LC: Chapter 53

53. There are Prerequisites for Gatherings…

With this meeting at the Pyramids, quite a few players in the Wolf Clan now know who XiaoYu was. With Chrysanthemum introducing XiaoYu to the all-day Mummy Extermination Squad from the Healers Alliance, XiaoYu had a safe network to rely on in Kemet region now.

After two whole days of freedom and relaxation, it was time for the Heretic Demon heads to gather around and strategize their next battle. However, the atmosphere wasn’t as serious as those big investors’ meetings. Everyone could freely discuss about the topic.

Sakura-3 and Prole-3 were now in the Heretic Demons’ control. From the lay of the land, it was much more beneficial to develop on in Prole-3. Rather than expanding the frontlines, why not just aim for Prole-5? However, that didn’t mean all grudges were forgiven after giving up Sakura-3. The enmity between them and I Die For Riches were rock solid. From now on, it’d be normal to find a fight breakout whenever their guild members bump into each other.

What was completely unexpected was how the other two number 3 fortresses weren’t conquered in the last event at all. While they didn’t know if it’s because the Wings and the Wolf Clan didn’t empty their nests out like the Heretic Demons did or because there were too many troublemakers, the battles in these two areas would be much fiercer just for that extraordinary reward.

Although the Heretic Demons must not let down their guard, there was much less pressure on them now. Thus, these elites started to get restless.

“Hey, Chief. Gathering.” Who knew when the conversation moved from the Guild Wars to this?

“That’s right. I want to take a selfie with Chief as a souvenir.”

“I want to make Chief drunk.”

“I just want an autograph.”

“I want a great big hug.”

“Hehe. It’s a revolt,” I_Am_A_Poor_Man laughed. It’s so fun to watch the fire burn.

“…” All eyes were gleaming brightly at HereticKing. The man, on the other hand, sat elegantly at the head of the table as usual. After long moments did he open his powerful mouth, “Sure.”


“But…” All cheering screeched to a halt. Everyone looked at their leader nervously, afraid their chief would change his mind again.

“Take down the next Prole fortress first,” said HereticKing as he leisurely raised a finger. The prerequisite was set.

“Hmph. For the meetup, all those brats have better cling on tight. Overtime team training starting now.”

“I will force them to train every single day.”

“Looks like the Treasure Squad has more overtime work. Time to get a few more sets of gear.”

Since they had HereticKing’s approval, everyone began chattering about which of Prole-1, -2 or -5 were easier to conquer. Looking at the sight of everyone who began turning the conversation back to the battlefield because of the unusual soaring of emotions, I_Am_A_Poor_Man couldn’t stop himself from shaking his head. “What sophisticated measures,” he thought.

“Will LuckyCat come?” Below_The_Moon whispered to I_Am_A_Poor_Man. He’d seen Chief in real life before, so he’s not that passionate about the meetup. However, he was quite interested in that pure child.

“Probably not,” I_Am_A_Poor_Man said. If this meetup was successful, XiaoYu not being able to attend would be the greatest regret of their lives.

“Why? Does he live very far?”

“No. He can’t leave the house. As for why, don’t look at me. I don’t know,” Poor_Man responded.

“Really…” Below_The_Moon’s voice drifted off.

“It can’t be that darned detective urge of yours is acting up again, right?”

“No. I do have some basic professionalism.” While he was curious, Below_The_Moon knew the results won’t be positive or happy. Why not just maintain the current situation? If he’s meant to know, he will one day.

“Poor_Man, I recently found an interesting little item. You interested?” asked Sealed_Sword, one of the Treasure Squad leaders in Heretic Demons. He’s not really interested in the different strategies for all those fortresses. The random items that would drop whenever a monster dies made his heart pound more.

“Tell me about it.”

“XP Penalty Waiver. For 5 hours, the party can split all experience evenly regardless of the level penalties. The level difference within the party must be 10 or lower. Healers are harder to train, so I was wondering if your people need it.”

“You are such a bro. I most certainly need it. But where did you get something so great from?” This item’s appearance meant it would be easier to train up newbies. It meant players over Level 100 can carry other players.

“The game mentioned a secret boss update once, right? Ever since then, my team has been searching for the so-called hidden boss. In the end, we found a Level 105 Thousand-Year-Old Tree Spirit in one of the mountain ranges near Sakura. You would never have believed it. It actually spawned in the Level 50 Tree Spirit zone.” Sealed_Sword was so excited about it that he told Poor_Man every single detail about the search for the boss. They only thought of heading deep into a few of those mountains to test their luck. They didn’t think they’d bump into an ancient tree spirit, lazily sunbathing, in the Tree Spirit zone where no boss monster had ever spawned.

“Hehe…” I_Am_A_Poor_Man could only let out a dry chuckle at the story. Even the Level 40 Peco Peco zone had Level 90 and above elite monsters. What’s impossible?

“After we got familiar with its respawn rules, we camped it for days. We killed about 20 of them, then one dropped this charm. We didn’t know how to split it, so I thought to ask if you guys need it first. After all, we’re not like the Wolf Clan. We don’t have so many high-level healers.”

“Thank you, brother. If there’s anything you ever need, just say the word,” I_Am_A_Poor_Man promised.

“Hehe. There’s no need. It’s all for the guild. But that thing’s not with me right now. My Storage is full, so DrunkBed from my team has it. He’s preparing for his exams right now. I’ll get him to send it to you once he gets on.”

“Okay.” I_Am_A_Poor_Man started pondering on which high level zone would be best to train with XiaoYu. This item was so much rarer than the Bibles. They must squeeze everything that they can out of it.

“The Derelict Ruins of Natalis. The spirit mobs there are Undead.” Below_The_Moon had heard their whole conversation. He could guess that I_Am_A_Poor_Man was thinking of using the charm to help XiaoYu grind. After thinking back on all possible training grounds, Natalis was the most suitable. There were plenty of Undead monsters. Even if they encountered other players, they’ll think it’s just a healer carrying another to grind on Undead mobs. Nothing special or curious about it.

“Mn. That place is quite good. Huh? How do you know what I’m thinking?”

“With your heart on your sleeves, I could tell what you were thinking with just my toes.”

“Come. Tell me. Which toe thought of that? I’ll cut it off and pickle it in wine.”

“I won’t. What can you do to me?”

“Then, I’ll cut them all.”

Sealed_Sword let out a helpless smile at the two’s childish bantering. With a nod to HereticKing, he back with crowd discussing Prole’s fortresses. He’d rather listen to something more meaningful than some nonsensical argument. Chief had it so hard. Every time, he had to calmly sit there and listen to their squabbles.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Derelict Ruins of Natalis: Most likely Glast Heim in the original game.

Next week, back to the Good Child!

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  1. I wonder… Will they know the reason why my baby XiaoYu can’t leave his house? My baby doesn’t even want to leave the game and back to real world 😭

    By the way, is my baby really never leave the game?? Is he always stay inside the game??

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      1. If I remember correctly, it’s because the game that made XiaoYu leave the game for a while, so… XiaoYu didn’t leave for his own will.


  2. Thanks for the chapter! A new adventure with our sweet kitten, hopefully he will become stronger faster so that he makes lesser of a target for bullying… These games really should have a no harassment option…


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