GC: Chapter 102

102. When Did You Become so Naughty?

JingYuan blinked. His face was so close that YiHan could clearly see those long lashes sweep down like two luxurious fans. YiHan’s heart twitched with every stroke of those eyelashes. Then, he heard his boyfriend’s deep voice say, “Would there be secrets between us still? I’d be so terribly upset if so.”

Mesmerised by the beauty before his eyes, YiHan’s mind swooned. “There’s no secret,” YiHan’s dazed voice said. “I just called Jiang-ge to ask him help me investigate all of XueQing’s suitors.”

“What are you investigating them for?” JingYuan curiously asked, pulling back slightly.

It was only then that YiHan snapped back to his senses and realised his lips had let slip what he’d been doing. This Mu JingYuan must be an impostor! He actually used his own beauty to seduce him into speaking! Was this still the President Mu who would only ever have a slight smile on? The one whose smile would never reach his eyes?

YiHan’s eyes whirled and darted around. “I was just thinking,” he spurted. “XueQing and TianYang are together now. Would there be one of those extremist suitors who’d try and splash TianYang with acid or something. I’ve seen it happen on television.”

JingYuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Dramas are always overexaggerating,” he said. “How could there be so many insane people in real life?”

YiHan: There truly are! I guarantee it! But he won’t be throwing acid around. He’d try and attempt murder by car!

However, YiHan couldn’t say that. All he could do was drily laugh along and say, “It’s just a precaution. It’s always better to be careful.”

At that, JingYuan went quiet. His arms retreated from the back of the chair to wrap around YiHan. His hand gently patted the younger man on the back. “I know,” he comforted. “The kidnapping terrified you. You’re still scared from it. I am too. I keep thinking everything and everyone is an enemy lately. You’re right. It’s best to be careful. You have to promise me though. From now on, if you ever feel scared or upset, you must tell me. Don’t force yourself to act as if you’re fine and nothing’s going on. It’ll only make my heart ache. I’d feel so very useless.”

Warmth blossomed in YiHan. He hugged JingYuan back. “I understand,” he mumbled into JingYuan’s chest. “How could you be useless? You’re the best. You were so very handsome that day when you charged in and stood before me. I don’t think I’ll ever forget about it.”

JingYuan chuckled as the two remained locked in an embrace. YiHan could clearly feel JingYuan’s chest rumble and those powerful thumps vibrating through the older man’s chest. All of those made him feel so safe and secure that he wished they could continue the hug until the end of time, never to part.

JingYuan dotingly continued his light patting. “Alright,” he said. “Go change up. Your parents are going to take you to visit the old Mr Yan later. To thank him. He had a hand in your rescue. Chen Jing and Fang Yi was only assigned to your case after Mr Yan pressured the police force. You were only rescued on time because we had them on the team. The old Mr Yan’s not us. There’s no tie between you and him. He’s helped us so much that we owe him a big favour.”

“I should really go thank him in person then,” YiHan nodded and said. “What present should I prepare?”

“You don’t need to worry about that,” JingYuan replied, a hand reaching up to smooth down YiHan’s hair. “Your parents have already prepared a gift. Actually, on the night you were rescued, your father had called the old Mr Yan to thank him already. Your parents and I also went to thank him in person when you were hospitalised, but the one being rescued was you. You’re fine now. Naturally, you’ll have to visit him yourself. Tie all loose ends up into a happy ending.”

“It’s what I should do,” YiHan said with a serious nod.

JingYuan looked down at the younger man. Eventually, he caved into the urge and hugged him hard once more before turning around to help YiHan look for an outfit. He might be a pervert, he thought to himself. Why else would he find every single one of YiHan’s expressions to be ridiculously adorable? Before they started dating, he could still control himself. Now, he was losing hold of that control.

When YiHan turned and changed into his new outfit, JingYuan’s eyes stayed locked onto the skin exposed. His gazing burning into it until, at last, he gave in and pushed YiHan onto the bed for a passionate make out session. He only let YiHan free when the other man’s nipples were nearly suckled swollen. JingYuan felt like he’d been transformed into a depraved amalgamation of touch deprivation and a rabid kissing monster. The self-control he was so proud of had long since left him, particularly whenever YiHan would look at him with an innocent face. Every cell in his body screamed at him to pounce.

If they didn’t have proper business to attend to later, JingYuan would’ve loved to have his little one right then and there. But reality is cruel. Ma and Pa were still waiting downstairs. He did his best to calm down his breathing. As he inhaled and exhaled in sharp bursts, he helped YiHan smarten up with as best of a poker face as he could muster. From now on, he will stay far away whenever YiHan was changing. There’s nothing worse than being able to see him but not gobble him up!

YiHan blushed bright red. He didn’t know where to put his hands. The “calm” look on JingYuan’s face made him think perhaps he was overreacting. They’re lovers. It’s normal to be affectionate with each other. YiHan, oh YiHan, you can’t be so shy like a little girl. Act like the boyfriend you are!

Whatever. YiHan then nonchalantly pecked JingYuan, who’d finally calmed down, on the corner of his lips, patted JingYuan on the back at the waist, and left the room with his head held high. (He’d wanted to pat JingYuan on the butt but he didn’t really dare do it at the last minute. Mn. He’ll pat JingYuan on the butt next time.)

JingYuan: …HanHan, when did you become so naughty?

While JingYuan told YiHan his parents would be preparing a gift for the old Mr Yan so he didn’t need to worry about it, YiHan still felt that it was better to personally pick a gift out. The old man at the party looked so kind and affectionate. After all, the most important part about the gift was the intent. The old Mr Yan would lack for nothing, especially with his social status. YiHan thought about it and rummaged around his belongings for a Go game set. This was a present he’d planned on giving his grandfather during his birthday. They’re both old men. Most of them have the same hobbies. Perhaps the old Mr Yan would like this. He’ll just get another set for his grandfather later.

At the thought of his grandfather, YiHan’s heart throbbed. He had yet to see his grandfather since his rebirth. The kidnapping was also kept a secret from him. After all, Grandpa loved him the most. They were all afraid they’d scare him too badly and he’d collapse. In YiHan’s past life, Grandpa died because he was so furious at YiHan that he had a stroke. YiHan’s greatest regret was his grandfather. Thus, no matter how much he missed Grandpa, he felt too ashamed to see him. However, Grandpa’s birthday was soon. No matter what YiHan thought, he would have to face him one day.

With heavy heart and mind, YiHan followed Ma and Pa into the car. JingYuan stood by the car window.

“HanHan, when you’re at the Yan family home with your parents, I’ll be heading into the office. They just called me. There’s something I needed to do,” said JingYuan.

YiHan pursed his lips. “Will you…will you be back tonight?” he asked.

JingYuan had planned on coming back the next morning but at the sight of a droopy YiHan, he instantly changed his mind and said, “Of course. I’ll be back as soon as I’m done.”

YiHan perked up and smiled. “If you’re busy…”

JingYuan reached through the window and straightened YiHan’s collar, saying, “It’s nothing important. I’ll be back before dinner, latest. The only one at home is me. If I go back, it’s rather lonely.”

(Chen Hong: Boss, don’t you feel guilty saying that? Nothing important? How long has it been since you came to properly work? There’s a mountain of important documents waiting for you, okay?)

YiHan nodded. “Then don’t go back. Our guest rooms would be free anyway,” he said, sympathy in his eyes.

JingYuan smiled back and waved at YiHan. “Well, see you tonight.”

“See you tonight,” YiHan said. His eyes stayed on the other man’s figure as the car drove off and out of sight.

Ma and Pa looked at each other and sighed at the same time.

At the Yan family manor, Yan Cheng and his wife were waiting for the Bai family at the door. After a brief session of polite niceties, the couple ushered the Bai family into the main living room.

The old Mr Yan’s wife passed away at a young age. She left behind two sons and a daughter. Yan Cheng, the eldest son, married the only daughter of the Kong family, Kong Wen. The couple then gave birth to two sons, Yan Hui and Yan Yan. Yan Cheng’s eldest son, Yan Hui, was an excellent man. He was the top of his generation but he insisted on marrying a man. That both exasperated and enraged the whole Yan family. On the other hand, Yan Cheng’s second son, Yan Yan, was average. The issue was he’s so average that he blended into the crowd.

The old Mr Yan’s second son, Yan Ping, was a government official. He held a rather high post and had wed Zhou Xiao, a university teacher of no particular background. The two only had one daughter, Yan Pei. The girl had a fiery temper that often gave her family migraines.

Old Mr Yan’s only daughter, Yan Miao, married the eldest son of the He family, He Yuan. He Yuan was quite a handsome man but he always gave off the impression of greasy fried food that left a slimy, oily feeling on one’s tongue. The old Mr Yan wasn’t happy about the marriage back then but his beloved daughter loved the man. So, he gave his blessings. Yan Miao then gave birth to a daughter, He YingYing, and a son, He Rong. Because of that, she was well-respected by her in-laws.

Yan Ping and his wife had their own property. They’d rarely be seen at the Yan family manor. They only ever shooed their bored daughter over to spend some time with her grandfather. A son wouldn’t spend much time at their old family home, let alone a married off daughter like Yan Miao. After her wedding, the times she’d be seen in her old home dwindled. She would only ever visit during the major festivities and whenever she needed something from her father.

Yan Cheng was a filial son. Not only did he refuse to move out of the family manor, he did his best to be home on time every evening. He did everything himself for his father. Because Yan Hui married a man, he and his family got into a fight. So they too moved out. Hence, only the old Mr Yan, Yan Cheng and his wife lived in the great Yan family manor. Yan Yan worked at his own company.

After the initial greetings, Kong Wen, Yan Cheng’s wife, pulled Ma aside to chat.

The old Mr Yan then waved YiHan over. He patted the seat beside him and said, “YiHan? Child, come here.”

YiHan walked over, sat down by the old Mr Yan and smiled at him. “How are you, Grandpa Yan?”

The old Mr Yan returned YiHan’s smile with a benevolent one of his own. “Good,” he said. “I’m an old man savouring the last years of my tranquil life. What could be bad about my life? As for you, are you okay? All healed up?”

“They’re just light wounds,” YiHan sweetly replied. “I’m all fine now. I came this time to thank you, Grandpa Yan. I could only return safely because of your help.”

The old man patted him on the hand and said, “It’s good that you’re all fine now. You don’t need to come here just to thank me. I merely made a phone call. First impressions are all humans are about. The first time I laid eyes on you, I knew you were a good kid. Of course I’d help you if you’re in danger.” Then, he turned to FuRen. “What about the kidnappers? How’s the investigation going?”

“Nothing yet,” FuRen glumly replied.

The Old Mr Yan frowned. “How could there be nothing after so long?” he asked.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Shy like a girl: It’s been a while so here’s another reminder that JingYuan’s acting rather predatory here and caving into pressure like YiHan isn’t healthy for the relationship. In this instance, it’s less “wrong” because it’s YiHan convincing himself and we all know YiHan’s not all okay in the head. However, JingYuan’s behaviour (suckling on nipples without prior warning) can get you smacked in the head with sexual assault accusations if your significant other isn’t into it. Communication is key. If you don’t like it, speak up. If you’re worried you might’ve done something wrong, ask. Mistakes and miscommunications can lead to a Bad End for you and your relationship.
  2. Yan Yan: They’re pronounced the same, just different characters (Yán Yán). It’s a terrible naming choice as we also have a Bai Yan. Never name your characters like this.
  3. Go game set: Previously translated as chess.

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