GC: Chapter 126

126. More and More Childish

JingYuan gently bit down on YiHan’s shoulder. His hips sank lower in a light thrust and a moan escaped YiHan’s lips.

“What are you doing? Get out,” YiHan demanded, tears shimmering in the corners of his bloodshot eyes.

The older man remained silent. He merely twitched his hips. YiHan could feel the change going on within him and scrambled to crawl away, but JingYuan locked his waist in with an arm around it.

“You big pervert!” YiHan mewled in dread. “Again? I don’t want to! I want to sleep!”

JingYuan slowly thrust further in as he coaxed, “There, there, HanHan. I just want to change the focus of your attention. I don’t want you to keep thinking about unhappy thoughts.”

YiHan moaned. He shook his head and stammered out between moans, “I don’t need…don’t need you to. I’m…I’m happy. I-I want to sleep!”

JingYuan’s hips moved faster. “Just a while,” he panted. “You’ll sleep much better…”

YiHan’s forehead fell to the pillow, his breath coming out in harsh pants as he moaned and begged, “No…slow down…”

“I can’t, HanHan…”


The next morning, YiHan laid in bed as he savoured his back massage. JingYuan obediently kneaded YiHan’s slim waist. Once in a while, his hands would dip lower down that slender body.

“Enough, you,” YiHan pouted, at his wit’s end with the distracted man. “Wasn’t last night enough? Massage my waist properly!”

“It wasn’t,” JingYuan replied with a serious face.

“You darned pervert!” YiHan glowered.

“Do you want me to have enough?” JingYuan leaned down.

YiHan choked. A blush overtook his face and he roared, “Focus on the massage!”

JingYuan chuckled and changed the topic, “In less than a month, it’ll be your grandfather’s birthday. You gave the go game set to old Mr Yan, so what do you plan on giving Grandfather?”

YiHan went quiet for a moment then said, “I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll go look around the shops tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’ll go with you.”

“Don’t you need to go to work? I’m just going to buy a present. You don’t need to follow me. I can go by myself.”

“No way.” JingYuan frowned. “It’s dangerous for you to be out alone.”

“So much time has passed already. That person can’t eye me up all the time. I can’t spend my entire life glued to your side whenever I leave the house, right?”

“It’s my fault,” JingYuan rumbled, his hands steadily kneaded YiHan’s waist, “for having yet to pull the mastermind out of the shadows. I’m why you’re restricted in all your outings.”

“What does it have to do with you?” YiHan giggled.

JingYuan pursed his lips and remained silent.

“Look,” said YiHan after a moment of contemplation. “Even if you go to work now, it’d be late. You can’t always push aside your work for me. How about this? I’ll call Fang Yi and ask if he has time to go shopping with me. You can stop worrying then, right? Fang Yi’s a good fighter.”

JingYuan didn’t seem particularly happy about it.

YiHan turned around and patted the older man on the hand. “You can’t always be by my side. The Mu Group needs you to oversee it. I promise I’ll do all I can to protect myself and not make you worry. Well?”

JingYuan didn’t say a word.

YiHan took his phone and called Fang Yi. The call was soon answered.

“Hey,” Fang Yi said. “YiHan?”

The young man held one of JingYuan’s hands close as he replied, “Hey, how’s my case going?”

“We’ve found some clues but we can’t confirm them yet,” the officer solemnly said. “Captain Chen said we can’t let anyone know for now.”

“Okay, I understand,” YiHan understandingly said. “I’m calling to ask if you’re free in the next few days.”

“I am. I’m off shift the day after tomorrow. Is there something you need?”

“Oh, my grandfather’s birthday is coming up soon. I want to find him a present but JingYuan’s too worried to let me go alone. I was wondering if you’re free to go with me so he can relax.”

“Sure. Day after tomorrow?”

“Okay. Let’s get in contact on that morning.”

“Alright. I’ll come to your home then.”

“It’s fine. I’ll have a driver pick you up. We’ll go together.”

YiHan then ended the call. He wiggled the phone in his hand at JingYuan as he gave the man a wink and said, “This’ll be fine, right? I’ll be going with Fang Yi the day after tomorrow.”

“Fine,” said JingYuan after a moment of hesitation. “Be careful.”

YiHan meekly nodded.

JingYuan blinked back at YiHan. He patted the young man on the butt as he said, “Aren’t you going to get up then?”

“The plan’s on the day after tomorrow. Why do I have to get up now?”

“Weren’t you telling me to go to work? Hurry up and get up then.”

YiHan slumped back onto the bed and closed his eyes. “You still want me to go with you? No. I don’t want to. I want to sleep.”

JingYuan gently swung the hand he was holding and soothed, “Then sleep. I’ll help you get changed and carry you out. You can keep sleeping then, okay?” As he said so, he began unbuttoning YiHan’s shirt.

YiHan opened his eyes and swiftly stopped the hands on his chest. “Please. If you do that, I wouldn’t be able to look at anyone else in the eye tomorrow.”

“How will you get to the office then?” JingYuan insistently continued.

“Please,” YiHan said in exasperation. “You’re going to the office to work. All I do over there is eat and play. I’d get self-conscious, alright?”

“Did someone say something?” JingYuan scowled. “Or did Chen Hong treat you badly?”

“Dear, are our brains on the same wavelength?” Yihan lightly smacked the man on the head. “I was talking about how I don’t fit in with your office’s serious work environment. What does it have to do with Chen Hong? Every time I’m there, he’d give me a lot of delicious snacks and things to occupy myself with. I get embarrassed. Go to work by yourself?”

JingYuan stared back in silence before finally rising to get changed. The miserable sight of his back looked so forlorn.

YiHan stared after the man’s shadow before getting up to walk to the man. He walked around to look at the man in the face but JingYuan turned his head away, insistent on not letting YiHan see the emotions on his face. YiHan went to help JingYuan put on his tie. The older man wanted to dodge away but he couldn’t bear to do so. He stiffly stood there and watched with lowered eyes at YiHan’s slipper-clad feet.

The young man grabbed JingYuan’s hands. The older man used the tiniest fraction of the strength to struggle out of it and failed. He then just let his hands lay limp in the other’s grip, but he adamantly refused to hold those hands.

YiHan leaned up and pecked the man on the lips. JingYuan’s lashes fluttered as he pursed his lips and glanced up at the man. Upon seeing no intention in the younger man to get changed, he turned away, sighed and walked towards the door.

JingYuan’s steps were heavy and shuffled across the floor. The short journey to the door was dragged out to a few long minutes. When he finally reached the door, he placed a hand on the doorknob and stood there for a long silent moment. When he still didn’t hear any attempts to make him stay, he harshly turned the doorknob a few times before eventually open the door, disappointment weighing down his shoulders.

YiHan watched JingYuan’s entire act, torn between laughing and crying. Just as JingYuan opened the door and was about to despondently charge out, YiHan couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Wait,” YiHan called.

JingYuan instantly let go of the door and turned back to the closet. “If you sincerely don’t want to go, then you can rest at home.”

YiHan was about to speak when JingYuan, who already had a shirt in his hands, interjected, “How about this white collar shirt?”


Why has the ever-strict and mature JingYuan become more and more childish?

I might not truly understand my husband!

Why is the Mu JingYuan I see different to the man everyone else sees?

Like a doll, YiHan was dressed by a serene JingYuan and was led out the door by the hand. When they reached the top of the staircase, YiHan tugged his hand out of JingYuan’s.

When the older man felt his hand become empty, he turned to look back at YiHan. The younger man’s heart ached at that gaze.

“You can hold my hand once we’re out of the house,” YiHan carefully coaxed. “We can’t let my parents see us like that.”

JingYuan fully turned around and whispered back, “When do you plan on telling them about us?”

“I don’t know yet,” YiHan said, shaking his head. “I’m sorry, JingYuan. I’m just so scared it’ll hurt them.”

JingYuan nodded. The couple then walked down the stairs, side by side.

Once the two were in JingYuan’s car, YiHan turned to look at JingYuan.

“Are you angry?” YiHan cautiously asked.

The older man lifted a hand to smooth back the other’s hair and said with a smile, “I’m not that easily angered. You’re afraid your parents would be upset. I can understand that but we’re going to be spending the rest of our lives together, HanHan. We would even get married sometime soon in the future. We can’t keep it from your family forever. We have to find a suitable chance to tell them the truth. We’d be respecting them then.”

YiHan solemnly nodded.

JingYuan started the car. As he turned out of the garage, he continued, “Furthermore, I sneak into your room every night while everyone’s asleep. I feel like a lusty horndog every time I do that.”

“It’s fine,” YiHan said, smiling back. “I like lusty.”

The car swerved around the corner. The driver’s eyes stayed focused on the road but a red blush could be seen tinting the tips of his ears.

YiHan cleared his throat, closed his eyes and said, “I’ll take a nap. Call me once we’re there.”

JingYuan let out a soft “mn” in response.

The couple walked together through the Mu Group office building and into JingYuan’s officer under the gaze of every employee they passed by. As YiHan sat down on his personal couch, Chen Hong piled a mountain of snacks, magazines, a laptop and several gaming devices on the table before him. The secretary took the task so seriously it was as if he was handling a vital task.

When Chen Hong was done, YiHan thanked him. Looking at the vast array of items before him, YiHan internally sighed. As expected of a top-tier personal assistant. The man was very thoughtful. He’d merely observed YiHan for a few short days yet he already knew what YiHan liked. Everything displayed on the table was something YiHan had displayed a preference for. YiHan quietly grabbed a bag of beef jerky and began munching.

Ah, he had fallen from grace.

Two days later, YiHan was standing at his home’s doors, waiting for the car sent for Fang Yi to arrive. To his surprise, Fang Yi wasn’t the only passenger in Uncle Xu’s car.

YiHan’s lips twitched as he watched Qin Feng languidly step out of the car.

The man walked up to YiHan and, a smile on his face, said, “We meet again, Little Master Bai. If you don’t mind, how about you take me with you today?”

YiHan glanced at the embarrassed Fang Yi and let out a light-hearted laugh. “We’ve shared a meal before. Why are you acting so polite? Anyway, there’s nothing safer than having you with us. Right, Qin An?”

Qin Feng lowly chuckled and gave YiHan’s shoulder a few hard claps. “I knew it. I like you, Little Master Bai. We’re friends now. If you ever need me in the future, just ask Lil Fang to get me.”

Translator’s Note:

Technically rape in the first scene but some people (stories) like to pretend it’s some romantic gesture.

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  1. Agreed. Rape is rape. Even between lovers.
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    Was hoping for Yan to kneel to Jiang Hua and admit his mistakes.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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