GC: Chapter 35

35. Nothing to Do with the Feng Family

Feng DeCheng’s face was crumpled together in a frown. He couldn’t afford to offend anyone present at all. Just what had that cursed child of his done to frighten Little Master Bai so? He gritted his teeth internally. He just knew that boy was useless. He thought that since he became a lackey of Little Master Bai, that boy would be somewhat capable. But DeCheng didn’t think that the boy would offend everyone the family couldn’t afford offending before the family even got any benefits from the Bai family.

And just what would these people do to the Feng family in vengeance? At that thought, DeCheng loathed the fact he couldn’t just gobble up this troublesome and failure of a son!

DeCheng shot a harsh glare at Feng Qun. How he wished he’d never had such a son. “Please don’t misunderstand me, Miss Bai. The Feng family really isn’t involved in this at all. That unruly child had the good fortune to mingle with Little Baster Bai before. I’ve always told him. He must respect Little Master Bai. Never ever make him upset. I really don’t know what happened today. That rebellious child actually clashed with Little Master Bai. Our family has nothing to do with this!” he grovelled.

Mu JingYuan who’d kept silent for the entire conversation spoke up, “He’s your son. Now you say his actions has nothing to do with the Feng family?”

“Mr Mu, my heart aches too at the fact this treacherous boy actually dared to clash against Little Master Bai. From today onwards, he has nothing to do with the Feng family!” DeCheng said with a thump to his chest.

Feng Qun’s entire being froze. He stared at his father with disbelief. Is his father abandoning him? All because of a weird, nonsensical Bai YiHan?

JingYuan’s gaze bore into Feng Qun, but his words were directed to DeCheng. “I hope Mr Feng remembers what you’ve said today. If anything happens to Young Master Feng, don’t blame it on me,” he said.

“I wouldn’t dare. Even if this bastard dies, it has nothing to do with the Feng family!” he hurriedly said. He had a bunch of lovers after all and quite a few more sons. Who cared about this one?

It wasn’t hard to tell JingYuan was really angry from his words. Why else would he, who was always calm, collected and known as the tiger with the smiling mask, ever say something so unforgiving in front of so many witnesses?

Everyone knew this Little Master Bai was the apple of Mu JingYuan’s eye. He treasured Bai YiHan even more than YiHan’s parents did. It’s well known that every dragon has its reverse scale. Touch it and it’ll fly into a rage. Undoubtedly, Bai YiHan was Mu JingYuan’s “reverse scale”. If one angered JingYuan directly, perhaps they might still survive. But if one angered the Little Master Bai and JingYuan knew of it? Then not even the gods could help them. That person would feel the full force of JingYuan’s fervent rage, no matter who was truly responsible for the matter.

There was a mutually accepted law among the upper-class society in this city. As long as the Bai family didn’t fall and Mu JingYuan’s still around, whoever touched Bai YiHan, dies.

Now that DeCheng’s unlucky son had frightened Bai YiHan into a mad frenzy, no matter who was truly to blame here, DeCheng would thank the heavens and hell as long as the Feng family was not burned by the flames of JingYuan’s fury. This son was definitely a gone case. Even if DeCheng could protect his son, he would never do that. It’d make the flames jump to him instead. Either way, he wasn’t lacking in sons. Even if all his sons died, he could still make more.

JingYuan continued staring darkly at Feng Qun for a while long. Only then, did he speak up again. “Mr Yan, my apologies for disrupting your birthday party. HanHan’s in shock. I’ll be taking him home to rest now,” he said.

The old Mr Yan nodded. He threw a side glance at his own foolish son.

“Of course. He was frightened on our grounds. That’s partly our responsibility,” Yan Cheng hurriedly said.

“Thank you, President Yan, for your understanding,” JingYuan said with a nod.

Bai FuRen and Hua XiaoRan attempted to take over care of their young son, but YiHan clung hard to JingYuan’s clothes as if he was clutching at the last strands of hope. His knuckles popped out, white with how tight his grip was. There was no way his parents could take him from JingYuan’s arms.

Translator’s Notes:

1. Reverse scale: It’s a common belief among Asian cultures that every dragon has a (patch of) scale that’s grown upside down under the dragon’s chin. If it is touched/messed with, the dragon will go berserk with rage. From an anatomy standpoint, it makes sense since that/those scale would be protecting the central artery going from the heart to the head – aka where the dragon will be most easily killed. This belief is formally recorded via one of Han FeiZi’s works.

2. Last strands of hope: The actual translation would be life-saving straw. It’s a quote/para-quote of the saying “a drowning man will clutch at a straw”. This phrase has been edited out/changed as only quoting a part of that saying would end up being rather vague.

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  1. My God! How could a father be that heartless to his own blood😮
    Poor Feng qun. No wonder he is a bastard turn out the father is just the same😟

    Thanks so much for the update my dear💕

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  2. Wow, what a scum father… I hope he won’t make more sons, he’ll just produce more emotionally crippled people :’D

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  3. *jaw hits floor* just like that full disownment?!! Crazy crazy family! Definitely do not recommend any level of sincere trust with them (⊙_◎) Thank you for the chapter ❤️ and I wonder how Hanhan will respond when he finally realises how dependently he’s clutching to the guy he is trying to distance himself from futile as that is (◠‿◕)

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