GC: Chapter 34

34. The Old Mr Yan

Everyone always referred to the elderly as old children. Once one was past a certain age, they would do anything and everything based on what they like and what they didn’t, just like a child. When the old Mr Yan was young, he was in a position of power and got used to have control over everything in his grasp. Now, he’s an old man. He didn’t need to toil over or handle anything. His son was a filial man. In his home, the old Mr Yan’s word was still the law. No one dared to make him unhappy. However, in his old age, his tastes began to shift from capable elites like his son and Bai Yan towards the rather foolish but sweet and obedient children like Bai YiHan. And Bai YiHan just so happened to be the old Mr Yan’s cup of tea. From the moment YiHan wished him happy birthday, he’d occasionally peeked over to where YiHan was standing. Who knew that in the brief seconds he looked away, that child would be scared stiff!

As an old kid with deep pockets and power, the old Mr Yan was rather unreasonable when his temper erupted. “That Bai family’s kid was doing alright. What did the other boy do to frighten him so? Yan Cheng, why must you let such schemers into this party? Are you afraid my birthday party would be too serene and wanted him to help mess things up?” Mr Yan said with a cloudy face.

Yan Cheng was a filial son. Everyone knew that. The moment he realised his father was furious, he hurriedly explained, “It’s all my fault. Calm down. Today’s your big day. Don’t get too angry and overexert your body.”

The old Mr Yan wasn’t willing to just let things be. “Since you still think of me as your father, why aren’t you kicking that unscrupulous Feng kid out? Are you waiting for him to play his tricks on me too?” he said.

That was a very serious accusation. Upon hearing that, Feng Qun’s father, Feng DeCheng, heart dropped. He scrambled forward to Mr Yan.

“It’s all my son’s fault for getting into a conflict with Little Master Bai. But he absolutely would not have the guts to do the same to you, sir. Don’t worry. I’ll take him home straight away. I’ll firmly teach him a lesson,” Feng DeCheng said.

“The young Mr Feng certainly doesn’t have the courage to get into a fight with Mr Yan. It’s only because the Bai family was weak. That’s why my son could be bullied by just anyone!” Ma harrumphed.

“No, no. That’s not it, Mrs Bai. The Bai family is one of the best in the city. How could that brat of mine dare to bully Little Master Bai? It’s all a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding. Don’t be angry, Mrs Bai. I’ll definitely give him a good beating on Little Master Bai’s behalf,” DeCheng said with a toady smile.

At that, Bai Yan slowly marched over. “Whether it’s all just a misunderstanding is still up for debate. My younger brother has always been a good and sweet child. He’d never get into a fight willingly. As my sister said just now, our brother had a sudden change in personality recently. We’ve all been worried sick. We suspect someone’s been causing him trouble while we’re not looking, but no matter how much we investigate, we’d never been able to find out the mighty fellow behind it all. From the looks of today, I think we’ve found a lead,” Yan said.

Feng Qun internally retorted. Bai YiHan had always been a good and sweet child? Never got into a fight willingly? How could you say all that and not feel like a lying bastard?

When Feng DeCheng heard what Yan said, he panicked. This was bad. He hurriedly raised his fingers and vowed, “Don’t say that, Young Master Bai. Even with all the courage in the world, no one in the Feng family would dare cause trouble to Little Master Bai. If that useless son of mine really did upset him, I will immediately hand him over to you for punishment. No questions about it!”

XueQing had calmed down by now. She steadily clacked her way over. “Just what year is it?” she said, “Do you really think we can kill him just because you handed him over to us? No matter how poor our family is, we would never allow anyone to bully our family. He is part of the Feng family. The Bai family will thoroughly investigate on whose orders he acted on. Naturally, we’ll use our own ways to seek justice for my little brother then.”

Ma looked at XueQing with an approving gaze. It was clear she agreed with her daughter. Chen TianYang silently stood behind XueQing. While he said nothing, his expression clearly told everyone his stance on this: if XueQing wanted to kill anyone, then he will be in charge of cleaning up the scene and corpse.

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11 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 34

  1. oh wow, this is seriously blowing up. I wonder if there really is something they can dig up to explain all this? Because Feng Qun hasn’t actually done anything yet. I’d like for Feng Cun to be eliminated, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Thanks for the chapter! ^__^

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  2. The demonstration of family union is very exciting, but I still hope ML has a moment of enlightenment and finds that he changed in Han Han’s attitude has everything to do with his feelings for he

    Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^

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  3. He really is pity right now, but to g*ng r*pe someone over and over again after you destroy their family, this is nothing.. sure our mc is bad before, but make his family down, i think its more than enough for revenge.. so erased your pity for that scum feng or whatever!! His sin never will be washed awayyyyyy..
    Thanks for the chapter!! This novel is greaatt!!

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  4. Yeah, that Fang guy deserves whatever happens to him. Repeatedly gang raping and spreading the pictures everywhere causing his grandfather to die and disappointing his family. It wasn’t his fault. No matter how spoiled someone is, no one ever deserves rape. He may not have done those things yet, but from what happened in the last life we can see that he will do these types of things. He’s nothing good.


  5. I almost hope that the Fang kid has already done something that will turn up in the investigation, because otherwise, this is too cruel. Future evil doesn’t always mean current evil.


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