LC: Chapter 37

37. Chests Will Also Have Nice Things

To be fair, the game wasn’t just fooling around with CopperPlate. According to the game notifications that came later, that was a stack of items: 10 Frightening Chests.

Frightening Chest: Account-bound. Throw it out during battle at the enemies and they will be frozen with fear for 10 seconds. Agility -5 for 30 seconds. Cooldown time – 10 minutes.

When going against highly skilled players, even a second of hesitation could mean life or death. Within ten seconds, that player could be dead several times over. So, this was quite a nice item. If nothing else, it can be used when escaping a life-threatening situation.

“Okay, okay. It’s all right now. Who’ll go next?” As soon as I_Am_A_Poor_Man saw the tiny cat hopping around again, he was eager to see what would be revealed next. As expected, the game had the same tastes in pranks as he did.

“I’ll go,” Ice_For_Miles said. Everyone looked over to where the voice came from before discreetly and unanimously shifting far away from him. Who knew what kind of ridiculous items would be revealed next?

With steady hands, Ice_For_Miles took out his chest and opened it.

Nothing jumped out of the box this time. It was only when Ice_For_Miles held up the item that they saw it was a megaphone. According to the game notifications, it was a stack of items too: 10 Voice-Changing Megaphones.

Voice-Changing Megaphone: Account-bound. Use it to imitate an enemy’s voice and they’ll be charmed for 5 seconds. Critical rate decreased by 10% for 30 seconds. (Can only be used once per enemy.)

“Pffft…” The game did not disappoint. At the thought of Ice_For_Miles using that megaphone to change his voice, I_Am_A_Poor_Man clapped his hand over his mouth in an attempt to hold his laughter in.

Ice_For_Miles looked at the crowd trying hard to not laugh. Still, he put the item in his inventory with calm hands and said, “Next.”

Chrysanthemum was rewarded with a mysterious cucumber. It was very mysterious indeed because nothing was written in its description. The crowd thought and guessed it might be a quest item, but then Chrysanthemum started cackling and muttered, “Cucumber fits a chrysanthemum. Good. Good.” The party’s minds then prayed and hoped it was not an important quest at all. They don’t want to be a participant in that. =_=

NonMeta got three microphones. Using them will create a shrill shriek. Everyone in the area (except for those who’d blocked their ears beforehand) would be confused for 20 seconds. However, everyone in the room suspected it would never be used by NonMeta.

Below_The_Moon got something more normal – an Apothecary’s recipe. But upon reading what the recipe was for – Sleeping Potion – his mouth twitched. He forced himself to learn it either way.

Poor_Man was rewarded with a recipe as well, but this time it’s a cooking recipe – the Imperial Manchu Feast. After looking at the amount of luxurious ingredients needed, he was sure he’d never ever be so bored as to go collecting them.

“Chief, let’s get a poison recipe.” With two recipes out already, it was a sign. Poor_Man stared at the chest in HereticKing’s hands with starry eyes. It’d be great if it contained an XXX recipe. The kind that will kill anyone who even touches it.

“Mrrow!” The tiny cat was still playing in HereticKing’s arms. When it saw him take out the mean chest that scared it before, its claws scraped on it in rage.

Three large scratches were etched into the chest. As if it was alive, the chest shivered and sprung open with a clack.

(⊙o⊙). That can happen too?

A shimmering golden glow came from within the chest. It was the small cat’s favourite colour. Thus, its rage towards that dratted box reduced. It clambered on it, hoping to see with its wide eyes just what was glowing. In the end, it accidentally slipped and fell into the chest.

When HereticKing plucked the kitten from the box, they found a gold coin in its mouth.

“No way. It’s just a gold coin?” I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s beautiful dreams were crushed.

“Why’s there a cloth band on the coin? It’s not some crest or seal, is it?”

“It’s a gold coin.” HereticKing had heard the game’s notification. He shared the item’s description with the party.

Lucky Gold Coin: Businessmen’s favourite shiny gold coin. Every purchase by the owner from NPC shops will have a 20% discount. Every item sold to NPC shops will have a 20% increase in price. Pet accessory. Account-bound once equipped. (When equipping, the Intimacy level must be 100. When Intimacy is less than 100, it will automatically be unequipped and placed in the owner’s Inventory.)

Silence reigned.

“Are the RNG gods sleeping? They actually gave out something this valuable?” Buy low, sell high. So many players have tried bargaining with NPCs, and they’ve all been mercilessly rejected.

“But the conditions are quite strict. Who could be sure their Intimacy would be 100 at all times?”

That was true. Be it a bought pet or a captured pet, its Intimacy levels mostly never exceeded 20 at the start. It was only through feeding and care that it slowly rose. The pet getting hungry, dying, being sold off, or being kept in the Pet Space (except for when it had to return to the Pet Space due to the owner going offline. That didn’t count as it would automatically pop back out when the player logged on.) …actions like these were all deemed to be uncaring actions. It’d cause the Intimacy levels to drop depending on several factors. As with almost everything, it’s easy to lose Intimacy but so very hard to raise it back up again. However, since the players only know that when Intimacy reached -100 the pet would run away, no one knew what other use this stat had. Hence, no one would really maintain high Intimacy levels with their pet out of the blue.

“XiaoYu, here. For you.” HereticKing took out the Lucky Gold Coin in his inventory and stuffed it into XiaoYu’s hands. Along the way, he returned a certain greedy cat who’d been hanging off him for way too long back to its true owner.

“But…” This came out of HereticKing’s chest. How could he just give it to XiaoYu just like that?

“I don’t have any pets,” came HereticKing’s reply.

“…” XiaoYu was still thinking on what to say when a finger pressed over his lips.

“Shh. If you feel guilty, then if I ever need to buy anything in the future, I’ll come looking for you. Okay?” As if mesmerised the sight of HereticKing’s gentle eyes, XiaoYu nodded.

Time seemed to have stopped. Everything was silent.

“Ahem.” I_Am_A_Poor_Man’s cough awakened the group up. As expected, people who are too handsome can’t be so gentle either. Otherwise, who could escape that alluring draw. They touched their gently burning cheeks. They had nearly drowned in that gentle ocean.

Meanwhile, Poor_Man and Below_The_Moon unanimously turned their faces away with tears streaming down their cheeks. They had been with Chief for so many years, but they’ve never known he could be that gentle and kind. That voice, that expression…they were all so darned sexy. No wonder people kept falling for him and prostrating themselves before his suit pants. If Chief treated them like that every day, they’d do the same too.

“Lucky, can your cat equip it?” CopperPlate who had snapped back to reality tried his best to shift everyone’s attention away. His heart actually pounded and leaped around like a fawn frolicking. It’s so humiliating that everyone, especially NonMeta, saw just how lovestruck he could be.

“…Yes. Its Intimacy has always been 100,” XiaoYu hurriedly replied. He said it in a serious tone, but his flushing cheeks and ears betrayed their tiny owner’s pretence. XiaoYu didn’t know why his heart skipped either, but he didn’t hate that gentleness in HereticKing. It recalled the warmth he felt from his departed family.

“Quick. Put it on.”

XiaoYu equipped the Lucky Gold Coin on the tiny cat. The ribbon on the gold coin shrank and adjusted itself to suit the small cat’s neck. Shiny gold coin on dark, black fur. It’s a different but nice kind of aesthetic.

“Meow~” I’ve got a gold coin to wear now. So happy.

“Tch. It’s asking for a beating. It’s like it’s terrified the whole world doesn’t know it’s a greedy cat.”

“Why don’t we just change its name to GreedyCat instead?”


Finally, XiaoYu opened up his own chest. 10 potions shimmering with a menacing and colourful glow.

Lucky Potion: Account-bound. Extra, extra bitter potion. Once used, it increases drop rate by 5% for 3 hours. Cooldown time: 48 hours. (P.S. It’s really, really bitter.)

This game and RNG are so freaking perverted.

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  1. Ahhh, so nice! (just like the title promises) Sweet, hilarious (mysterious cucumber, what the heck are you?!) and heart-warming ❤
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  2. What a perfect gift to TinyGree… Lucky cat! And something extra bitter for the big cat to balance out all the extra sweet from a certain someone, ahaha.

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  3. When Chrysanthemum response to getting a cucumber… I’m dead hahaha

    Both big and small lucky cats got lucky items~

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