GC: Chapter 39

39. I’m Dead

JingYuan couldn’t stop YiHan in time. He watched as YiHan chugged down half a bottle of strong liquor. Panicked, he rushed over to snatch away the bottle. “Dearest, this is alcohol,” he said in an exasperated voice.

Only then did YiHan realised what he drank. A burning blaze ran through his throat and into his stomach. He cleared his throat and awkwardly replied, “A-Alcohol? Why would there be alcohol in my room?” As he said so, he looked up and around. “This is my room” he continued in a confused yet depressed tone.

Looking at YiHan’s befuddled figure, JingYuan was speechless. He was laughing. He was furious. He didn’t know what to say. The only answer he could give was, “It’s fine. You’ve already drank it. Dr Chen did say you can have some to help you sleep.”

“Is that so? Since I’ll be sleeping, it’s fine to have some,” YiHan drily smiled. Having said so, he opened up another bottle and took a big gulp out of it.

“…” Why is it alcohol again? JingYuan warily glanced at the table. By the gods, all of the bottles on the side table were alcohol! The water jug was placed at the very end!

YiHan loved to play but his alcohol tolerance levels were exceedingly low. He’s the kind that would fall over after one glass. When he’s out playing, no one would dare to force him to drink anyway. The vast amounts of alcohol he’d just downed made his head spin. The tiny YiHan within his mind seemed to be banging his head against the floor. Gods, let me be reborn once more! I’ve completely humiliated myself before JingYuan!

Of course, JingYuan knew just how badly YiHan could hold his drink. When he saw YiHan take another big gulp, his eyes nearly popped out. “Fine. I’ll help you into the shower. Then, you sleep,” he said with a helpless smile.

The liquor was getting to YiHan. His head was rather numb, but he still caught on to the keyword, “shower”. He reacted with a great big leap backwards and shouted, “No way. I don’t need you to shower me!”

JingYuan’s gaze darkened. “Why not? It’s not like I haven’t washed you before.”

“That’s different!” YiHan said.

“How so?” JingYuan took a step closer to YiHan.

YiHan paused and thought about it. “Before, I was clean,” he said miserably, “But now my body is so very dirty. I can’t let you see it,”

JingYuan didn’t understand. Did YiHan not shower yesterday? He took another step forward and replied, “It’s because your body’s dirty that you have to shower.”

YiHan’s hands clenched tight around his hair. He swayed and shook his head. “I can’t wash it off. I can’t get clean. There were so many people. So dirty…I’ll never be clean…”

JingYuan still didn’t understand what YiHan was going on about, but he couldn’t bear watching YiHan go on like this. He strode forward and embraced YiHan. “Okay, okay. No showering. It’s fine. Good boy.”

When YiHan heard the word “good”, his head bopped like mad. “I’m good. I’m a very good boy. Don’t abandon me,” he mumbled.

JingYuan’s heart felt like it could die. Unwittingly, he kissed YiHan’s forehead. “How could I abandon you? Even if you’re not a good boy, I won’t ever abandon you,” he said.

The emotions YiHan kept suppressed burst out once more. “You’re a liar. I don’t believe you. In another year or so, you’ll leave. You won’t ever return. You won’t care if others insulted me. You don’t care if others beat me up. I’ll die. Are you happy? I won’t keep bothering you. You can happily fly off with Sis. I’ll die. I won’t ever trouble you again,” he softly sobbed.

JingYuan froze. His gaze hardened. The air around his crackled and turned to ice. “What are you prattling about?” he harshly said, “Why do you keep mentioning you’re going to die?”

YiHan flinched. “I’m already dead,” he lightly retorted in anguish, “You all keep saying I’m just a little fool, but I’m really smart. I feinted and made that policeman fire and hit here.” He tapped the spot over his heart with a finger as he said so. With a sly smile, he continued, “With a bang, I died. Dead is good. I died and came back. Everything was still the same as before. Father and Mother aren’t angry at me. Brother and Sis are still willing to talk to me. You haven’t left. I’m so happy.”

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THESE UPDATES I FEEL BLESSED. ofc he’s not gonna buy it but at least he let it out, maybe it’ll help his heart


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