GC: Chapter 97

97. Sound the Alarm!

YiHan chuckled. “Really,” he sighed. “I can’t believe my sister actually forgot to eat before she left the house.”

TianYang’s eyes softened. In a voice so warm that it felt like a pool of water in Spring when the land warmed up, he said, “She’s worried about you. You know what worry does to someone. I’m just afraid she’ll starve herself.”

YiHan was very satisfied with that response. “Sometimes she can be very detail-oriented, but she would also appear so very careless and heedless of her own health. I must find someone who genuinely loves her to take care of her in the future.”

A red flush swiftly rose and left TianYang’s fair face. “You’ll find him,” he stuttered. “She’ll definitely be taken care of very well.” As long as she gives me a chance.

YiHan’s heart raced with joy. “But she’s a very reserved (Huh? What?) woman,” he said, continuing to push the idea. “The man must be proactive enough. TianYang, I think if one liked someone, they must be brave and ask them out. Only then would regrets be avoided. Right?”

TianYang’s heart leapt and hopped and danced. Gods, was his brother-in-law encouraging him? Was YiHan telling him to confess? Did this mean YiHan approved of him? Oh, yeah! He’d already won over Bai – the cute little brother-in-law and his goddess’s most beloved younger brother – YiHan. That meant he was closer to a successful confession. The days of marrying his beloved woman and reaching the height of his life must be close now! \(^▽^)/

There might be a fireworks show going on within TianYang’s mind but the only expression on his face was a slightly abashed smile. “You’re so very right, YiHan,” he said. “I think so too.”

YiHan gave him an encouraging smile. Internally, he was complaining. You think so too? Really? In the last round, TianYang didn’t have the courage to confess, even as he was dying! He was more of a coward than he was. While the way YiHan confessed wasn’t the best and it led to a failed confession, at least he voiced his feelings!

That made YiHan suddenly seemed so much more superior. For a moment.

Footsteps rang out behind the door. YiHan, thinking it was JingYuan and XueQing back from their meal, happily looked up only to see a tall policeman walking in.

TianYang stepped forward and they exchanged a brief handshake. He then turned to YiHan. “This is Captain Chen Jing of the Special Ops Team,” he introduced. “He’s solved countless of major cases. Captain Chen is in charge of your case. With him involved, your suffering won’t be for nothing.”

“Thank you, Captain Chen,” YiHan greeted.

Chen Jing’s face remained cold and stiff. He looked very stern and not someone easy to get along with. Perhaps he was afraid he’d scare the victim. He gave a somewhat awkward smile. “Little Master Bai, no need to be so polite. It is my duty,” he said. His voice even made one feel a chill. “Could you please explain in detail what happened?”

He shifted, revealing the men behind him. He had brought two policemen with him but he was so big that he blocked the two slender men from sight.

YiHan was about to speak when he suddenly focused in on one of the policemen behind Captain Chen. His entire being froze. His eyes went wide. His gaze bore straight into the man.

“This is Fang Yi,” TianYang hurriedly said. “Officer Fang is Captain Chen’s assistant. Speaking of which, he’s your saviour. It was all thanks to him that we found the clue hidden in the tyres. That’s how we could find you so quickly. If we were even a moment late…”

“If you were a step late, my neck would’ve been snapped,” YiHan blankly said, his eyes still staring at Fang Yi. “So your name is Fang Yi,” he mumbled.

TianYang and Captain Chen exchanged glances. Something was off about YiHan.

 “Captain Chen, you’re here already? Our apologies.” JingYuan’s voice came from the doorway. He and XueQing returned right after the policemen.

JingYuan walked further into the room, nodded in greeting to the policemen and went straight for YiHan’s bed. He then laid a hand softly on the younger man’s shoulder.

“What is it?” he asked.

YiHan snapped out of his daze and looked at JingYuan. He shook his head and silently grabbed onto the hand on his shoulder. Never would he have thought he’d meet the policeman who’d heard his dying wish back then. What a small world.

He could remember it clearly. After he’d killed Feng Qun and the two other men, he called the police and surrendered himself. They moved fast. The first to enter the warehouse was Fang Yi, only back then YiHan didn’t know his name.

Fang Yi wasn’t a mere policeman back then. He heard the other officers call him Captain Fang. When the man saw the state he was in, he stopped the others from entering. He went right towards him alone with pity in his eyes. There was not a hint of disdain in those bright eyes. The man patiently heard him out. He told him he’d help him fight for a lenient judgement, that he was only acting in self-defence so he can’t be executed. Unfortunately, YiHan himself ultimately let that kind policeman down. When YiHan spotted an officer peaking in from worried, he feigned an attack at the man. That lead to the officer shooting him dead. He can still recall the emotions playing out on Fang Yi’s face as he died – shock, anger, pity. This was a good man. YiHan believed this man would convey his apologies to his family. He’d stand by his word and won’t publicise his identity, bringing shame to his family. The last person he felt gratitude for in his last life was Fang Yi.

“Thank you, Officer Fang,” YiHan sincerely and softly said to the man.

Shocked from the gratitude, Fang Yi hastily waved a hand before him as he said, “You don’t need to be so formal, Little Master Bai. I only helped out a little and it was my duty. I can’t really bear the title of ‘saviour’.” This was the legendary arrogant rich kid Little Master Bai? Rumours really can’t be trusted. This young man was obviously a good kid who’s so unbelievably cute! As Little Master Bai, thousands adored him yet the man didn’t put on any airs at all. Even when talking to a mere policeman like him, the kid was still so polite. Were those gabbing about him being an egotistical narcissist all blind? No, it must be from jealousy! That’s it! Aargh, people these days are so revolting!

JingYuan will never admit that at this very moment, he got very jealous. His lover was actually being so nice to that police officer! Look at those eyes! They’re so gentle and warm! Listen to his voice! His words were so very sincere! Indeed, the policeman was very handsome! Sound the alarm! He can’t let their relationship develop any further from acquaintances!

Envy and fury warred within JingYuan. On the outside, he was still calm and solemn. “You’re being too kind, Officer Fang. HanHan’s right. If you hadn’t found the lead, we’d be a step later. I don’t think any of us need to really imagine what might happen. Regardless of whether you did it because it was your job, we can’t forget how you’re the reason we’re saved from that fate. You saved HanHan. I, Mu JingYuan, owe you a huge favour for that. In the future, if you need anything, you can come to me for help.”

Fang Yi’s hand started rapidly fanning before him as a sign of his panicked rejection.

Chen Jing turned to glance at Fang Yi. With the title of Little Master Bai’s saviour, this brat had just risen to the top with a single move. How rare to see someone in this position to remain as calm and humble as ever. This young man’s ego didn’t inflate. He didn’t grow rash or proud. This man had great potential.

The gods would never listen to a human’s (JingYuan’s) wishes. Compared to Chen Jing who was born with a freezing attitude built into him, YiHan clearly felt closer to Fang Yi. There was nothing he could do. JingYuan had to move and let Fang Yi sit beside YiHan’s side to commence the questioning. As he thought, YiHan relaxed much more with the younger police officer asking the questions. He didn’t even panic or suffer a mental breakdown when recalling the events of the kidnapping.

This was good news, but JingYuan’s jealousy boomed. It’d be an understatement to describe the look on his face as “unpleasant”.

During the entire time, Chen Jing was sitting to a side. Everyone said the Bai and Mu families were as close as a blood-related family, he thought. They’re right. The moment something happened to Bai YiHan, Mu JingYuan rushed over faster than YiHan’s own brother could. The man was also braver than everyone else. He was the first to rush in to rescue Bai YiHan with no care for his own safety. Now, just by hearing the younger man recount what happened, the ever-stoic Mr Mu had lost all control of his emotions. Look at that unpleasant expression. It’s clear as day just how true he was to the Bai family. It’s exceedingly rare to see in a common household, let alone among the dog-eat-dog world of the rich.

At the end of YiHan’s statement, Fang Yi asked, confused, “Why would Feng Qun reveal so much information to you?”

“Because they never planned on letting me live,” YiHan replied with a bitter smile. “Their goal had always been to kill me. No matter how much a dead man knows, he can’t tell anyone.”

“That doesn’t make sense,” Chen Jing rumbled. “If their aim were to kill you, then why didn’t they kill you earlier? Why did they go through all the effort to get you to the eastern outskirts? Why give us time to rescue you? It’s illogical.”

YiHan bit down at his lip. His hand clutched tighter at JingYuan’s. “They planned on killing me in the car,” he started slowly. “Feng Qun stopped them. He…There are some issues between us. He didn’t want me to die so painlessly. So they took me there because he wanted to torture me a little more.”

Fang Yi thought back to the wounds on YiHan when they found him and the state of the room. Sympathy grew in him. But…suddenly, his whole body was wrecked with shivers. He looked up to search for the source of the chill only to meet JingYuan’s eyes. That brief glance terrified him. The other man looked like he was going blow up right then and there. The man’s body could no longer hold back the black cloud of anger. Hi jaw was clenched tight. His eyes were as cold and sharp as hail. His face was as frosty as can be. It seemed like he was covered in a layer of ice, just like a vengeful demon.

Fang Yi let out a dry chuckled and awkwardly commented, “This Feng Qun’s mind sure is a twisted one. This means there’s another mastermind behind this. Feng Qun was just a henchman.”

“He’s also an abandoned son,” Chen Jing said. “I think ‘that person’ never intended to stick to their word. The moment something happened to Little Master Bai, all evidence would point to Feng Qun. He’s just a scapegoat.”

 “But it’s his perverseness,” Fang Yi continued. “That allowed Little Master Bai escape. Only then was the mastermind’s existence revealed to us.”

“How’s the investigation going into those kidnappers?” JingYuan asked, voice still frosty.

“It’s not going well. Feng Qun is in a coma from his injuries. The other four insist Feng Qun is the person behind it all. They were only paid men. This entire kidnapping is due to the grudge between Feng Qun and Little Master Bai.”

“They also seem to have criminal records,” YiHan interrupted.

“Indeed,” Captain Chen replied. “How did you know?”

“When Feng Qun was downed by my kick and he went furious from the humiliation, he ordered the man named Xiang to kill me. Something seemed to have changed within him. ‘Hey, bro, don’t think us cruel. We hold no grudge against you but we’re all fugitives of the law and we have no money. We had no choice but to do this. Once you’re on the other side, don’t blame us. Blame those who truly want you dead and Feng Qun, this perverted man,’ he said to me.” YiHan chuckled. “He even told me not to be scared. He said it’ll be over soon and it won’t hurt a lot.”

TianYang’s ever-gentlemanly exterior cracked. He immediately turned around and banged the wall twice in anger.

Translator’s Notes:

1. a pool of water in Spring when the land warmed up: The actual phrase/idiom is “a pool of Spring water”. In reality, water in Spring is usually cold/cool.  The “Spring=warm” concept refers to how the snow melting into water means the water is warm(er). It’s a bit of Chinese poetry “common meanings” concept, just like how Autumn/Winter are always used as seasons for thinking of/missing one’s lover/family.

2. \(^▽^)/: The actual kaomoji is missing from the text.

3. Fang Yi: To avoid future disappointment, this character is important. Let’s welcome one half of our plot-important (they’re all kind of important lol) subsidiary couple! \(≧ ∀ ≦)/

4. Hand waving/fanning: For those who don’t read enough about Japanese culture, this might be foreign to you. There’s that gesture where you wave/fan your hand before your face or chest (palm facing sideways so your body is pointed to the side of your hand) in a polite way of humbly refusing/rejecting the compliment/offer the other gave. Depending on the person, it might evolve into a hand waving “no” before the chest which makes it less humble and more about actually saying no. Some might call the two versions different gestures but the rules can be quite flexible depending on which particular social circle/region you’re in.

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