GC: Chapter 8

8. Cannot be Forced

Bai YiHan, who was completely clueless about the stalkers behind him, leisurely walked along the street. Fed and watered, he watched as people of every kind walked by him.

Be they carefree and bored or bustling about in a hurry, every one of them had their own goals and lifestyles. And he? He seemed to be just a drop of water lost in this great ocean, tiny and unremarkable.

As he looked around and pondered, his mind began to slowly calm down. Whatever, one must always be flexible and adapt. Force never succeeds. He had already made up his mind to be a good, obedient and sensible child this time around, let his family and Mu JingYuan who had loved and protected him since he was a child attain happiness. These would be his life’s goals and the meaning to his rebirth. The gods gave him a second chance. He must pay back for all his crimes.

As for earning money, he’ll just go with the flow. He was reborn. His brain didn’t get changed out. Forcefully demanding things to go his way would only make things turn sour from sheer stupidity. In his last life, the Bai family’s downfall was all because of him. As long as he was good and not cause any trouble, the family won’t go down. Naturally, his family won’t suffer then.

As for Mu JingYuan, doesn’t he belong to Sister? If he doesn’t butt in and cause a ruckus, then JingYuan and Big Sis can smoothly marry each other. They’d be very happy then, right? They’ll give birth to a cute child who’d call him Uncle. Wasn’t that enough? YiHan just needed to quietly and calmly be the Little Master of the Bai family, play by his parents’ and grandfather’s side and occasionally play the fool to make them laugh. He’d try his best not to let his family be disappointed in him again. That’s all.

Everything he’s got now was given by the gods. His grandfather’s still healthy. He and his sister had not drifted apart yet. His family still loved him. Mu JingYuan…also whole-heartedly treated him as a younger brother. It’s really enough. These were all things he had never dared to dream of before his death. What more could he ask for?

Once his mind was set, his mind was finally not as gloomy as before and his footsteps became lighter and faster. He walked to the designated junction. Lil Zheng, the driver, was not there yet but he wasn’t annoyed in the least. His explosive temper had been tamed by the countless humiliations he had gone through in his last life. Upon noticing the person and car he was supposed to meet with weren’t present, he calmly waited on the spot.

Bodyguards A, B and C ground their teeth in secret. “Does this Zheng Xin not want his job anymore? He actually dares to make Little Master wait in the sun? It’s been so long. What lunch is he having? Why’s he not back yet? Is it the kind that needs to be grown on the spot?”

Over 10 minutes of waiting later, Lil Zheng finally appeared with the car. When he saw Bai YiHan standing by the road, his heart stopped. “I’m done for,” he thought.

He could see this job with extremely high and enviable salary sprout wings and fly off. He’d actually finished his lunch and arrived a long time ago. After waiting for a while with no one to be seen, he remembered his nephew’s birthday was in a few days. Since this precious baby would be shopping until who knows when, no one would know it if he snuck off for a while. Hence, he decided to drive off in search of a present for his little nephew. He didn’t dare to take long. In total, he spent approximately 20 minutes. But who could’ve known that that the other would get there just as he left?

As his thoughts went on down this path, he even started griping about YiHan. This second-generation rich kid who only dances through life, he couldn’t have come earlier or later. No, he had to arrive just as Lil Zheng snuck away. Did he think everyone was as carefree as he was? He can’t do anything, yet he always acts as if he’s the boss of the world after the sky and the earth. And yet the Bai family treats him like a precious treasure. Lil Zheng really didn’t know what was it about YiHan that’s worth being loved for, other than being attractive. If YiHan wasn’t born in the Bai family, he’d just be a beggar that no one would be willing to donate money to. Ah, no. With those looks, he’d be sold as some boy toy.

His mind tumbled through all sorts of complaints, yet a modest smile was hung on his face. He continuously apologised, “Little Master, I am so sorry for being late. Did you wait for long?”

Translator’s Note:

Precious baby: The actual words meant “little ancestor”. Because it’s not a very common slang, it’ll sometimes be swapped around with different slang that mean the same thing. For those who don’t quite get it, it’s slang for someone who is treated as if they’re precious – must be respected at all costs. Comes from how one should treat one’s elders/ancestors. But little because this is a young person and not some old dude.


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  1. Lol, the title of ‘little ancestor’ reminded me of a certain someone from a xianxia novel I just read :”D

    Thanks for the chapter! 🍀


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