GC: Chapter 105

105. Half of Life’s Goals

YiHan turned and straddled JingYuan’s lap, pushing the man down onto the chair YiHan had been occupying before their embrace. He leaned in and laid his chin on JingYuan’s shoulder. As he looked down at his phone to reply to Yan Pei, he said to JingYuan, “It’s Yan Pei. I went to the Yan family manor today. We were there when she stopped by to visit the old Mr Yan. We talked a little. She’s quite interesting.”

“Yan Pei?” JingYuan frowned. “Yan Ping’s only daughter?”

“Yes, that’s her,” YiHan replied, nodding. “She’s a happy-go-lucky girl. She’s like a….a tiny sun!”

JingYuan’s heart dropped. Silently, he tightened his arms around YiHan and kissed the younger man on the ear.

“You’re a tiny sun too,” JingYuan said. “My sun.”

YiHan’s ears were particularly sensitive. They’re so sensitive that a single breeze could make his hair stand on end. JingYuan kissing him there and speaking so close into his ear made him shiver so hard that his instincts nearly made him throw away his phone.

“That tickles,” he whined, a hand rubbing vigorously at the ear JingYuan had spoken into.

JingYuan gave a low chuckle. He lowered his voice into a deep rumble and whispered, “Where?”

Shivers wrecked through YiHan’s body once more. The young man stared dazedly at the lips that had uttered those words. He stared and stared, and for some reason, something popped into his head that made his face gradually develop a rosy blush.

JingYuan slowly leaned in and kissed YiHan. He slowly licked and danced his tongue against YiHan’s lips. Gently, warmly, sensually. His hand snuck under YiHan’s shirt and snaked over the silky-smooth skin. YiHan’s phone dropped to the carpet, its screen flashing brightly but completely ignored. YiHan placed his hands on JingYuan’s chest. His eyelids drooped; long lashes fluttered as a feeble moan left his throat.

JingYuan scooped him up and strode over to the bed. He placed YiHan on the bed and deepened the kiss. If the kiss before on the chair was akin a gentle drizzle, this kiss would be a typhoon. His tongue breached into YiHan’s mouth, exploring every nook and cranny available. All YiHan could feel was the oxygen being sucked away from his lungs. His head grew heavy. Strength fled his limbs. All he could do was slump back on the bed and allowed JingYuan to do as he wished.

When JingYuan finally had enough of mere kissing and began attacking YiHan’s neck, YiHan was left panting hard as his eyes glistened up at the ceiling. Suddenly, a loud moan burst through his lips.

“Don’t like there,” YiHan said, a tremor in his voice. “Aaahn.”

YiHan never knew before he got together with JingYuan that the two red perky beans on a man’s chest could be so sensitive. He thought those were just useless decorations. JingYuan though seemed to have a particular fascination with it. Every time they got intimate, JingYuan would suck and bite at them, rendering YiHan trembling and immobile. He would only “give up” once they’re all red and swollen.

YiHan once tried to “punish” JingYuan with the same method. In the end…his waist was nearly snapped in half by a feral JingYuan.

JingYuan kissed and suckled, then he gave the two perky, swollen beans one last resigned kiss each before pulling YiHan up and buttoning him back up. He gave YiHan a quick peck on the cheek.

“We’ve got to go down for dinner later,” JingYuan hoarsely said. “We can’t go over the line. Let’s continue tonight.”

YiHan, blurry eyed from pleasure: …was this not over the line already?

That night, YiHan realised the “frolicking” session they had late in the afternoon really wasn’t over the line. It couldn’t even be considered an appetiser! He passed out twice that night. Twice! Even during the act, this man would be thrusting into him while murmuring, “Sleep, babe. Don’t worry about me.”

YiHan: …!@#$%^&*

Unfortunately, he didn’t have any strength left to complain.

The next day, JingYuan’s plan to bring YiHan wherever he went failed because YiHan was so deeply asleep that JingYuan couldn’t bear to wake him up. He’ll just go to work alone, but the little bundle on the bed made him so reluctant. In the end, he gave in and decided to skip work for half a day.

Chen Hong: …Boss, if you keep doing this, you’ll lose us!

In the afternoon, JingYuan personally tidied up YiHan and brought the woozy young man to work with him. Basically every employee of Mu Group knew Little Master Bai. After all, even an outsider would know Bai YiHan was Mu JingYuan’s one weakness. Naturally, JingYuan’s own staff would know. Every new employee of Little Master Bai would be taught the two essential rules of the office by their seniors. One, never ever offend Little Master Bai. Two, don’t even think about seducing the boss. These two minefields would leave any trespassers dying in a horrifying way.

YiHan followed JingYuan into the main office of the Mu Group. The employees they bumped into all gave him friendly greetings, which he returned with nods. The two of them got on JingYuan’s private elevator and went straight to the highest floor.

Chen Hong was waiting by the elevator entrance when the doors opened. He greeted them with the ideal elite secretary smile. First, he addressed YiHan, “Hello, Little Master.”

Then, he began rapidly briefing JingYuan on work while following a few steps behind. In spite of his rapid speech, his enunciation was clear, so clear that YiHan thought it a shame Chen Hong wasn’t a broadcaster.

Once they stepped into JingYuan’s office, JingYuan interrupted his secretary with a raised hand. He then gave his first order of the day, “Go get some drinks for YiHan and something to kill time with.”

Chen Hong wasn’t surprised at all by that. He immediately spun around and left. As the door closed behind him, YiHan collapsed onto the sofa. His legs were still wobbly. There wasn’t a single muscle in him that didn’t ache. JingYuan sat down beside him. His toasty hands massaged YiHan’s slim waist.

“Does it still hurt?” JingYuan asked in an upset tone. “It’s all my fault. I didn’t control myself.”

“Nice of you to know that,” YiHan groaned. “I already said I was done, but you kept going and going. My waist felt like it was being snapped.”

That made JingYuan’s blood boil in lust. His hands slowly moved lower and lower.

“I’m so sorry,” he solemnly said. “I’ll be more careful next time.”

YiHan rolled his eyes. As if he’d believe that! JingYuan would need to take that hand away from his behind first, and put the stick pressing against his thigh away!

YiHan really didn’t get it. Why and how did a proper great, tyrannical CEO become a big pervert?

When Chen Hong returned, he came with two more employees. The trio’s hands were piled high with various laptops, tablets, fruit juices of all flavours, snacks of all tastes and colours, magazines and more. They took over the entire coffee table before YiHan and every seat on the sofa he was sitting on.

Rows of black lines descended upon YiHan. He was only here for one afternoon. He wasn’t here for a picnic and he wasn’t going to camp here. What’s with this mountain of items used to pacify kids?

YiHan shot a begging glance at JingYuan. Save him. Unexpectedly, JingYuan looked as calm as ever. It  was clear he was very satisfied with Chen Hong’s actions. JingYuan even praised him with a “not bad”.

“It’s my duty,” Chen Hong replied, smile ever-present.

YiHan twisted his head back to stare at the items around him without saying a word. Forget it. There was no way YiHan could get through to him.

The whole afternoon, JingYuan studiously worked at the desk while YiHan was lounged across the couch to play some games and read some books. Snacks were something rather peculiar. When they’re not within YiHan’s sight, he didn’t care if he never had any. When they’re placed right before him however, it was very hard for him to hold back from eating some. Unwittingly, he’d decimated over half of the huge pile of snacks Chen Hong had gotten for him. Occasionally, JingYuan would raise his head to look at YiHan. His two puffed-up cheeks munching and crunching were so cute that JingYuan couldn’t help but snuck his phone out to take a lot of photos of YiHan snacking while reading. Of course, the camera app’s sound effects were turned off.

JingYuan was really into his photographer role when YiHan suddenly looked up at him. JingYuan swiftly slammed his phone on the table with the screen faced down and sat up straight. He flipped a page of the document on his desk.

“What is it?” JingYuan asked, a nonchalant smile on his face. “Bored?”

YiHan shook his head. “They always say the men seriously working are the most handsome,” he replied with a smile of his own. “They weren’t wrong. You’re so…mesmerising when you’re focusing on work.”

“It’s none of my business if other people are charmed,” the guilty Mr Mu calmly replied. “The only one I want to mesmerise is you. Well? Are you?”

YiHan cleared his throat and did his best to suppress his twitching lips. He failed. “I was,” he replied, eyes squinting as he grinned. “In my eyes, you’re the most handsome man ever.”

A suspicious red blush overtook JingYuan’s chiselled face. His eyes glinted. Just like YiHan, he couldn’t stop his smile.

“That’s good,” he said. “That’s half of my life’s goals done.”

“What’s the other half?” YiHan asked, curious. “Is it to build up a ginormous business empire?”

JingYuan shook his head, mysterious as ever.

YiHan guessed and guessed but all he got were JingYuan’s head shaking with an unchanging smile.

“Stop playing hard to get already,” YiHan said in exasperation. “Just tell me.”

JingYuan blinked. He remained silent.

YiHan was so done at that point. He got up, walked over and bent down to peck JingYuan on the lips. “Tell me,” he coaxed. “I really want to know.”

The man on the chair reached up pressed YiHan down for a deeper kiss. Their noses brushed against each other’s as JingYuan softly said, “The other half consists of loving you, protecting you, grow old with you and do my best to live just a little longer than you so you’ll never feel lonely.”

YiHan was stunned. Tears slowly welled in his eyes. This was probably the best thing one could ever hear from a lover, right?

He didn’t think he’d be as easily moved to tears as those girls in dramas, but the emotions whirling in him were pushing hard to burst out. In the end, he couldn’t bear to stop a tear from blazing down his cheek.

YiHan held on tighter to JingYuan. Tighter. Tighter.

Mu JingYuan, I’m not a strong man. It’s the harsh cruel reality that made me strong. Your love removed the armour I’d put on and transformed me back to my weak self. If you ever take back your love, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forge another armour for myself. I would be shredded to pieces by the hurricane that is life.


The next day when YiHan followed JingYuan into the office, he instantly found something off about the place. The couch he’d spent his previous afternoon on has changed. The black luxurious leather couch has been replaced with a softer, more comfortable apple green fabric couch. It even had couch cushions!

While this couch was nice and looked very cosy, it just didn’t fit in with the office’s decor! With it here, the whole office looked weird. Fine. He knew JingYuan did it for him. Look at JingYuan’s gaze. The man’s begging for praise. Ah, it’s so sweet. What should he do?

Two days of being “kept at arm’s length” by JingYuan had the couple as happy as can be. The staff at Mu Group felt like their boss was the same as usual but something felt off. Something somewhere changed somewhat. His room presence was much stronger now. He looked so much happier and at ease now as if the warm winds of Spring were blowing. Of course, the winds only seemed to blow around one person. That would be Little Master Bai who’d always be next to him. The two seemed to be in their own world. No one else could step into it. While there weren’t any public displays of affection, just one step or a wave of their hand would make any onlookers feel like they’d develop cavities. A minor portion of the female staff secretly created a group chat. They were tacitly known as the new “shippers” of their boss with Little Master Bai.

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4 thoughts on “GC: Chapter 105

  1. I’m glad that the girl is not evil, but instead someone who could become a real friend. While getting into her headspace to find that out is a bit of a spoiler, there’s enough drama in this story that I’m okay with knowing who’s a good-guy or bad-guy quickly.

    I am sighing in regret over them doing the bed-relations until passing out trope. Whenever I see that, it makes the scene cross too much into potentially-abusive for me to enjoy it any longer, even though I can mostly set aside the reality of such for a fantasy story.


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