GC: Chapter 7

7. This Young Master Must be Fake!

Bai YiHan blindly walked around with his head whirling through countless different things. From what his past life had taught him, his original mentality of being able to live a life without worry as long as the Bai family was behind him was naive to the extreme. A skyscraper’s fall takes but a mere second. One must be in control of something in their life. His ideal lifestyle might be as a happy idle loafer but in life, if there are no far-off worries trouble must be just around the corner. For the long-term, it’s best that he had some type of work or business. While this thinking may be jinxing himself and bring bad luck, if something actually happened to the Bai family, YiHan wouldn’t be completely at a loss and watch his family go bankrupt in an instant. If he had some investment which can help them and at least ensure the whole family can survive well, even though it might not fully help, it’d be better than nothing.

But what should he do? The initial capital’s not an issue. However, his past life had also taught him that he was not businessman material. Going into the industry was like going to war. Someone like him, even with money, would only be twisted around and schemed against until he was completely down.

Find a job? After the Bai family went bankrupt, he once pushed and strained hard to find a job to atone for his mistakes. Even so, he’d hit a wall everywhere. His entire student life was spent socialising and fooling around. His grades were low and unsteady. As a whole, it didn’t look good at all. No one would hire him, not even as a mere office admin member. Since he knew what would happen, there’s no need to go through it again.

YiHan had walked through all the shops by now but nothing seemed to suit him. What should he do? He squatted on the side of the road and scratched his head in frustration. His brain had not become smarter through reincarnation. Whatever he couldn’t do before, he couldn’t do now either. In the midst of all this frustration, his stomach growled loudly. His mind was in a mess that morning so he’d only eaten a bowl of congee. It’d been some time now and he was feeling hungry again.

Dejectedly, he walked into a small restaurant, ordered a bowl of beef noodles and wiped the slightly oily table down with a paper napkin. With his frowning face resting on one fist, he continued wrecking his brain for ideas as he waited for his noodles.

Noon was lunch time so voices rose and dipped inside the restaurant. They mixed and mashed as if it was a market instead of a restaurant. Still, YiHan was not affected in the least. He continued pondering about his own issues. Once his noodles arrived, he split open a pair of disposable chopsticks found in the chopstick holder on the table, poured some vinegar into the noodles then stirred it in, and began eating.

Bodyguards A, B and C who’d been sneakily following YiHan and had watched it all happen: “…”

They silently picked up the jaws they’d dropped in shock and wondered. Could Little Master Bai have been switched out by someone else? In the past, let’s not even mention bringing this precious ancestor-esque being to eat in a place like this, letting him glance at such a place from afar would cause him to throw a tantrum. To expect him to enter such an environment? Dream on! The table’s oily yet you expect him to sit down? Blasphemy! Disposable chopsticks? What are those? How would this precious being know? He’d only ever used ivory chopsticks which had been completely disinfected! And look at that dirty bottle of vinegar. How could the Little Master Bai touch that? But from his face, he’s…enjoying the food?

This Young Master must be fake! Appraisal complete!

Actually, YiHan only walked into this tiny restaurant out of sheer habit. His brain can only comprehend so much and he’d just been reborn. He had yet to be re-accustomed to a lot of things. He was also thinking hard just now so he’d naturally just went with his usual habit of eating at a cheap place.

It’s only after he’d finished his food that he’d realised it. Ah, the Bai Group was still standing healthily. He could totally eat something better, but whatever. The street food he once looked down on actually tasted quite delicious once he got used to it. As for the money? Well, every cent counts. With that in mind, he patted his belly and walked out in satisfaction. He continued wandering around aimlessly, to help digestion. He’d finished every bit of that bowl of noodle because of the “waste not, want not” habit he’d nurtured in his past life. As such, he’s a little stuffed.

The stalking bodyguards A, B and C: “…” This Young Master must be fake!

Translator’s Note:

Bodyguards A, B and C: Remember the bodyguards Ma asked to follow YiHan? These are them. Bit of untranslated wordplay can be found here. The characters used for sneaking/stalking/secretly doing something are 暗中, which can also be read as being in the dark (literal translation). So, intentionally or not, the author’s saying the bodyguards are both following behind in the dark (like ninjas and secret spies do) and being in the dark as to what YiHan’s motives are (again). It’s not that funny or important but it is something that didn’t make it into the translation.


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    It’s nice to see, that he isn’t that little princess anymore. Well, people will be confused af but.. ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

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