GC: Chapter 177

177. Get Out of My World

[Yan Yan: Is there a problem? This place is nice. I like the scenery and atmosphere here. I don’t plan on moving away.]

[Pei the Third: It’s your choice. If you like it there then stay there. It’s better that way. I’ll have more chances to visit Nan Shan!]

[Mu-Mu’s HanHan:  The important matter at hand is to deal with He Yuan and your aunt.]

[Pei the Third: True. We can’t keep this matter a secret from our aunt. We didn’t mention it before because we wanted to protect Nan Shan. Now that he’s under our protection, our aunt can’t be fooled by that trash.]

[Yan Yan: I’m afraid our aunt might not be understanding. We can let her know He Yuan is a gay man and she’s being used as a beard, but we can’t let her know about YouRan. Otherwise, with how she is, she might just kick up a fuss regardless. YouRan would be affected.]

[Mu-Mu’s HanHan: JingYuan said the old Mr Yan’s attitude is also very important. After all, he has the greatest authority in the entire family. Only he can restrain your aunt. If the worst-case scenario happened, your aunt will know of Nan Shan’s existence. If the old Mr Yan is on our side, he would be the ultimate card up our sleeves.]

[Yan Yan: Mr Mu is right.]

[Pei the Third: Yeah, I’ve already recommended Nan Shan’s books to Grandpa. He just finished reading one of them yesterday. He said the writing’s not bad.]

[Yan Yan: You did good.]

[Mu-Mu’s HanHan: If He Yuan can read the room and willingly withdraw, we’ll leave it be. If he doesn’t, we’ll privately reveal all we know to him to shut him up.]

[Pei the Third: Yes. We can’t let him think Nan Shan can be bullied around and dealt with without consequences. We must let him know just how important Nan Shan is. It’ll shock him and make him too afraid of getting close to Nan Shan.]

[Mu-Mu’s HanHan: I think Pei-Pei can turn this incident into a story and tell the old Mr Yan about it. Of course, omitting Nan Shan’s name. We can use it to test his reaction to such a situation and we can use it to give him a preconceived notion that Nan Shan is also a victim. After all, the first impression is very important.]

[Pei the Third: Smart. Leave it to me. Oh, right. YiHan, Grandpa was talking about you yesterday. He said it’s been over a month since you visited him. If you have time, go spend an afternoon with him. He likes you a lot.]

[Mu-Mu’s HanHan: Okay. I’ll visit him sometime in the next two days. Actually, I would’ve gone even if you didn’t ask me to. JingYuan brought back two really nice bags of tea leaves a few days ago. We planned on giving one to my grandfather and one to the old Mr Yan.]

[Yan Yan: YiHan, you and Mr Mu are now legally married? Congratulations.]

[Mu-Mu’s HanHan: Yes. We registered the day before yesterday. Your network is fast.]

[Pei the Third: Whoa! Congratulations!]

[Mu-Mu’s HanHan: Thank you for the well-wishes. Haha!]

[Pei the Third: Look at how happy you are. (snicker)]

[Mu-Mu’s HanHan: Of course I’m happy. JingYuan will be mine from now on!]

[Pei the Third: Such a tyrant!]

[Mu JingYuan: Even if we’re not married, I am also yours.]

[Pei the Third: (spit blood) Pfft! Are you testing out ways to torture dogs here…?]

When YiHan saw JingYuan’s message, he nearly choked on his own saliva. His face flushed red and his finger trembled as he pointed at JingYuan and stammered, “Y-Y-Y-You…”

“What is it?” JingYuan calmly asked. “Am I wrong?”

YiHan stared at the other man for a while before bursting out into a chuckle. “No, you’re right. You’re so correct but the look of you acting like this…”

“Hm?” JingYuan raised an eyebrow and asked.

“I like it!” YiHan exclaimed, slamming a hand down on the coffee table. “Come! Give me a kiss.”

JingYuan stood up. His long legs strode across the room until he was before YiHan. Dropping down to one knee, he leaned in close.

“I’m here,” said JingYuan in a voice so deep that it could cause ripples in a lake.

As for the phone which had been thrown on the couch, it kept pinging with new messages.

[Pei the Third: Huh? Where are they? Why aren’t they speaking?]

[Yan Yan: They’re likely cuddling in passion.]

[Pei the Third: Oh, right. Understandable. I’ll be struck by lightning if I disturb a couple in love. I’m off. Talk to you later.]

[Yan Yan: Mn. I’m going to go home.]

[Pei the Third: What is it? Aren’t you at the office?]

[Yan Yan: Yes, but Zhang-ge just messaged me. YouRan went back home. I don’t feel okay leaving him alone.]

[Pei the Third: Why did he suddenly decide to go home by himself?]

[Yan Yan: He said he was suddenly inspired. He needed to head home and write it down.]

[Pei the Third: Aaaah! That’s good! But can you sneak out?]

[Yan Yan: It’s fine. Big Brother is here. I’m off.]

[Pei the Third: Okay. Hurry over.]


When YouRan arrived back at home, he hastily turned on his computer and typed down the idea that just flashed into his mind. After a long session of typing, he eventually leaned back and let out a sigh of relief. This was going to be the plot of the next book.

Ever since YouRan met his fans, he truly felt he shouldn’t continue on being someone who wasn’t worth wasting time on. He should put more of his energy into his writing and use his stories to repay those who liked him. Of course, there is the man he’d made his mark on.

While YouRan didn’t know why Yan didn’t want to acknowledge what happened that night, YouRan was never one to not take responsibility. Even if it wasn’t something he did while he was sober.

Furthermore, ever since YouRan started looking at Yan from another angle, he realised there was something about the man that was very undeniably attractive. There was a special charm to each and every one of Yan’s actions. Being around Yan felt different to being around He Yuan. It wasn’t a longing for warmth nor was it a sense of urgency to hold onto the last straw. Being with Yan sometimes made his heart pound and his gut go numb. It sometimes felt like a peaceful little stream of love slowly flowing into his heart and nourishing every inch of his bones.

In all of the years YouRan has been alive, including the four years or so he’s been “with” He Yuan, YouRan has never experienced a sensation such as this. It made him feel as drawn to Yan as a moth to a flame.

YouRan knew his heart was slowly changing. He didn’t know if it meant he was heading for another disaster but YouRan was powerless to stop it. He didn’t want to stop it either because there wouldn’t be another person who could make him smile just at the thought of the man.

YouRan knew their identities were special. This would likely lead to nothing. Hence, YouRan cherished the time he could spend being close to Yan. He knew Yan wouldn’t live nearby for long. Their time living next to each other might be a short one but these memories will be the treasures of his life.

YouRan’s eyes drifted to the window as he spaced out. Why would Yan not acknowledge what happened that night? Was it because it’s impossible between them and didn’t want to make things awkward between them? Or, did Yan think it was an accident that should’ve been forgotten?

Well, it certainly was an accident. However, YouRan seemed to be trapped in it.

The sound of someone knocking on the door snapped YouRan out of his thoughts. When he walked over to open the door, his mind was still preoccupied with thoughts of Yan. The words “Yan, why are you back?” were still in his throat when a man pushed him back into the apartment.

YouRan stumbled backwards. It took him a few steps before he regained his balance. Looking up from the floor, the sight he was met with made his head buzz loud. 

“How dare you come back,” YouRan spat through gritted teeth.

He Yuan stepped closer. His face was gloomy as he shot back, “You’re mine. Why wouldn’t I dare?”

YouRan was furious but his rage was stuck in his chest. He couldn’t push it up nor down. He truly didn’t have any experience in arguing with other people. It took him a few moments of harsh panting before he could speak.

“Aren’t you ashamed to be asking that? Let me ask you. What is your name?”

“What’s my name?” He Yuan stared at YouRan. “Shouldn’t you know?”

“Yes,” said YouRan. “Everything between us was just a lie. You have a wife and two children, yet you lie to me and say you’re single. You are the head of the He family but you told me you’re just an ordinary office worker. Your name, your everything — they’re all just lies! In this world, there has never been a man named He Yao! The truth is out in the open now. How can you still come to me?”

“What?” He Yuan growled. “You think nothing of me now that you’ve sucked up to a few rich, powerful and young men? So what if I lied to you? I’ve told you. You are in my heart. Can’t we continue what we had before, living the way we had before? When we break up, I’ll even give you a huge sum of money. It’ll be enough to ensure you can live out the rest of your life in luxury! Just who are you playing the victim for?”

“I’m not a victim,” YouRan coldly said. “I was a fool to believe you. I don’t want to think about the past. I’ve been quite clear the last time you were here. We’re through! Don’t ever come to me again. You’ll be the head of the He family and I’ll just be a normal man. There’ll be no ties between us. It’d be best if we never see each other until death!”

“No ties?” He Yuan smirked. “Dream on. I’m telling you now. You have and will never be in charge when it comes to our relationship! You think you can end it just because you want to? I’m warning you. Until the day I say so, you will always be mine. You think you can kick me away just because of those kids? No way! Do you think they can protect you forever just because they can protect you now? Do you think Yan Yan, the second young master of the Yan family, would live in this slum for the rest of his life? You’d best clear up the eyes and realise just who is the one who can decide your fate!”

He Yuan then walked over to the couch and sat down. “Now that you know everything, I don’t have to waste my energy with disguises. I don’t even need to play around with this game called love. Once they’re gone, I will be here every Tuesday and Friday. You had best be prepared to welcome me then. Of course, there might be a change in circumstances and I’d need to come some other day. Just wait for my notice.”

YouRan was trembling with fury. “How can someone as shameless as you exist in this world? Stop dreaming. The mere sight of you disgusts me. No matter what happens, I, Xu YouRan, will never be someone’s ‘mistress’! Be you a normal man or the head of the He family, it has nothing to do with me! Also, in the past few years, I have never spent a single cent of yours! I don’t owe you anything! You’d best get out of my world and never let me see you again!”

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