GC: Chapter 47

47. Nothing Can Be Heard Even If Anything Happens

With his little guy in his arms, JingYuan laid there on the bed in a stiff, frozen mess. His forehead was drenched in sweat. Not an ounce of sleep was in in him at. Happily and painfully, his eyes stayed open until dawn came.

Except for Bai YiHan who was dead asleep, it was a sleepless night for everyone in the Bai family mansion.

Bright and early, four pairs of panda eyes joined forces. The Bai parents, Yan and XueQing each sat on the living room couches with their own dark circles.

Aunt Yang who didn’t sleep the whole night drifted over and handed each of them a cup of hot milk. Great. Another pair of panda eyes had appeared.

“Aunt Yang, you look very pale. Did you not sleep?” asked Ma.

“With the Little Master in such a state, how could I sleep? I kept my ears out for any signs of movement. At least, I’d be able to help if anything happened,” Aunt Yang replied with a small yawn.

It was understandable if it were just the Bai family. After all, they are his relatives and he was always the apple of their eyes. It’s normal for them to not sleep out of worry, but Aunt Yang was just their servant. Essentially, it’s just a monetary relationship. The fact that she was so worried over YiHan that she couldn’t sleep was proof of how much she really loved him. The Bai family was very touched.

“YiHan’s room has the best sound-proofing available. Even if something happened, you wouldn’t be able to hear it,” XueQing said with a laugh.

“Ah, I’m just a mess from worry. Anyway, if anything happened to the Little Master, Mr Mu will surely call for someone,” Aunt Yang said.

“That’s right. Nothing was heard the whole night. YiHan should’ve been coaxed to sleep by JingYuan then,” Yan said with a nod.

“JingYuan cares so much for HanHan, and he’s the best at dealing with HanHan. With him around, HanHan should be fine,” FuRen agreed.

Ma and Yan nodded in agreement too. It was clear they trusted JingYuan very much.

Meanwhile, XueQing was bitterly laughing on the inside. If you knew what JingYuan really felt for Lil Bro, you wouldn’t trust him that much. But based on how much JingYuan treasured HanHan, he wouldn’t take advantage of the other while they’re not fully there. She wasn’t worried either. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have left.

No matter how smart Miss Bai was, she never would’ve imagined what happened. JingYuan wouldn’t take advantage of YiHan, but he can’t control himself if YiHan kept trying to seduce him. She overestimated a man’s ability to resist the one he loved.

In the time she spent spacing out, the family’s topic had already changed. When she snapped back, she heard FuRen musing, “Just what happened with that Feng Qun? Does he have a grudge against HanHan? Was HanHan’s unusual behaviour related to him?”

“I’ve looked into this Feng Qun before. He’s the eldest son of the Feng family. Usually seen following behind YiHan like a pet dog. He just wants to suck up to Yihan and rake in some benefits from the great Bai family. I thought he was harmless, so I ignored him. I didn’t think he’d dare hurt YiHan!” Yan angrily replied.

“The Feng family. Is it the one in construction?” FuRen said.

“Yes. Just a normal family. Nothing special. I thought they’d never have the guts to do anything. But…” Yan drifted off.

“You’re not wrong. They certainly don’t have the courage. Offending the Bai family would only hurt them. This matter shouldn’t be the Feng family’s intention,” FuRen said.

“If it’s not the family’s intention, that means it’s Feng Qun himself? Does he think HanHan was humiliating him because he’s acting like a docile dog? Did anyone force him to do it? No, he’s the one who actively rushed over to HanHan!” XueQing said.

“Such a person is definitely mentally ill! Who knew what extreme actions he’ll take? We should take care of him while it’s still early,” Ma spat through gritted teeth.

“Ma’s right,” said Yan. “Leaving him be will just make him a hidden threat. We should resolve this as soon as possible.”

XueQing thumped the couch’s armrest. “I was too busy being concerned over Lil Bro that I couldn’t teach that bastard a lesson. God knows where he’s run off to now.”

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8 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 47

  1. Even though I want to say, “Brainholes too big! Need a doctor!” the family is just too warm. My heart is now defrosted.
    Thank you for the update! Take care~

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  2. I wisk Yihan will understand that his beloved took advantage of him, while he was not completely conscious, and will stop loving him so much.
    JingYuan’s thoughts aren’t healthy, it’s better if ml is someone else, even tht would be more reasonable.

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  3. Haaah~ I was just laughing at the sister this chapter lolololol
    Can’t wait for HanHan to wake up, hopefully it won’t be too dramatic x’D

    Thx for the ch \(≧▽≦)/

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  4. Feng Qun isn’t mentally ill. He’s evil. These things are completely unrelated.

    On the contrary, the MC here has obvious mental illness. Yihan has mental illness, not Feng Qun.


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