GC: Chapter 36

36. Heartache

In her heart, Ma insulted and jeered at Feng Qun over and over. She thoroughly trusted JingYuan anyway, so she left her youngest son in his arms. JingYuan strode out the door and she quickly followed suit in her high heels.

Bai FuRen and his two other children made their excuses to the old Mr Yan and Yan Cheng, and followed the departing trio.

Once the Bai family was gone from the hall, old Mr Yan’s expression darkened even further. He stared at his foolish son.

“What are you standing around for? Are you waiting for that Feng brat to cause even more trouble?” he exclaimed in fury.

“Pardon me, sir. I have some urgent business waiting for me at home. I’ll be leaving first. I will be back another day to make up for this,” said Feng DeCheng in a panicked tone as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Then, he rushed away without a single look Feng Qun who he was leaving behind. The crowd dispersed and pretended as if nothing happened. The hall was as tranquil as ever.

“What a cruel man DeCheng is. He abandoned his son just like that,” Yan Cheng said.

“It takes a bold man to sacrifice a castle to protect his queen. If someone like that ever rises to power, he would be a terrifying man. Be careful of that man,” the old Mr Yan replied.

“Don’t worry, Father. I will never let him have the chance to,” Yan Cheng said with squinted eyes.

“If you still have to dilly-dally chatting here, does that mean you want that Feng Qun to hang around until New Year’s?” The old Mr Yan’s brows furrowed, exploding in fury once more.

“Don’t be angry. I’ll get someone to throw him out right now.” Yan Cheng hurriedly put on a grovelling smile.

A laugh nearly broke out of Mr Yan through the sheer ridiculous performance. He tried hard to keep a straight face and looked away. Yan Cheng chuckled and ordered some men to throw out Feng Qun with his poisonous glares.

Chen TianYang watched as Feng Qun was kicked out. A gleam flashed through his eyes. Bai YiHan was the apple of XueQing’s eye. This fool just hurt him, making XueQing angry. So angry that she grabbed hard at that fool’s neck. Did her fingernails hurt? It was absolutely unforgiveable.

Hmph. He’d never even been strangled by XueQing! Unforgiveable!

He picked up the handkerchief XueQing casually threw away. He folded it into a neat little square and carefully slipped it into his pocket. Then, he slowly walked off.


In the car, JingYuan worriedly asked, “HanHan, shall we go to the hospital?”

YiHan’s mind was all jumbled up. The past and the present memories were all melded together. He was thrown back to just before his death. Upon hearing the word ‘hospital’, he reflexively and fervently shook his head.

“I don’t want to! I won’t go to the hospital! I don’t want others to look at me! Don’t let them see me! Please! I beg you!” he cried.

JingYuan’s heart felt as if it was going to shatter from the heartache. He tilted YiHan’s head until YiHan’s forehead touched his cheeks.

“We won’t go to the hospital. No hospital. There, there. It’s all fine now. No one will discover where you are,” JingYuan said soothingly.

He held YiHan tight in his arms. His face dark and gloomy. Hate filled and dripped from his heart. Once he was done comforting his HanHan, he will make that Feng Qun suffer so badly he wished he could die!

XueQing was seating in the front passenger seat. Her head kept turning around to look at YiHan. Her face was very upset too. Her expensive crystal-encrusted nails were on the brink of snapping from the force she was exerting on them. The treasure of their entire family was actually frightened into hysteria right within their sight. What right did she have to call herself a bro-con now?

Upon arrival at the Bai family mansion, JingYuan carried YiHan out the car and up to YiHan’s room. He was about to put YiHan down on the bed, but YiHan’s hand clung on tight to his sleeve. If YiHan wasn’t willing to let him leave, how could he bear to let YiHan go? He could only sit on the bed with this big baby in his arms.

Ma was pacing in circles in worry. “What do we do now?” she repeatedly said.

FuRen held her tight by the shoulders. “Don’t panic. Doctor Chen will be here soon,” he said.

“Didn’t you call him on the way back? Why isn’t he here yet?” Ma asked.

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8 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 36

  1. I know that Feng That has not done anything yet…. But what he did was negligible enough to make him suffer now.
    And I know that HanHan didn’t make things easier by venting his anger on him, but let’s honestly admit that this guy never had a good heart.
    So I wanna see him suffer.

    Thank you very much!! 😘😘

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  2. La hermana tiene a un gran acosador que la mira, pero no se dá cuenta.
    Ahora, la furia de la hermana es por qué su hermano ha sido intimidado, por qué su prometido está consolandolo o por ambas cosas ¿?


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