LC: Extra 06

Extra 06. Slices of Life

One, about money.

XiaoYu’s self-study sessions and consultations with his new tutor had given him fresh new insights into financial management. When QiYao saw how hard XiaoYu was studying, he handed XiaoYu one of his bank cards and told him the money inside would be XiaoYu’s to manage. There wasn’t a lot in the account so it didn’t matter if XiaoYu lost everything.

XiaoYu had wanted to put his theoretical knowledge to the test for a while now. He had been contemplating whether he should use his only savings to do so, but what if he failed the practical test? He would really be a broke man relying on QiYao for everything in life. He could use some of those savings instead of everything but if he didn’t put in enough, it’d be hard to actually test all of his knowledge. He was wrecking his brain over the dilemma when QiYao appeared, just like a god, along with a card bursting with light.

Of course, that didn’t mean XiaoYu didn’t think of QiYao’s money as money. He would treat it as seriously as he would his own money, but now he didn’t have to worry about going broke. He could be more decisive when he had to make a choice. While QiYao said it wouldn’t matter even if the money in the account ran out, XiaoYu would work harder than ever to make sure he’d keep it topped up.

Yes. That’s it.

In QiYao’s study room, XiaoYu confidently used the bank card for the first time ever – to look up how much money was in the account.

QiYao was on his way up with a glass of water for his future household manager when he walked into his study, to his surprise, XiaoYu was huddled in a corner of the room poking at the fur on the carpet.

“What is it?” Not even someone as omnipotent as QiYao understood what was going on.

“…” XiaoYu shot a glance at QiYao before continuing to poke at the carpet.

“Just what happened?” Strange. That glance was full of…mute anger. What had happened? Was the card frozen? That can’t be it.

“…you never told me how much money was in that account.”

When XiaoYu had logged into the card’s account, his entire body froze. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight…Just how many zeroes were there? Not only was it greater than his own savings by severalfold, was this really not all of QiYao’s financial assets? Was this what he meant by “not a lot”?

XiaoYu knew QiYao was rich, but it was only now that he properly realised just how rich the other man was. If he lost all of this money, merely slaving away at trying to pay it off wouldn’t be enough. Not even dicing himself up and selling all of those pieces would be enough. The realisation dealt such a huge blow to XiaoYu that he instinctively curled up in the corner.

“…” This was a test for QiYao. From his point of view, there certainly wasn’t a lot of money in the card. However, he’d forgotten most people would find that sum so immense that they would never be able to drain off the account despite living a lavish lifestyle. Hence, he didn’t know how he should approach or comfort XiaoYu. All he could do was sit on the floor beside him.

“…you’re really not afraid I’d lose all this money?” XiaoYu snuck another peek at QiYao.

“Yes. What’s gone would be gone.” He still had more cards with as much money as this card, and he still had plenty of immovable assets. QiYao didn’t care what XiaoYu did with that money at all. He only trusted XiaoYu would turn it into a significant experience that would swiftly aid the other man in maturing.

“…” XiaoYu stared into QiYao’s eyes. He wanted to see if the other man was sincerely unaffected by the possibility of losing that much money. Unfortunately, he wasn’t experienced enough to properly judge what emotions were in them.

“Alright. I’ve decided,” XiaoYu said after a pause.

“Decided on what?” QiYao asked.

“I want to study more first.” XiaoYu shook the notion of testing his knowledge out of his mind and decided to study more first. He’ll arrange a few more consultations with the tutor QiXuan recommended.

While he had a better insight into how one’s finances should be managed, his notions of “rich” versus “not a lot of money” were vastly changed once more. He had to work hard at slowly convincing himself that this card didn’t hold such a large sum. It wasn’t a lot of money. Not at all.

Two, about sex.

In Asgard Online, there’s a very important stat that would be introduced with marriage – Night-time Intimacy. The two lovers had no issues with that in-game at all. No matter how hard QiYao went at it, XiaoYu could accept it. After all, he would still feel as refreshed as ever in the morning and he could grind with no problems.

In real life, things didn’t go so well. Ever since the day QiXuan stopped by for a visit, QiYao seemed to have been agitated to jumping the gun in finally doing it with XiaoYu in reality. The results, however, led to XiaoYu waking up in so much pain that it felt like his bones were shattered. This was especially true for his waist and hips. It felt like he was snapped in half. He had been bedridden for so very long.

After trying it out a few more times, XiaoYu realised he was fine with doing it once but doing it twice or more would lead to some discomfort the next day.

While AO is very realistic, it still wasn’t reality. After having done it in real life, QiYao much preferred doing it outside the game. Even if it’s just once, that’s better than nothing. There was no way XiaoYu didn’t feel good during the act. QiYao did understand that it might be more tiring as the catcher.

Even so, they were in the prime of their lives plus XiaoYu would occasionally “start a fight” unintentionally. It was hard for QiYao to strictly abide by the “only once” deal. Anyway, they didn’t actually make a deal in black and white about only doing it once in real life. Thus, QiYao would fully embrace his “Big Bad Wolf” nature and coax the little white bunny into being gobbled up.

For example, there was one time after doing it when QiYao carried XiaoYu into the bathroom to be cleaned up. XiaoYu’s mind had been blanking out in exhaustion and it was a wide, comfortable bath. Splayed out on top of QiYao, XiaoYu had begun moaning from the bliss of being taken care of.

“Mn…Hng….Ahn…” XiaoYu didn’t even realise those sounds were coming out of his lips. QiYao had been helping him clean out his behind with a finger. It felt rather weird. A little numbing and also rather enjoyable.

“…” QiYao’s beloved was moaning into his neck. The other man also had his arms curled around QiYao’s neck due to his fear of slipping out and into the water. Occasionally, his head would rub against his lover. There was no way QiYao could abstain from trying his luck, not unless he was a saint.

“Let’s do it once more?” QiYao could feel a certain organ lifting its head.

XiaoYu shook his head. He was dead tired. He didn’t want to do it again.

“…XiaoYu, what do you call me?”

“Hm? Yao.” XiaoYu blurrily responded without hesitation.

“Oh, you mean you want it. I won’t hold back then.” As QiYao said so, he thrusted into XiaoYu’s unguarded hole. With the stretching he’d done while cleaning it out and with the soapy water as lubricant, QiYao slipped in without issues.

“Aaahn!” If not for XiaoYu’s jelly legs, he would’ve bounced straight out of QiYao’s lap. It didn’t really hurt but having QiYao sheathe himself so suddenly gave XiaoYu’s mind such a shock that it had no time to comprehend what QiYao meant.

XiaoYu instinctively clenched, nearly causing QiYao to surrender at the first thrust. QiYao’s hands gripped tight at XiaoYu’s waist. This was torture. He must show the other just how much he loved him.

“Mn…you…ah…you’re…” cheating. XiaoYu finally understood the wordplay QiYao used. Yao sounded exactly the same as “want”. What a cheater! Unfortunately, before the last word could be spoken, QiYao had slyly swallowed it up with a kiss.

Aaargh. Damn it. QiYao, that liar! Tomorrow, XiaoYu was going to go on a strike. He won’t cook!

Translator’s Note:

Soapy water =/= sufficient lubricant. Do not imitate in real life or in writing. We are in the 21st Century. We have technology. Use proper lubricant and not some old-school misguided notion born from pornography.


5 thoughts on “LC: Extra 06

  1. Ummm… bruh. You show love by respecting your lover’s wishes and stopping when he says no, not the opposite. I hate this trope in fiction so much, if your partner says no, then it means no.


  2. Ah, the trials and tribulations of married life… though it’s more common to be disheartened by not having enough money than by having too much 😉
    Thank you for the translation! ❤


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