GC: Chapter 51

51. Switch Affections

JingYuan lifted his hands in a shrug and said, “See. You can’t imagine it. The like you have for me is not the same as the feelings I have for HanHan, the feelings Chen TianYang has for you.”

XueQing thought about it. That really seemed like it. It felt like she could suddenly see the light.

“XueQing,” JingYuan continued. “You’re not the kind of girl to be bound by emotions. If we really married each other, it’ll be a tragedy for the three of us.”

XueQing subconsciously nodded. At the thought of that, fear ran down her spine. But she wasn’t willing to lose verbally. “Alright. You talk about all that just so I’ll help you, right? I won’t say anything if you won’t. After all, my little brother’s involved in this. Since he likes you, as his sister, I’ve got to lend him a hand and allow the two of you can be together right and proper.”

“But your way’s no good. The effect on your reputation is too great,” JingYuan said.

XueQing rolled her eyes in an extremely unladylike fashion. “Great? No one other than our family knows we were going to be married. What? Could my parents and brother go out and tarnish my reputation? From the outside looking in, I’m just dating someone. What’s wrong about that?”

“The news hasn’t been spread?” JingYuan asked with a perked eyebrow.

“A lot has happened lately. We didn’t have time. Ma’s still looking at dates,” XueQing replied.

JingYuan let out a sigh of relief. “Then how will you switch your affections to? To who?” he asked.

XueQing glanced at him. “Didn’t you just mention Chen TianYang? He’ll do,” she lazily replied.

“He truly likes you. This will be unfair to him,” JingYuan said.

“You think I’ll toy with his feelings? I’ll sign an agreement with him. If he agrees, he’ll be my boyfriend for some time. If not, I’ll find someone else to act it out with me. Simple,” XueQing explained with a tired tone.

“He will definitely say yes. This is a chance for him,” JingYuan said after some thought.

“If he really is as foolishly in love as you say, what’s wrong with me giving him a chance? Even if it’s because of a hard situation,” XueQing said. Such an excellent man was actually that mesmerised with her. From another angle, it’s proof of her charms. It made her feel a sense of accomplishment.

“Okay. Since we’re stopping the conversation for now, I’ll head back to sit by HanHan so he won’t find me missing when he wakes up,” JingYuan said with a smile.

XueQing’s lips twisted to the side. My heart just got broken. You won’t even say a word of comfort!

She stared at the door JingYuan closed behind him as he left. Suddenly, a chuckle broke through. Her heart didn’t sink at the knowledge there was no chance for her and she just had to let go. Instead, it felt lighter than before. Perhaps JingYuan was right. She had it wrong the whole time. She didn’t love JingYuan. It was just her pride that led her gaze to linger unwittingly on the strong men who could stand right by her side. Just that which caused her to feel false emotions.

JingYuan returned to YiHan’s bedroom. The person in bed was still sound asleep. JingYuan had really tired him out last night. JingYuan’s lips twitched in happiness. He sat by the bed and gently landed a kiss on YiHan’s forehead. His heart was filled with warmth and fulfillment.

After a night, the love he’d felt had no future on yesterday had now turned on its head. JingYuan felt as if his life was complete.

JingYuan sat by the bed for some time. He paused. After some contemplation, he stood up and laid down on the bed. He pulled YiHan along with his blanket into his arms. He let out a satisfied sigh and lightly pecked the little one’s lips. He closed his eyes, a smile on his lips.

Translator’s Note:

Just realised there’s a chapter missing from Wednesday’s update due to a typo. Apologies and here you go!

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  1. I’m anxious and worried in the same proportion waiting for Han Han to wake up and see his reaction

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  3. Chen TianYang! Here is your chance – please still be reasonable and protect yourself but go hard and don’t forget to take care of DAILY HYGIENE AND WASH YOURSELF ⟵(•ˇ‿ˇ•)ᕤ


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