LC: Chapter 41

41. Everybody Join In

When I_Am_A_Poor_Man arrived at the West Gate of Serica, he saw XiaoYu hiding in a corner from the sand blowing through the air. Perhaps it was just a trick of the mind, but he somehow saw two ghostly wisps floating above XiaoYu’s head. Was he still upset over what happened yesterday?

“You’re here really early, Lil Lucky,” I_Am_A_Poor_Man greeted.

“Mn. You’re here early too, Big Brother Poor,” XiaoYu replied.

“What is it?”

“Can Profession NPCs go on holiday?” After taking hits on both his Job and Profession, XiaoYu had given up and just set up a stall on the streets the entire afternoon. He also browsed the forums the whole time.

“Huh? How can that be? You went over to Yang Yue’s Restaurant?”

“Mn. The manager said Chef Zhao was on leave due to some business back home.”

“Something like that actually happened? It’s probably because there are too few newbies. He’s gone home to tend to his farms. You can try asking around if there are any other Chef Profession NPCs.”


“Hey, Lucky, can I call you Xiao-Yu just like Chief does?”


“Hee-hee. You’ve actually been calling me by my name since the start. My name is Qiong,” saying so, he wrote down the character on XiaoYu’s palm.

“I see.”

“What are you doing?” HereticKing saw Poor_Man talking and holding XiaoYu’s hand from a distance. He ignored the slight upset he felt at the sight deep down.

“Hey, Chief. You’re here pretty early too,” Poor_Man said.

“Meow.” Waves paw.


“Morning. Why do you look so down? Did you eat a proper meal?” HereticKing asked.

“I did. It’s just I couldn’t find the Profession NPC.” XiaoYu briefly retold his attempt to learn a Profession.

“It’s fine. Perhaps you might encounter a hidden Profession.” HereticKing recalled back when he didn’t care about Professions. There would be plenty of everything in the guild anyway. He didn’t think that dragging the choice out would let him meet the Poison Maker NPC.

There was still some time left before the hurricanes ended. The trio sought a shaded alcove to continue their chat.

“Xiao-Yu, which city are you in?” I_Am_A_Poor_Man asked as he recalled the gathering he mentioned wanting to organise during the day.

“S City.” XiaoYu replied.

“Oh? What a coincidence. We’re in the same city. We plan on organising a real-life meetup once we take down Prole-3. You’re always free on the weekends, right?” Even if they weren’t in the same city, public transportation was so developed that just going across the globe would only take mere hours.


“What is it? You have plans?” Poor_Man asked.

“No. I…can’t leave the house.” That’s right. He can’t leave the house. Any and all activities to do with the outside world has nothing to do with him. He admitted it. He’s very weak on this aspect. However, it’s an instinctive reaction. Unwittingly, his legs would wobble and soften into noodles at the sight of an automated vehicle. No matter how many times he worked himself up and how much advice he poured into his mind, nothing worked.

“Oh. Then, forget it.” I_Am_A_Poor_Man knew that pushing further would be infringing on XiaoYu’s privacy. He shouldn’t ask anymore.

“I’m sorry.” They specifically invited him, but he rejected. That was something XiaoYu felt regrettable.

“It’s fine. It’s no big deal.”

Once the hurricanes ended, they put a halt to the awkward conversation. They stepped out the gate and towards the Pyramids.

The goal of this trip was the Level 85 Undead Elite of the Pyramids – the Rampaging Mummy. HereticKing was in charge of attracting aggro. I_Am_A_Poor_Man took care of XiaoYu’s safety and also acted as the main attacker when there were too many mobs for XiaoYu.

There was also a special Level 80 mob in the area. It’s a Mummy Hound. It’s a passive mob, but it had a habit which made players hate it to the ends of the earth – looting. When the players finally, after a lot of hard work, kill an elite and the loot dropped, it’ll come sprinting over and pick the loot up. If the players were then distracted by other Mummies and couldn’t kill it straightaway, by the time they reacted, perhaps that particular Hound would already by killed by other players. That meant whatever loot they initially had was just given away to other people. If it was someone with an explosive temper, a great PvP war might ensue.

However, this was not a problem XiaoYu’s grinding party faced. When competing on the speed one picked up loot, no one would dare call themselves the best if their tiny cat called itself second best.

Thus, any players passing by this party would witness a strange sight. The moment a Mummy fell, a black shadow would instantly flash over. Before anyone could take a look at what was dropped, they’d vanish int thin air. The Mummy Hound that galloped all the way over would be pouncing on nothing. The upset Mummy Hound would bark at the black shadow and the shadow would gently meow back. Then, it’d stride over back to an Acolyte with dainty, elegant steps.

“Woof! Woof!” Bastard! That’s mine!

“Meow.” Who cares?

“Woof! Woof!” Damn you!

“Meow.” Come hit me.

Of course, none of the by-passers understood what they said. If they did, blood would go flying from their mouths. The Mummy Hound was pissed and frustrated and frazzled and furious. It was deemed as a passive mob. These three players were clearly ignoring its existence. They just kept whacking at the Mummies. It was depressed. Dejected. Enraged. It…went and looted other players’ drops.

“I was wondering why that Mummy Hound was working so hard today. It’s because it’s met its match,” said a female voice near the grinding party.

“Witch. Why do I meet you again?” sighed Poor_Man.

“Tch. Do you think I want to bump into you? Such a violent healer that’s not at all cute. LuckyCat is still the cutest,” said Chrysanthemum as she threw a flying kiss at XiaoYu. According to her habits, she should’ve pounced on XiaoYu. But with HereticKing’s protective levels over XiaoYu, she’d most likely couldn’t have touched a single thread on XiaoYu’s robe.

“Hi, Chrysanthemum,” greeted XiaoYu.

“Hi. Good. LuckyCat is still the one with most manners,” she said.

“Did you come to grind?” he asked.

“Yup. I’m carrying a few kiddies along the way.” Chrysanthemum pointed to the Wolf Clan’s cubs who had automatically melded into the background.

“Bye-bye, hag.” I_Am_A_Poor_Man took out a small white handkerchief from his Inventory and waved it in an exaggerated fashion. Gods know that his bag had all sorts of toys and tricks.


“Hey, witch,” Poor_Man messaged.

“What is it? I won’t help revive you if you died.” Chrysanthemum who was grinding away with her little kiddies in another corner suddenly received a voice call from I_Am_A_Poor_Man.

“What if it’s LuckyCat who died?”

“What? You actually let the cute LuckyCat drop dead!” Then, something struck Chrysanthemum. “No. With Chief Heretic around, how can there be any issues? There aren’t any Boss monsters here.”

‘I recall that the rule regarding PvP with ill intentions was to have their arses burst open, right? How long has it been since it was last used?”

“A very long time. The kids these days are just too ob- wait. You mean LuckyCat was PvP-ed by someone with bad intentions?”

“Very clever.”


“Yesterday. Within an hour after we finished splitting the loot. There were two big slashes going down his back and numerous tiny gashes.”

“Good. Very good. They’ve got the nerves to bully a healer. Do they think we’re all fakes? ID and class.”

“I’ll tell Moon to transfer the picture to you later. Right. Leave some for us. Chief has decided to gank him all the way down.”

“Wow. Chief Heretic’s really mad. Is this what they call rushing for glory in the name of lust?”

“Shoo. It’s what should be done. Oh, yes. By the way, that guy even used Taunt to keep LuckyCat in PvP for four hours just to torture him. You can imagine what it was like.”

“Frick. Leaving him alive would just be polluting the air.”

“Hey, remember your image.”

“Ahem. So that’s why you guys are grinding with him today?”

“Mn. Also, to make him get some fresh air and destress. But looks like he’s stronger than we thought.”

“That’s good.”

“Oh, and don’t tell LuckyCat about this. He never asked us for help.”

“Got it.”

Voice call ended, I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s mood brightened considerably. As he buffed his party, he hummed and sang. It made HereticKing and LuckyCat look at him in confusion. As expected, it’s better when everyone’s in on evil schemes. Especially when needing plenty of ways to torment others. Merely killing was so meaningless.


Meanwhile, BattleOverlord who was grinding bandits with his girlfriend deep within the forest felt a sudden chill and shivered.

Translator’s Note:

1. Ghostly wisps: Ghostly wisps = ghostly balls of fire. Not quite sure where this particular reference came from. The meaning is roughly akin to growing mushrooms in the corner. Implying the person is dejected/depressed over something (an incident, a problem) that’s haunting them.

2. Yang Yue’s Restaurant: This has been previously translated as Yang’s Restaurant and Yang Yue Restaurant. It’ll be switching around a few times. The meaning’s the same, just phrasing. It’s a restaurant (usually considered high class. It’s the kind that’s a few floors high – the whole building belongs to it and it alone.) where the owner/founder named it after himself.

3. Morning: I’m as confused as you are. The meetup was supposed to be 6 p.m. and XiaoYu had been busy the entire afternoon (it wasn’t really confirmed if he ate lunch or breakfast in the last chapter. It was assumed lunch/brunch). There’s a chance this is a gag. Unfortunately, this chapter has been “locked” (taken down) due to reasons unknown. So we have no chance in confirming what the original really was. Not-piracy to the rescue again.

4. Mummy Hound: aka Verit from the original RO.

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12 thoughts on “LC: Chapter 41

    1. Yes, of sorts. I’m still unclear if there’s a similar variation of it in Chinese culture however. Japanese culture references are usually well-documented in Chinese sites. If you have a name for it in Japanese, that would be helpful for the search. (since these myths are commonly shared so it might apply too)

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      1. I always find it funny how an entire language crossed the water to J centuries ago, transformed & now centuries later, then crossed back thanks to manga, anime, dramas & music… You can find so many J concepts in common youth culture in C, with well known loan words. I love this kind of things!


  1. Interactions between the characters (both Players and NPCs) are absolutely hilarious – and are one of the reasons I love the novel so much! ❤
    P.S. Yes, yes, yes! Kill this jerk back to level 1 – the more painful way of killing one employs the better! (sotto voce – his gf shouldn't be neglected either)
    As always, thank you for the great translation!


  2. i can’t wait to see that b*st*rd ganked! He DESERVES IT!!
    The gf \ must also be punished, especially since she’s the one who instigated and encouraged the attack!

    LuckyCat and TinyLuckyCat, please always be your cute selves!


  3. “It was depressed. Dejected. Enraged. It…went and looted other players’ drops.” – hahaha, Mummy Pup is adorable.


  4. Thank you for the translation! I wanted to ask: is there something wrong with the link to the raw? I wanted to check the raw out but I keep getting an error page? Was it deleted :(?


    1. Hi, due to the new online censorship rulings (happened roughly a month or two ago in China) where things got stricter, a lot of jjwxc novels had their chapters “locked”. I’ve had a double check. This novel had too many “unqualified” chapters.

      Aggregators are one way. The other is a work around due to the website’s programming loophole where the URLs of non-locked chapters of locked novels still work. E.g. {novelid code} &chapterid=1 would work while chapterid=2 (which is locked) won’t.


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