GC: Chapter 37

37. In His Arms?

“He can’t be here that fast, but he won’t be long,” Bai FuRen lightly soothed Ma.

As he said so, Doctor Chen arrived. Panting and sweating, he was led straight up the stairs by Aunt Yang.

“Finally, you’re here. Doctor Chen, come take a look at HanHan,” Ma immediately said as soon as Doctor Chen entered her sight.

No matter how mad Doctor Chen was, there was no time for him to catch his breath. He hurried over to check up on YiHan. However, YiHan was extremely uncooperative. He wouldn’t even let Dr Chen touch him.

Dr Chen bustled and worked until he was drenched in sweat. Finally, he was done. He looked up to YiHan’s parents and said, “He’s fine. Just in shock. With some warm water to drink and a good night’s sleep, maybe a few, and he’ll be fine. If he can’t sleep, then he can get something to help him. Suitable amounts of alcohol or something. The point is to calm him down.”

“That’s great,” Yan said. “Please, Doctor Chen, stay here tonight. If anything arises with our little brother, you can respond in time then. Aunt Yang, please arrange a room for the doctor.”

Aunt Yang swiftly responded in acknowledgment.

Doctor Chen agreed verbally but, on the inside, he was rolling his eyes. It’s just shock. They called in such a panic that he thought something major happened. Now, they want him to stay for the night. Nothing was wrong with this Little Master at all. What can happen?

However, he wouldn’t be so foolish as to try and talk some sense into this family. What a joke. How can one talk about sense and rationality with a family of son-cons and bro-cons? He’ll just stay. It’s only one night.

YiHan was still not willing to let go of JingYuan and JingYuan couldn’t bear to let him go. The whole family can’t just stay in YiHan’s room. JingYuan looked up at the Bai family.

“Uncle, Aunt, Yan, XueQing, go back to your rooms. Rest. I’ll stay here with him tonight. Don’t worry,” he said.

FuRen glanced at his young son. “Then, please do. If there’s anything you need, we’re just a shout away,” he said with a nod.

JingYuan solemnly nodded. The Bai family all knew just how much JingYuan adored their little son/brother. They can relax with YiHan in his hands. Just look at how he carefully embraced YiHan. One could tell that he truly cherished YiHan. Thus, without any dissent, the family dispersed.

XueQing was the last to leave the room. She looked back and dazed deep into JingYuan’s eyes. He looked back, not a single hint of avoidance.

A soft sigh left XueQing’s lips. It seemed the possibility of this marvellous man being hers was very slim.

Aunt Yang took Doctor Chen’s words to heart. She headed downstairs and brought a few bottles of excellent liquor up to YiHan’s room. Then, she tiptoed out of the room and shut the door behind her.

The room fell into silence. JingYuan tenderly kissed YiHan’s shimmering forehead. His hand gently patting at YiHan’s back in an attempt to soothe YiHan’s emotions.

YiHan’s mental state was as if he’d just woken up from a nightmare regarding his past life. Zoned out and dazed. In reality, the entire time just before he died in his past life, he’d frequently fallen into such a foggy frame of mind. He suspected that something was wrong with his mind due to all those horrible things he went through, and those problems were brought with him to the present.

After such a long period of being soothed, his mind was wide awake. He’s just hiding due to momentary shame. After all, being scared into hysteria by a lackey was certainly something that’s quite unbelievable. Everything hadn’t happened yet. How should he answer his family if asked?

He can’t think of any explanation. Thus, he decided to just bury himself in JingYuan’s arms for a while longer. Wait! JingYuan’s arms?

His body froze. Yes. It was currently four years ago. He’d not fought with JingYuan to the point of no return yet. They were still at the phase of his one-sided temper tantrum. He hadn’t voiced out those filthy thoughts yet. So, JingYuan was still willing to hug him, to hold him, to coax him. Look at that gentle patting motion. Wasn’t that the action of someone soothing a child?

Ever since his rebirth, he’d always felt as if he was unable to face JingYuan. While his greatest wish prior to his death previously was to meet JingYuan once more, now that he’s here, he’d turned into a great big coward. Constantly avoiding a proper interaction with JingYuan to prevent himself from losing his mind and acting out.

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13 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 37

  1. YiHan…

    I’m not sure if someone mentioned it before, but YiHan killed that lackey in his past life right? I forgot his name.. but now I’m wondering what happened (after)? Since YiHan’s parents are poor, do you think the lackey’s dad did something to YiHan’s family? like maybe he used the “avenging the death of my son” as an excuse to harm them? or did JYuan decided to give a helping hand? or maybe lackey’s dad.. didn’t do anything?

    Aah, off-chapter comment. I just had this sudden thought. Anyway, thank you for the chapter!


    1. Shhhh. That’s cannon fodder. Dust is forgotten.

      In the story’s defense, something happened that sort of explained how things ended up (slightly spoilery so I won’t post it here. See the NU forum spoiler thread if you’re itching to know) but he is never mentioned again.

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  2. “How can one talk about sense and rationality with a family of son-cons and bro-cons?”
    。・゚(゚> ヮ < ゚)゚・。
    Well… he isn't wrong xDD

    HanHan.. good luck :'D

    Thx for the ch \(≧▽≦)/


  3. WTF with that doctor?! ¡¿”Just shock”?! ¿We are certain that he don’t buy his grade?
    I am not an expert in medicine. But if someone starts crying uncontrollably for apparent no reason and gets hysterical when someone unknown tries to touch him… Isn’t that a clear sign of mental trauma? He don’t should make a fuss about it and open an investigation? How common is it that Chinese people get hysterical for no apparent reason?

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    1. Mental issues are still big taboo issues in Chinese society. The implication of having a mental illness would likely have the family going all “he’s not crazy!”. Plus, it’s implied/goes unsaid due to culture that the parents never really told the doctor anything more than “he’s been crying for over an hour and is shaking” (The parents did think they know why he broke down crying – fear). The word “shock” in Chinese also has two implied meanings. It’s “common” for people to break down from “stress/shock/mild trauma”.

      All of that meant the doctor couldn’t really put in a good prognosis.

      A more negative way of seeing it is the author being rather naive about how doctors see mental issues (the story is from early 2010s). The way the doctor’s handling it here is the same as any common man.

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      1. I agree, I’ve seen writers do this with various other mental issues in Chinese writing. It’s just how Chinese people view mental issues. If it wasn’t for a global pandemic pushing the issue of mental health to the forefront, many western countries would have and still have the same belief. In the USA for example, the conservative community has a real strong taboo/bias to mental health recognition and treatment. They either dismiss it as someone being weak willed or tell them to pray the problem away. “ya’ll don’t need pills you need Jesus” That it (mental illness/trauma) should be treated like any other injury or illness, by a professional doctor and with medicine is something that’s ridiculed.


  4. Shibb-san the next chapter bar is not working please check it out I have to go back to NU page to go to the next chapter its been like this since Chapter 33.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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  5. Mi querido Dr, te entiendo… esa familia debe cambiar, no pueden seguir tratando a Han como un inútil debilucho, tal amor solo es malo.

    En cuanto a la hermana, oh te das cuenta de algo tan simple ¿ahora?… en serio, comprende tu idea inicial es estúpida.

    Y Han… cálmate, piensa en frío, vamos tu puedes.


  6. CTY’s love and devotion to BXQ really reminds me of Luo Binghe’s love for Shen Qingqiu… so deeply devoted, almost in a funny way… is CTY an M? Hahaha!
    On a sadder note, our boy Bai Yihan sure isn’t faring well. I hope he gets justice.
    Thanks for translating!


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