GC: Chapter 193

193. Yan Miao’s Arrival

JingYuan held YiHan by the hand and said to Qi MingYang, “Someone is waiting for us out there. Pardon us, Mr Qi.”

“Please, Mr Mu, Little Master Bai,” replied Qi MingYang.

Once back in the main hall, JingYuan grabbed a plate of fruits from the buffet table and led YiHan to a little couch tucked away in a corner.

“Did Qi MingYang bump into you by chance or was it intentional?” JingYuan asked as he fed a piece of honeydew to YiHan.

YiHan first munched on the fruit offered and swallowed it before responding, “He came looking for me. He said he wanted to be my friend.”

“He’s plotting something involving you,” JingYuan said through gritted teeth.

YiHan nearly spat out the piece of fruit in his mouth. “Really, you,” YiHan laughed as he patted JingYuan on the shoulder. “Do you think I’m made of cake? Stop thinking about such nonsense. You’re making me blush.”

“My instincts are never wrong,” JingYuan huffed in anger upon realizing YiHan wasn’t worried at all. “They’ve helped me avoid danger countless times! Qi MingYang is definitely plotting something. He’s getting close to you for no reason.”

When YiHan saw JingYuan was upset, he started pacifying his lover, “Alright. I know he’s plotting something, but he’s known for being spiteful and he was polite the entire time. I can’t scold him for having a smile, right? Furthermore, we are only guessing that he’s plotting something. It’s not worth it to offend someone so narrow-hearted.”

“Avoid being with him alone in the future,” JingYuan said. “Not only is he a spiteful man, but he’s also crazy. Don’t let yourself suffer.”

YiHan picked up a strawberry from the plate as he replied, “I know. Frankly, I haven’t been all that polite when I talk to him. I wonder if he bears a grudge against me now. I don’t want to add another name to my list of enemies for no good reason. Just look at Chu FangMing. That man has been driven near insane and he didn’t even personally offend Qi MingYang.”

“Some enemies can’t be avoided,” JingYuan said. “I’ll walk around them but they simply insist on targeting me. Qi MingYang isn’t a generous man. He’s incredibly tolerant when it comes to you. He must be plotting something.”

“I was able to avoid spitting out the honeydew just now but you nearly made me spit out my strawberry too,” YiHan said. He couldn’t decide if he should be laughing or crying. “Can’t you let me eat in peace?”

“Okay,” JingYuan hurriedly said as he patted his lover on the back. “Focus on your food.”

As JingYuan watched YiHan’s cheeks bulge up and down, munching through the plate of fruits, JingYuan’s gaze darkened as he began sinking deep into thought.

YiHan gulped down his food and laughed, “Why so serious? Come now. Everyone says a cooked duck can’t fly. I’m the duck you’ve already eaten. What’s there to worry about? Okay, open up.”

JingYuan’s mouth enveloped the apple slice offered as he reached out to ruffle YiHan’s hair.

“We’re in public,” YiHan said as he stopped JingYuan. “Behave.”

“We’re in a quiet spot,” JingYuan said as his hand turned to hold YiHan’s. “No one would be here anytime soon. They wouldn’t see anything. Do you want anything else?”

“I’m done,” YiHan said, shaking his head. “It’s nice to only have a few slices of fruit.” He looked around. “Aren’t the people over there looking for you?”

JingYuan glanced in the direction YiHan was looking. “Ignore them. Focus on your food.”

“Why don’t you go take a look?” suggested YiHan. “I’ll take a breather here. I’ve been on my feet for the whole evening.”

“There’s no need,” said JingYuan. “I’m not invisible. They’ll come if it’s necessary.”

“As long as you’re aware of your actions,” YiHan said, nodding. “Does Yan Miao not plan on coming at all? The party will be over soon. It’d be quite nice if she doesn’t come anyway. Everything would be so peaceful. We wouldn’t have to deal with emergencies.”

“She should be here soon,” JingYuan replied as he looked at the time.

Just as JingYuan said so, the couple could hear people loudly whispering near the front doors. YiHan craned his neck to identify the source of the commotion.

“Not bad,” said YiHan as he gave his lover a thumbs up. “Your prediction’s so accurate that you can set up a stall by the road.”

JingYuan chuckled. YiHan stood up and said, “Come, we must back YouRan up. We can’t let him be bullied around. He doesn’t have much experience in arguing with other people.”

JingYuan got to his feet. “At the very least, he’s no match for Yan Miao,” he agreed as he straightened YiHan’s shirt collar.

YiHan nodded. The two men then walked towards YouRan.

Dressed in a champagne-coloured, strapless gown, Yan Maio stood tall and proud like a queen who was patrolling her lands. The moment she stepped through the doors, she became the centre of attention. With her arm linked in He Yuan’s, she responded to every greeting given with an elegant nod.

“Dad,” she said with a smile as she stopped before the old Mr Yan.

“Mn,” the old Mr Yan responded. “Traffic?”

Yan Miao froze. “Yan’s engagement party is a major event for the Yan family,” she said rather unhappily. “Naturally, I have to be more prepared.”

Kong Wen, Yan Cheng’s wife, snorted in laughter but kept quiet.

Yan Miao had never experienced being slighted by her sister-in-law before. After all, she was the daughter of the Yan family. Kong Wen was only an outsider. How could that woman be compared to her? From the moment Kong Wen married into the family until now, Yan Miao had yet to come out of their interactions as the loser. Of course, Yan Miao wouldn’t be willing to act as if she heard nothing.

“What are you laughing at?” Yan Miao asked as she tilted her chin upwards.

“Nothing much,” Kong Wen calmly replied. “I merely think you look exceedingly pretty today.” From beside her, Yan Cheng soothingly patted his wife on the waist.

Yan Miao was about to speak when the old Mr Yan interrupted her, “Alright. Miao-Miao hasn’t met YouRan yet. Cheng, go call the couple over so they can greet their aunt.”

Yan Cheng responded in affirmation and walked towards Yan and YouRan.

Yan Miao shot a glance at Kong Wen before walking forward to link her arm in the old Mr Yan’s. “Dad, how have you been doing lately? I’ve missed you so much.”

Kong Wen looked away and said nothing.

No matter what happened, the old Mr Yan still cared for his daughter. He responded to Miao’s question with a pat on her hand.

It was only then did He Yuan walked forward. “Dad,” he greeted with a grin.

The old Mr Yan briefly glanced at the man and grunted in response.

The younger man was used to such treatment. He didn’t find it awkward at all. He then retreated to stand by his wife.

Yan Miao’s heart ached for her husband. She knew her father very much disliked her husband. Her father only allowed them to be married because she was too stubborn. It was way too hard to make her elderly father smile at her husband. Miao chewed on her lip in thought. Still, she didn’t have the courage to speak up.

Even so, her heart burned with rage. He Yuan was the head of the He family. He had looks. He had power. In the city, his social rank was only below the members of the Great Five. But her father just didn’t like him. The two had been married for years. Not once did the old Mr Yan smiled at He Yuan. However, when it came to her brother’s two sons constantly airing dirty laundry by getting married to men, her father didn’t get angry at all. Not only did the old Mr Yan accepted that guy named Zhang Su, but the old Mr Yan even praised Yan’s male bride. What right did they have? Was it because she was the old Mr Yan’s daughter? She has been married off for years now and she has been missing from this house since then. Was that why her father favoured his grandsons over her?

Yes, everyone says one was always closer to those with a generation gap between them. The elderly would forever love their grandchildren more. She had always been superior to her nephews and niece when they were younger, and she was absolutely more powerful and better. Even so, she had been married off for years. Now, she most likely couldn’t compare to her nephews and niece who’d been by her father’s side this whole time.

Dad, it’s just an engagement and the other person is…” Her mumble drifted off into silence as she bit down on her lip. “Why do we need to put in so much effort? Even I was humiliated. People keep asking me about them and I feel so embarrassed that I can’t even answer the questions. They’ve all grown up rotten, deciding to bring home a male bride. Have they ever thought about the Yan family’s dignity?”

“I remember telling you this,” the old Mr Yan said with squinted eyes, “These kids have clean and proper relationships. They’re formally registered as married couples and have formed their own families. What’s so humiliating about that?

“Hui had grown more mature after his marriage. Zhang Su is also a good kid. Those two are having a wonderful life. Yan’s the same too. While YouRan doesn’t like to talk, there’s not a single flaw in him I could pick on. He’s also loyal to Yan. He’s a good kid who focuses on life and doesn’t cause trouble. What could be so embarrassing when you have to talk about him? You’re still young. Why are you so much more conservative and stubborn than I am?”

Miao had just been admonished by her father before Kong Wen. That woman’s face showed nothing but Miao could still feel her face burning. She could feel the agitation and anger rushing in her veins. It was Yan Hui and the others who refused to follow the proper path. Why was she the conservative and stubborn one here? Her father has been taken in by her two shameful nephews!

Miao shot a harsh glare at Kong Wen. She just knew this woman wasn’t as gentle and kind as she appeared. Kong Wen was the best at being two-faced. On the surface, the woman gave in to her in everything. However, behind everyone’s back, she taught her two sons to work together and target their aunt! Her influence reached even Yan Pei. It’s why none of the younger generation cared for her! And now, her father – the man who loved her the most – has fallen to them!

Naturally, the old Mr Yan saw the glare. He was quite upset and dissatisfied about it. Ever since Kong Wen married his son, the woman had done her best in everything. There wasn’t a single thing in their home that was out of place. Kong Wen was respectful and caring to him and had always held back when it came to his daughter. She didn’t oppose her husband’s decision to stay behind and take care of an old man. On the contrary, the woman was in favour of Yan Cheng’s actions. All these years, she treated him as well as his blood-related son did. Kong Wen may look soft and weak but she was a strong woman on the inside. She’d taught her two sons well. There wasn’t a single fault the old Mr Yan could name. Every heart was made of flesh. It had been decades. The old Mr Yan had long since thought of her as his own daughter. He’d also spoken to his own daughter in private multiple times; Miao should be more respectful to her sister-in-law. It seemed like the girl never took his words to heart. Minutes have passed since Miao’s arrival and she had yet to properly greet her sister-in-law. He’d grown more and more disappointed in Miao.

A few moments later, a server walked up to them with a tray occupied by a single cup. Kong Wen took it and turned to the old Mr Yan.

“Father, you’re usually eating around this time but there’s nothing here that suits your tastes,” said Kong Wen. “So, I had the servants heat up a glass of milk. Drink it. I’ll have some better food cooked for you after the party’s over.”

“I’m not a kid anymore. Milk at my age?” the old Mr Yan protested. “I’ve also just eaten.”

“Age isn’t a factor when it comes to who can drink milk. Why can’t you have some?” said Kong Wen. “It’s good that you had food just now. If you haven’t had any food, I wouldn’t have dared to give you a warm glass of milk. Come, drink up while it’s hot.” She paused and leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “I’ve asked them to add in some sugar. Don’t tell Ah-Cheng.”

Translator’s Notes:

Plotting something: The author made a typo here so you might get something weird through MTL.

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  1. Whoa. Putting all the drama from Yan Miao aside, major props to Kong Wen for knowing how to handle/care for obstinate old people. Ai, they never want to admit the slightest bit that they need care because they don’t like thinking about their age, so they never want to hear a word of doing something they consider ‘useless’. 😅

    Thank you for the hard work~! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


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