GC: Chapter 98

98. Save Him. Calm Him Down.

XueQing’s chest rose and fell in quick bursts at YiHan’s words. Her eyes went red.

On the other hand, JingYuan didn’t react visibly. He merely began playing with each of YiHan’s fingers. If one looked close enough however, they’d find his hands trembling through it all. He wasn’t just furious. He was also very much terrified for what might’ve happened. What would’ve happened if he was just a second too late? That was not a scenario he’d dare to think about.

“That means Xiang is an experienced killer,” Chen Jing mused. “Looks like we’ll have to dig deeper into their past.”

“And they’re lying,” YiHan said. “The one who hired them is someone else. The four men are one party while Feng Qun is another. They don’t really get along well and they dislike each other. The leader of the four even stated Feng Qun didn’t pay them. He even mocked the man for not having any money to pay for a meal.”

“They really didn’t plan on leaving you alive,” Fang Yi said, sympathy apparent in his voice. “That’s why they were so careless when talking to each other. They didn’t contact the family even though they’ve kidnapped someone like Little Master Bai. There was not a single inclination of demanding for money or anything. They came straight for the kill. Just who would hate him this much?” He paused and turned to YiHan. “Have you any idea?”

“While I was rather reckless before,” YiHan said, shaking his head. “I knew to stay within the line. I wouldn’t do anything that’d leave a lasting grudge.”

“Could it from a business competitor?” TianYang asked.

“Must you kill just for business?” Fang Yi asked in shock.

Chen Jing stood up and patted this silly little boy on the shoulder. “Looks like we’ve got some clearing up to do with this case. Let’s head back and reinterrogate those thugs, and Feng Qun. He’s a key figure. Perhaps it’d be easier to get an answer out of him than these four killers.”

Fang Yi nodded and stood up. “Thank you for your cooperation,” he said to YiHan. “You’ve provided a lot of important information.”

“It’s what I should do,” YiHan said, smiling. “You two came all the way to me just for my case. I should be the one thanking you.”

Even Chen Jing’s stiff face softened at that. “You’re too kind,” he said. “Please rest well. Perhaps we’ll be bothering you again if the case requires it.”

“I understand.” YiHan nodded. “Take care.”

Chen Jing nodded and headed for the door with Fang Yi behind him. However, his feet paused for a moment at the doorway. He gently cleared his throat.

JingYuan’s gaze shot to the policemen. “You rest up,” he told YiHan. “I’ll see Captain Chen out.”

At YiHan’s nod, he stood up and followed the team out.

The men marched on. It was only when they’d turned around the corner did Chen Jing speak up.

“Mr Mu, something’s off about Little Master Bai,” he said.

JingYuan’s eyes narrowed down on the man. “What’s off about him?” he asked.

“He’s too calm,” Chen Jing solemnly replied. “A normal person, especially a kid like him who’d never been through tough times before, would be panicked and terrified when encountering something so horrifying and disgusting. They might even go speechless while recalling what happened. But from my observations today, his mind was clear and rational. His description of the whole event was very objective and rarely included his own emotions. No young man raised in the lap of luxury could have such a strong mindset.

“Just what do you really mean?” JingYuan coldly asked.

 “Don’t misunderstand me, Mr Mu,” Chen Jing replied. “I’m not suspecting Little Master Bai. I’ve merely seen too many victims throughout my career. His reaction is rather abnormal. It’s best to get him a psychologist or a psychiatrist to prevent any long-lasting mental traumas from forming.”

“We’ve already found one. They’ll be here later,” JingYuan said, his face calming down.

Chen Jing nodded and, with Fang Yi in tow, left.

The psychiatrist, Dr Zhou, was very well-known among the psychiatrists. After an afternoon of talking to YiHan, the conclusion was Bai YiHan was clinically depressed. He’s currently stable and wasn’t very suicidal. But they needed to be on their guard as YiHan’s mind was extremely sensitive and would easily start splitting hairs if left to himself. It’s rather dangerous. His moods might change in a snap. One moment, he might be in a good mood but the next, he could have a mental breakdown. Thus, they can’t let their guard down just because YiHan looked like he was in a good mood. They must place comforting him as a priority and make him experience the loveliness of being alive. He can’t be agitated and they mustn’t let him get dejected at all.

The long list of “don’ts had frightened the Bai family and JingYuan down to the core. After seeing Dr Zhou out, Ma shot a questioning look at her daughter. XueQing returned it with an imperceptible nod. FuRen and Ma silently let out a sigh of relief. Guilt was now laced through the loving look they had for JingYuan.

Suddenly, JingYuan looked back and smiled at them. The couple was stunned then they returned the smile with relieved ones of their one. JingYuan’s attitude clearly meant he thought of them as his own family. If they tried to set clear boundaries, it’d end up hurting him.

That night, JingYuan coaxed YiHan to sleep. Then, he arranged for a few reliable men to guard the door while he entered the room next door. Originally, it’s an empty ward. For now, the Bai family was waiting for him there.

The moment he stepped through the door, every head swerved to look at him.

“He’s asleep now,” JingYuan whispered. “Last night, he didn’t have any nightmares either. He looks to be recovering fine. He’s really much stronger than we thought.”

“You must’ve been exhausted over the past two days,” Ma said with a kind smile. “Ever since HanHan was kidnapped, you’ve been running all over the place. Not only that, after he was rescued, you stayed by his side the entire time. You haven’t even had a full night’s sleep. But this kid relies way too much on you. We also don’t dare to agitate him at such a crucial time.”

“It’s fine, Aunty,” JingYuan said. “YiHan was very obedient this whole time. It’s not tiring taking care of him. If I can’t stay by his side during this time, I’d be even more worried. I’d also not have a good night’s sleep.”

“You…” FuRen started and stopped. “Aah!” he sighed.

“Are you sighing over what XueQing mentioned this morning?” JingYuan asked.

FuRen patted him on the shoulder and said nothing.

“JingYuan, we’re sorry to put this burden on you. Just think of it as part of the effort to save him and calm him down,” Yan said. “Once he’s better…”

JingYuan shook his head. “Before when I realised HanHan might’ve been attacked, I felt like a trapped beast,” he said. “I paced and worried yet I could do nothing. I felt so very useless, so powerless. Truthfully, when XueQing came to me today, I…I was so happy. Finally, we had made some progress on HanHan’s matter. This would undoubtedly be great for his recovery. Dr Zhou said it just now. We must make sure he remains calm and at ease. When he gets what he wants, he’ll naturally be happy. If he’s happy, I’m happy. HanHan’s also a genuinely nice young man. It’s no burden at all.”

Internally, XueQing’s thumbs were raised up high. Nice speech! Extra, extra marks!

As expected, Ma and Pa were immensely grateful and touched by the speech. FuRen heftily patted JingYuan on the shoulder once more.

“I won’t keep going on about thanks,” FuRen sighed. “Anyway, we’re sorry for putting this on you.”

JingYuan shook his head again. “What’s important now is HanHan knows XueQing and I were engaged,” he solemnly said. “How can we make sure he doesn’t feel guilty? He loves his sister a lot. Even if I offer my self up on a silver plate, he wouldn’t accept it. He might even beat me up for his sister.”

“Then we must make him believe XueQing actually doesn’t like you,” Yan said with a frown.

“How could we make him believe that?” Ma asked, wrecking her brain hard.

“What if I ‘fell out of love and shifted my affections to another’?” XueQing suggested without a single hitch in her voice.

“Huh?” Ma’s jaw dropped.

XueQing blinked back at her, smiled, and said, “If I fall in love with someone else, then I wouldn’t like JingYuan, right?”

FuRen turned his head away. To make a pair of lovers split like that…it really makes one weep.

XueQing let out a dry laugh and stammered, “Don’t act like this, please? I’ve told you. JingYuan and I aren’t as deeply in love with each other as you think. Everyone’s an adult. We just thought we were a good match so we decided to get married. It’s just marriage so who cares who it’s with? Why not just find someone I know well who understands my personality?”

“What nonsense!” Ma retorted. “Who’d think like you? Marriage is no game. How can you be happy if there’s no love in the first place?”

XueQing gulped. “You’re right, Ma,” she said, an apologetic smile plastered on and her voice shifted into a grovelling tone. “However, I’m someone who dislikes being tied down. I didn’t plan on marrying in the first place. But then you guys kept pushing and pushing. Day in and day out, you’d comment on my age and how I’m getting older. I thought that since I had to get married, I’ll just find someone I know the best. After we get married, everyone can just do what they want just like before. We’d live our own separate lives.”

FuRen’s nose by now was pinched so badly that it’s lopsided. He and his wife had been agonising over this for an entire day and night. Their poor daughter and JingYuan had to bear the burden. Then, XueQing just told them this whole engagement was just an excuse to block her from actual marriage!

If this is what their daughter thought of marriage, then JingYuan…

He hurriedly looked up at JingYuan, deathly afraid this poor child would be thrown into a fury from frustration brought on by XueQing’s confession. To his surprise, the young man was calm as can be. He even nodded in agreement! Nodded! Agreed!

Fine. He’s really grown out of touch with what the young people think and do these days. Whatever. He’ll leave them to muck around as they wish.


With Ma, Pa and Yan dealt with, XueQing and JingYuan asked TianYang out for another round of secret discussions. And so, it’s time for Mr Chen TianYang to arrive on scene!

When YiHan was hospitalised, TianYang would report in on the dot every single day and would “coincidentally”, so coincidental that it might be “fated”, bump into XueQing multiple times. From an outsider’s  perspective, XueQing was grateful to TianYang for saving her younger brother. Then, the two kept meeting each other so feelings were soon “born”.

In reality, XueQing really didn’t have a bad impression of TianYang. In her heart, at least, TianYang has risen to a good friend who knew her as well as she herself did. TianYang was a great man already. Now that they’re close friends, it was very easy for her to see the unique charm he held. He’s handsome and elegant. Every word he said and every move he made exude an air of noble grace. He looked as beautiful as a painting, even if he’s just raising his hand or walking. He looked just like a prince or nobility from the dynasty period – forever dignified and refined. XueQing might think of him as a very foolish man, but there were as many women who’d fallen for him as there were men who fell for XueQing.

Looking at them, YiHan would sometimes be reminded of a saying. In love, social rank doesn’t matter. The one who falls in love first loses. No matter if one’s rich or poor, they’d be the weaker party. Luckily for TianYang, XueQing liked him too. It’d be great if they could get together. But Chen TianYang would die next year. He must think of a way to help the man successfully survive that event. TianYang was once just a stranger he knew by name. When he heard of the man’s death, he only felt pity and a tiny hint of sadness. Now, they’d gotten to know each other. The more they talked, the more TianYang felt like true family to him, the more he realised he can’t accept any harm coming to the older man.

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks they are over complicating things? If they already went so far as to more or less entangle you in the whole plan, they might as well confess the whole truth: That JY and XQ just got engaged on impulse without liking each other and part of the reason they both agreed was that JY liked YH and thought he was straight? …. and that 90% of the blame for that rotten plan was XQ.

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