beg you. Don’t. Kill me. Just kill me…” YiHan sobbed.

Stunned, JingYuan’s arms remained outstretched. His two eyes bore into the person under the table. His chest heaved and his blood whirled in a frenzy. He was so furious that he could just roar and yell right then and there.

Just! What! Happened?

JingYuan stood still. Violent puffs of air whooshed through his nostrils. He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. Only then did he bent down, a knee against the floor, and gently cajoled, “HanHan, come out. It’s fine. Look at me. It’s Mu JingYuan. Your JingYuan. Do you hate me?”

The cautious face he was met with was overflowing with tears. YiHan blinked away the tears in his eyes. After a careful look at the man before him, he felt even more upset. He pushed himself out from under the table and threw himself into JingYuan’s arms. “

“Didn’t you leave? Weren’t you never ever going to come back again? Why are you back?” YiHan softly grumbled. He warily looked up at JingYuan, a grovelling smile on his lips. “Are you back to save me? You’re not angry at me anymore?” he timidly asked.


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17 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 40

  1. (╥﹏╥) Hanhan!! You poor boy but with this JingYuan should have a better understanding and lay foundation for later happiness. Thank you so much for all the chapters ❤️ best Advent calendar I have received ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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  2. Hanhan can get an animal-assisted therapy? (I just want a dog or other animal to be together with him (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
    Thank you for the chapter!

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