LC: Chapter 43

43. Joining the Guild

“Congratulations,” HereticKing and I_Am_A_Poor_Man said as the golden glow signalling a successful Job change dissipated from XiaoYu’s body.

However, XiaoYu didn’t respond at all. He kept staring at the pop-up dialogues. He had been knocked off guard by the long string of notifications.

“Congratulations, player LuckyCat, for becoming the hidden class of the Acolyte class – Bishop.”

“System Reward Chest +1.”

“Stat Point +1.”

“Weapon, The Saint’s Bible, +1.”

“Bishop special skill, Incremento, obtained.”

“Bishop special skill, Obsecro, obtained.”

“Do you wish to hide your class?”


“Huh…yeah?” XiaoYu’s mind was snapped back to reality by HereticKing’s voice.

“Yes.” XiaoYu hurriedly selected “yes” on the last dialogue box. He had always been one to lay low.

“What is it?”

“I should’ve turned into a priest, right?” The forums clearly said he would be a Priest, then a High Priest.

“Hah? Of course. There’s no need to question that.” Curious, I_Am_A_Poor_Man opened his Friends tab and looked at XiaoYu’s Job. “Priest” was written. “You’re a Priest, aren’t you?”

“No. I hid it,” XiaoYu replied.

“Could it be…a hidden job?” Poor_Man’s eyes gleamed.

“Mn.” XiaoYu shared to the party the true Stats tab that only he could read.

“So the hidden job of the healer class is the Bishop,” I_Am_A_Poor_Man mused with a hand on his chin. Hidden jobs were an open secret in Asgard Online. Since the public announcement of the first hidden job being discovered, the Paladin, no other hidden job discoveries would be announced server-wide. So only the ones who discovered a hidden job would know what exactly they were and what made it special. “But I am curious why you could become a Bishop. Was it because of the 500 kill counts?”

“A Bishop must be somebody who can offer their services up to all citizens without gripe or hate. Player LuckyCat didn’t complain about paying the fine,” said the priest. The sudden answer to I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s question frightened everyone. With a disparaging side glance thrown at Poor_Man who had been whining about the cash-grabbing game systems, the priest continued, “He showed no signs of anger or regret at the multiplication of quest goals. Such dedication to the priesthood had moved us. Thus, the Church decided to allow player LuckyCat to attain the secret job. We hope you can stay true to your beliefs and work, for the Church and for humanity.”

“I see. Xiao-Yu, do you have any special skills?”

“Yup.” He opened up his Skills tab and shared it with the party too.

Incremento: Increases all stats by 5% for 24 hours. Consequently, all stats will drop by 3% afterwards for 24 hours. Casting time: Instant. Cooldown: 48 hours. Can only be used on caster. Levels up according to Proficiency levels. Max increase: 20%. Max decrease: 15%.

Obsecro: After prayer, all stats will increase by 10% for 3 hours. Casting time: 1 minute. Requires Bible x1. Can only be used on other players. Levels up according to Proficiency. Max increase: 50%.

“Bible…I think the human Elites and Bosses from the Dark Cult would drop that,” muttered I_Am_A_Poor_Man. The bible mentioned was an item, not a weapon. As no player knew what it was used for, everyone either sold it to the NPCs or kept them as souvenirs.

The Dark Cult was a major enemy in Asgard Online. As such, Dark Cult mobs ranged from Level 90 to 150. Elite mobs were usually as powerful as normal mobs 10 levels higher than they were. Minions and small packs of monsters followed them around. They were akin to a mini-boss. Thus, the number of Bibles one could collect just from the marketplace was rather limited.

“Change our training grounds,” HereticKing said.

“Yes. I was thinking that too. I’ll discuss it with the other party leaders later.” Of course, Poor_Man wouldn’t tell the others why. The more who know, the more troublesome things get.

“XiaoYu, I’m glad you believe in us but don’t just tell others, got it?” solemnly said HereticKing with a hand on XiaoYu’s shoulder. It wasn’t because he wanted his own guild to be the only one to have use of the Bishop’s special skills, but because he didn’t want XiaoYu to be harmed anymore. There were too many in the world he couldn’t destroy who were weak to envy. BattleOverlord was only one of many.

“I know.” XiaoYu only told HereticKing and I_Am_A_Poor_Man because he truly trusted them from the bottom of his heart. He couldn’t really say why.

“Sorry I’m late.” In walked a male wizard with a knock on the door.

“Just in time, Eggy! Xiao-Yu just finished his Job Change. Yay!” I_Am_A_Poor_Man was immediately struck by a bolt of lightning. Fortunately for him, PvP was banned in the capital. Thus, I_Am_A_Poor_Man only felt a slight tingle and not be turned into a puddle of blood and gore.

“Call me that again and we’ll be in the PvP Arena,” said the wizard.

“Meanie,” Poor_Man pouted.

“Hi, Chief Heretic,” the male wizard greeted, getting a small nod in return.

“Hi. My name is Egg_Tart. Suicide Squad Guild Leader, a branch guild of Heretic Demons.” Egg_Tart stretched a hand out to XiaoYu.

“Hi. I’m LuckyCat,” XiaoYu replied with a handshake.

“Ding.” A dialogue box popped up before XiaoYu’s eyes.

“Player Egg_Tart has invited you to join the guild, Heretic Demons: Suicide Squad. Would you like to accept?”


Another beam of white light shone on XiaoYu. The bloody wing logo of Heretic Demons appeared on XiaoYu’s left arm and the light slowly faded away.

“Welcome to the clan,” said Egg_Tart.

“Mn. I’ll train hard.”

Why not just join the main guild? Because the minimum requirement for the main guild was Level 85. Then, there were interviews with all the different leaders. If they broke the rules just because they wanted to, then there was a chance anger and gossip would spread in the guild about XiaoYu. It’d be hard for XiaoYu to have a calm time in there. HereticKing wanted to XiaoYu’s prowess to be acknowledged by everyone and not just the few higher-ups. He believed that XiaoYu’s character would make him liked by all.

“When do you play? We start group training 12 pm every Sunday. It’s best that you can join us,” asked Egg_Tart.

“I’m free every day. I only need to go to sleep right before 11 pm,” XiaoYu replied.

“Then there’ll be no problems. From this Sunday onwards, you’ll start training with one of the parties. I’ll introduce you then.”

“Thank you, Mr Egg.” Egg_Tart’s face twitched at the name XiaoYu decided to call him.

“Pfft. Leader Eggy,” Poor_Man blurted.

“You. PvP Arena with me later.” Egg_Tart pointed his staff, topped with a red gem, at I_Am_A_Poor_Man. Frankly, the two had fought each other countless times over the “Eggy” nickname. However, Egg_Tart had never been able to fry Poor_Man to death. (He’s a lightning wizard.) And so, I_Am_A_Poor_Man held no fear and would happily call out “Eggy” every time they met up.

“Chief, do you need to train today?” After throwing another glare at Poor_Man, Egg_Tart turned to HereticKing.

“No,” HereticKing replied.

“Then, could you lend me this guy?” This guy meaning I_Am_A_Poor_Man.


“Chief, you can’t abandon me. I don’t want to be chased around by lightning!” Although Poor_Man knew Eggy couldn’t kill him with his lightning, the sight of lightning bolts striking down at him was still scary. A single mistake and his clothes would be burned to a crisp.

“He’s yours.” HereticKing pulled XiaoYu out of the Acolyte Job Change room and ignored the lively fellow behind him.

“Where are we going?”

“It must’ve been tiring grinding for days straight. Let’s relax at the Holiday Island.”


Translator’s Note:

Jjwxc finally fixed the coding loophole where one could read the “unlocked” chapters of a “locked” novel. Good for them, bad for us. That means if there were any extras, amendments or author notes which are usually not copied over by pirates, there’s no way to read them anymore. The main issue seems to be the words, or words related to, “chrysanthemum”, “bullying”, “killing”, homosexual/phobic jokes like raping the other in the butt, and many more that I couldn’t decipher. The bots went through it in waves. Unless someone has the full and comprehensive list of keywords they’re scanning for, we’ll never know why a PG-rated web-novel, with all the homosexual/phobic jokes a typical shounen/shoujo would have, is now under fire. If it’s about the sexuality, then hurray for…less homophobic jokes? Because the word “rape” is still okay by the censors (for now).

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I’m glad our kitten has joined the guild, & not in an overt way so he can continue to enjoy himself at his own rhythm. + if he climbs to the top by fairer means (he is still friend with the bosses after all), it will make acceptance easier later on.
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