GC: Chapter 52

52. If This Isn’t a Dream

Downstairs, Ma was fretting. “Where did that girl drag JingYuan off to? They won’t even come down for food!”

FuRen patted his wife on the hand and gently said, “Let’s not worry too much over the children. They’re adults now. They won’t starve. Your body’s frail and you’ve been staying up the whole night. We know now HanHan’s fine. You can relax. Hurry up and eat something. Then, head back up and take a nap.”

Ma was pushed by her husband towards the dining table. “You’ve got to eat some while they’re warm too,” she said. “You’re getting old. You’re not a young man anymore.”

FuRen was touched by his wife’s concern. His smile deepened. He sat next to his wife. The two grabbed something to eat. There was a cosy atmosphere in the air.

Yan: …

I’ve long grown used to the daily showcase of their love, Yan thought to himself. “I Am Invisible” is a game I’ve played since I was a child. No pressure.

By then, XueQing had descended for some food. She told her parents there’s no need to call JingYuan down for food. He’s gone to sit with HanHan. After breakfast, the Bai parents and Aunt Yang stated they needed to take a nap due to their old age. XueQing had to recover from the wound of a “broken heart”. Yan grudgingly trekked to the office with his panda eyes.

When YiHan woke up, it was nearly noon. He slowly opened his heavy eyelids. He felt even more exhausted than if he’d just not slept. His body ached as if he’d just gone on a long marathon run. His bones felt as if they were barely hanging together.

He let out a soft moan and raised his hands to support his pounding head. His mind felt heavy, as if he’d just gotten blackout drunk. What’s going on?

Oh, right. He saw Feng Qun last night. He panicked and his mind was jumbled up. JingYuan took him home. They chatted for a bit. In a fit of panic, he’d chugged down half a bottle of liquor.

Then…he got drunk. He fell asleep and had a most wondrous wet dream! And the person featured in his dream was JingYuan!

Oh, gods! How will he be able to look JingYuan, the man who’s going to be his brother-in-law soon, in the eye? How could he look at his beloved sister without feeling ashamed? Thank goodness it was just a dream!

He sighed. He tried to get up but failed. One, none of his muscles listened to his commands. Two…someone was embracing him from behind. His entire being was locked into the embrace.

YiHan froze. He hurriedly turned and looked behind it. Phew. It’s JingYuan. That scared him.

It seemed like JingYuan stayed with him the whole night. Then, he fell asleep from fatigue. Only…you can sleep but this is a huge bed. Why must you squish in right next to him? He could even twitch in this tight hug!

YiHan moved away JingYuan’s arm across his waist. Carefully, he attempted to sit up. But as soon as his body twitched, he felt his senses exploding!

He was still groggy from having just woken up at the last attempt and he didn’t really move. So, he didn’t notice it. However, when he tried to sit up again, he could feel a burning pain coming from a certain hidden spot in his lower body. It’s the kind of ache that couldn’t be scratched or ignored. His thigh muscles were painfully sore as well. It was the feeling of muscles strained from long periods of time being pulled open.

After all he’d experienced in his last life, of course he knew what those feelings meant!

The body hidden inside the blanket should be buck naked. In that twitch, he could feel the blanket’s fabric sliding against his bare skin.

YiHan panted heavily. He peeled away a corner of the blanket. The tiny patch of skin he saw was filled with reddish, purplish kiss marks.

These were proof of what he’d been through last night. This was the Bai family mansion. There was no chance an outsider could’ve come in. The only people in this room were him and JingYuan. Along with the rather realistic wet dream he just remembered having, it wasn’t hard to imagine just what happened last night.

If what happened last night wasn’t a dream…

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