GC: Chapter 92

92. No Regrets This Time

Warning: Sexual assault/rape trigger in this chapter.

When the wet tongue swept across YiHan’s earlobe, memories of his past life flooded him. All he could feel was intense disgust, the kind that came from having a moist and slippery worm crawl on his skin. His scalp went numb with terror.

“Scram!” he roared in anger.

YiHan’s entire body then dashed back. Because he threw himself with too much force, he unbalanced himself and fell backwards. The back of his head hit the ground with a loud bang while leaving behind a few strands of blood-covered hair in Feng Qun’s fist.

Stunned for a moment, Feng Qun stared at the fallen form of YiHan before guffawing, “You’re quite a bold one. What? Not happy that I touched you? You think I’m vile? I’ll let you try out just how disgusting I can be. Don’t worry. We have a lot of time. With ‘those people’ tying up my loose ends, your ‘guardian deities’ would never find me that easily. Once they’re here, they’ll likely find your body, dead and ruined from me having my fun. Since I’ll die no matter what, of course I must have my wish fulfilled. It’d be a waste otherwise, no? I’m very skilled. I’ll definitely give you the best experience you’ll ever feel, before you die.”

YiHan’s mind buzzed. Black spots sparked before his eyes. His heart raced. He started breathing in sharp bursts. He shook his head and did his best to slowly inch backwards. His red eyes glared up at Feng Qun slowly getting closer to him. YiHan never thought the other would actually think of him in that way. No wonder the other man would choose to use that method to torture him. But this was a different world to YiHan’s past life. Here, he was now together with JingYuan. Be it in death or in life, from his soul to his body, he would forever be loyal to his partner. He would never let the repulsive past be repeated. If he had no way to resist, then he would destroy this beast along with himself. That’d probably count as settling the last time he had with his past life.

Feng Qun strode closer and closer to YiHan. The sight of someone he could only ever desire deep within look so terrified and wary, retreating backwards with every step he took, it only made his heart overflow with ecstasy.

Then, someone pushed through the door from outside the room.

“Act faster. If the Bai family finds us, we’ll all be doomed,” that person said.

Feng Qun paused. “Just who do you think you are?” he roared. “How dare you talk to me that way! Be careful. I’ll make sure you won’t get paid at all! Get out and guard the door!”

The man slammed the door behind him. “I certainly am not anyone significant,” he scoffed. “But who are you even? You’re also just a stray. Put away that young master attitude of yours! Also, are you paying me? I’m not looking down on you, but do you even have enough cash for one meal?”

Feng Qun’s face went green, then pale. However, he knew he still needed the men outside. Now was not a good time to turn them into his enemies. Anger just overwhelmed him for a second just now. If not for that, he wouldn’t have said something so antagonising. He can’t rush it now. One day. One day he’ll make everyone who’d made an enemy of him pay the price!

His face changed a few more times before he finally spoke, anger obvious in his tone but suppressed, “My apologies. I was overwhelmed by my anger and spoke too rashly. Please leave the room. I’ll be done soon.”

The man huffed a snort of laughter. Since the other had stepped back, he didn’t want to cause irreparable damage to their partnership. He shot a glance of sympathy at YiHan, then turned away and left the room.

Feng Qun turned back to YiHan. He can’t drag it on anymore. He went to YiHan’s form, pulled at the hands tied before YiHan and dragged the other man over to a rack in the corner of the room. One hand tore YiHan’s shirt away as he began nipping and licking at YiHan’s neck as his other hand rushed over to unbuckle his belt and reach into his pants.

All YiHan could do was glare. The skin on his wrists had been scraped off through his struggles against the coarse rope. Blood stained the rope red. Yet he couldn’t get them off at all.

Feng Qun held YiHan’s lower jaw in a tight grip. “I love your eyes the most,” he said with an evil smirk. “They’re so clean and full of contempt for us lowly people. They’re so mesmerising. I rarely looked at you straight in the eyes because I was afraid I’d accidentally get hard…now, I can finally od as I wish and savour it as much as I want. Yes, that’s the look. Keep looking at me like this…”

His breathing turned into hoarse pants. He lowered his mouth to lick at YiHan’s eyelids and eyelashes. The bound man’s jaw was still stuck in Feng Qun’s grip. There was no way for the other to escape. With an angry roar, YiHan’s entire body jerked forward. He bit hard at his assaulter’s neck and sawed at the flesh in an attempt to bite off a piece of it. Feng Qun yelped in pain. His hands forced YiHan’s mouth to release, then raised them to the wound on his neck. His hands came back dripping with fresh blood. In a fit of rage, he slapped YiHan hard across the face. That wasn’t gratifying enough for him though so he slapped YiHan a few more times until there was blood dribbling from the corner of YiHan’s mouth and YiHan’s vision went black. Only then did Feng Qun held the other’s neck in a stranglehold.

“Are you a dog? You can actually hurt someone else during such a moment,” Feng Qun demanded. “Let me see if your hole can grow teeth and bite off my dick!”

In one frenzied motion, Feng Qun untied the ropes on YiHan’s legs and tore at his pants. YiHan slowly exhaled. He didn’t fight, but silently gathered his strength. Then, as Feng Qun bent down to pull his pants down, YiHan raised his leg in a hard kick at Feng Qun’s excited and flushed with blood organ.

YiHan had put all of his strength behind that one kick. Feng Qun collapsed to a side with a cry of pain. His hands reached down to cover his groin and he began rolling around on the floor.

The men outside heard that something was wrong inside the room, so they hurriedly pushed the door open to check it but only to find YiHan with his clothes in tatters. His bound wrists were covered in blood. Bite marks littered his chest. There was a bright red handprint adorning his pale cheeks. Dried blood caked his lips. His bloodshot eyes stared at the men at the door. They looked just like a cornered wolf’s eyes.

Then, there was Feng Qun howling and rolling on the ground with his hands over his groin. When he saw the other men had entered, he lifted his sweat soaked face to roar at the men, “Get him! Fuck him to death! Beat him up until he dies!”

The men looked at each other. None of them moved. They already despised Feng Qun. The man from before spoke.

“Feng Qun, one mustn’t go overboard,” he said. “We all heard your conversation just now. This man owed you nothing. You’re just jealous he was born into a higher place in society than you were. He’s now in our hands. If we are to kill him, let’s just kill him. Why humiliate him so?”

By then, Feng Qun had recovered a little. He still laid on the floor and his breathing still came in short pants.

“Oh? What now? Does your heart ache?” Feng Qun asked. “You like him? You want to play the hero saving the damsel-in-distress? Look at yourself in the mirror first! He won’t even glance at you, let alone like you! If you don’t want to do him, I will!”

One of the men behind the man that’d spoken up twitched his lips to the side. “You’ll do him?” he questioned. “You weren’t kicked into impotency by that wolf brat? You can still get it up? You are sure you’re not going to be someone who can only perk his butt up and wait to be fucked now, are you?”

Feng Qun’s face went ghastly pale once more. Despite how he acted, he’s only a rich young kid who’d never really worked out. YiHan kick was no joke. His groin had hurt so much that his entire body was drenched in cold sweat. He didn’t even have the strength to climb back onto his feet now. He knew there was no hope these men would obey his command. He shot a glare at YiHan who was still coldly staring at him. Gritting his teeth and letting out a cold chuckle, he looked back at the men standing at the door.

“You might not want to do him,” Feng Qun said. “But don’t forget why we brought him here for. Weren’t you in a hurry just now? Why aren’t you killing him yet? Are you waiting for the Bai family to come in and capture all of us?”

“How are you not too ashamed to speak of that?” spoke the man who’d questioned Feng Qun just now in a very unhappy tone.  “If you hadn’t held us back and insisted on your revenge in humiliating him, we would’ve instantly killed him in the van. We’d now have been scattered to the four winds. Why would we stare here and risk our lives with you?”

“Then are you going to do it or not?” Feng Qun yelled. “Kill him!”

The man gave Feng Qun the side-eye. He stretched his wrists and fingers. His joints popped and cracked. As he walked over to YiHan, he spoke to the captive man.

“Hey, bro, don’t think us cruel,” he said. “We hold no grudge against you but we’re all fugitives of the law and we have no money. We had no choice but to do this. Once you’re on the other side, don’t blame us. Blame those who truly want you dead and Feng Qun, this perverted man.”

YiHan’s face stayed expressionless. His eyes had now shifted to stare at the man walking over to him. The man knelt down before him.

“Don’t be scared,” he softly said, his hands supporting YiHan’s head. “It’ll be done soon. It won’t hurt.”

“Xiang, move faster,” impatiently said the man from the group who had spoken first.

Xiang was also a killer. Even so, deep down, he had his limits. He was about to snap YiHan’s neck when he heard a large crash coming from above his head. He looked up to find a window on the wall before him had been shattered. A shadow flipped into the room through the opening and kicked the stunned Xiang away from YiHan.

The other men were all rather far away from YiHan. They didn’t have time to rush forward to secure the hostage but the invader didn’t attack them either. All the did was stand before YiHan’s body as a shield.

When YiHan saw his rescue was here, his fierce and rebellious air vanished. All that was left was a heart full of sorrow and bitterness. His eyes stung. The man before him was tall and strong. Broad shoulders, slim waist, two slender legs stretched slightly apart and his two fists clenched tight. The man’s entire being was covered in taut muscles, just waiting to explode into motion.

He was still wearing the clothes he had worn this morning when he left the Bai family home. A black open-collared shirt and long black pants. It was an outfit of darkness but the man dressed in black shone as bright as the sun. He was like the world’s strongest barrier, steadfastly protecting him.

YiHan’s heart was overwhelmed with the complex mash of emotions swelling in him. Gratitude, bitterness, sadness, they caused tears to silently slide down his cheeks. How many times had he fantasised about JingYuan charging into the “secret base” Feng Qun and his two followers had brought him into? How many times had he wished JingYuan would arrive in time, chase them off and save him? That’s all in the past now, forever unable to be change. Regrets were just regrets in the end. Even if the two men were now lovers in this life, the past would still be a thorn stuck in his heart, stabbing him every time he thought about his past life. It made him unable to face JingYuan naturally, to accept his affection.

However, what’s happened today seemed to be a re-enactment of what happened in YiHan’s last life. This time, there would be no regrets. JingYuan came.

To YiHan, JingYuan was an angel, a god. To Feng Qun and the other men in the room, JingYuan was a devil.

JingYuan’s two eyes were red with blood. His teeth were loudly grinding against each other. His face was filled with a savage ferociousness. That handsome face was twisted in rage. If he didn’t have to protect YiHan, Feng Qun would undoubtedly be pounced on and torn into pieces by this man who’d reached his limits for anger. He was doomed! So Feng Qun thought.

Just then, another man swerved over the open window. The new rescuer scanned the room as he panted. In a few quick steps, he strode over to Feng Qun, straddled over the man on the floor and punched him. It was Bai Yan!

He had his slim business suit on still. His hair was combed and set with not a single hair out of place. He was dressed for an office meeting and this man said nothing. He merely rained punch after punch down on Feng Qun’s face. After a few hits, Feng Qun’s teeth were knocked loose. Blood filled his mouth and endless shrieks of pain rang from his throat.

Translator’s Note:

We’re now at the VIP chapters. Expect longer chapter from this novel.

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  1. QAQ

    Bai Yihan needs some love, why was his family so weird to him in his previous life?!

    Thanks for the chapter! (≧▽≦)

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    1. I think its all a misunderstanding his family all moved into an apartment together and was still helping him then they found out he caused the downfall of his family and then he killed his grandpa but he still never told them he was raped he suffered alone the whole time and he was all rude and moody because he couldn’t admit he had feelings for his friend. Then he pushed him away and he moved out of the country. Clearly his friend liked him but because he could never be honest and pushed him away he got fed up and then he thought when he tried to seduce him that he already knew he liked him and was just using his feelings for him to get what he wanted. Honestly, if he had just spoken up sooner and realized that those people weren’t his friends this could have all been avoided

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    1. +1
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  2. And here I am sitting, and thinking it was the special forces or whatever that came jumping through the window… nope, it was his man lol I’d have found it more realistic if it were the police. I mean, they were running around with them and it were their damn job and not that of some civilians.
    (But everything for the plot xDD)

    Thx for the ch :3


    1. Yeah seriously who would let civilians go into a killer’s hideout lol. I would have believed it if ML was a military officer or is the only one who’s looking for MC.

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  3. You’re talking as if jingyuan will listen to the police, remember it’s Yanyan we’re talking about here.
    So I’m not surprised by his actions.


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