GC: Chapter 30

30. The Past

In order to pay back their bank debts, they had to sell off their mansion and all other family assets. The whole family moved into an ordinary apartment. One of the richest men became an average joe. The friends who once called themselves his bro left instantly. Feng Qun took off his disguised and revealed his true self. He stole all of YiHan’s tiny company’s money. Only then did YiHan know it was all a well-crafted set up and Feng Qun was the mastermind behind the Bai family downfall.

In rage and regret, YiHan had charged at Feng Qun in search of justice. All he ended up with were humiliation and laughter. He was even beaten up. He spiralled down into despair. He didn’t dare conceal the truth anymore. He confessed to his family what he’d done. They didn’t say anything, but he could tell they were disappointed in him.

After the Bai family’s fall, YiHan focused on trying to do something to right the wrongs he’d done. He tried his best to think up of ways to earn some cash so his brother could rise from the ashes. He didn’t dare spend a single cent more than he needed to. He saved up the meagre allowance his family gave and looked for work everywhere he could. However, he was a rich kid who wasn’t very active. He was a sickly child. His family was very lenient on him. He never even listened properly during classes. There was no way he could find a proper job. In the end, he only got a job as a pianist at a cafe he once frequented because he once learned piano on a whim. When Feng Qun knew of it, he would bring his friends and humiliate him nearly every single day. After everything, Bai YiHan was no longer that proud rich kid anymore. He learned to bite his tongue and bear with the shameful attitudes just so he could earn some money.

But Feng Qun wasn’t willing to let YiHan go just like that. Together with the bastards that were his friends, they drugged him and dragged him back into a hotel Feng Qun’s family owned. Then, they hired men to gang rape him. They took countless photos and videos of that incident, and spread them far and wide. YiHan’s reputation shattered.

When he finally woke up sober and realised what had happened, he almost broke down. Through all that pain, he only wished to be comforted by his family. But when he stumbled back into his home, all he saw were a floor full of indescribable photos and his family’s disappointed gaze. Due to the drug, no one could tell he was being raped in the photos. His family felt so very let down. He’d hidden the fact he was working from his family. They thought he was always gone from home because he was out playing. They were already disappointed enough by his carefree and ungrateful attitude. After looking at those photos and videos, all of that just turned to rage. The health of YiHan’s grandfather, who loved him more than anything, had turned bad ever since their family’s downfall. When he saw those things, he harshly slapped YiHan in the face. He was so furious that he collapsed out of rage. The doctors tried again and again to save him, but they still failed. YiHan’s grandfather passed away and the family descended into chaos. No one could be bothered to care about YiHan then. After personally witnessing his beloved grandfather dying because of him, YiHan’s fragile mind broke.

After the funeral, YiHan was too ashamed to go back home. Among all that fear, hate and confusion, YiHan went to his and JingYuan’s “secret base” from when they were kids. It was an abandoned warehouse. He curled up in the corner of the warehouse, trying to find the safety he once felt. If no one found him, he might have died there all alone. However, Feng Qun who’d been following him this entire time found him. That trash soon found two thugs and charged into the warehouse with them.

YiHan was a spoiled rich kid. He was still hurt and his body was still weak due to the incident a few days ago and his mental breakdown. He was no match for three big men. He was quickly overtaken and held down. His right leg was broken. They shattered his left hand and raped him once more. Everyone said even a rabbit would bite back if it’s backed into a corner. Being raped over and over again while sober? He went crazy. He used all his strength to grab a sharp steel bar with his perfect right hand and stabbed it through the head of the person on top of him. The others were petrified by the bloody scene before them. He gathered the last of his courage and struck out at the remaining two while they were still in shock. The other thug fell down dead. Feng Qun was frightened to death by him and scrambled to escape. But YiHan soon took him down and dragged him to the other two’s fate.

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  1. ….Feng Qun, scrum much?


    Also that his family doesn’t even notice that he’s not okay.

    But thanks for the chapter Shibb!

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    1. I even can’t say anything omg!

      His past life really terrible. No wonder he becomes like that. How can he still smiling in this life with that kind of past life 😭😭😭😭

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  2. Ha, at least he killed that human garbage Feng Qun in his previous life….
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  4. I’m stop reading this from now on i can’t handle the angst… so many misunderstandings reading this makes me feel sad i thought this story would be happy story

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